tagExhibitionist & VoyeurOral Exam Ch. 12

Oral Exam Ch. 12


Once again, thank you for the comments and feedback. You guys have really motivated me to jot my thoughts down. A special thank you goes out to Rockcrawler & Company, and to Ally (my own personal Jessica) for the help and wonderful words of encouragement. There is some plot here so, if you haven't read the first ten stories you might want to start there. Feel free to send me your thoughts. I will respond. I'd love to hear where you think this should go next. Don't forget to vote. Enjoy.


The "stacks" is a section of the library that was unknown to most of the campus population. I think every major university has a similar space. Dirty, dusty, and dingy the "stacks" is a five floor cocoon for the library's unused and unloved academic journals.

The ceilings hung low, at about eight feet, to make room for an extra floor. Graffiti and caked on grime marked the walls and cubicles. Cleaning products had probably never touched any part of this facility. To save energy, the lights were kept dim. Naturally, the dismal half-light only served to wash everything over with a dungeon-like quality. Loud furnaces and heaters clanged ferociously, while randomly blasting out waves of unbearable heat. When the monstrosities weren't running a bone-numbing chill took hold. The shelving units were made of aluminum, steel, and iron. The metals (each from a different library age) snaked and mixed haphazardly to form a chaotic and creaking skeletal, storage structure.

....And there were books, books, books. Numbering into countless infinity, they lined the shelves without end. Maroon, midnight blue, and dirt brown, the aging, ratty, mangled bindings all seemed the same. Together they melded into a single, endless tome. Collectively, they were a study in the discarded and irrelevant impotence of knowledge.

These books were in actuality journals -- the oh, so prized gemstones of academia. It is the dream, the want - the fervent goal! - of every aspiring grad student and young tenure seeking professor to publish something in an academic journal. Anything! No matter how small or trivial the nugget is, it must be published, for it is publishing that makes the academic world go round. (In the end, one can only survive in academe, by willingly prostrating their mind and body to the great God of Publication. Teaching is irrelevant.) And for a moment that journal article might be read and considered. But soon it is shelved away, however, most likely to never be seen again.

Occasionally a lonely grad student's or a hard-working professor's quest for uncharted erudition would lead them to one of these ancient and forgotten tomes. So off they would trundle to the stacks. Their eyes would graze the books' spines, wishing that somehow this lost treasure trove of knowledge could suddenly become theirs. That was not to be, however, their goal would be calling. With glee bordering on lust, they would find the singularly-desired, bound volume of journal articles amidst the sea of unwanted paper. With their quest complete, they would leave -- one could only spend so long in an environment as inhospitable as the stacks.

I felt my heart beating rapidly as Lori took my hand in hers. Her palm felt warm cradling mine. Gently, I caressed the pads of her fingers with my own. The dusky Latina beauty turned and gave me a sultry grin. I marveled at the irony of the situation: from fucking to hand holding. My life was a little topsy-turvy at the moment, but that flip-flop was a little weird.

We left the bathroom, shuffled passed some bookshelves, and stood in front of an aluminum door that led to the "stacks." She threw her head back for a moment and gargled as a tease. Bubbles of my cum blew and popped above her luscious lips. After having her fun, Lori lowered her head and smirked mischievously. She then pushed open the door and pulled me inside.

My heart began to race. This was too perfect; Jessica had done her research. She knew the perfect place for a campus fuck -- a location in the heart of things, but yet so desolate, worn, and remote. We would be in public, but no one would notice. Somewhere amongst these shelves she was lurking -- wet and ready -- waiting for our arrival. Jessica certainly already had a plan for the lascivious activities that would accompany our arrival. Only the books would know our dirty deeds. They would be the timeless audience for our transgressions.

More important than the privacy, however, was that Jessica knew how to get to me. Screwing in the library bathroom was one thing, but doing it amongst the stacks took the sex to an entirely new level. Such an act demanded an unprecedented carnality. I think it is every academic's fantasy to fuck in the library. A library is a place of silence and study; only the cerebral has value there. Alas, physical pleasure is keenly outside of that domain. Somehow it is a deep violation of the sanctity of knowledge to rut within the confines of a library's walls. Put another way, fucking is the equivalent of flipping the bird to a bookshelf.

We crisscrossed some cubicles and climbed a rusty steel staircase. We went around another corner and voila! There she was, waiting in a forgotten cubby hole - a blonde, wet dream cum true. Jessica.

