tagSci-Fi & FantasyOrc Dominion: Rebellion Ch. 12

Orc Dominion: Rebellion Ch. 12


The flickering torches burning in the upper towers of Castle Wareg blended in with the stars twinkling in dark, moonless sky. It created a surreal impression that the castle was only partially of this world; like an ethereal castle of shadow that faded in and out of the world in times of great importance. Twice now Jeanette had come to its gates. The first time marked the end of the First Hesten War and the death of her onetime fiancé, Gilbert. Now she was here again, pursuing an army in another Hesten War.

Castle Wareg and the city were much quicker to surrender this time. The people here had been abandoned by the King of Heste, and hoped that she would show mercy if they showed repentance. In truth, she had little other choice but to show clemency. If she massacred the city, though it might be a show of justice for Bodak, it would hardly demonstrate to the people that things were going to change in Braden. Which, in a way, made Jeanette glad that Turogg wasn't here. Though she missed him, she didn't want to imagine how his need for vengeance would further alienate the populace.

Even still, the population was wary of her, and she of them. They remained hidden away, locked indoors while she moved about the city under heavy guard. At least the castle was secure, she thought as she strolled over the drawbridge, her personal guard a respectful distance behind her. Susannah would be safe here once she set off again in the morning. Her friend was far too close to term to march with the army, and needed the comfort of home.

It wouldn't be too much longer before she would need the comfort of home as well. Jeanette's thoughts turned towards Katerei and Gorath. It had taken a lot of guile to keep them separated for the past few weeks, sending each off in different directions with different commands. Tonight would be the first time all three of them were together, and if she had planned it right then Kat would be also be in need of some comfort.

Despite having been here before after a siege, Jeanette was surprised at how well the castle had survived the turnover. She knew there was no battle, but she would have expected more signs of looting or burning. Instead, the halls were still adorned with tapestries, the furniture was in one piece, and the doors and walls were in perfect order.

At a glance, it looked like a good place for Susannah to raise her child, but when she thought of her own children, she couldn't picture them playing and laughing here. Gilbert had received the castle after the previous Duke had rebelled against King Connor, but his tastes ran darker. He had never made it into a home. Agmar might do well here, she thought, it matches his grim, solemn personality. But the others were a better match for Greenthorn Castle in Ruar, a castle of splendor and riches.

A smile crossed her face as she thought of them. It was definitely time to bring this war to a close so she could return to her family. Jeanette entered meeting hall to find Vrenchak, Kat, Gorath, and Willem Gulford, the Duke of Fullorm waiting for her. Her jaw clenched and her expression tightened as she regarded him. She had long since moved past the days when he played court to her, but if he had moved quicker with his troops to seize the Lyskean Pass then thus war might have been much shortened. Instead, he waited for Turogg and the Royal Army to arrive, and allowed Heste to seize the Pass instead.

Whatever else he is, he's not incompetent, she thought. He was probably providing tacit support to Frederick and Thomas, hoping to see me fail. I wonder what promises were made behind closed doors before all this started. Jeanette forced a smile to her lips as she looked around the room. "Good evening, everyone, and welcome to Castle Wareg, capital of the Duchy of Braden, once more in Zentaran hands."

Everyone clapped their hands or thumped the table to celebrate the liberation of the castle. When the noise died down, Vrenchak rose from the table and spoke. "Your Highness, the army will be ready to march at dawn. We have twenty-five thousand mounted orcs, with one sheaf of wood-tipped arrows each. We also have five hundred human archers with two sheaves of steel-tipped arrows each, five thousand mounted knights, and just over seventeen thousand human foot."

Jeanette smiled, pleased with the report. It would be better to have more steel-tipped arrows for the orc, but they had found it to be ruinously expensive to create them in the numbers the orcs required. They had tried to recover the Hesten arrows from the battle, but most had been trampled underfoot by horses during the battle, and many others had burned when the Pass was set on fire. "Excellent. Where do the Hestens stand?"

"Our scouts placed their numbers at thirty thousand total, about one third of which are mounted knights. The rest are foot soldiers, but as we saw in the battle, most are equipped with both bows and melee weapons."

Gorath scowled at being reminded of the arrows that had torn through his forces and forced him to commit to an attack that resulted in him getting flanked and suffering heavy casualties.

Willem cut in. "Another shipment of grain has arrived from Thesta. We'll have more than enough food to both feed our army and the Duchy of Braden. That should go a long way to mollifying the populace and bringing them back into line."

He doesn't look nearly as pleased as he should, she thought. But maybe she was just getting paranoid, seeing traitors where they didn't exist. "Very good." Jeanette smiled as she looked around the room, before settling her gaze on Kat and Gorath. "You're all dismissed, except for Katerei and Gorath. I wish to discuss our relationship with Thesta, and express my gratitude for their continued support in the war."

As the rest of her council filed out, Jeanette's excitement started to grow. The only relief she'd gotten in the last few weeks had come from teasing Daniels, and that wasn't nearly as satisfying as being with Kat and Gor. The anticipation for this encounter had been building for just as long, and she yearned for the chance to level the playing field between them.

