Orc Ch. 02


Misty struggled and squirmed, her motor functions turning into an over-stimulated mess, "Please!" she screamed at him.

Fortunately for the girl, the orc needed it just as bad as she did and lifted her up by the wrists like a prize-catch before aiming his needy penis at her weeping slit. He lowered her, but missed, poking her in the thigh and had to raise her again for a better angle.

"Ugh, hurry!" she cried.

The orc dropped her again and this time, with Misty helping, the two desperate sexes found each other. The large mushroom tip pushed into her dripping canal and was almost forced out again as her cunt muscles spasmed with excitement. Almost as if her vagina realized it's mistake, it dilated quickly to allow it's desired guest back in. The orc managed to get a couple more inches in before Misty's pussy got over-exited again squeezing at the searing cock violently. The beast-man let out a harsh gasp as his cock was wrenched by his lover's insane vagina. He needed to give this beautiful, crazy human-nymph girl the gift of his seed but wanted to be as deep within her as possible before release. He let go of her wrists and hugged her tightly against his chest again burying his face in her dark scented hair and waited for the next ebb in her tight channel ready to give her more of his primed monster cock.

Misty wailed in ecstasy, not sure if she was cumming or not. The burning itch itself was a mad pleasure and as her glorious man-beast forced another inch of beautiful cock into her having the itch scratched sent unbearable cascades of relief and pleasure causing her pussy to completely flip out all over again. She had never thought it possible for her vagina to be so active, let alone hyper-active and her clit had barely been touched. She felt the little pink nub poking lewdly out from beneath it's hood reaching out to push itself against the underside of the great shaft forcing itself into the clitoris' home. Her hands now free she grabbed at her breasts with one hand pulling at her nipples whilst she laced her other hand's fingers around the orc's holding him against her.

With one last shove the orc made it. As the girl's velvet wetness continued to pulse around around his length frantically, the orc let himself go and with a howl of triumph came into her with thick spurts of hot semen. With the orc's great member wholly inside her jerking and pumping cum the girl was overwhelmed. Misty mewled and shuddered and came, clutching and gasping and dizzy. Her vagina continued convulsing keeping her orgasm from ending and she started humping at the orc trying desperately to keep friction on the great itch within her.

Eventually her vagina was spent and raw and the girl could do nothing but slump against her brown and green lover, much more exhausted than content. Misty knew her plan to escape relied on her out-lasting the beast-man, but she was so tired and he was so warm.

"We'll call it a draw," she slurred as he planted possessive kisses on her face.

She smiled sleepily, "I'll kill you tomorrow."

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I think I need to find an orc! Damn!

On to Chapter 3!

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