Orc Ch. 03


Orc 3 - Happily ever morning after?

Misty's subconscious took pity on her and she awoke slowly, only gradually perceiving her surroundings and situation. Her body felt suspended, drifting in thick, deep furs. Her breaths were long and slow, relaxed. Out-side a breeze sighed through the trees, whispering forgotten secrets. The smell of cooking meat wafted past her nostrils and her mouth watered in unconscious anticipation.

The voluptuously rounded peasant girl smiled dreamily; it must be a lazy sunday morning. Downstairs her strict but generous father was cooking a hearty breakfast for the family and outside her mother was putting up the laundry. Misty wondered what she should do today. She would probably try and find Kentin, the boy that she liked, and tempt him away from his studies. He was the cleric's son, all proper and repressed, but always delighted to see her. She remembered the time when she had gotten him so worked up with teases and touches that he had finally kissed her, eager and excited! Of course the guilt quickly overtook him and after that he had avoided her for over a month, eventually breaking the silence by apologizing for 'taking advantage of a maiden.'

Misty was far from a maiden though. She had learnt the power sex had over boys quickly, seeing the lust in their eyes as they stared at her plump curves, knowing that they wanted her. She had fallen in with the 'wrong crowd' a group of older girls who had regaled Misty with stories of their sexual misendeavors and taught her a number of tricks. She soon learned that she could gain any number of favours and trinkets through sex, maybe bringing a stud to his pleasure with her hand whilst he slurped on her nipples or even letting ones she fancied partake in the ecstasy that her more intimate treasures offered.

Misty was certainly not a virgin long before the orc.

It sometimes made Misty miserable to think how often fucking was just about power, how willful people could be easily manipulated through their desire for a fleeting pleasure. A guilty power then, but one Misty knew she would be worse off without. Unfortunately the power games could work both ways; her employer, the master of the mill, often blackmailed the girls under him, taking what he wanted through fear of job loss and disgrace. Once a particularly selfish boy had taken her against her will; as soon as the rest of the lads found out though he was beaten so bloody that he was bed ridden in the infirmary for almost a whole season and never could walk right ever since. After that neither Misty nor the other girls had any serious problems from the local boys.

Her eyes fluttered and, becoming aware of a dull ache throughout her body, shifted wrapping herself further into the thick blankets. It dawned on Misty that her bed had never been this deep and comfortable and with that uncertainty, her memories of the previous day and night began filtering back to her. She remembered having to dodge her boss' unwanted advances by lying that she was on her period; disgusted by her he had instead set her the most unsavoury tasks the mill had to offer. Misty had left work angry and frustrated at the unfairness of her situation and headed straight to her favourite place at the meadow of bloody tears where leaves and flowers bloomed perpetually red. Her intention had been to stave off her misery with the healing power of fantasy and orgasm by visualising obscenely virile barbarians.

To her dismay though, her session of secret masturbation had been unexpectedly interrupted. Misty's ultimate fantasy had manifested himself, in the form of an orc, to take and ravage her... Dismay turned to surprise, then to fear and finally to rapture as Misty consented to her irrational desires and shared the most world rocking sex that she had ever experienced with a man who could have been easily described as a monster.

Guilt and shame, but ultimately satisfaction then.

However, the satisfaction had come with a physical cost at least and the randy peasant girl realised drowsily that she ached almost all over. Her wrists and bottom were bruised by his over-firm handling, most of her more private anatomy stung and throbbed where the orc's acidic sweat had tantalised and burned her flesh and her vagina still felt exhausted from the rough, delightful abuse it had suffered.

Misty opened her heavy eyes and was grateful that she was still in the orc's cave-like dwelling so that little direct sunlight could offend her tired senses. Little had changed within the abode; animal furs swung lazily from the ceiling caught by a draught, potions and pickled items sat stacked against a wall alongside salted meats and preserved fruits. The fire had burned out completely overnight. From the corner of her eye she saw movement; A flash of intensely defined brown-green leg and thigh as someone quietly slipped out of the cave. Had the orc been watching her? She didn't know whether to feel protected or violated.

