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Oral Satisfaction


Many, perhaps most, of the stories here seem to me to be fantasies. People writing about things they would like to experience. This story is no different. It's an old man's fantasy, although there are a number of truisms included.

. . . . . . . . . .

I parked in the car port assigned to my apartment and started through the complex. I'm coming back from dinner. It's somewhere around 8 pm, starting to get dark but not really there yet. There are several buildings, that are at angles with each other. The whole place is nicely landscaped and in the middle is a pool with a number of lounges for us to use. There also are several areas between buildings with a table and umbrella and some chairs, even some more lounges. I turned a corner and there, in one of these little areas, is a pretty young girl, laying on a lounge, her knees up and spread, her skirt up at her waist and with no panties. Her hand is down on her pussy working very fast. I can see her pubic hair and even the light glistening on the moisture her actions have created.

I stop. What do I do? Go on, right past her, back up and act like it's never happened? She sees me and lets out a scream. A real, blood curdling scream. It will probably alert some neighbors. "I'm just going to my apartment," I say as quickly as I can. "I'm not going to hurt you."

With her hand still on her pussy she lets out a breath and says, "I thought I was about to be raped."

"I couldn't rape you if I wanted to," I replied.

By now, I know who she is. She rooms with three other girls, I've seen them often coming and going and at the pool. Now that she can see me, I hope she recognizes that she's seen me around, too. She apparently gets no privacy in the apartment so came out here to masturbate alone. I think they're all in college, probably about twenty years old or so.

Her name is Kelsey, I've heard others call her that. Dark hair. Nice face. Strong chin, beautiful eyes. Good body, trim like she's an athlete. Tight waist and stomach. She's one of those girls, though, that have all their weight below the waist and there's nothing they can do about it. Sturdy legs, strong butt. She's not tall, perhaps five foot four or so. Not big boobs but they're noticeably there. Overall very attractive. Not movie star looks or fashion model body but very attractive.

"What do you mean, you couldn't rape me even if you wanted to."

She's moved her hand but her hairy pussy is still winking at me. "Look," I say, "I'm an old man, just heading home. You're a young girl. We might as well drop this whole thing." I start around her which means I actually come closer.

She reaches out and grabs my hand. Grabs me with the hand she had been frigging herself with. I can feel the moisture on her fingers, can actually smell her a little. A very sexy smell. "No," she says, "there's something more behind that statement. It interests me."

When I said I was old and she was young, I wasn't kidding. I'm seventy five, old enough to be her grandfather. Great grandfather if I started early enough. "O.k., just to end this. I can't get an erection that lasts long enough for intercourse," I tell her.

"Wow, how long have you had that? You never get to fuck?"

"I was married. We had children. We, as you say, fucked. Actually did it a lot. This happens to a lot of men as I've learned while trying to correct it. It started when I was in my late fifties. I've used a pump, Viagra, whatever. Things worked for a while but don't any more. The last years before my wife died all I could do was oral sex for her."

"Oral? I've wanted to try that. Could you do me?"

"You used the word could. Yes, I could. But the real word is would. No, I wouldn't 'do' you."

"Why not? What's wrong with me?"

"Nothing's wrong with you. You're very pretty. But sex should have some emotion involved and we don't even know one another. I just don't walk up to stray women and ask to eat their pussies."

"Well, I'm Kelsey. I live here, too. I've seen you before. And I don't see why you can't 'eat me'. In fact, I like that term , 'eat me', it's very sexy."

"Kelsey, you're young. You should be having this conversation with someone your age, not me."

"What's your name?"


"Well, George, I don't know any guys my age that are willing to eat me, or even know how. I've fantasized about it and really want to experience it. And you've admitted you could do it. How can I convince you to actually do it."

"Kelsey, how do I say this without hurting you. I come upon you masturbating. I assume you've had sex often with guys your age. I suspect you might have actually liked the idea of somebody raping you as you exposed yourself. In fact, you're still exposing yourself. I don't want to pick up some disease at my age."

"George, there's never been a penis in my vagina. I've wanted to for a long time but never have. For all the old reasons, I guess. Waiting for Mister Right and so on. So I have no disease. I'm also willing to keep quiet and never tell anyone, if having anyone find out bothers you. You'd be doing me a huge favor. So, please? Pretty please?"

