tagLesbian SexOral Exam Ch. 14

Oral Exam Ch. 14


Once again, thank you for the comments and feedback. You guys have really motivated me to jot my thoughts down. A special thank you goes out to Rockcrawler & Company, and to Ally (my own personal Jessica) for the help and wonderful words of encouragement. There is some plot here so, if you haven't read the first twelve stories you might want to start there. Feel free to send me your thoughts. I will respond. I'd love to hear where you think this should go next. Don't forget to vote. Enjoy.


"Hello stranger. Wanna fuck?"

I was sitting on a barstool in a popular watering hole, slightly off-campus. For the last twenty minutes, I had been saddled up to the bar, staring at a long neck beer bottle and picking at some pretzels. I was beginning to have my doubts. Time ticked away and the inevitable questions came. Would she come? Was I being stood up? This is strange, I thought. She called me. This rendezvous wasn't even my idea.

I felt hot breath on the back of my neck. A soft, pink tongue lightly grazed the lobe of my ear. Strands of chestnut hair brushed against my cheek. A hand touched me on the shoulder and slid downward. A lone fingernail traced an excruciatingly slow and winding path down my spine. I was hot and cold at once; chills raced through me radiating outward from the unexpected touch.

....And then those words, "Hello, stranger. Wanna fuck?" So naughty and obscene, they played in my ear and tumbled through my mind. Those three simple syllables reverberated back and forth, pulling me into an indecent mental state. My muscles stiffened as I felt her kissing me on my neck. She was wrapping her arms around me, clutching me beautifully tight. I gasped, lightly, moaning in desire. My pulse began to race.

I could feel two, twin fleshy orbs pressing into my back. These were the tits of my dreams -- the ones that I would want to suckle in the darkest, most desperate patches of night. Oh they felt very soft and kissable, the kind of tits one could bury their face in for a week. I wanted to take those breasts - one by one - in my mouth. I needed to nuzzle, suck, and nibble on the crinkled skin of her nipples. I longed to feel her tips growing hard and aroused between my teeth.

I began to turn around, but she stopped me by putting her hand on my shoulder. "Don't," she said, while biting me lightly on the ear. Her voice had an edge; I was hers to command.

"I don't have much time. This will get you into my apartment," she said sliding the key in front of me. "Go there and wait for me inside my bedroom closet. Sit down and make yourself comfortable. I won't be long. Wait for me inside." She paused for a moment. I knew she could sense my skepticism. "Trust me, dude, you won't be disappointed. Don't come out of the closet, though, unless I tell you to. Instead, watch, wait, and enjoy. But stroke yourself off. I think, if all goes well, that tasty cum of your will be needed later on. Oh, and if you feel the inclination go ahead and pick up the video camera in the closet and hit record. Dude, everything is all set up for you. That would be hot and very appreciated. We good?"

I nodded, signaling that I understood.

"Excellent, Professor. I'd suggest getting going. I don't want you to be seen. I won't be far behind. If you are a good boy, you will be rewarded. Heck, you might even get to fuck two different pussies tonight."

I grinned. That thought was certainly intriguing. Who would the second pussy belong to? It didn't matter. Whatever Sarah wanted, Sarah would get. I would make sure of that.


I was sitting cross-legged on the thick shag floor of Sarah's closet. The door separating the clothes-filled alcove from the bedroom was cracked at about six inches. Resting on the floor next to me was a small, hand-held video camera. I couldn't help but chuckle to myself. It looked like Sarah had checked the equipment from the department earlier that day.

I had a clear view of Sarah's bedroom. I knew it well. When we started grad school, Sarah and I had used that bed several times over for various carnal activities. I think we slaked our wanton thirst with every position imaginable (Boy, was that mattress and box springs extremely durable and resilient!) Together we had performed a sexual circus, a wild and animalistic romp that still played in my masturbatory fantasies. Licking, sucking, and fucking: we did it all. In the center of the room was a king-sized bed, topped by a forest green comforter. Several large fluffy pillows rested at the head board. Next to the bed was a nightstand with a lamp. The light was muted, bathing the room in a soft, sensual tone.

For the first few minutes I was excited. A new sexual production was about to begin and I had a front row seat. I wasn't sure what I going to see, but I really wanted to view whatever Sarah had planned. My pulse raced as my dirty brain worked on the puzzle Sarah had given me. What would transpire on that bed? A whole host of naughty possibilities cycled through my mind.