The bruised girl tried to sit up, but her muscles protested fiercely so she slumped back down into the bed. The knotted tension in her body from the sexual overloads she had been taken through had left her worryingly weak. A sense of fear settled in her gut; she still didn't know what motive the beast man had, if any. Was he finished with her or did he intend to fuck her again and if he did where would it end? She didn't honestly think she could take any more in her current state. Misty wondered what she should do; then more disturbingly what could she actually do?

Misty propped herself up enough to look for a weapon, anything with which to defend herself. She knew she wouldn't be able to best the brute physically, but if she could surprise him... she could crawl away pathetically until he caught up to her again and really hurt her. No. Misty tiredly realised that if she did get the drop on the orc, she would have to kill him. Ultimately it was him or her. Orcs were savage, vicious creatures that held no place in the civilised Kingdoms.

The orc entered his makeshift home with a wooden tray holding two clay cups and a pot which contained something that smelt like tea.

And of course he was completely naked. The orc was all lean muscle, every inch of him was pure physical purpose. His chest was broad and masculine but not obscenely so like a circus strong-man and his mottled green/brown skin clung to the orc tightly. His steps were sure and smooth, his feet seeming to be a part of the ground upon which they moved. His penis and balls hung heavily, barely swinging due to their weight. Misty's eyes went from the orc's flaccid but nonetheless sizable manhood to his face which held an expression she could not quickly identify.

He kneeled down by the makeshift bed and placed the tray down carefully, then moved back to a kneeling position. The orc looked at her again and opened his mouth as if to speak, but then frowned with frustration and shut it again. With no small bemusement Misty realised that he wanted to communicate with her.

Reserving better judgement the peasant girl sat up, holding a large fur to herself to conceal her nudity, put her other hand onto the brute's knee and asked, "What is it?"

The orc cocked an eyebrow at her, made as to speak again, but thought better of it and looked away. Instead he picked up the teapot and began to pour steaming turquoise tinged liquid into both of the cups. The teapot was only of modest size, enough to fill three or four cups and looked quite small and dainty in his massive hands. The sight of this great man-beast delicately pouring her tea struck Misty as so absurd that a loud unladylike laugh escaped from her lips before she could stop it. The laugh jolted the orc causing him to spill some of the tea onto the tray. He gave her an embarrassed toothy grin and Misty allowed herself a shy giggle in return. It was a surprisingly innocent moment and the girl grudgingly filed the moment under 'reasons not to kill the orc'.

Regaining composure, he knelt down setting the tray beside them and offered a cup to her. Misty took it and raised the brew to her nose and inhaled carefully to test whether it was poisoned or drugged; the herbal tea only smelt thick and oddly rich though and Misty was instantly tantalised. Ignoring her caution, the orc took the other cup and in one swift motion, upended it's contents down his throat before smacking his lips in satisfaction. Sensing no foul-play and disarmed by his earnest enjoyment the girl pressed her own cup to her lips and took a small sip. The drink had a sharp taste at first but Misty could tell it was thickly honeyed giving it a smooth, warm aftertaste. She liked it.

"It's good," Misty smiled to give meaning to the words.

The orc nodded happily and poured himself another cup to share with her properly. They drank together quietly, both watching each other and trying to discern, without success, what the other was thinking.

After a while, the orc put down his cup and said a single word, "Stay."

At first, Misty thought he had just uttered an oddly familiar orcish word and her brows knitted, but seeing her expression he repeated, "Stay."

It was a request, and as she had not yet made to leave Misty realised 'staying' would involve more than just one last fuck, the beast was propositioning her. At that moment, though, the girl was too busy being mortified.

"You speak kingish?! You fucking bastard! You let me go on and on, laughing at me whilst pretending not to understand what I'm saying! Is this some kind of-mmmmmphhh!" the orc stopped her mouth with his own, it seemed like the best thing to do.

Angered by his presumption, but pacified by his weight and warmth, Misty pushed him away with a scowl. Lips still tingling from the kiss, she stayed quiet and took a moment to assess her situation. The orc mumbled something in orcish and the girl's scowl eased into a frown, "Do you understand me? Do you speak kingish?"