My wife has been dead for a little over two years. I've had no sex of any sort. I always liked licking her. I'm sure I would like licking this sexy young girl. "Kelsey, I've been drooling looking at your pussy winking at me the whole time we've been talking. I guess I could just kneel down right here and start but it's a little public. We'd be better off going to my apartment where you can get naked and I can do my best to give you the biggest orgasm of your young life."


"The best sex is between naked bodies. Besides I need to start sucking on your nipples before moving lower on what I'm sure is a terrific body. O.k?"

Her answer is to jump up and hug me.

Once you get older, almost all young people look attractive. Much more than they did when you were also young. Anyone even featured with a body that isn't obese seems nice looking. Well, Kelsey naked in my apartment really is attractive, doesn't just seem like it. Maybe not perfect, ready for the centerfold, but close to it. And she lets me know that I'm to be naked, too.

"Kelsey, your lovely young body turns me on. My decrepit old one might turn you off."

"I doubt it," she tells me. "Even if it won't get erect, you've got some meat hanging between your legs. If I wanted a girl to eat me, it could have happened already. I'm only interested in males, so I want to see that you are one."

So I'm naked, too, as I get her to sit on the edge of the bed. I kneel between her legs and get busy on her breasts. I'd love to kiss her and make this all romantic but realistically, that ain't gonna happen. I'm sort of like a gigolo that she's using to get a good orgasm. But I can at least include her breasts in my actions. They're lovely breasts. Just guessing from my wife's, the only other ones I've seen for years, these may be a C cup. Round and full, with nipples up front almost like eyeballs looking at me. No sag at all, not a millimeter. Feeling them I'm reminded of how breasts feel, firm but yet soft. It's a great feeling, available nowhere else. Well, a good ass feels a little that way, too, but isn't nearly as sexy as breasts.

I caress them, kiss them, suck on the nipples. Tell her how lovely they are. "If you ever decide to have children, these will feed them well." Even as I say it, I realize that it might be true but it's probably not a turn on to a twenty year old that's anxious to have her pussy eaten.

I kiss down over her stomach. A really flat, firm stomach. Not with the six-pack abs of a male body builder but with some feel of muscle definition. "You have a perfect stomach," I tell her, "you must be athletic."

"I've played about every sport, soft ball, soccer, but really love water skiing." Which makes me glance up and recognize her shoulders are also particularly strong.

And then down into her very hairy pussy. I get her to lean back and get her legs spread and up some. I use both hands to hold the hair back and pull her open slightly and I lick up and down in her slit. I've only done this with one other woman but I did it hundreds of times. Maybe thousands over the years. It all comes back to me. I get my tongue into her further, licking around, down to her vagina, up to her clit. I use my tongue to rub over the bump that's her clit and can feel it growing a little. Then back down, pushing my tongue into her vagina as far as I can, then back up again.

I move one hand so I can slide a finger into her as I flick my tongue back and forth on her clit, that's now a definite shape. I finger fuck her and work on her clit. She gets juicier and juicier. She's moaning. Her legs are moving some. I slide a second finger into her and move it in and out rapidly, still flicking on her clit. I get my mouth so I can sort of grab her clit with my lips and suck it a little. Her moans are louder. Her hips are jumping some.

Then a scream. A little scream but noticeable. Fluid starts coming out of her vagina. I get my fingers out and put my mouth over her and try to suck her whole pussy into my mouth, using my lips to almost chew on her as she cums more and more, her whole body seeming to jump. She's got both hands on my head, pressing me against her. "Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck" I can hear.

An amateur might stop now. I don't know Kelsey but I knew my wife and so I did now what I used to do with her, get my fingers back in and fuck her with them as fast and hard as possible while doing everything I can to her clit with my tongue and lips. She gets even wilder. Her hands are pulling on my hair, her hips are bouncing. She wants me to let up and instead I lick and suck her harder than ever and she lets out even more fluid. Again I try and suck her whole pussy into my mouth, tasting her.