Quickly, though, those thoughts faded and boredom set in. Living on hopes and high expectations, can only take one so far. Sooner or later those dreams will flutter on the wind. I leaned up against the wall and closed my eyes. I couldn't help but let sleep overtake me.

I awoke with a start. I heard the bedroom door fling open, crashing into the wall behind it. I heard two girlish giggles and the phrase, "Oh shit!" as a picture tumbled off the wall.

I looked up and saw two gorgeous women reaching for each other in the doorway. The first, the one facing toward me, was Sarah. She was the one who set this whole thing up. Her long chestnut hair fell gracefully around her shoulders. She was leaning into the other women, kissing her on the neck with a deep-rooted passion. Her gigantic breasts pressed tightly into the woman in front of her.

While I couldn't yet see the second woman's face, she looked familiar. She was short, at a height of approximately 5'0," but still completely stacked. She was a blonde bundle of fun, a tight little package that could be picked up, turned around, and flipped in any direction. The woman's hair was cut into a bob high above her shoulders. Her tits were a small and perky handful; her ass was a hard-bodied wonder. Such a body was sculpted and built to be used, to be handled, and to be fucked. She was wearing a backless black cocktail dress held up by a single string tied around her neck. It looked like the fabric would fall to her feet with a single delicious tug. And then there would be nothing left but her smooth, supple skin.

Sarah's hands roamed over every inch of the blonde's tight, little body. Her fingertips sensuously slid over her taut, muscular curves. Sarah caressed the shape of the woman's outline from her neck to her ass -- and then back up again. As Sarah touched her, the blonde practically purred. I could barely hear a wispy, feminine moan from where I sat in the closet. The blonde arched her back and fell into Sarah's touch. The two bodies melted into one -- kissing, touching, and rubbing. Through Sarah's hands, I swear I could feel the blonde's skin. Sex practically dripped from her. My thoughts and desires were molten.

I picked up the camera, flicked it on, and held it up to my eye. I would be the surrogate participant -- the unseen, unknown member of a threesome. Through the lens, I too would get to fuck; I too would get to join in Sapphic delights. Every sexy pose, moan, or caress would be filtered through my eye into the camera. From there, the scene would be stored, locked away to be savored later. I was the final bridge to saving this scene, in all of its juicy sexuality, for eternity.

Sarah -- that bawdy slut - knew what she was doing. Her devious mind concocted this moment, planning every detail to construct the perfect sexual scheme. The rendezvous, the seduction, and then the eventual tease (for I was pretty sure, despite whatever rewards Sarah might have dangled in front of me, that teasing followed by eventual masturbation would be the only thing on the menu for me tonight).

I looked through the camera's view finder. Black went to color, as the power clicked on. I held the lens close to my eye. Perhaps, I thought, by pulling the camera closer I could somehow get closer to the two women in the next room. I could then know what it was like to hold them in my arms, and to take them in all of the naughty ways I could dream up. Doubtful. For the first moment the image was fuzzy, but in an instant later the focus shifted. The two delicious sex kittens were full-on in view. I could now soak them up with my eye.

Sarah bent down and nibbled on the blonde's milky, white neck. At the same time, one of her hands was now cupping and groping the blonde's high and perky ass cheeks. Her hands worked a rhythmic, kneading motion on the supple flesh. Those twin cheeks were perfectly toned, rounded, and firm. With every squeeze they stood tall and proud, resilient to Sarah's insistent grope. The blonde, lost to the sensuality of the moment, could do nothing but moan. The neck kisses and ass play seemed to be overwhelming her; she was trembling with desire. Sarah's mouth dropped lower, biting and nibbling the tender skin as she went. Her ferocity grew with every kiss. The blonde's neck and shoulders would probably be coated with hickeys and love bites the next day.

In between kisses and bites, Sarah looked up. She looked at me through a film of lust and need. Our eyes locked. She could clearly see me holding the camera, recording every twitch, moan, and writhe. Her plan worked. I swear I could see an evil grin creep onto her face.

Sarah grabbed the neck strap holding up the blonde's dress and placed it between her teeth. She made a cat-like growl and quickly moved her head to the side. With that tug, the single knot that was holding up the blonde's dress came undone. With a flourish, Sarah stepped back. With a devilish giggle she said, "Whoops, how did that happen?" as the dress fell to the blonde's ankles.

