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Orange Juice


Imagine walking into your kitchen at the crack of dawn and seeing a naked woman standing there.

"Can I help you?" I asked.

"Oh, I was just looking for some orange juice," said the unknown strawberry blond, whose breasts jiggled with each footstep. Her smooth pink complexion was uniform all over the flesh of her body.

I was surprised, but not shocked, considering my promiscuous college apartment roommate, Julianne. I'd never known her to be lesbian, but here was proof.

"And you are...?" I asked, leaving the question in the air.

Julianne entered the kitchen, wearing just a T-shirt and said "Oh sorry, Trish, this is Beth. She spent the night. I've been meaning to tell you about it."

"Nice to meet you, Trish," said naked Beth, extending her arm to shake my hand. I stared at it for a moment and then shook her hand. I wondered if she washed her hands after her sexual encounters with my roommate.

"Let me see...Wait...here is orange juice," I offered and quickly poured a glass for naked Beth.

"Thank you, that's totally cool of you," said Beth obsequiously. She looked directly into my eyes, with her luminescent green eyes. This naked woman had a great smile, amongst other gifts.

"Hey, I'm sorry about the overnight guest. I never told you that I was into women," confessed Julianne. Her guest returned to the other bedroom, giving us a little privacy.

"I saw you with Jason a couple of weeks ago," I commented, trying to keep calm. "You brought him home and slept with him, right?"

"Oh, yeah, I do guys, too...sometimes. I mean...not that often, but I guess I'm bisexual," declared Julianne. "It's awkward talking about it. I don't want to piss you off. You're a great roommate. If it causes a problem just let me know."

"Hey, whatever floats your boat," I said trying to limit the discussion. "I need to study." I was looking at Julienne's bare legs and thinking about the girls rolling in the hay. I always thought I was hetero, but I never considered the other option before.

"And I will give you the rent check on Monday," she said. "We'll talk later. Sorry." Her plump bare ass showed from under her T-shirt, as she slinked away to her bedroom.

I heard them giggling and perhaps sexual sounds as I got dressed and cleared out to run my Saturday morning errands. I grabbed my purse and car keys and left.

Julianne is pretty. She has been a boy-magnet for me, with her long legs and big eyes. Her punk rock style always reminded me of women in the girl band, The Bangles. She actually has been a pretty good roommate, except for her sexual escapades. I had some thinking to do, whether to make an issue of the lesbian situation.

When I returned in the afternoon, Julianne was alone. She was dressing up to go to a concert that I had wanted to see, too. She was all cleaned up and seemed to have her mojo back. I didn't provoke an argument and just made casual conversation. Julianne can get feisty.

"I have a date that night with Andy who I met at a party the previous week." I didn't convince anybody that I actually wanted to go on this rendezvous.

"Oh, sounds great. I hope you have fun," she said. "Hey, I got you something," she said, handing me a little teddy bear with a red heart on it.

"Oh, that's sweet, you didn't need to." I answered. At least she recognized that we've had our disagreements, most of which are her fault.

"Well, we have to come to an agreement concerning sleep-overs. You make the rule and I will follow," she said surprisingly cooperative for such a fiery personality.

"Look, Julianne, I had a guy over twice, and you've had some people. Let's just make a hard-and-fast rule that nobody sleeps over two nights in a row....or monopolizes the apartment more than an evening and breakfast. Is that workable?"

"Fine with me, Trish," she agreed. "So feel free to bring Andy home tonight, if you want and I will clear out entirely. No problem." I already knew that Andy was not a keeper. I would come home early and frustrated to an empty apartment.

"Are you hanging out with that girl from last night?" I asked.

"Not necessarily. She isn't coming to the concert," Julianne said. "I don't know. Do you like her?"

"No, I didn't like her," I grumbled, not able to forget the sight of her nude body. Beth—orange juice girl--I repeated her name in my mind.

At that moment, Julianne and I were unable to communicate the feelings of friendship and jealousy. I am not sure I knew what I was feeling. I actually don't like having cold tantrums or words unspoken.

I started thinking about being alone at college, and struggling with grades and money. I missed my parents and my old high school boyfriend. Actually, I was still upset that we just fizzled. It got too comfortable. He was just a friend, and neither one of us were excited or horny for each other any more.

My parents lived in Ohio, which really wasn't really so far away—just a 5 hour drive.

