Misty was sick of it all. The randy shallow boys, her lewd, corrupt boss and most of all the fact that nothing ever changed. She went to the place she always went when her frustrations threatened to overwhelm her; the meadow of bloody tears. The trek to the meadow took about an hour to reach by foot, from the small town she reluctantly called home, meaning that few folk ventured there on a regular basis. There were plenty of coves and copses nearby the town for impatient young lovers to work out their earthly lusts on each other. Misty was alone.

The meadow of bloody tears took its namesake from the fact that its trees constantly blossomed thick, lush, red flowers all through the year, which shed petals at an autumnal rate, yet were never bare. It was a work of magic, there was no doubt, however the myth behind the meadow's origins was uncertain.

Some believed the meadow marked the clash of two mighty warriors, fighting over the purest maiden in the land. The combatants had simultaneously struck each other with mortal blows and died with the tears of their desired love raining on both their cheeks.

Another more sinister tale was of an evil mage who lured virgins to the meadow in order to perform dark arcane rituals. The virgins' blood mixed with the magical energies creating the endless cycle of life and death within the flowers.

A travelling witch had also told Misty that the meadow had been the epicentre of 'the great despair', a mystical event that had occurred before she was born, when thousands of people had simultaneously ended their own lives at the same moment throughout the kingdom.

None of this mattered to Misty at this moment, however. All that mattered was that she had the chance to be alone, so she could forget, if only for a little while, that she was hopelessly sick of her life.

Physically, Misty was your typical busty peasant girl. Her kingdom was prosperous so she ate well and was blessed with a healthy plumpness that accentuated her feminine curves. She was 5'5 and wore her long curly brown hair down, as opposed to platted as was the fashion in her town. A pretty, round face sparsely populated by freckles, framed her unusual green/brown eyes.

As she meandered through the woods she traced her fingertips against the bark of the trees as she passed them, relishing the rough feel of nature. She spied her favourite tree and made her way over to it. The tree's distinguishing feature was that it had the lowest hanging branches which sagged giving it an almost willow tree look. Misty reached up and lightly tapped one of the flowers above her dislodging a dozen or so petals which drifted down around her and followed in her wake before settling in amongst the green grass and their fellow comrades.

Misty settled herself down against her tree's trunk and sighed letting herself relax under the late afternoon sun as it filtered down through the flowery canopy. She closed her eyes and imagined a better life. A life of excitement, not humdrum. A life of adventure, not monotony. Misty could almost hear her mother admonishing her, "What you need is a good man to put you in your place. None of these flights of fancy of yours!" There was more to life than being a wench then a wife though, Misty knew it! But how? The town lads were useless, putting as much finesse into rutting as they would in a play fight. Could she expect to catch the eye of a travelling adventurer or perhaps learn a weapon trade and try and make her own way?

She decided it was time to relieve some tension. First she loosened the bows on her blouse so as her breasts were not so constricted. She bunched up her skirt around her waist exposing her ivory white thighs, a sharp contrast against the bed of red petals she lay upon.

Misty, quite unsurprisingly, loved making herself orgasm with her fingers. Bringing herself to the peak of ecstasy in the meadow of bloody tears after a particularly loathsome day had become somewhat of a ritual for her, and today was no different. She slid a hand down her body and along a leg, tracing a nail along her sensitive inner thigh. Misty quickly realised she was in no mood to tease herself and brought her hand back up pulling her underwear aside and giving her outer lips a short massage feeling her silky pubic hairs slide between her fingers and causing her inner lips to rub each other ever so slightly creating delicious friction.

She smiled secretly to herself, feeling how wet she was, images of naked barbarous warriors coursing through her mind. She delicately ran a finger from the bottom to the top of her moist hole gathering her dew to spread over her hardening clitoris. Misty let herself sigh out loud as she began rubbing herself, slowly at first, up and down. In her head the barbarians were displaying their phalluses proudly to her, begging for the honour to pleasure her. She felt herself ooze even more at the thought of mighty beast men supplicating themselves to her and began to caress her hot nub faster, circling it with her middle finger in order to stimulate its every nerve ending. Misty picked the most majestic of the mighty warriors and brought him down upon her, she could almost smell the sweat that covered his taut, furred chest. The warmth from her clitoris began to shoot through her body as she frantically pleasured herself, imagining the great man pressing his searing penis against her willing opening...

