tagSci-Fi & FantasyOrc Dominion: Conquest Ch. 03

Orc Dominion: Conquest Ch. 03


Rosalind breathed a sigh of relief and slumped back down into her cell. The sight of Agmar riding off gladdened her, despite her otherwise perilous surroundings. The orcs left to guard her and the camp might rape her, but they wouldn't subject her to the tortures that Agmar had.

As Melinda pressed against her, she wrapped her arm around her niece. Her face blushed as she felt her brother's daughter's naked flesh against her body, as memories of their forced incestual encounter welled up on her mind. Now in the light of day, with her captor departed, the shame of how she enjoyed it began to creep back into her mind.

"How long do you think he'll be gone?" Her niece asked.

"I'm not sure, days probably, maybe weeks. Hopefully forever." Their captor had left to chase down the remaining Korlick and Brannog warriors and to capture their womenfolk and livestock. With a bit of luck someone would end his miserable life and send him spiraling to the Abyss.

"I hope Cuthbert is alright. Did you see any sign of him at all in the battle?" Melina asked her, hope tremulous in her voice.

Rosalind shoot her head, answering her for what seemed like the hundredth time. "I'm afraid not, Mellie. I didn't see or hear anything from him after our war council. But I'm sure he's alright, and I'm sure even now he's rallying the other tribes to throw out these accursed orcs."

Melinda nodded, but Rosalind could see the worry still ingrained on her face. In addition to not having heard any news of Cuthbert, there also hadn't been any news of Mel's mother, Sarah. Presumably she was alive somewhere in the village as a captive, but neither Melinda nor Ros had been allowed out of Agmar's hut long enough to try and find some trace of her.

She didn't know what instructions had been left regarding them. They might be let out, forced to labor, or forced to warm the beds of the guards; she simply had no idea. What she did know was that this was their best chance to escape, and she needed only to find an opportunity.

"Mel," she whispered, "we need to begin looking for a way to escape."

"We can't leave without my mother." Mel replied quickly.

"I know you don't want to, but we may have to. It's what she would want, Mel. She'd want me to get you out. If we can make it to Thesta than we can come back to rescue her and everyone else." Rosalind tried to sound confident, but inside she was shaking. I was so sure we've beat the orcs, but we got crushed, she thought, why should I trust myself now?

She had to have faith, though. If she didn't, she may as well kill Mel and herself now. Help was coming, they just had to hold on, and if they could escape, so much the better. "Get on your hands and knees, Mellie, and let me climb up on your back. I want to try and see out the window."

"Why can't I climb on your-" Mellie's words froze in her throat as she remembered what Agmar had done to Ros' back. "I'm sorry." She quickly got on all fours and allowed Rosalind to climb up and look out the window.

The cell they were being held in was new. The orcs had quickly thrown up the wooden structure to hold prisoners. No one in the Catabrian Tribes built structures like this, they mostly lived in thatched huts. It was sturdy construction though, much too new and strong to break through.

A pang of regret stabbed through her heart as she looked out the window and saw life had more or less returned to normal. The men and women of her tribe bustled about the small village, tending their livestock, carrying some to be butchered, carrying bales of wool for weaving. But there was something wrong with the picture see saw. Lurking in dark corners and in shadows were the orcs. Their oppressive stature loomed in the periphery, ever watchful of her tribe. It isn't the same as it was before, she thought, nor will it ever be again.

She didn't see any sign of Sarah, nor of Black Pete. But there were humans moving about more or less freely, and that was a good thing. It meant that if they were to slip free from this cell they could at least blend in with the crowd while trying to escape.

"Can you see anything? If you can't, would you mind climbing down? You're killing my back!"

"Are you trying to say I'm fat?" Rosalind giggled, but climbed down nonetheless. "There's people about, trying to go on like they always did." She sighed and began to pace about the cell, inspecting every corner and joint looking for some weakness. "If we can get out of this room we should be able to melt into the crowd and escape that way."

"I don't know Auntie; won't they be looking for that? They wouldn't let everyone just walk around if they were worried about people escaping." Despite her pessimism, Mel got off the floor and joined Rosalind in examining their cell.

