tagFetishOral Self Satisfaction

Oral Self Satisfaction

byAnal Slave©

I bet every man in the world has thought about sucking his own cock. I know I did for years. Until one day I started doing stretching exercises and I noticed I was so limber that I could put my head in my lap. I started thinking about how good it would feel to stick the head of my cock into my mouth, so I got undressed and my cock was rock hard I stuck my legs over my head and there was my cock inches away from my mouth.

I stuck my tongue out and could just barely lick the head of my swollen cock, it felt so good licking around my pee-hole. Pre-cum started forming at the end of it and that was the first time I tasted cum. I didn’t like the salty bitter taste and I had never had a blow-job before so all this was new to me.

When I started cumming I always took my tongue off of my cock and cum splashed all over my face and hair. Over the next few days I practiced getting my cock deeper into my mouth and after a week or so I could get two or three inches in my mouth. I of course would let my cock slip out of my mouth each time I would cum. it just didn’t seem right, eating my own cum. I stopped jacking-off totally; sucking my cock was 10 times better than masturbating.

I just hated cleaning the cum off of my face and hair each time. One time when I was getting ready to cum I lost my balance and my cock went a good four or five inches in my mouth and I shot cum right down my throat, you know what? I like sucking myself off. I totally love it! I love licking myself, I love getting my cock all wet, and now I love cumming in my mouth! I swallow my own come and I love it! And I'm not ashamed of it! I started spending more and more time with my cock in my mouth. I finally got me a girlfriend and she loved to suck my cock and balls.

So I slowed down sucking my cock. But now I loved the taste of sperm so after I would cum in her mouth I would kiss her, sticking my tongue down her throat tasting my own cum. This turned her on and she told me that all the other boys she had sucked off would never kiss her after a blow-job. I told her I wasn’t like the other boys! Her name was Pam and she taught me a lot about sex, she was the first girl that introduced me to a dildo.

She would have me stick one up her ass while I fucked her from behind, it always made her crazy and she would cum like Hell. One night Pam and I was drinking and talking dirty to each other we took off our clothes and started messing around. One thing led to another and we started playing truth or dare, I ask her a question and she took a dare so I dared her to stick her dildo up her cunt and masturbate. She did and I was so horny watching her I had pre-cum leaking out of my cock.

When she wasn’t looking I took my finger and rubbed it off my cock head and ate it. Then it was my turn, She ask me a question and I took the dare, she wanted to stick her dildo up my ass I reached over and got the Vaseline, bent over and she started lubing my asshole up as soon as she started working it in to my well lubed up ass my cock started cumming without even touching it. She started laughing and said that I must really have liked being fucked in the ass. I couldn’t say anything, cum was all over the bedspread, if I hadn’t liked it I wouldn’t have cum. RIGHT! Then she really surprised me she wanted me to lick my cum off of the bedspread “I had been thinking about it but I wasn’t going to do that in front of her” Then she said come on now you know you like the taste of your cum.

I watched you suck your cock off last week threw the window in your bedroom, and you swallowed your cum then. I was so horny I finger fucked myself right out side your bedroom window. I went down and ate up all the cum I had spent out on the bed. Then she came over and licked what was left off of my lips.

We both kissed each other and I knew right then that Pam and I were meant for each other. We went to sleep and woke up the next morning we both smelled like cock, cum and pussy so we took a shower and Pam went home. She told me to rest up she wanted to watch me suck my cock tonight.

I walked around all day wondering if Pam saw me suck my cock, who else has seen me? I hope nobody else has seen me do it. Pam came over and we didn’t waste any time I was naked and she was too I got up in the position I use to suck my cock, and I drove my cock deep into my mouth, sucking and licking the fat mushroom that capped my cock, while Pam slowly slid the dildo in and out of my dilated ass.

I hadn't had the chance to suck myself off today so this was the first orgasm of the day and I knew it would be a big one. I pulled my cock out of my mouth and teased the tip with my now-expert tongue, driving myself crazy as only I knew how.

Pam paused to smear more lube on the dildo, and then she set about fucking my asshole. I greedily sucked my cock, making loud slurping noises that turned me on even more, pumping my shaft with one hand, while Pam fucked my asshole. "Oh, Oh, oh!" I moaned with my mouth full of my cock meat.

I came and it was one of those huge orgasms, there was no way I could swallow it all. I pulled my mouth away and I shot hot sticky ropes of cum all over my face and hair. My orgasm went on and on, and when it finally finished I needed a second to catch my breath. She left the dildo in my ass and let my still-erect cock rest against my cheek.

I let my legs fall back down on the bed as I landed with my back on the bed, it shoved the dildo all the way up my asshole and one more load of cum shot out of my cock it damn near hit the ceiling. The dildo was so far up my ass Pam had to take her fingers and stick them in my asshole and run them along the sides of the dildo to dig it out of my ass.

I was exhausted she helped me get up and took me into the bathroom. She washed me up and told me that she wasn’t done with me yet. We got back to the bed and she made me get on all fours she got behind me and started rimming my asshole out, it was still dilated from the fucking it just had, she would stick two inches of her tongue up my hole, it felt so good she was massaging my asshole with her tongue. When she got done licking on my ass I was horny again and rolled over and made love to her. This time when I came nothing come out of my cock, my balls was empty and my cock slipped out of her pussy and was limp. Pam went home until the next day, when she came over again and wanted to watch me suck my cock.

When I stuck my cock in my mouth I was surprised she went down on me to, we both was slobbering all over my cock at the same time when I started to cum she slipped my hot wet cock down her throat and swallowed my whole load of cum. Pam and I was meant for each other, both expert cock suckers.

If you have ever wanted to suck your own cock e-mail me.

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