Then a sound.

Misty couldn't place the source or the direction of the sound, but she knew instantly that she was no longer alone.

"Who's there?" she called out boldly, quickly covering the evidence of her self-gratification.

There was no reply. For a moment she almost let herself believe that she had imagined it. Then she heard the sound again. A footstep. Closer.

"I can assure you, I am not in the least bit amused. Declare yourself!" Misty gathered herself and stood up. A couple of red petals stuck to her fingers, still coated in her womanly secretions.

There was a shuffling. Behind her. Behind her tree. She span round on her heels and darted up and around the great trunk. She caught movement in the corner of her eyes, at the other side of the trunk. She gasped as she began to feel fear and the first jolt of adrenaline as it hit her system. What was happening?

Before she could even think she felt a large greasy hand seize her wrist and pull it upwards, spinning her around to face her assailant. No amount of fantasies of large barbarians could prepare her for what she saw...

An Orc. A large over six foot tall orc with deep brown skin with mottled patches of ochre green. What was an orc doing this far away from the battle grounds in the far west? The orc was most definitely male, revealed by his total nudity. He wore a dishevelled topknot on his otherwise bald head and the masculinity of his body was covered by thick coarse dark hair. He grinned at her with his oversized jaw and teeth with four large lower canines jutting upwards past his thick lips. His mesmerising liquid black eyes bore into her causing her to hold her breath in horrible anticipation of her imminent death.

So when the orc brought her sticky fingers to his mouth, Misty was entirely surprised. The orc feigned to bite her fingers and she flinched, but then gasped as instead of feeling the flesh and bones of her fingers being crunched within his iron jaw, she felt his tongue swirl around her fingers paying special attention to their tips and sucking away the remnant of her secret nectar and the petals that still clung to them. The orc removed her fingers from his mouth and gave her what could mostly be described as a roguish smile. Despite her mortal terror, Misty maintained enough of her female mindset to be outraged and promptly slapped the orc in the face as hard as she could. The orc replied by backhanding her in the head.

The next thing Misty knew was that she was on her back with darkness around the edge of her vision. She stared up at the green and red canopy watching serenely as red blossoms fell gracefully down upon and around her. Then she felt the throbbing in her head and remembered the orc. As if on queue the orc stood above her, his feet either side of her waist and they looked into each other's eyes once more. But only for an instant, because Misty's eyes were quickly drawn to the orc's massive erect penis. She had imagined cocks this majestic before but never expected to ever be presented with one! It was easily over nine inches long and it's girth was such that if Misty had the inclination to hold it, which she almost did in her addled state, that she would not have been able to encircle it in her grasp even at it's narrowest point. The head of his manhood peeked out from his foreskin and was an angry purple colour much like a human's. The rest of his body was equally ludicrously well proportioned with shoulders as wide as an ox's and a muscularity formed only from a lifetime of rigours.

'Oh Gods, I'm going to be raped and killed', Misty thought and let out a sob. The orc knelt down quickly and Misty shrieked, she didn't want to die. She felt his ball sack, covered in the same prickly hairs as the rest of his body, press into her belly and sucked in her breath at the strange warm leathery sensation. He moved a hand to her face and she squeezed her eyes shut, all the fight taken out of her from the strike to her head. She shivered, expecting the orc to begin pummelling her at any moment; instead the orc surprised her again as she felt her cheek being stroked by a calloused thumb. Misty slowly opened her eyes to see something glinting in the orc's eyes, was it concern? The orc massaged her temple where he had hurt her making her wince slightly.

"Ow..., uh, what... what are you going to do to me?" asked Misty, trying to understand the intentions of her assaulter. The orc cocked his head looking at her with dark intensity.

She asked, "Do you even understand what I'm saying?" The orc looked down from her face to her cleavage, heaving with her short frightened breaths and she instantly understood him.