The orc cocked his head to one side and then shook it hesitantly. Misty could have chosen to challenge the orc further on the fact that he actually had understood her questions, but correctly surmised from his uncertain face that his comprehension of kingish was meagre at best. She took a deep breath, "O.K."

The next hour passed relatively peacefully and Misty warred between considering or flat out ignoring his 'stay' request. She occupied herself by testing the beast's knowledge of her language. He was patient with her experiments and the human girl learnt that he understood mostly command words and a few other basics. She quickly lost him with sentences and phrases, but from the complex ways he spoke in orcish, she guessed that his lack was in knowledge of kingish and not a deficit of intellect.

The orc brought her a selection of cooked meat and fruit that he had heavily flavoured with more of his herbs. Her nose and belly were undecided on platter; she was starving, but the food was unfamiliar and looked a little too heavy for a morning (or was it afternoon?) meal. He misunderstood her hesitation and raised a slice to his mouth in mime.

"Yes, I know how to eat," Misty smiled despite herself and sampled a piece of the hot fruit and, again after the initial bitter taste, she found the food much to her liking.

After they finished the meal he took the dishes away and returned with a glass pot containing what seemed to be a pink tinged liquid, "What is that?" she asked.

The orc answered with a demonstration. He took one of her arms gently raising it to level, then spooned a portion of the substance with his fingers. Nervous, but sensing no ill intent, she let him spread a portion onto her bruised skin. The fluid had the consistency of honey, but as he rubbed it into her became like oil, and finally became a barely noticeable sheen. What was disconcerting though, was the feeling of the liquid seeping not only into, but through her skin. Misty gave a start, however, before she could pull away he took her hand and calmed her with a tender squeeze.

Once she was comfortable the orc began in earnest, dolloping the salve all over her back. The girl allowed herself to be lowered flat onto her stomach and offered no resistance when he pulled her remaining covers and modesty away to allow him full admittance to her body. Misty knew where this was going and relaxed into the massage gratefully. The orc started by tracing the gel over her like a calligrapher, brushing long curling patterns across her skin. Then with wide circular strokes ending with her flesh being squeezed between his palms the salve was rubbed into her muscles.

He used different techniques on her calves and thighs and Misty dreamily wondered if she would ever have a lover with such large and strong hands again. She certainly hoped so. As her sensitive tissues were soothed, her thoughts too became lucid and unfocused. In fact, she barely noticed when he started on her bottom, spreading and molding her peach. So lost in her feeling of weightlessness she didn't notice that the orc's deft handling of her bum had brought forth warmth and wetness from between her legs.

Once done with her back, she let herself be flipped over only then noticing the stickiness she had created. With the beast man's large frame hanging over her nudity and her desire inflamed without her consent or knowledge Misty flushed from shame. This was quite unlike her and she admonished herself for having such a school girl reaction. She quickly salvaged her shamelessness with a coy smile and a squeeze of her breasts with her shoulders.

The orc let out a deep breath, the smell of her sex and the sight of her brazenness threatened to undo his objectivity. His cock was erect and his mouth wet with hunger however, he knew he had injured the human with their rutting and did not want to worsen her condition. So he gently pushed down her shoulders and began laving the less erogenous areas of her body with the healing gel. He saw in her eyes the uncertainty, the fear. By putting care ahead of lust he forced the girl to decide between trust and resistance. He knew she wanted to struggle and to make him use his strength, he knew she wanted to him to fuck her, which would take them both back to something simpler, something safer. Man and woman.

Well, the orc would give her what she wanted, but first he gave her what she needed: namely an undamaged body. So he worked on her health, caressing the lotion into bruised muscles, showing his ability to nurture and willing her to consider him as a mate. He didn't know much about humans, he knew that most huddled together and were weak, he knew that they let their fear guide them. He knew that this girl was different and that he wanted her.

Running out of unsensitive skin, the beast lathered up her lower abdomen, rubbing and pressing on her. Her breaths came increasingly sharper and she pressed her legs together as her sex grew heavy with need. He had not intended to excite her this much, but inwardly was overjoyed at her response to his touch. With every jolt of her body, the orc's cock twitched in echo.