She doesn't taste like my wife. Kelsey has a stronger taste. Also puts out more fluid. It's all good and it sure is sexy. Makes me realize that a good doctor could probably diagnose problems by the varying taste of a woman's pussy. I had a brother-in-law that could tell you the butter fat content of ice cream and where the vanilla beans came from just by a taste. Similarly, a diabetic woman's pussy probably tastes different than a hyperglycemic, and so on. Maybe I should have been a gynecologist and pioneered the technique. Just like someone with a good palate can determine what ingredients were used in a food, perhaps some one could detect what medical condition that a woman has.

I finally sit back and Kelsey just sort of collapses. I stand up and grab her legs and help her lay fully on the bed. "George, that's the greatest thing that's ever happened to me." She reaches with one hand and starts pulling on my cock a little, fondling my balls. "I should do something for you."

"I don't think you're going to get it up."

"I've had three of these in my hands before and one of them in my mouth. Thought I had found Mister Right but he wasn't. But I really liked it, seeing it grow, shooting off, it's feel, it's taste. I'm at least gonna try. And then I want you to do that for me again in a while." She moves and sits to the side so she can work on my cock better. "It's growing a little," she says.

"Yeah, but it'll never get fully hard."

"There must be some way. How about that pump you mentioned?"

"Well, I do still have it but haven't used it in years."

"Let's try. It sounds interesting. I've never heard of anything like that."

I get up and go to the closet where I think it is. It's there, in it's little zip up case. I get it out and we both go into the bathroom where I lay it on the counter and open it. I pull out a plastic part with a handle. "This is the actual pump," I say. I then get the plastic tube that my cock actually fits in and push the pump onto the end. It's a very tight fit, not easy to do. "I've got to stretch one of these rings over the end of the tube." It's really tight, I can hardly pull it open and get it over the lip of the tube. It snaps off a couple times but I finally get it. "Now I need to put this lubricant around the tube end that's going against my body, as a seal." I squeeze the tube of water-based gel and get a bead around the tube lip. "Now I have to put it down on my groin, get all of my cock into the tube and press it against my body." I remembered from long before that I need to get all I can into the tube, if I just have part of my cock in there, it won't hold the blood in long. I finally have it all lined up and start pressing on the pump handle. You can see my cock inside the tube sort of uncurl or flop up and then start growing as I pump, over and over.

"Wow," she says, "This is really clever. It's working, I can see it in there. I think you're probably bigger than my boy friend was."

I pump maybe a dozen times, fifteen, until my cock hurts slightly and it's probably as full of blood as it's going to get. I use my other hand to slide the rubber ring off the tube and it grasps tightly around the base of my cock. I lift the tube and pump away and my cock is standing stiffly out, looking larger than ever. I set the contraption on the counter and look at Kelsey.

"It's beautiful, George," she says, reaching out and grasping it. She grins and moves her hand back and forth a little, feeling the skin move. "I want to taste it," she says, looking at my cock and not my face. I don't even answer because she's kneeling down. She kisses the head, leans her head to the side and licks along it, then back to the head where she takes it into her mouth and licks it. Still holding it with one hand, she slides her lips down some, taking more of it into her mouth. She then starts what I guess is standard cock sucking technique, gripping it with her lips, she slides back and forth on it, her hand holding me tight moving along with her lips. Back and forth, back and forth, licking and sucking and jerking me off with her fingers.

She keeps hold with her hand but pulls her face loose and looks up at me. "I love this," she says. "That was the trouble with Jack, my friend, I liked it too much, wanted to suck him all the time. He told all his friends and I got a bad reputation. Guys asked me out just to get blow jobs, which they never got. You have a really gorgeous, delicious cock, George." Then her mouth is back, sucking on me again, bobbing back and forth. I can hear her slurping and sucking. She keeps it up for several minutes.

"Jack always shot off by this time, you don't feel as if you're ready to yet." she says as she momentarily pulls back.

"I've never cum with one of these rings on. Maybe I could eventually but I never have. Maybe you can suck me forever and I'll never cum."

She's back sucking me some more and keeps at it for a little while. "I'd really like for you to do me again. I've heard about 69's, can we try that? I mean I love your cock but I want you to do me again, too."