I went to my room shut the door and got dressed for my date with Andy. I could hear Julianne's music cranked up loud, and she sang excitedly with the songs she would hear tonight. I wanted to go to that concert.

A while later we were both in the kitchen having a snack before leaving, Julianne complimented me. "You look great, Trish. That outfit is really amazing on you. Have a wonderful time, sister."

Sister? She kissed me on my cheek, and felt satisfaction that she understood me so well. She knew I was upset about the woman this morning, partly jealous, partly distressed about the concealed lesbian situation. As she was leaving she said, "Don't worry. Everything will be just fine."

She left and I went to look at myself in the mirror. My brown hair was freshly washed, wavy and shiny. I guess my figure is pretty good, but I'm not stacked. My face is pretty or cute even without make-up.

Then I just sat watching television, waiting for Andy. He showed up early. He bought me dinner at a steak restaurant, but he was boring like I anticipated. By midnight, I was ready to go home. First dates suck.

When I got home, I didn't invite Andy inside. I let him kiss me, but I cut it short.

When I went inside, there were candles everywhere. Soft jazz music was playing from Julianne's room. She was sitting cross-legged on her bed naked, except for a necklace.

"Meditating?" I asked, looking over her naked body.

"Om manipadme Om," she started, then laughing, saying "No, actually, I was just waiting for you. How was your date?"

"Kinda boring, y'know?" I responded, and then changed the subject. "Are you alone? Did Beth go to the kitchen for orange juice?" I quipped.

"Nope, just me."

"How was the concert? Was it good?" I asked trying to ignore her nudity.

"Oh, they played for over two hours. They played everything. What a great show."

"What's with being naked?" I probed, realizing that my nipples were poking out a little.

"Nothing," she said, although I thought otherwise. She was working on me by the power of suggestion. She was launching a slow seduction. You can't see a naked lesbian woman and just think about concerts.

After that bizarre interchange, I went back to my bedroom and slept, dreaming on naked Beth and Julianne making love. I awoke jealous of them and aroused in the middle of the night and silently slipped my fingers into my pussy and softly ground my clit to oblivion.

The next several days, I didn't discuss our sexualities, or social life, but every weekend we had to confront it. While I dressed like a nun, Julianne spent more time wearing revealing pajamas or going braless. She showered with the door open, and she changed with the bedroom door open.

Then one day I hung around the apartment when she left for class. I went through her bed stand drawers. I shouldn't have snooped into her possessions, but I couldn't help myself.

I saw that she had thongs and sexy bras, which were much sexier than my own. I hated to snoop into what wasn't mine, but I was interested to see if she had vibrators and dildos.

In her closet, I stumbled on her bag of tricks, a big gym bag with her sex gadgets. There was a big strap-on cock that looked scary. I shouldn't have touched it because of all the gooey stuff and germs it could have, but I couldn't resist. There were about 10 vibrators. I found a big vibrator called 'The Rabbit' with a rubber extension on it. Also, she had an egg shaped vibrator. That looked interesting, so I switched it on and let it buzz my nipple. Nice.

I really shouldn't have done this, but I let it go down to my pants and passed it over my pussy area. I am sure I wasn't getting the full benefit fully clothed, so I switched it off and 'borrowed' it. I went into the bathroom to play with it.

I stood in front of the sink, lowering my trousers and panties and switched on the egg. It really turned me own to masturbate with Julianne's sex toy. I listened to it hum and whirr while I rotated it on my pussy lips.

Images of Julianne and Beth filled my head. I wondered what it would be like to be with a woman.

I worked it around until it sank to the juice I was producing and then rolled it up to my clitoris. Because I was already aroused it didn't take long until my knees got weak and I creamed the egg in orgasm juices.

I steadied myself, and quickly wiped it off with a wet washcloth. Before I could open the bathroom, I heard the click from the front door.

Oh, no, Julianne was home!

Did I put the sex bag into her closet as I had found it? How would I return this vibrator without getting caught? I really got nervous now. I hid the egg in my towel and opened the bathroom door, breathless.

"Hi, Julianne," I greeted her, trying to be nonchalant as I made a beeline for my bedroom. Once I shut the door I stood there panting and trying to remain quiet. I wondered if Julianne would notice her things moved around, or if I covered my tracks. I waited listening for whether she was in her room investigating, but after a few minutes I figured I was not going to be caught. I hid the egg vibrator in my nightstand, and lay down on my bed, still buzzing from the stress of almost being caught stealing her vibrator.