Unable to withstand her increasing arousal, the orc allowed his massage to become more overtly sexual and pushed her breasts together gently while his thumbs circled around her aureola. Misty's nipples responded happily, growing darker and erect with blood, begging further stimulation. He started by lightly brushing the pads of his thumbs back and forth against the rigid nubs, before subjecting them to rougher flicks and then alternating between the two, light and rough. The girl's brow creased as she enjoyed her physical titillation, the orc enjoying stirring her into higher levels of excitement.

Still sat astride her, the beast leant down to kiss her on the lips. It was a question, 'do you want to take this to sex?' Misty's nipples throbbed teasingly, her loins were wet and blood rushed through her body like a flood, heightening her senses; she pushed herself into the kiss, opening her mouth wide, 'yes fucking please!'

He pushed a single ointment covered finger into her pliant and relaxed pussy. Misty was so relaxed and wet that there was only a little discomfort as he spread the healing salve over her aching vaginal walls. He removed his digit from her and catching her eyes, and with a dirty smile, brought the juicy finger to his mouth to savour her essence. It gave Misty a perverse thrill to see the orc enjoying the taste of her lust so much and she tilted her hips towards him in silent invitation for more; spreading herself to give him a better view and access to her sodden womanhood.

The hungry-eyed man wasted no time in coating two fingers in the ointment and bringing them to her engorged red labia. He stroked her there for a minute letting her excitement and anticipation build until she was thrusting back against him. The orc held his hand steady letting Misty impale herself on his fingers, though only to the first knuckle, the girl gave a small gasp of satisfaction. The man used his large thumb to brush back and forth across her clitoral hood causing Misty's little moist nubbin to peek out seeking it's first direct stimulation since last night. The orc did not disappoint it and firmly and slowly dragged the length of his thumb across her clit. Fireworks went off behind Misty's eyes as pleasure overwhelmed and confused her functions and she choked as she tried to breath in and out at the same time. The girl caught her breath after a moment and, seeing her lover looking at her, gave an embarrassed smile. The man-beast smiled back then pushed his thumb against the centre of her pleasure again playing it back and forth, up and down.

"Aannnnnngggggnnn," Misty cried out as her senses left her once more, her eyes rolled back and her body squirmed spasmodically.

She hadn't noticed him move, but when her faculties returned the orc had positioned himself directly over her. His penis pressed hotly into her thigh and his fingers remained just inside her and his thumb still lightly tickled her fancy sending little shivers of warmth seeping through her. Misty gazed up at the great man covering her; her eyes travelled over his muscled abdomen up his thick chest covered in wiry black hair with his dark brown nipples showing through and up further to his oversized jaw and mouth filled with more canines than incisors. Her eyes caught on his and she stared deeply into the empathic lust-filled oily black pools. Underneath his example of pure predatory masculinity Misty began to feel delicate and insecure, her instincts made her feel submissive and owned; two feelings that she hated.

Her pussy grew wetter and her nipples harder as her body called 'take me! make me yours!' Misty took control of the situation the only way she could think of; by taking hold of his cock.

Misty wasted no time in reasserting herself and grabbed at his scorching member needily, getting a firm full handed grip that saturated her palm with heat as if she were holding it out to a roaring fire. The orc smiled down at her and lowered himself to kiss his fiery prize, however he only had the chance for a brief taste before the girl gave his hardness a short sharp and very rough stroke. It was the orc's turn to choke on his own breath and Misty felt her lover's entire body jolt with sensation. The bruised but not beaten peasant girl stared wickedly at the savage man who glared back in passion and rage.

"Don't like being denied a kiss?" Misty asked pouting her lips seductively so that he would get the gist.

The orc went for her mouth again, but she was too quick giving his cock another mauling which caused him to hiss and miss, his forehead landing on her cheek as his breath rushed out over her neck making her flush. Misty was a curious wench and during her sexual escapades always enjoyed testing a boy's thresholds; she had even hurt a couple of her partners and she had even heard that the lads often joked that 'if you can survive a night with Misty, you can survive a night with a wyvern!'; the point being that she knew that an eager penis can take a lot more rough treatment than she had originally imagined.

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