She was leaning back in a wooden chair, her legs spread wide. Jessica was clearly excited. Her nipples were poking through her thin shirt. Sans panties, her fingers were slowly sliding in and out of her crotch. Her wet cooch looked spectacular in the dim half-light. A trickling stream of juices flowed from her pussy, down the crack of her ass, and pooled in the curved hollow of the chair. Fierce and erotic, I could smell her arousal. Jessica had been masturbating and now she was horny!

Hearing us approach, Jessica raised her head. She looked at us through squinty, glazed eyes. Masturbation had taken its hold. When Jessica spoke her voice was sultry and low. Gazing at Lori, she said, "Do you have what I sent you for?" She licked her soft, pillow-like lips with a wanton caress of her tongue. Her eyes burned with a forbidden need. I felt my heart beat rapidly and my cock harden. I knew exactly what Jessica was talking about.

Just a few minutes ago I had been fucking the shit out of Lori in the third floor men's room. My cock had been banging her sweet Latina pussy. Shortly before cumming Lori informed me that she wanted to taste my nut. She pleaded for me to fill her mouth with jizz. She also told me that Jessica had demanded a fresh mouthful of my cum. Until Lori made that delivery, she would not get access to Jessica's eighteen-year old cunt. I'm a nice guy -- and a gentleman. I didn't want to deny Lori the tasty treasure between Jessica's legs. Consider me very happy to oblige a woman in need.

Lori smiled, her violet eyes twinkling wickedly. She leaned down and kissed Jessica on the mouth. Their lips locked. Lori's arms wrapped around Jessica's shoulders and slid over her tanned skin. Their bodies touched, rubbed, and intertwined as they shared saliva and sperm.

For an eternity they held that kiss. The two women melted into each other, becoming a gorgeous mass of female flesh. Their desire was boundless. They had been waiting several hours for this moment. Their ache went back to the previous weekend when Lori spied Jessica giving me head in a Taco Bell drive through. Both women had been dreaming up the possibilities of an encounter ever since. Now they were living out those thoughts; Jessica and Lori touched and teased each other to an urgent frenzy. Now they were at the pinnacle; a cresting wave of passion controlled their aching bodies.

But who would give way first? Who would make the break? Which of the two women would fall from the other?

I was entranced. The vision was searing; it was a display that would forever be written into my memory. An all-American goddess and a spicy Latina sex-bomb were going at it in front of my eyes. Their hands knew no boundaries, their lips no fear. They were in lust, pure and simple.

It was Jessica who pushed the moment over the edge. The change was subtle; I am sure that I didn't notice it at first. But something became different. Lori had been grinding her crotch against Jessica's leg. This had been going on for awhile, but suddenly Lori moans grew deeper, raspier. She held Jessica tight, burying her face in Jessica's neck. Breast burrowed against breast; those magnificent gazongas were only separated by a few thin sheets of cloth. I could see Lori's muscles tighten. Her eyes fluttered and then closed. And she looked lost -- adrift -- on a cascading wave of sensation and feeling.

My attention was diverted by peripheral, rapid-fire movements. Jessica was jerking her arm up and down at a furious rate. Her hand was deep in Lori's pants and clearly it was having an effect. Somehow Jessica had slid her fingers below the waist line and had undone the button. With full and unfettered access, Jessica was now focused on the beautiful honey pot between Lori's legs.

Jessica's palm rested on the pubic bone, as she drove two fingers into Lori's snatch from above. The flat of Jessica's hand rubbed Lori's clit while simultaneously fingering her pussy. Although I could not actually see Jessica penetrating Lori's cunt, I could hear the wet, slippery sounds of a finger-fuck. Lori moaned, "Mmmmmn, yeah.... Do it..." the tell-tale sign of a woman in heat.

Lori's body shook in uncontrolled delight. Her lustrous brown mane swished from side to side. One of her hands held Jessica's head, while longingly stroking her blonde, flaxen hair. The other was clawing at her own crotch. She held the top of Jessica's hand and pressed it into her pussy. Her hips jerked spasmodically, grinding deep into Jessica's expert touch. Every writhe was a fierce and determined desire for erotic fulfillment. Lori needed it -- to cum. Her mind was driven towards one thing -- the raw and molten sex Jessica was providing with two brazen and thrusting fingers.