"Maybe, but it sounded like Agmar claimed us as his. Maybe the others are claimed as well, and the only ones watching them are the ones who own them. If that's the case, no one will be watching us."

"Yeah, I guess. But first we have to get out of this cell. Any thoughts on that?"

"Well, maybe." Rosalind took a deep breath to steel herself. "The orcs are a lusty lot. I was thinking maybe we could lure one in with our bodies and then kill him and take his key and weapon."

Melinda looked shocked at the idea. "Try and tempt one to come in? I don't want any of their gross paws coming anywhere near me again!"

"I know, but if we don't escape we'll be stuck in here forever anyway. It's something to think about..."

They didn't find anything encouraging though, and soon went back to sitting on the floor. After a while, two orcs entered the jail building. Rosalind thought she recognized one of them from the other day, she thought it was one of Agmar's sons.

"Good afternoon ladies, I hope you're faring well. I know it can take a little time to get used to my father, especially at first." Bogor said, trying to sound genial.

Rosalind didn't know what to say. Why was the orc treating her like a fancy lady? "That's one way to put it."

"He asked me to check in on you."

"Did he?"

"Hah! No, not really." Bogor laughed. "He actually told me to make sure no one damaged you without his leave. If anyone comes around looking to take advantage, tell them to see me. And if they go ahead anyway, let me know about it after and I'll see that you're avenged."

"You'll see that your father is avenged, anyway."

Bogor only grinned at that. "Right again, you're a clever lass. I can see why he likes you." He looked at the other orc and flicked his head towards the women.

The other orc stepped forward carrying plates of food. He opened the cells and passed them to Ros and Mel, who took them eagerly and began eating.

After she was half done she remembered her plan and looked up to Bogor. "Surely your father doesn't place such restrictions on you? You are his son after all, and it's been so lonely in here all day." She ran her fingers down between her breasts and forced a smile on her lips.

"No doubt, but do I look stupid enough to cross him? Don't worry, when he returns you'll get more than your fill." He looked to the other orc. "Make sure to get their plates back when they're done. Don't leave anything that can be used as a tool."

The orc nodded as Bogor departed. "So, it's been lonely has it? Heh, I bet it has. You're not the first girls to find they can't get enough of the orc cock once they've had a taste." He leered unabashedly at Ros and Mel through the bars of the door.

She hesitated for just a moment before forcing a smile. "You have it just right. Your lord will likely be gone for some days yet, why don't you come in and keep me company? He'll never find out."

The orc considered it, and then moved to a window to look out and see if anyone was coming. Deciding that the coast was clear, he came back and opened the cell door. "Alright, but I want the younger one to get me warmed up first, then you can have your fill."

Rosalind blanched and Melinda paled as the orc began to pull out his dick. She eyed the orc's sheathed dagger, but he hadn't turned his back to her so she regretfully nodded to Mel to play along. The younger woman swallowed hard and knelt before the orc, taking his thick green slab of meat in her hands.

The cock grew between her fingers, and suppressing her revulsion she brought the slanted tip to her mouth and wrapped her lips around it. Melinda began to suckle it, flicking it awkwardly with her tongue as she explored how best to keep him occupied.

The orc groaned in satisfaction and reached down to cover the top of her head with his giant hand. The heavy weight pressed down on it and pulled her deeper into his cock as it grew to its full length in her mouth. His hips started to move as he rested his free hand on his waist, far too close to his dagger for Rosalind's liking.

She watched with a mixture of horror and fascination as the thick green cock slid in and out of her niece's lips. Rosalind knew she didn't have long until the orc turned his attentions towards her, so she began looking around for something else she could use. Her gaze settled on the metal plate used to bring in their food. It might be heavy enough to knock him out, she thought, if I hit him just right.

The sound of Mel's wet mouth slurping on the cock began to fill the cell as the orc moved her head up and down along the shaft. "Heh, you're gonna need some more practice, girl. I'd say I'm the one to teach you, but I wouldn't want the chief coming back and finding you suddenly learned to suck dick. I think he's looking forward to teaching you that himself."