For the first moment, the blonde was confused and taken off guard; she stood there clutching herself in disbelief. Her body was the perfect little package, a total bundle of raw sex. There was not an ounce of fat on her. Her skin, which was the color of flawless porcelain, was sinewy and supple. She had the well-toned and muscles of a dancer or gymnast. I could see those muscles tight and ready to spring just under her skin. Those of the positions she could assume, messed with my mind.

And the ass.... What an ass! I had suspected greatness was hiding under that dress. I was not proven wrong. Before me were two of the most perfect orbs I could imagine. A tiny, black thong framed the fleshy mounds perfectly. I wanted to grab them, grope them, and spank them. They were soft and springy, wonderfully firm and delightfully bouncy. A vision danced in my head of me prying those two glorious cheeks apart so that I could lick the beautiful, crinkled nether hole in-between. My tongue would dip inside her rich and earthy bunghole, squirming deliciously -- and then she would dance on my face.

"Bitch," the blonde giggled in a voice than sounded oddly familiar. Did I detect a hint of a Southern accent? The discomfort was now gone. She had recovered from the surprise of being stripped of her dress. Instead, the blonde's arms rested at her sides and her chest was thrust out. She had the unspoken confidence of an individual who was extremely comfortable within her own skin.

The blonde turned, her profile facing me. Suddenly, she launched into action. With a squeal and a huge shove she pushed Sarah onto her bed. Sarah fell backwards, legs akimbo and laughing. Her large breasts jiggled deliciously under her loose fitting top.

More importantly, however, I was able - for the first time -- to see the blonde's face.

But this wasn't truly the first time. It was a face I knew well. The blonde was a friend who I had seen on a fairly regular basis over the last couple of years. She and I had spent countless hours studying together under the confines of graduate school. We had talked about our classes, bitched about professors, and commiserated about our workload. She even had asked me for advice regarding her long distance relationship with her fiancé Zach. Enter the unexpected. Now this woman was nearly naked (damn thong!), standing full-on in front of me. She was my fellow grad student, my office mate, and sometimes my drinking buddy Cindy.

I had nagging fantasies about Cindy. I often would wake up in a cold sweat, hard and ready, with Cindy on my mind. Her cute Southern accent rang in my ears, telling me to "Eat her pussy" or to "Fuck her senseless." Until recently, these thoughts had been extremely rare. I simply regarded Cindy as more of a friend, than as a potential lover. Sex had not entered into our relationship.

At least sex hadn't been there until Cindy nearly caught a coed named Taryn sucking me off under my office desk. And then my other grad student pal, Sarah, told Jessica, Shannon, and I, under the duress of a heated game of truth or dare, about an affair that had taken place between her and Cindy. Knowing that Cindy was into other women stoked the fire in my loins to a raging inferno. Now I couldn't get those nasty thoughts out of my head. I never, though, dreamed that I would watch them transpire before my eyes.

I knew that Cindy was attractive, but I had never dreamed that she would look that good. Damn! We had talked at length about running, swimming, and dance (she was really into tap) while procrastinating on work in the office. Generally, she wore baggy clothes and loose fitting sweaters into the office. I could tell she had a tight, little body -- but fucking wow!

Like a tiger stalking prey, Cindy pounced on top of Sarah. Cindy let loose with a sexy, yet ferocious "rowr" as Sarah's voluptuous body broke her fall. Not surprisingly, Cindy went right for Sarah's tits. How could she not? I understood; those bosoms are simply too good to be ignored. Cindy pawed and groped, buried her face in them, and then made motor-boating sounds.

Sarah giggled and flipped Cindy over. In a dizzying flurry they were rolling around on the bed. Sarah was on top, bottom, and then top again before shifting positions yet another time. They couldn't stay still. Together Sarah and Cindy tumbled around on the queen sized bed. Legs, arms, and hair went flying in every direction. They were a giddy and girlish pair, a mass of giggles and sighs, a bundle of sexual energy. Back and forth they went across the bed, petting each other and kissing feverishly.

Sarah's clothes quickly came off; Cindy sought skin-on-skin contact. My eyes bugged out and my mouth fell open. Sarah's lush and pillow-like breasts never ceased to thrill me.

I think Sarah's bare tits had the same effect on Cindy. Like an eager child, Cindy began to play. She cupped them in her hands. She then pushed them tightly together and let them fall apart. Cindy slapped each nipple lightly, chortling evilly at the fleshy symphony of sounds she was making. Sarah squealed at the sudden cracks at her tits. Her nipples, feeling the dual demons of pain and pleasure, became alive and erect. Finally, she fell to them with a renewed and lustful hunger -- licking and nuzzling on Sarah's nipples with a primal and inhuman ferocity.

