tagInterracial LoveOral Exam Ch. 11

Oral Exam Ch. 11


Once again, thank you for the comments and feedback. You guys have really motivated me to jot my thoughts down. A special thank you goes out to Rockcrawler & Company, and to Ally (my own personal Jessica) for the help and wonderful words of encouragement. There is some plot here so, if you haven't read the first ten stories you might want to start there. Feel free to send me your thoughts. I will respond. I'd love to hear where you think this should go next. Don't forget to vote. Enjoy.


My mind was aching. My muscles were sore and tense. Every ounce of me was hurting. I had been sitting hunched over in an uncomfortable wooden chair for far too long. It felt like my blue jeans had melded onto my sweaty butt. A pleasant thought, I know, but it was oh, so unfortunately true. My mouth was dry and my eyes were starting to see spots. I pushed back my chair and rubbed at my temples. I probably needed a break, but I also knew that I still had a lot more to get done. Perhaps I could fight through this wall. Another couple hours of work and I would be golden.

Today was a crunch day. I had to get work done. I had sacrificed my weekend to the great God of Sex and Debauchery and now I was paying the price. Don't feel sorry for me, though. I would do it all again in a heart beat. How many orgasms did I have? I had lost count (always a good sign). There was something about being the only guy at a four person orgy that made every squandered moment worthwhile. Or perhaps it was because I fucked two different women up the ass (one in the shower and the other over the sales counter at a clothing store). Maybe it was the public BJ in the drive-through line of Taco Bell? Whatever the case, my balls were thoroughly drained. And now I needed to catch up on my course work.

So that is why I was furiously working in the library. After teaching classes, I sequestered myself into a private study room. I sat at a long wooden table that looked like it dated back to the birth of Christ. Etchings and doodlings of past generations of students marred the table's surface. The walls of the room were an anti-septic white. Huge windows, looking out into the rest of the library surrounded me on three sides. It was like living in a fishbowl. Students were constantly walking by and staring at the bleary-eyed, nut job hunched over a prolific stack of papers, notes, and books. At first the looks were annoying, but soon I stopped noticing. They looked in, I read, and they passed by.

My mind drifted. I thought about Taryn and our "encounter" at the mall. She was such a raw and vivid fuck buddy, but I wasn't sure if I wanted to continue our increasingly dangerous sex play. I couldn't believe that she continued to suck my cock as her boyfriend stood there talking to me. The situation even seemed to turn her on. God she was a nasty slut, a trait that only made me want her more. I loved fucking her, but I didn't want to get caught up in some sort of love triangle. I also wasn't crazy about the idea of cuckolding anyone. It was safer just to spend my time studying.

I stood up to stretch. I rolled my head and rubbed my neck. Boy, just working my sore muscles felt really good. I checked my watch. 7:00 P.M. I had been at this since 1:00 with only a couple of water and bathroom breaks. Maybe I needed to rest my mind? Perhaps I could get some dinner?

I heard a soft hum as my cell phone vibrated across the table. Shit! I hate those things. I picked it up and answered, "Hello?"

"I am not wearing any panties and my fingers are touching my my pussy."

"Hey Jessica," I said with a grin. I instantly relaxed and tensed at the same time.

"I am sitting in a chair. My legs are spread wide. I am wearing a white shirt with a deep scoop neck. I think my tits are about ready to pop out and burst free." Jessica girlishly giggled. "I am also wearing a skirt that is bunched up around my waist. I was wearing leggings, but I didn't think they were necessary anymore.

I chuckled, "What happened to your panties?"

"I didn't think I needed them either," Jessica giggled. "They are in the bag on the floor. They just got in the way. No easy access. Do you know what I mean?"

"Yeah, I think I do."

"So Professor, what are you up to?" Jessica asked, turning the conversation back on me.

I sighed. I was beat. I didn't want to do any more studying. I replied, "Just getting work done. It piled up. You ladies were a pretty big distraction last weekend."

"Of course, Professor. We wanted your cock. Are you complaining?"

"No way," I quickly answered.

"I didn't think so," Jessica quipped. "Your cock is so beautiful, and hard, and it fills my cunt so fucking well. And I know the others feel the same way. I love to feel it sliding in and out of me. I totally love you fucking me, banging my tight little eighteen year old box. I want to feel my legs up over your shoulders as you ram your cock home. You drive it so deep. It is so fuckin' good when you are shooting your jizz all up inside me."