As the cock began to batter the back of her throat, Melinda started to cough and choke on the thick member. She tried to keep up, but the orc was persistent. Rather than giving her time to learn and adapt he was all too happy to take control and move her about as he liked. She cast a pleading glance to Rosalind to make her move as she struggled to breathe.

Rosalind shifted out of the orc's immediate field of view and bent over to pick up the plate. Her fingers gripped the edge tightly, turning the knuckles white as she found her point of aim. Her eyes painted a bright target on the base of his neck, right at the most prominent point of his spine. In a violent flash she swung the edge of the plate down and smashed it right into the vertebrae.

The orc howled in pain and stumbled forward. His hand shot out, backhanding Rosalind and sending her flying into the door. He cursed and turned, reaching for Rosalind to grab her by the throat, before screaming in pain as Mel bit down on his cock.

The young woman clamped her teeth down on the base of his dick, refusing to let go as the orc grabbed at her face. She winced in pain as she felt his fingers dig into her flesh, but she knew she couldn't let go, that she had to hold him long enough for Rosalind to finish the job.

The orc working his fingers down to Mel's mouth and jammed his thumbs between her molars. He violently jacked her mouth open and ripped her face off his dick before throwing her into the wall. One hand went to his bare shaft, clutching it protectively as he turned towards Rosalind again.

In a flash, Rosalind darted towards him and grabbed the dagger from his belt. She brought the blade up in a reverse grip and stabbed it down at his neck. Blood spurted out as she stabbed and twists the dagger again and again. The orc's screams became a weak gurgle, until finally he sunk to the floor in a pool of blood.

"We have to get out of here Mellie, come on." She helped Mel to her feet and held her close. Fortunately, their clothes had been left in the hut. Had no one thought to take them away? Or was it just that no one had been told to? Either way, it was a stroke of good fortune for once.

"Aunt Ros, we need to find my mother." Mel pleaded.

"I know, I know. We'll try. But we have to be quick, and we have to try and find some food first."

"Alright Auntie." Mel's heart was beating furiously as they readied to go out.

"We'll be fine. We Just need to find some supplies and we'll be out of here for good."

Mel nodded and they stepped out of the cell door. Ros kept her eyes down, not wanting to make contact with any of the orcs patrolling the small village. All her Tribesmen knew who she was of course, but she hoped that the orcs themselves wouldn't recognize her as one of Agmar's personal captives.

It depressed her to see her people so downtrodden. That, and the fact that many of the men were gone. Her village seemed to be mostly women, children, and orcs. She hoped that the men were still out there, somewhere, fighting for them and not dead in one of the Hills' many valleys.

First they went to the village square, where most of the goods and food were processed and traded between her villagers. Luckily, it seemed that her people were doing all the work, so it shouldn't be too hard to convince one of her tribesmen to just give her some supplies. She went over to one of the food stands, where one of her tribeswomen was working.

"Ros! Mel! Thank goodness you're alright! I've been so worried!"

"It's good to see you as well. Have you seen Sarah?" Mel asked eagerly.

"I'm sorry dear, but she's being held close. Somehow they found out she was the chief's wife. They've...they've got her under guard, all the time."

Something in the woman's voice told Ros what she meant, though she didn't want to break it to Mel. "Listen, we've managed to get away. We're going to make a break for Thesta. How much salted mutton can you give us?"

The woman looked wide eyed, and hopeful. "Enough for a few days, I think. They don't keep very tight track of the supplies. Wait a moment." She turned and began wrapping cured meat into sack, and then retrieved two waterskins. She passed them to Ros, along with her butcher's knife. "This should get you away from here at least. You know how to find enough food to see you through Ros, at least until you reach some of the outer holdfasts."

"What about my mother? Where are they holding her? We have to save her too!"

"I'm sorry my dear, I don't think there's anything you can do."

"She's right, Mel. I'm sorry, but you're mother would want me to get you out of here if we had the chance. And saving her might raise the alarm." When Mel looked to get angry, Ros grabbed her hard and pulled her close. "Don't even think to argue! I'm sorry my love, but this isn't a game. We don't have time to argue, we need to go, now!"

With that, she gave her tribeswoman a look of thanks, and hurried Mel out of the square. As long as they walked confidently and looked like they knew what they were doing, they should be fine. I hope.


