tagGay MaleOral Sex While Sleeping Ch. 02

Oral Sex While Sleeping Ch. 02


This is a continuation of my last FICTIONAL story, "Oral Sex while Sleeping," where Tim receives a blow job while he is sleeping from me (Dave.) You may remember that Tim has insomnia and his doctor prescribed a very powerful sleeping pill that he must take every night. Once he is asleep, he is out like a light until the next morning. While he is sleeping, I come into his room, open Tim's silky boxer shorts, stroke and suck his cock until he cum's in my mouth. This was the first time that I have ever had male to male sex and I found that I love it, and can't wait to do it again.


The day after I sucked my first cock, I am at work and can think of nothing else but sucking on Tim's cock. I am counting the hours until Tim is asleep so that I can stroke his cock and feel it sliding in and out of my mouth again. I just can't wait to once again taste Tim's hot cum on my tongue and to swallow it. Just thinking about it makes my cock throb in my underpants. I can feel the wetness in my jockey shorts. I am now sitting at my desk with a major erection, which is pushing out my pants like a tent. I am tempted to open up my fly, whip out my stiff cock and jerk off, but there are several of my co-workers nearby and I'm afraid that I will be caught. So, I resume my paper work and try to forget about Tim until tonight.

The workday finally ends and I arrived home to my apartment. Tim is already there and is cooking some pasta for the two of us. While we are eating and chatting, I am looking at Tim's lips and thinking how nice it would be to feel those lips on my stiff shaft. It would be so wonderful to shoot my cream into Tim's mouth and then kiss him and taste my own cum on Tim's tongue and lips.

The hours go by very slowly. We watched TV and chatted about our day, and finally around ten o'clock, Tim takes his shower and prepares for bed. I watch him take his sleeping pill, and as he passes me to head for his bedroom in just his silky boxer shorts, I can clearly see the outline of his cock. Little does he know, that I will soon be sucking on it.

I went into the shower next, and while I am washing myself, my cock is as hard as a rock thinking about what I will be doing with Tim's cock shortly. After drying off, I put on my jockey shorts only, and head for my bedroom. My cock is hard and wet as I lie there thinking about different things I could try with Tim's cock. Around midnight, I get up and head for his bedroom.

I pushed open his door and stepped inside. He is in the same position as last night. He is lying on his back with the sheet covering him up to his waist. The two windows are open and some light is filtering in from the street lamps. A gentle warm breeze is coming in through the screens. I walked over to the bedside and watched Tim for a minute. His steady, deep breathing indicated he was sound asleep. I carefully pulled down the sheet past his ankles, and could see outline of my desire through his shorts. My hard cock was throbbing.

I followed the same script as the night before. I rubbed his cock softly through his shorts and could feel it move under my hand. I sat down on the side of the bed, opened the button on his shorts, and opened his fly wide. I again started to tremble from the anticipation of feeling another man's cock, and knowing I would soon have it in my mouth enjoying the feel of it sliding past my lips and rubbing my tongue. I reached inside and gently pulled out his cock which was only semi-hard. I wanted to feel it grow inside my mouth, so I leaned down and placed my lips around the head. I started to suck it lightly and lick around the velvet tip. I felt it getting harder in my mouth and loved the feeling. I started to slide my lips down the shaft and back up again. I did this two or three times and now Tim's cock was like a steel rod. The tip was covered with his pre-cum juice and I licked all around the head. It tasted slightly salty but I liked it.

I was very hot and my cock needed some attention. I stood up and slipped my underpants off and felt the warm air blowing on my now totally naked body. It was nice to feel the air blowing on my erect cock that was wet with my own pre-cum. I sat back down on the side of the bed, and held Tim's ridged cock in my right hand, and my stiff shaft in my left hand. I started to slide both hand up and down, masturbating the both of us. It felt so nice to hold two cock's at the same time. I kept moving my hands slowly up and down until I thought I might cum. I took my hands off both cock's until the feeling passed.

I had an idea. I rearranged myself on the bed so that I had one knee on each side of Tim's hips. My legs were wide open and I was looking down at his cock. I took Tim's cock in my left hand and pointed it straight up. I held my cock in my right hand and pointed it straight out, at the head of his cock and moved a little closer so that our two cock heads were touching. I started rubbing the head of my cock against the head of Tim's cock and the feeling was incredible. Both cock's were leaking pre-cum juice and were very slippery. I moved the tip of Tim's cock so it could rub the bottom of my cock head which is the most sensitive, and where I feel the most pleasure. I call this "my pleasure spot." When I am jerking off, this spot gives me, and most men, the most pleasure.