Those two fingers were where my cock had been just a few minutes before. They were feeling everything that I had felt: the soft folds, the velvet walls, the sticky sweet cum. Lori had loved my cock, but her dreams were of Jessica. She craved this tanned, coed slut in all of her voluptuous, blonde beauty. Lori's body ached and churned with lustful desire, and only Jessica could satiate it.

"Ohhhhhhh..... Fuck..... My PUSSY!!!! Ohh God!!!! That feels so good, your touch. Make me cum. Finger me, and make me cum," Lori moaned.

Lori's squeals were muffled, by Jessica's lips. They pressed deeply into each other, as the sounds of ecstasy tumbled and spilled out of Lori's mouth. Jessica swallowed those sounds, breathing them in deeply along with the kiss.

The moment could not be contained; the orgasm was here. Lori bucked her hips as her clit hummed and throbbed. Nothing could be done, but that was irrelevant. Lori didn't want anything to impede the moment. She quaked and shook uncontrollably. Her cunt snapped around Jessica's fingers. Her legs fell closed, then open, and then closed again. And with a final twitch she fell loose, silent, and spent. Mission accomplished; Lori had cum.

Jessica looked up at me, her eyes blazing triumphantly. I guess, for her, it was now onto the next challenge. She crooked her finger and beckoned me forward. A wicked, wanton smile lit up her angelic, yet devilish, face. She licked her lips and said without pretense or subtlety, "Drop 'em and come over here. Professor, I want your cock. I want to suck it now."

The metal clang of a furnace run-amok rang out in the distance. The air felt hot and cold at the same time. A fog of confusion descended over me. How did I find myself in the middle of these public displays? Watching hot lesbian action was not enough. I was going to be a participant. Again. I was about to have my cock sucked in the library stacks by an eighteen year-old coed. Anyone walking by would see me and this orgy of lust. Some studious little college nymph or hot-to-trot librarian could bumble onto the scene. She would be treated to the sight of Jessica inhaling my cock. Would she be turned on? Would she pull her panties down and start to masturbate? Would she cum? Or perhaps join? Oh, what a beautiful thing!

My hand fumbled at my waist. I couldn't concentrate; my bulging cock pressed uncomfortably against the front of my jeans. Under the simultaneous pressure and pain, my mind forgot how a button worked. It is, after all, a tricky apparatus. I held the metal, but could not force it through the slot in the cloth. What the hell? Jessica just giggled and took pity on me. Laughing softly she said, "Oh Professor.... Come here. I'll take care of that for you."

I did as I was told. I walked over to Jessica, who was still sitting in the rickety, wooden chair. Lori was on her lap. Jessica was tenderly rubbing her back as she slowly came down from her orgasmic high. Her breath was smoothing out, the pattern becoming regular. Weakly, her eyes opened. She gazed up at me full of satiated seduction. Those sexy eyes, that long slender neck, her unblemished, caramel-colored skin -- Lori was one of the most gorgeous women I had ever seen. Her relaxed, post-orgasmic state only made her more striking. As I stared at this dusky beauty, I could feel my heart beat a little faster in my chest.

"Let's set him free, eh? " Jessica teased as she worked the button of my pants. The touch of her fingers through my jeans felt incredible. Despite having cum a few minutes ago, I had once grown hard. I could feel my member pounding in my pants, aching to be let loose into the open library air.

And then the strain was gone. Freedom. My pants fell around my ankles. Then Jessica tugged at my boxers. The thin cloth scraped against my dick as they were pulled downward. The feeling was sensual yet rough. Every nerve was alive. I was captured in a tight prison of elastic. But then escape! My dick sprung loose, thickly. In the process it almost bonked Jessica on the nose. A dick to the face would serve her right for the tease (not that I didn't adore every belated second) of slow underwear removal.

I kicked off my shoes and stepped out of my pants and boxers. The library floor was hard and cold; no matter. I didn't want anything around my ankles constraining me as I was being blown.

Jessica's wrapped her hand around the circumference of my cock. She moved her head alongside the shaft and blew hot air through her pursed lips. She was dangerously close, but I couldn't quite feel the sweet relief of Jessica's lips. Instead, there was only her breath -- warm, moist, a tease. Tiny tingles ripped from my skin to my brain. I threw my head back and gasped. Tease or no tease, Jessica's actions felt great. I had experienced Jessica's mouth before -- in fact, I had become something of an expert on the subject -- but that first sensation still got to me. I could not help but feel the ripples of delight pulsing under my skin as I waited expectantly for the first electric sensation of her touch.