A shiver went down Rosalind's spine as she heard the braying of hounds in the distance. Pursuit had started far earlier than she had hoped, and now it was almost certain that they would be run down and forced to fight. She just hoped there wouldn't be that many in the first party. "We're going to have to find a place to make a stand."

Mel looked over with fear in her eyes. "Fight them? How? We don't have any weapons, besides that knife. And even if we did, they're orcs!"

"We already killed one of them, dear. We can do it again. We'll just have to find some more weapons." Rosalind paused, looking around as she tried to think. "Do you remember the ravine where Derec broke his arm? He found that little cave he wanted to make into a fort, remember?" When Melinda nodded, Ros continued, "Let's head there. There's decent cover and good ground to attack from."

"Alright Ros, if you say so." Melinda huffed as she struggled to keep up with her aunt. Although she was younger, she wasn't used to this kind of hard physical exertion, and was already feeling hot and exhausted from spending the last few hours running.

It took an hour for them to make it to the ravine, and then another hour to scramble and climb up the slope. Her lungs and legs were burning by the time they made it up to the small alcove, and she gratefully collapsed into the shade. It's not really a cave afterall, she thought. There wasn't even enough room to properly lie down. "It's not as big as I remember. How did he think he was going to turn this into a fort?"

"You were smaller then." Rosalind replied with a smile. A quick glance around told her that this was a risky plan. The area was quite defensible, but there was no way to escape. If they didn't kill their pursuers here, they would be trapped until more reinforcements came.

"What are we going to do when they come? Do you really think we can kill them and get away?"

"We don't have much of a choice. But look, there are lots of rocks around here, start collecting them up. I'm going to find a stick to sharpen into a spear. When they come, we'll throw rocks down at them, and if any get close enough we'll stick them. You can do that, right?"

Melinda nodded. She wasn't entirely sure they could make it, but dropping rocks sounded a lot better than having to take on an orc warrior with a knife. "Yes auntie. We can do it." She took a deep breath. "We can do it!"

They spent the next ninety minutes resting and gathering rocks as well as making a crude spear. They were as ready as they could be when the sound of their pursuit signaled they were perilously close. Mel sank as far back into the stone alcove as she could while Rosalind crawled forward to the very edge, lying on her stomach to try and stay hidden as she spied down on the patrol below.

Four orcs were gathered below at the foot of the ravine with three tracking dogs. Her heart sank as she made out their equipment. Unlike the orc she killed back in the village, these were fully armed and armored for war, with stout leather jerkins, swords, shields, helms, and daggers. Hopefully they won't use their shields when they're climbing up. If they did, then she and Mel were going to be in a lot of trouble. Their plan rested on their ability to winnow down the orcs' numbers before they reached the cave.

The four orcs gathered around, presumably looking for tracks or trying to interpret their hounds' signals. Eventually they began to point up towards her, and she knew they were on the scent again. The search party began to clamber up the side of the ravine towards her. She was tempted to start throwing rocks immediately, but she knew that she had to draw them in. If she attacked too soon they might just wait at the bottom until more orcs arrived.

"Get ready," she whispered, "it's almost time." Rosalind waited, tension building with each heart beat as the orcs struggled up the steep ravine. Her fingers were clutched tightly around the first rock; a large, heavy stone capable of braining even an orc.

To her credit, Melinda managed to drag herself forward and lay alongside her aunt. She was shaking like a leaf, but Rosalind trusted that she would do her part in the upcoming fight. They had no choice, not anymore. As the orcs reached about the halfway point, she touched Mel's arm and nodded. She silently mouthed a countdown, and then they both jumped up and began hurling rocks down towards the green skinned brutes.

The first rock smashed into an orc's arm, and then continued down to crash into his knee. He cried out in pain and began tumbling down to the base of the hill before curling into a heap at the bottom, cradling his broken arm and shattered knee.

Another rock fell show and began rolling down. Fortunately it pushed through the pack of dogs, and a following cascade of stones convinced them to scatter. More rocks followed, with most either glancing harmlessly off their armored chests or missing completely or rolling away. One lucky below did manage to connect with the lead orc's face, colliding into the bridge of his nose and throwing him back down the hill.

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