I moved my cock head and rubbed it back and forth on Tim's "pleasure spot." I heard him breathing more heavy now, and soft moans came from his lips. I found that while kneeling, if I sat back down on my legs, and moved my knees up a little toward the head of the bed, the entire length of our shafts would be touching. As I did this, I placed both my hands around both cock's and squeezed them together. This felt so beautiful. Two hard cock's flat against each other, with cock heads touching. I could now feel the bottom of my balls lying against the top of Tim's balls. I just sat there and enjoyed the sight and feeling of our two hard cock's together.

I started to pump my hips up and down along the length of Tim's hot cock Each time his cock head rubbed my pleasure spot, I almost shot my load of cum. It must have felt good to Tim too, because he was breathing very heavy and moaning in pleasure. Both cock's were leaking clear juice and sliding easily up and down each other's shaft. I was getting close, and would not be able to last much longer before I cum in buckets. I couldn't believe that I was actually humping Tim's hard cock. I was so hot watching my cock slide up and down Tim's shaft, especially watching our cock heads rub back and forth. I felt my balls bouncing on top of his balls, and each time I came down, I could feel Tim's silky boxer shorts rubbing against my ass.

I knelt up slightly and held his cock in my left hand and guided it to where I wanted to feel it. While pumping my cock with my right hand, I started sliding his wet slippery cock all around underneath my balls and it felt wonderful. I leaned forward a little and was able to rub his cock on that sensitive spot between my balls and my asshole. I moved my right hand faster on my shaft, while I rubbed the wet tip of Tim's cock head back and forth over my asshole. I thought about pushing my ass down over his cock, an the thought of doing this, pushed me over the edge and I could feel my hot cum starting the journey to climax.

I quickly knelt up, held Tim's cock straight up in the air, and with my other hand, pointed my cock head so it rested against the pleasure spot on his cock. Then I watched as my cock started to erupt it's warm creamy load. The first two spurts were so strong, I could actually hear them hit against Tim's swollen cock head. Wave after wave of my white semen splashed against his cock. I felt overwhelming and intense pleasure in my balls and cock. My cum covered his cock and was running down the sides of it. I saw blobs of my semen on his stomach, chest and on one of his nipples. I have never before experienced such incredible sexual pleasure.

As I watched my cock start to get limp, I knew that Tim's cock needed to be serviced to climax. I climbed off him and once again sat on the side of the bed. I saw his cock twitching, totally covered with my warm creamy cum and looking delicious. I held his cock at the base and started to lick up the sides of his erect shaft, my cum was still warm. When I got to the tip of his cock head, I opened my mouth wide and took it deep into my mouth, sucking and swallowing my nice warm cream.

The feeling of Tim's cock filling my mouth, and tasting my cum on it, mixed with his pre-cum, turned me on again, and I could feel my cock getting hard already. I started bobbing my head up and down his shaft, faster and faster. I was now wildly sucking it deep into my mouth. It was hitting the back of my throat. What I enjoyed most, was feeling his cock sliding passed my lips and rubbing along the length of my tongue with his velvet cock head, and then back out again.

Tim was almost panting with pleasure and I knew he was very close to climax. I increase my suction and kept bobbing my head up and down very quickly. I placed my hand around his balls and started to gently squeeze and massage them. I felt his cum being pulled from his balls and up the shaft, and prepared my mouth to receive his tasty cream. He started bucking his hips into my mouth and moaning loudly, even though he was still sound asleep. It shot into my mouth with great force and flooded it, forcing some of it to drip back out onto his cock. I was so hot with lust knowing I was sucking Tim's cum off his stiff shaft along with my own and swallowing it all. I couldn't get enough of into my mouth. Tim kept humping my mouth and I took his entire cock into my mouth up to his balls.

Finally, he stopped bucking and moaning, and I could feel his cock start to soften in my mouth. I sucked and milked it until it was dry. I made sure that I licked off all the cum that covered Tim's stomach, chest and nipple. I was so turned on by what just happened, my cock was rock hard again and I needed to get relief. I got off the bed, picked up my jockey shorts and wrapped them around my cock and started to jerk off.

The fabric felt good rubbing along my shaft and touching my "pleasure spot." With my other hand I pulled and massaged my balls and in a very short time, I shot another hot load into my shorts. It turned out to be one satisfying night. I cleaned myself up, placed Tim's cock back inside his boxers and pulled up the sheet to where it was. I was totally drained and went to sleep, still tasting my cum mixed with Tim's on my lips and tongue.

The next morning, at breakfast, Tim told me that he had another fantastic dream that gave him such wonderful pleasure. He wondered if the sleeping pills were causing the dreams. I told him that perhaps I should try taking the pills to see if I could have a hot dream like that. Tim just laughed.


Note: I am thinking of writing one more final chapter to this adventure. Please let me know what you think. I would appreciate any and all comments. David

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