Sarah said, her voice was tinged with need and laughter, "Mmmmmn... that feels good. It makes me feel so warm and gooey inside. So yummy.... I have missed you Cindy. I need to have you over more often...." Sarah's voice tapered off as Cindy's tongue hit her nipple in exactly the right spot; all that was left, was a breathy gasp.

Cindy looked up with a mischievous smile. She tucked her blonde bob coyly behind her ears, before replying. "Anytime y'all want me over, just say the word. I can play with these things anytime." She licked her lips and then returned to the wonder of Sarah's nipples.

Cindy didn't stop there, however. Holding Sarah's tits between her hands Cindy kissed the valley in-between. She slathered the crevice lewdly with spit, before massaging that spit into Sarah's skin. She licked each nipple, biting them gently, before heading southward.

Moving down Sarah's body, Cindy lingered at Sarah's belly button. She extended her tongue, so that it formed into a small, pink, tickling appendage. Round and round it went, picking up speed as she circled the tiny crinkled hole. Cindy zigged and zagged, driving Sarah into a fits of giggles. She had found Sarah's ticklish spot.

"No more, no more, no more," Sarah murmured, out of breath. Sarah placed one of her hands at the top of Cindy's head and pushed. Cindy got the message.

Cindy was soon at the top of Sarah's hips. She peppered Sarah's skin with tiny, fleeting butterfly kisses, as she moved down her body. Cindy was now lingering between Sarah's thighs, her head kissing the top of Sarah's pubic bone. She grinned up at Sarah, her eyes crackling with passion, and said, "I crave your cunt. I want to taste you. I want to see you cum. Feed me your pussy."

Sarah exploded; the damn opened up, and rippling waves of lust came cascading down. She responded to Cindy's command by placing both hands on the top of Cindy's head and pushing forcefully downward. Sarah then screamed, "Do it then, you slut! Lick my fucking cunt! I am wide open and wet for you. Stick your tongue all the way up inside. I have been thinking about you for too long. Eat me raw!"

Cindy grinned one more time before bending her head to Sarah's pretty, pink snatch. "Whatever you say, Sarah," she said. I zoomed in with the camera to capture the moment on film. I could see her leaning in to tentatively taste Sarah's warm and moist slit. The first touch of her tongue was magic. Cindy's tongue solicited a deep and throaty groan from Sarah's lips. The next lick caused Sarah to twitch. And on the third Sarah closed her eyes threw her head back in primal ecstasy.

Sarah moaned and then raised her head once again. She looked Cindy in the eyes and said, "You fucking slut, do you like how my pussy tastes?"

"I love it"

"Then fucking do it, dude," Sarah responded. "Lick it up. You make me so fucking wet. I want my juices all over your face."

Cindy attacked Sarah's pussy with a renewed fervor. She needed that pussy, that fucking cunt! Cindy wanted to taste the warm, wetness of Sarah's desire. Every lick brought the cum closer. I could hear the liquid, mesmerizing sound of Cindy's tongue lapping against Sarah's clit. Cindy seemed to be flying along at a pretty impressive speed. Steam rose from Sarah's cunt. Arousal was on the air. The fresh smell of Sarah's sex filled the room.

Still squeezing Sarah's tits, Cindy's hands slowly began to slide down Sarah's body. One locked, palm to palm, with one of Sarah's hands. Immediately, both pairs of fingers interwove in a lover's caress -- pure connection. The other hand found sanctuary at Sarah's meaty butt. At first she simply cupped an ass cheek, kneading it between her fingers. The flesh was thick but firm. But then Sarah moaned, "My ass... my ass... my ass... do it..." before trailing off. Cindy took the hint, and went plundering. The object: Sarah's tight bunghole.

From my vantage, I couldn't see the true details (penetration) of what Cindy was doing with her fingers. But it wasn't too hard to figure out the details of the situation. I could see Cindy's hand creeping toward the tight crevice between Sarah's ass cheeks. After apparently finding what she was looking for, the muscles on Cindy's arm clenched. She looked up at Sarah and said calmly, as if to a skittish animal, "Hold still. Oh wow, you're tight. Easy.... Steady, steady.... There it goes. Feel that? How does it feel sliding in? Pretty good, right?"

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