"Sure, come back to the bedroom and we can get on the bed." She never quite lets go of my cock as we walk back into the bed room. I climb on the bed and lay on my back, forcing her to let go for a moment. "Climb on top of me, your pussy to my face, your mouth to my cock," I tell her. In no time, we're both busy again. I have to hold on to her butt to hold my head up some to get at her. She's shorter than me but her build is such that she has a long torso and relatively short legs, so we fit well enough.

It's been years since I did this. The last couple years of my wife's life, she slowly lost some control of her bladder. I still ate her but not with her on top. If she peed on me that way, I couldn't get loose fast enough. Besides, by then I wasn't hard enough for her to suck on me, so I ate her pretty much in the same position as I first ate Kelsey, on the edge of the bed, me kneeling on the floor.

But Kelsey, I could certainly do. It moved me back forty years or so even though she's much hairier than my wife ever was and tastes stronger. But I love it, maybe as much as she loves sucking me. I feel guilty, she should be doing this with a boy her age. But it's not like I'm forcing her or anything. So I go at her with everything I can, licking and sucking, working on her clit, sliding a couple fingers into her. She gets juicier and juicier. I can hear myself, slurping as loud as she's doing on my cock.

She starts really putting out fluid, my face is getting covered. I pull out my fingers and try to suck her whole pussy into my mouth. She gets her mouth off my cock and pushes up on her arms, pressing her pussy tightly against my face. I can hear her , "Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck" and then she rolls off to the side and reaches down with one hand to cup her pussy. "George, you're unbelievable. Can we do this every day forever?"

I lean over and kiss her hand that's covering her pussy, kiss her thighs, kiss up onto her stomach. "We can do it as often as you want." I looked down and my cock was dark red. She's been sucking on it for something like twenty minutes, maybe a half hour. It was still rock hard. I reached down and got hold of the rubber ring at the base of my cock and pulled it out to each side, stretching it, and pulled it up over my cock. It hurts, not horribly but noticeably, It's tight as it moves up my cock, sort of abrading it all the way. Then it's off. I lay back. Kelsey had watched what I did.

"I want back at that again, too." she says. "I'm so turned on I think I'm going to spend every available minute here, sucking you and getting you to eat me. Your cock is so great. And it never cums. Never goes down. Maybe I've found Mister Right and should see what it's like to have that in me."

"Kelsey, that's the problem with sex. It's too strong a feeling. No one can make good, intelligent decisions, our genitals make the decisions for us. You'll be a lot better off if you save actually fucking for some Mister Right that's your age."

"Probably so. Hey, I better go. Get back to my apartment before the other girls send out a search party. But I'll see you again, George."

"Kelsey, this all started as me giving you oral sex, licking your pussy. I can still do that any time you want. I want to trim your pubic hair though. We'll both enjoy it. But pumping me up and giving me a workout like today, I'll need a day or two to recover. I still think you need to find a 20 year old. Don't go after the jocks, they're too self centered. Try some poets or language students, maybe even computer nerds -- someone that will try to do something for you instead of just expecting you to do for them." I think she heard me but she's gone.

I sleep in the nude, just like I used to do years ago before I got married. Don't have to buy or wash pajamas. At first, fifty years ago and more I slept nude with my wife but I'm sure she thought it was crude. But once we had children, I couldn't be discovered naked so I started to wear night shirts, sort of T-shirts but very long. No belts to get in my way. I then wore them for decades until about two years ago when I decided it was easier to take a shower and just fall into bed as I was.

Anyway, the next morning I'm slowly brought out of sleep by my doorbell and a female voice sort of softly calling, "George". So I get up and sort of stagger to the door, half asleep, look through the little peephole and it's Kelsey. It's also daylight. I open the door slightly and she pushes here way in. "Oh, good," she says when she sees me naked, "You're dressed right. I brought you some breakfast, so go back to bed and you can have it in bed."

Breakfast! Is she going to become a pain in my life? "I go back to bed. I can hear her. "It's a hot breakfast," she says. I can hear some small noises. "It's something that I think you love to eat." She comes into the bedroom. She's completely naked. She climbs on the bed, straddles me, after kneeling on me and darn near kneeing me in the penis, and moves forward, her knees on each side of me. "Breakfast is me, George." she says as she lowers her hairy pussy onto my face.

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