Apparently not blessed with the gift of patience, the orc dug both his hands under the top half of her blouse and tore if apart roughly, snapping the strings that bound it together easily. Misty's voluptuous breasts were revealed to the hungry gaze of the orc. He met her eyes again and grinned wickedly. Moved to infuriation again, she began to struggle, but it was futile, he had pinned her so that she couldn't even kick at him, all she managed was to set her breasts jiggling around which amused the orc even more. He gave one a quick stinging slap and watched it bounce against the other. Misty went for his face again this time with fists, before she could connect a blow though, he moved a hand past her defences and seized a dusky pink nipple between a thumb and finger pinched, hard. Misty squealed and instinctively grabbed his wrist trying to pull the offending hand away. The orc took the opening to wipe one hand against his chest that had begun to sweat pungently. He collected the almost brown ooze that was his sweat on his hand before slapping it down upon her other breast and rubbing it all over her malleable flesh taking special care to cause friction over her nipple sliding it between two fingers.

Misty's nipple responded against her intentions growing erect and sensitive, her grip on the orc's other hand becoming looser. The orc took the moment of laxity and reversed his hand capturing both her wrists with a deftness that belied his monstrosity, pining them above her head. Gathering more sweat from his breast, he coated her now free breast with the thick substance, massaging the mound and stroking the nipple. Misty gritted her teeth as her earlier arousal began reasserting itself upon her.

The orc defied her expectations once more, quickly rising and leaping away from her, to lean against a nearby tree with his arms crossed. Misty lay frozen for half a second then scrambled up sprinting as fast as she could in the opposite direction. She quickly realised that the orc wanted a chase before he used her for his pleasure, but if he thought he had captured a weak, dainty peasant girl, he was sorely mistaken.

It didn't take her long to realize that her breasts were tingling warmly and that it was due to the greasy orc sweat that covered them. She had heard that orc sweat had unusual properties, designed to lubricate their bodies so as to protect them from abrasions during their ritual wrestling matches and rough mating practices, the tingling came from the fact that the sweat was slightly acidic to protect orcs from rodent sized blood sucking insects that infested their native swamps. Misty tried to wipe the ooze from her, however, the coarse fabric served only to tease her oversensitive mounds even more!

She felt rather than saw the orc chasing her. Misty spied a fallen branch and zipped towards it, then as she felt the orc almost upon her, stopped suddenly, crouching and ducking. The orc was moving too fast to dodge or stop and fell face-first over her rooted body landing with a thump causing a small cloud of petals to billow upwards from his weight. Misty grabbed the heavy branch and hefted it over her head meaning to bring it down on the orc's skull. Before she could strike though, the orc pulled her legs from under her causing Misty to fall backwards onto her buttocks and drop her makeshift club. Demonstrating his dazzling speed again, the orc was upon her, this time finishing off his work on the blouse, tearing it completely in twain from the front before setting his massive bulk upon her. The orc claimed Misty's mouth with his whilst moving his thigh so as it was pressing firmly into her crotch giving her a delicious rush. She tried to steal a gasp, but only allowed the orc to worm his tongue into her unwilling mouth, scratching and dominating her own tongue.

Misty was far from giving in, however and used this new position to bring her leg up kicking the orc in his testicles. He grunted in pain and left her mouth seizing her face in order for her to see the ire in his eyes. The orc then ripped off her remaining underwear and swiftly and roughly slammed two fingers into her wet vagina. The swift entry was too much for Misty and she screamed in pain, tears coming to her eyes as her inner muscles were stretched before readiness.

"I...NO!" she wailed as the orc ignored her pleas and twisted his fingers round inside her, exploring her.

Even as she struggled to free herself from the sexual torture, the orc took more of his sweat and smeared it over her inner thighs and on and around her labia.

"Please, no" she whimpered as the initial pain from his questing fingers slowly transmuted into aching pleasure and the orc's newly applied ooze began it's magic.