In the wake of her orgasm, Lori still seemed a little out of sorts. Her eyes were glazed over while her mouth was crooked in a dopey smile. In her daze, her gaze locked onto the vision of my cock. She said with a dreamy voice said, "Oh Jessica that looks so yummy!"

"I know," Jessica replied, licking her lips. Her mouth was so close; with every word, I could feel air circulating around my cock. Her lips were almost touching me. Jessica's fingers slid up and down the length of my schlong. The touch was tentative and feather-light. She shook her head, and her golden hair brushed softly along my length. The tickling effect was the perfect tease.

Jessica looked up at me and I nearly melted. I was once again stunned at her incredible beauty. Jessica was a vision, a hope, a dream that I could not believe had come true. Her voice was low and breathy, almost a whisper. "I know, Lori, it will taste fucking good. I can totally still smell your pussy juice on his cock. It smells sweet. I can feel it on the tip of my tongue, just a drop away. The prof's cock and your pussy, how could it be bad?"

Lori giggled. She seemed to have shaken off her orgasm and was now coming alive. The sizzling tigress with attitude I had gotten to "know" in the third floor men's room was coming into view. Seductively, she reached around her back and tugged on a halter string. With a soft "whoosh" the flimsy piece of cloth fell to the floor. Lori's lush breasts came into view. Both Jessica and I inhaled deeply at the sight. Her rock hard nipples poked up from half dollar sized aureoles. Her fleshy mounds stood tall and firm on her chest. I had gotten to fuck her tits earlier, but they certainly were worthy of further investigation.

I was distracted from this goal, however, when Lori's hand reached over to tickle my balls. The long nails that capped each of her fingers, scraped against the fleshy under-skin of my nut sack. She scratched the thin line with perfectly controlled precision. A little more pressure and I would be in pain, but for right now Lori's nail treatment was total bliss.

This foreplay was amazing, but something would soon have to change. A tease is just that; it cannot last indefinitely. One of us -- whoever was horniest, I guess -- would have to make a move. That person was, of course, Jessica. With a voice dripping sex, she said, "How does this feel, Professor? Is this worth a higher grade?"

What a slut! She had to go there! What a fucking turn on! Jessica's tongue reached out and gently flicked the head of my dick. That first, moist touch was heaven. The second was even better. In between licks, Jessica continued her banter, "What do you say? If I suck your cock, will you give me an 'A' on the final?' Do we have a deal, you nasty, naughty professor?"

I couldn't tell whether she was honestly bargaining or not. I didn't care, though. She had more than earned an 'A' in my book. But why admit to that? Instead, I groaned, "Oh fuck, yes. You nasty, little, slut. Lick my cock! You want a good grade? Then you need to suck off your professor in the library amongst the stacks. You are such a naughty, little student. Fucking, do it! Earn the 'A!'"

Up and down, her tongue went. Her touch was so soft, I could barely feel it. But I knew she was licking me. I could see the see the soft, fleshy appendage extend from between her cherry lips. Her pink, wet tongue was rubbing along the length of the slit at the end of my dick. My pee-hole was moistened by her spit. Jessica's eyes looked up at me, taunting me -- broadcasting to me all of the erotic glories that were at my humblest request.

And then there was a tongue on my balls. Lori had also entered the game. "Oh Professor, I also wish I had your class too," she said "That way I could suck you off for a better grade too!"

I chuckled and told Lori to suck my nuts. What was with these horny college coeds who wanted to blow me, right there in the college library stacks? Lori's full, bee-stung, Latina lips rubbed against my tender skin. Her teeth gently nibbled at my nut sack. My balls lewdly popped in and out of her mouth. Lori's nose was digging into my crotch. From my vantage the bottom half of her face was blocked by my balls, but I could still stare into her violet, almond-shaped eyes. They were haunting pools of want and desire. I had plans to plunge into those depths.

Jessica smirked and squealed, "Mmmmmmn.... Lori, you nasty slut, your pussy tastes so totally good on his cock. It's sweet! You need to fuck him more often, just so I can lick you off of him."

Jessica's hand gently stroked my shaft as she plied my length with little, butterfly kisses. In between pecks she continued, "The cum you brought me, Lori, totally tasted awesome and creamy. It was fucking hot that you brought it all the way up here after he fucked you. Thanks for sharing it with me. But now is it greedy if I want some for myself. I want to, like, taste the jizz straight from the spigot. Do you think you can do that, Professor? Do you think you can shoot another warm, thick load right down my fucking, teen throat?"

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