My pulse raced. My cock was instantly hard. The pants I was wearing suddenly felt a whole lot tighter. This woman really knew how to get to me. "Jessica, I am not sure I can do this right now. I am trying to get work done."

I could hear Jessica's voice pout over the phone, "Are you too busy reading some dusty, dumb book to help one of your very horny students get off?"

Silence. Words caught in my throat.

"I am very horny, Professor," Jessica said very matter-of-factly. "I have, like, been a bad, bad girl. I have been a filthy, little slut. My pussy is throbbing. My tight, little coochie needs relief. For your information, I am going to masturbate with or without your help. It would be so much better with you, though. You do want to help me, don't you Professor?"

Jessica knew how to control me. She knew what to say. I was putty in her hands. "Yes."

"Good. Then why don't you pull out our cock and start jerking off." Jessica's voice was a throaty moan. "Thinking about you rubbing one out gets me so wet."

"Well, I don't think I can do that." It pained me to tell Jessica no, but I didn't see any other way. I guess it would be blue balls for me.

"Why?" She pouted. Her voice was a seductive teen whine. Goddamn, Jessica was fucking adorable.

"I am kinda at the library in one of the study rooms. There are windows everywhere. Everyone would be able to see what I am doing."

I could hear the laughter in her voice as Jessica replied, "So? Isn't that the point? I think that is totally hot!"

"You want me to jerk off where anyone who walks by can see me?" I couldn't believe Jessica.

"Absolutely," Jessica's voice was low and breathy. She probably had her hands buried in her sticky, teen pussy. I wished I could see be there in person to see her masturbate.

"I would love to see you stroke yourself off in public," Jessica continued. "The thought of it makes me so wet. I am just sitting here thinking about your hard shaft. Your cock feels so good in the back of my throat. I love being on my knees and sucking you off. Do you like skull-fucking my pretty little mouth?"

Damn! "Very much," I answered. "It feels so good to have your lips wrapped around my dick. I can barely keep my hands away from my crotch. You are going to get me arrested. You know that, don't you?"

"Oh fuck, Professor. My pussy feels so good. My fingers are rubbing my clit. I wish it was you rubbing me. I bet you want to take it out of your pants so fuckin' bad. I bet you want to stroke it. Do you want that?"

"Yes." What a tease! I told her the truth. "Fuck yes! I want to touch it. I want to make myself cum."

Jessica's suddenly became harsh, "Well you can't, Professor. Instead, you have to hear me get off. Understand?"

Oh God, "Yes."

Jessica giggled, "Good boy! I wouldn't want to get you in trouble. My fingers are rubbing my clit and sliding in and out of my little cunt. The juices are boiling over. Would you like to hear me fingering my pussy?"

"Please," I whispered.

I could hear the sound of the phone shifting, followed by a wet slurp. It was so naughty and delicious. The phone was sitting next to Jessica's sweet, teen twat. I licked my lips. I could vividly imagine what her shaved cunt tasted like. I knew that taste, I had been there. Her thighs had rested on my shoulders as I had plunged my tongue inside of her cunt. Her cum-juices had run over my lips and down to my chin. There was nothing quite like the nectar that burbled up from Jessica's darling honey pot.

I could hear Jessica moaning. It was soft and plaintive, a low creeping sound that echoed in my ears and penetrated my brain. A deeply feminine cry, Jessica's moan was full of want and desire. She was getting close. Her orgasm was approaching fast.

"Stop," I said, my voice taking a commanding tone.

"What?" Jessica's question was deep and breathy. She was clearly disturbed by my interruption. I guess I would be too if I was in her situation.

"Pull you fingers away from your pussy. Do you have your purse nearby?" I asked.

"Ummm yeah.... Professor, please let me.... I need to...." Jessica begged.

"No. Reach inside. Do you have a hairbrush?" my question lingering on the air.


"Yes, who? I won't let you cum unless you address me properly, Jessica," I said.

"Yes, Professor."

"Good girl. Does it have a long, thin handle?"

"Oh yeah," Jessica answered. I think she was able to see where I was going, and by the tone of her voice she was loved it.

"Then grab it by the bristles and plunge the handle into your cunt. No rubbing or teasing. Just jam it in there. I want you to bang yourself with your hairbrush. Do it now! Fuck your nasty-ass cunt with your fucking hairbrush."

"Oh God.... Ohhh yeah.... that feels so good! Oh yeah!" Jessica moaned.