Just then, Julianne knocked on my door. "Trish, sorry to interrupt. She opened my door, as I fumbled with the remote to stop the playback. There she was standing in my doorway with her dildo bag. "Trish, someone has been in my things. Any ideas? I don't want to accuse anybody, but I am wondering if you might know."

"Oh, I'm sorry, Julianne. No, I have no idea," I lied. I am not a good liar.

She smiled at me, and walked over to my bed and sat down next to me Julianne said. "I am missing a vibrator. Somebody may have stolen it...or borrowed it. It is shaped like an egg, and it is my favorite. Do you know where it is?" implying that I took it. I tried to look innocent.

I cringed at her question. I knew this was a give-away. I don't lie or hide well, so all I could do was blush. "Hello? Earth to Trish! I think this situation calls for a little honesty here."

"Ok, I borrowed your egg vibrator. I am sorry," I stated rapidly. I think this weird lesbian was actually angry.

"Did you use it?" she insisted. The air was so thick you could have cut it. I forced myself to tell the truth.

I stood in silence for an eternal 20 seconds and then spoke.

"Yes, I actually did look at it. And I still have it." I confessed and fear that I would start crying. "I can buy you another one. I'm sorry. I really am sorry."

"Maybe you should show me where it is," said Julianne. I reached under my pillow and pulled out the egg vibrator. "Tell me, Trish...You put that thing against your pussy. Did you masturbate? Did you come on my vibrator?'

I was still barely able to talk through all the humiliation and tears, but I finally admitted, "Yes! ...Yes, I did... I came on it. I am sorry. I tried to wipe it off and wash it, but here it is if you want it."

"I don't want it back now that your pussy juice is all over it. Are you kidding? You should keep that. It's too late to apologize. Just don't get on your high horse about what a sweet innocent girl you are." For someone who was trying to sell me her bi-sexual lifestyle, she sure was just arguing and angry!

"Oh, I am so embarrassed, Julianne. I am sorry," I pleaded. "I should never have caused such trouble."

"Trish. How much more of my things have you stolen?" she accused bitterly, removing any chance of converting this argument into a pleasant situation.

"Nothing. I have never stolen anything before. I just got curious if you had those things, and I had to look," I said, defending my motives. At that point, she got out the dildos out of her bag. She took them out one-by-one, and started running them up my leg.

"Curious, huh? Why didn't you steal the big ones? Look this one really vibrates," she bragged, flicking the switch. Whirr. Buzz

"Julianne, please no." I begged.

"Do feel uncomfortable around lesbians?" she pressed.

"No, really, I am fine with that. It's just that when your, um ... naked friend was in the kitchen. I mean, I don't know. It was weird. I can't explain, but I..." I blathered like a nervous fool. "I don't want to fight with you or have misunderstandings."

"Oh...I get it," she answered with calm wisdom. "You like Beth."

"I, er, I ..." I continued stammering.

"Ok, you have my blessings. You can take it as far as it goes." Julianne said. "Really...My blessings. I won't stand in the way of a girl crush."

With that I burst into tears. "No, that's not it. It's not Beth...I am not a lesbian!"

I thought about crying on her shoulder, sorry to have acted superior to her.

For the next weeks, I avoided Julianne. I studied at the library. I had meals at other people's houses, or fast food. When I was home I stayed shut in my room.

For Julianne's part, she was nice. She'd leave me little notes, and buy food to share. She did extra cleaning, but not so much that it imposed on my space.

I occasionally saw Beth around campus and each time I saw her she was extremely friendly and happy to see me. She waved to me energetically, and once even ran across the grass area to hug me.

One particular time she had her purse strap right between her breasts. She is fairly busty anyway, but this sexy sight made my knees go like pudding.

"So how are you? Trish, right? God, you look great. I haven't seen you because I haven't been hanging out with Julianne. You know... it's hard. I mean she's nice, but I ..."

I just watched her rattle on. She was such an energetic spirit. I just listened and watch her go. We were becoming friends. I kept staring into her eyes and at her breasts.

That night, I casually mentioned to Julianne that I had seen Beth on campus. She asked, "How did she look?"

"She looked great. I mean...she is always so...energetic." I said, surprised that I didn't downplay her attractiveness, mentally picturing her pale skin, and bright smile, and green eyes.