Misty's body was raw and despite her loathing of the orc, was becoming more turned on than she had ever felt possible. The orc continued his game, leaving her alone again to fight with herself. Misty felt like there were a thousand imps nibbling at her cunt lips and almost wet herself at the intense feeling. Her vaginal juices mingled with the orc grease spreading the sensation feeling like a hot spring had formed between her thighs. She stood on trembling legs and glared poison at the orc.

"You Fiend!" she screamed at him, taking up her wooden weapon and charging him all thoughts of strategy dissolving into butter akin to that which burned in her groin.

The orc caught the heavy branch with and broke it in two with one massive hand, drew her to him with the other and ravished her mouth before spinning her round and bending her over before him. He placed his purple cock head between her burning labia and gave her half a moment to realize what would come next. Then the orc skewered her with one swift but considered motion, apparently not wanting to hurt her too much. His grand penis slid in exquisitely and oh so smoothly into her warm wetness.

"Auuoogh", Misty groaned as she was stretched and filled to her limits.

She felt her vaginal muscles clench uncomfortably around their burning intruder and silently thanked the Gods that the monster hadn't torn her open. She waited for the moment when the orc would start fucking in her in earnest and wondered how she could possibly take such an assault. But it never came; instead he held her firmly against himself with one hand and with the other began worrying her breasts and nipples leaving her uncertain and squirming. Misty didn't know what to do with herself, on the one hand this was in no uncertain terms her rape, but on the other she had never felt so alive or horny as she did right now... and she hated the term 'horny'. Without consciously realising it she began trying to push herself back against the orc's solid member, desperate for some friction.

As soon as she did, however, the orc pulled out with a sucking pop and let her go to fall face-first and legs akimbo to the ground. Misty sobbed and curled up into a foetal position wishing... she didn't even know what she wished anymore. Wasn't it only a short while before when she was yearning for some bestial male to ravish and take her? How could she possibly be enjoying having this monster frustrate her like a dog being teased by it's master holding a bone just from it's reach?

The orc took up the broken branch and prodded her in her plump thigh with its blunt end. Misty whimpered and curled up tighter. He prodded her again, this time harder; she tried to swat the offending stick away. She began to cry again. The orc poked her once more. Misty screamed in outrage from the humiliation and scrambled up trying to seize the stick from him. The orc had achieved the angry reaction he had desired and bowled her to the floor again, pressing a tough hand to her chest so as to hold her down.

Without any warning the orc forced her legs apart and dove his face between her thighs, his tongue immediately seeking out her clitoris. His slimy muscle lapped furiously at her mound always making sure to grind her nerve bundle of agonising ecstasy with every stroke. Misty jolted with every rough swirl of his tongue and started grunting in time with the orc's busy tongue.

"Oh!" she huffed as the orc licked her sex into a frenzy.

It was all too much for Misty; her entire body was burning with a mixture of the orc's sweat and her molten lust. She felt her orgasm building up within her, a heat emanating from her clitoris and spreading throughout her vagina and into her thighs. She broke out into a hot sweat and pushed her swollen cunt lips messily into the orc's hard rough mouth, bucking so as her hips left the ground. Misty forsook all sense of decency reaching for the beast's head to make sure he wouldn't stop. At that moment she wanted nothing more than to have her assaulter wring every last drop of orgasmic pleasure out of her.

"Don't. You. Fucking. Stop!" she growled through clenched teeth.

The orc had no intention of complying and tried to pull away. Misty was moments away from her release and clung maniacally to his head, trying to gain purchase with his pointed ears. He overpowered her attempts easily, taking away his face now covered in her juice.

There was nothing for it. Misty knew how to control a man, and this beast, if nothing else was certainly male. The orc had started this, but there was no way she was going to let him get away without finishing. Misty did the one thing the monster wouldn't expect reaching up and grasping his huge member. She took it's head and instantly started to stroke it within her fist unforgivingly. The orc cock was almost scalding to the touch and Misty had to will her hand to not flinch away. She continued flogging his penis, feeling the conflicting textures of its leathery foreskin and smooth glans sliding against each other until the orc let out a guttural groan, which Misty took to mean that he was now in her thrall.

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