"You like that, you filthy slut? You like fucking your dirty pussy with your hairbrush? Tell me," I commanded.

"Fuck Professor it feels soooooo good! It makes me think of your cock fucking my cunt. I wish it was you fucking me. I.... wish you could bang..... oooohhh yeah."

I smiled in mischievous delight. This conversation was doing wonders for my ego. After all, I was just told by a teenage hottie - masturbating to the sound of my voice, nonetheless - that she wants my cock so desperately that she is imagining me while she is fucking herself with her very own hairbrush.

"Do it, Jessica," I said. "Make yourself cum on that hairbrush. Imagine it is my hard cock fucking you. Cum for me."

Books were forgotten; studying was done. A sexy haze warped my mind. My world was Jessica's voice and the lewd, sloppy sounds of the hairbrush entering and leaving her pussy.

I was touching myself through my jeans. I was gently rubbing up and down the length of my shaft. The motion was thoughtless, automatic. I couldn't stop myself. A haze wrapped around my head, as the lewd sounds of sex traveled over my cell phone. I hated the thick layer of denim between my hand and my cock. The jeans deadened the sensation - the pleasure - of masturbation.

Jessica was holding the phone close to her lips, "Ohhhhhh.... Ohhhh God... Fuck that feels good! I want your cock so badly. I want to touch it, taste it, fuck it!!! I want you to bang me, do my sweet fuckin' cunt!!! Ohhhhhhhhhhh.... mmmmmmmm.... oh yeah!"

What a slut! Jessica's orgasm was fast approaching. She was using her hairbrush to bring herself to a delicious "O." I could sense it, hear it in her voice. I wanted to see it; I wanted to be there making it happen. But I would settle for the phone....

I heard a knock at the door of the study room. I looked up, shaken from the masturbation dreams that were clutching me tightly.

On the other side of the door was a fiery young woman, probably a college student, of about nineteen or twenty years old. I have seen few sexier sights in my years. My eyes bugged out; this Latina hottie was dressed to kill.

She had long, dark brown hair with blonde highlights. Her mane cascaded softly down to her shoulders in graceful, arching waves. She stood at about 5'5" in black leather boots and form fitting pants. They hung low on her waist, showing the slightest hint of a black thong. Her skin was a tanned, dusky brown that sizzled with molten sex. The all black look was completed by a sleeveless, loose, cleavage-baring halter tied around her neck. Her breasts sat high and firm on her chest, without any technical support. Twin nipples poked invitingly through the flimsy material of her top. A small, dark beauty mark graced her right cheek slightly above her mouth. This single flaw tied everything together completing her perfection. She wore large hoop earrings and a black choker that emphasized the graceful slope of her neck. A gold chain circlet and a belly button piercing drew my eyes to this vision's trim, hard body waist.

And then there were her lips... A weightless, floating dream.... A paradise of pure pleasure, of rough, carnal delights and gentle, loving kisses.... They were full, round, and oh so soft - twin pillows of bliss. Bee-stung and cherry red, she licked them slowly with her tongue before forming them into a seductive pout. The look she gave me through her long, black eye lashes dripped sex. A vision and flash of those lovely Latina lips played in my brain. I imagined what those lips were capable of, of the uncountable, merciless pleasures they could bring to a multitude of body parts.

She opened the door and stepped inside the library study room. The door automatically closed behind her with click. She strode across the room with purposeful, confident steps. I was confused. Who was this dark and dusky Latina beauty? What was she doing here? Why was she coming towards me? Why did she look like she was about to devour me whole? God, if only that were true!

"Can I help you?" I muttered softly. I am not even sure if she heard me. Did the words just die out on my lips?

The phone was still at my ear. I could hear Jessica moaning raggedly. Her pants were deeper, more gutteral. She must be cumming. "Oh fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck me, oooooooooooohhhhhhhhh.... cuuuummmmmming." I set the phone down on the table. I would get back to her in a moment....

The sultry, Latina Goddess was standing next to me. Her mouth was crinkled in a seductive, half smile. Her almond shaped eyes locked into mine. They were violet with coal, black pupils. A fire, a heat, a sexual conflagration of limitless intensity raged inside of those dark depths. Oh, how I wanted to be consumed by that flame! I wanted to feel her burning, scalding touch.