"Yes, I agree, she's cute. I just didn't treat her right," she confessed. "Same with you. I didn't treat you right either. I shouldn't have gotten you mad when you were playing with my vibrators. I don't want to be the evil all the time. I'm too argumentative, right?"

"Actually, yeah, like intimidating. I hope you don't mind my saying that. I felt like I had to sneak around or something."

"Oh, I am sorry to be like that," she said. "Look, isn't your birthday coming up on Wednesday?"

"Yes, actually it is." I answered.

"Why don't I treat for Chinese Food?" offered Julianne kindly.

"Well, that would be wonderful," I said enthusiastically.

"Ok, I have a late afternoon class, and I will meet you there, ok?"

"Sounds good. I will drive over on my own," I assured her.

"And I am inviting a special guest," she announced slyly.

"Oh?...Who?" I asked giggling, but she wouldn't say. I was secretly hoping it would be Beth. This is a very intense Girl Crush.

She never told me who was coming to dinner though.

I don't even know if Beth is seeing anybody, or if she would consider hooking up with me. I can only think about her. She is my new love from afar, and isn't it strange that I am smitten with the beautiful naked lesbian who asked me for orange juice?

I think I am ready to enter the dark side. You know what I mean, don't you? I can't stop thinking about doing bad lesbian things to her.

So I went about our daily routine and studying for the next few days. I was thinking much about the Chinese Food, except how broke and hungry I was. But mostly I was thinking about how horny I was, and what I would do if

I arrived early to the restaurant, hoping Beth was there. My panties were moist imaging Beth naked. I was ushered to a table facing away from the door.

As I was sitting there waiting at the table, sipping a vodka and orange juice, someone came up behind me and put their hands over my eyes. "Guess who?" said a woman's voice.

"Beth?" I asked, knowing I'd heard her voice before.

"Nooooo," she said playfully.

"Julianne?" I guessed next.

"You don't recognize your own mother?" she asked giggling, and releasing her hands from my eyes. I turned around to look at her and stood to give her a hug.

"Oh, Mom! How nice of you to come to see me on my birthday! That's so great," I said insincerely.

I hadn't seen her in months, and missing her so badly, but now that she came, the timing was weird. Just as I was feeling sexy and hoping to pop my lesbian cherry, Mom shows up. I just wanted to get laid. This is like rain on the parade --a thunderstorm!

"Your father is in Silicon Valley on a business trip, so I thought it was a great opportunity to come and see you."

Julianne brought a guy for a date, Matt, which was weird, and also invited our neighbors, and my old dorm-mate. I guess she wanted to look heterosexual for my mom.

We ordered drinks and fried rice, Kung Pao Shrimp and everything wonderful. All the guests were jovial and in a gregarious mood.

Honestly, I should have been celebrating, but I actually was sort of love sick for Beth. Here I am surrounded by wonderful people, consumed with a lesbian obsession. It's my party and I'll cry if I want to.

I ate and listened while people drank and toasted me. Mom said that Julianne was such a great friend. The jokes and giggles went on for hours.

The birthday cake came out with 22 candles on it. I felt old and little glum as they sang Happy Birthday. You look like a monkey...

I received some presents, like books and gift certificates, including a lingerie certificate from Julianne.

"Trish, it's late and I am returning to my hotel room," said Mom. I will stop by at 7:30 a.m. and meet you for breakfast. And you, young lady, have to rest for class tomorrow. Gotta go. " Julianne came over and said, "Hey, I think I am going to spend the night at Matt's house. Did you have fun? I hope you don't mind that I invited your mom."

"It was a lovely surprise. Very cool. Thanks," I said, as the party broke up.

So I drove home alone at 10:15 p.m. The busy university looks strange at night. Empty buses drive back and forth. Lonely students walk in solitary darkness, ending their productive day.

I arrived back at the apartment and fumbled with the keys. Upon entering the apartment, I found it very dark and quiet, the only light coming from my bedroom. That's funny... because I didn't leave my light on this morning.

The apartment was so silent and dark that I was a little frightened. I crept towards my bedroom, not putting any of my gifts down. As I tip-toed across the room, I worried that there was burglar or other intruder. I certainly was scared, expecting to be ambushed or attacked.

I looked around for emergency weapons, like a lamp or broom. I slowly shifted my weight from foot to foot fearing danger. My heart was pounding in my ears, fearing for my life.

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