She kicked my chair back from the table and straddled my hips. She then sat down facing toward me and held my face between her hands. Her eyes smoldered with lust, as she kissed me hard and raw on the mouth. Those lips were as beautifully sexual as I imagined. Sparks flew as her tongue penetrated my mouth. Her crotch ground into mine, dry-humping me furiously. My hard on was raging inside of my jeans. My cock desperately wanted to be let out, to find relief in something warm and moist. It was ready to take a trip south of the border.

This unknown and deeply sexual woman released me from the congress of our lips. I started to speak, but she held a single finger to my mouth. "Easy Professor," she said. "Relax. You are going to like this." Her voice had a slight Hispanic accent, a detail that only made this woman more attractive. My brain was in full meltdown mode. Confused, I stayed silent.

She picked up my phone and held it to her ear. "Jessica?" She paused for a moment as Jessica's response came over the phone. "Yeah, I am here. Oh.... That sound's nice... I will... Sure, absolutely.... You are a total slut, you know that don't you? See ya' soon." With a flourish, this ultra-hot, mystery woman snapped my phone closed.

She threw one arm around me as she leaned down to kiss me again. I was engulfed in her touch. She captured my bottom lip between her teeth and nibbled gently. Pleasure and pain - those twin sensations - coursed through my nerve endings. Her other hand reached below and grabbed my cock through my jeans. My cock was raging with arousal. She practically purred with delight.

She released my aching lips and moved her mouth to my ear. The woman whispered softly, her voice breath more than anything else, "Your cock feels so good, bulging in your jeans. It feels so hot rubbing it with my crotch and my hand. Here in this library study room everyone can see us grinding; everyone can watch us."

"But that isn't enough," she continued. "I want to see your bulging cock. I want to feel it between my lips. Professor, you are going to have a blowjob unlike any you have ever had before." She paused for a moment, before truly blowing my mind, "Jessica just told me to suck you off and bring her the cum. Follow me."

She got off my lap and held out her hand. I paused, trying to catch my breath. My hard-on was throbbing in my jeans. No sense in hiding it, she already knew it was there. I just spread my legs wider. Her eyes were drawn to my bulging member. She smiled, licked her lips, and said, "Nice."

I took her hand and stood up. I was shaking in nervousness and desire. I then started to pack up my books. She spoke, her voice full of amusement, "I offer you the blowjob of your dreams and you want to pack up your books? Leave it Professor. Nobody cares about a bunch of dusty, old tomes anyway. Just cum with me."

I laughed back at her, shrugged my shoulders, and simply said, "Sure."

I followed this dark and brazen beauty out into the library. She didn't look back; instead, she just assumed -- correctly -- that I was following her. What guy (or woman) wouldn't? This Latina was the image of untroubled poise and confidence. Her hips swayed gently to and fro as she walked. Every step oozed mystery and sexuality. Her body was an incredible mixture of soft, pliant curves and taut, lean muscles. I wanted to hold her, kiss her, and do countless naughty things to her. I had to caress her supple, brown skin, bury my face in her long, flowing hair, and lick her from end to delicious end.

As we left our glass-walled sanctuary, I noticed a couple of stares. It seemed that a few library-goers enjoyed watching our make-out session in the study room. No matter. I didn't know any of them; it was a pretty big university after all. The interested parties quickly turned and averted their eyes when I looked at them. Busted!

My new friend giggled next to me. She said softly, but with just enough volume to be heard, "Let's give you that blowjob I promised. I am soooo looking forward to sucking your cock!" I heard a couple of gasps from the table of on-lookers (I think it was a bunch of sorority women). Damn! How did I keep finding women like this?

Hand in hand, we wove past several shelves of books. Her touch, her stride, spoke of total control. Who was this woman? Was this another one of Jessica's minions (like the mystery girl I fucked by the fountain)?

Then it hit me. How could I forget? (I guess that is what studying post-modern philosophy will do to you.) I remembered the trip to Taco Bell, the drive-through BJ, and the seemingly willing Latina check-out woman. Jessica, that minx, had found the Taco Bell woman's phone number written on a napkin in the bag of late night foodstuffs. This must be that woman! Oh Jessica, you delicious slut, you called her. Thank you! This was too perfect!

I hadn't recognized the Taco Bell woman out of her uniform. Her work clothes did an amazing job of concealing her bountiful assets. Her hair had been in a ponytail and covered by a visored hat. Her fleshy tits were locked away under a baggy polo. The browned, tan hue of her skin was dimmed by the sickly fluorescent lighting. Everything below the waist was hidden by the check-out window.

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