When they were finally alone, Jeanette shut the door and then moved between them with a sultry smile. Kat was looking between her and Gor, heat blazing on her face. Gorath's scowl had since melted away, and he thrummed with pent up energy, eager for release. When Jeanette place a hand behind both their necks, she could feel the tension in their muscles. Her soft, slender fingers dexterously rubbed their necks, until finally she bent down and nuzzled her lips against Gorath's tusk, and then kissed him deeply. After she drank of his lips, she turned and kissed Kat full on the mouth, letting their tongues entwine for just a moment. "Mmm, I've missed you both. It's been too long since I've had you with me. I was going to have you meet me in my quarters, but I just can't wait. I want you both, now, here!"

Kat turned in her chair and stroked up Jeanette's inner thigh, then pulled open the Queen's pants. Her hand dived inside, seeking out Jeanette's already moist slit to rub eagerly as she cupped her rear with her other hand. Gorath nipped at Jeanette's neck, his own hands lifting the Queen's shirts to delve underneath, groping her breasts eagerly as he pinched and tugged at her nipples.

The Queen's hands moved, one of them covering Gorath's shaft and pressing it through his pants, the other stroking up through Katerei's hair to hold her lips against her side. She started to rub Gorath's cock eagerly, her fingers sliding up and down the bulge in his in pants as she worked her hips to press against Kat's hand, humping it back quickly as the warrior woman's fingers danced over her slit.

Pleasure coursed through Jeanette as they touched and teased her all over. Too soon, she thought, I can't let them take control, not tonight. She quickly unlaced Gorath's britches and slid her hand inside, wrapping her slender fingers around his thick cock. The tips traced down the corkscrewed ridges until she reached the base, and then squeezed him firmly in her fist. Jeanette pulled the thick grey slab of meat free as she curled the fingers of her other hand through Katerei's hair and guided the woman's lips to kiss the slanted tip of Gor's shaft.

His fat cock disappeared inside Katerei's mouth as she took it deeply. Her own soft moan was drowned by Gorath's guttural groan of pleasure when his lover's soft lips and wet tongue pressed against his sensitive shaft. Kat wasted no time, and was soon bobbing up and down on his cock while Jeanette stroked the base into her mouth.

"That's it, suck his big orc cock; get it nice and juicy for us, get him nice and ready to fuck us both right here on the table! Tell her Gorath, tell her how much you love feeling her mouth around your dick!" Jeanette's dirty words reverberated in the closed room as she breathlessly forced them out. Every time she paused her words were punctuated by the wet sucking of the orc's cock sliding in and out between Kat's lips.

"Oh fuck Kat, I do! I love the way your mouth feels around my cock! Don't stop!" The big orc warrior grunted and moved his hips, pushing his cock deeper into Kat's mouth until the tip started to probe at the back of her throat.

Katerei relaxed her throat to take him in, and with Jeanette incessantly pushing her forward she soon found her lips pressing into the orc's pelvis as his thick tool plunged down her throat, making it bulge lewdly. Her hands moved to Gorath's hips, helping to pull him into her mouth as she bobbed up and down, meeting the tempo of his thrusts.

"That's it, fuck her throat, get it nice and deep down in there!" Jeanette purred as she placed one hand on the back of Kat's neck and pushed, holding her face against Gorath's crotch to make her swallow the entirety of the orc's thick cock. When she finally relented, she pulled Kat completely off the shaft, leaving her panting for breath. "So nice and wet and hot...it's time to fuck us, Gor, fuck us both!"

Jeanette's fingers deftly stripped off Katerei's shirt, baring her small, firm breasts. The Queen then knelt down behind her, pressing her face into the warrior woman's tight rear as she pulled off the boots, before finally tearing her breeches down as well. Her own clothes followed, and she pressed Kat onto the table on her back and mounted atop her.

"That's it my Queen, mount me, touch me, kiss me!" Kat moaned hotly as their naked bodies rubbed together. Jeanette obliged her, pressing their mouths together with an eager groan as she grinded her naked slit against Kat's, mixing up the juices of their body as their soft, pillowy tits mashed together.

The sight of the Queen and Katerei's naked bodies pressed together was too much for Gorath to ignore. He quickly positioned himself between their legs and slammed his cock into Jeanette's waiting cunt. He began to thrust vigorously, sliding his ridged cock in and out of her moist pussy. His large, grey, beefy hands closed around Jeanette's firm ass, squeezing the cheeks and helping her to press against Kat's pussy. "Oh fuck! I needed this! We needed this! Nnnng!"

Tremors rippled through her body as she felt his corkscrewed cock rubbing her sensitive inner walls. "Ah! Yes! Deeper! Push it deeper! Fuck me!" Jeanette's cry was only partially feigned; his cock felt so good inside her, but she didn't want him getting too excited yet, not before he had his dick deep inside Kat. Despite her reservations her body still clamped tightly around his shaft, squeezing it inside her, desperate to feel it pulsing against the flesh of her pussy.

Katerei placed her fingers atop Gor's, holding them tenderly as they squeezed Jeanette's ass. The Queen's hot moans sent a shiver of need through her, reminding her of how much she missed Gorath fucking her. She pressed her face closer to Jeanette's, kissing her eagerly and sucking on the royal tongue. She continued to pump her hips, pushing them into the Queens as she desperately sought any sort of friction for her aching cunt.

Breaking the kiss, Jeanette panted heavily while looking down at Kat. "Tell us how much you want it, tell him how much you need his cock!"

"Mmm! Give it to me! It's my turn Gor, fuck me now!"

Gorath quickly pulled his shaft out of Jeanette's slavering pussy and slammed it into Kat's. He moved his hips even faster, eager to make up for the even momentary pause when he pulled out of the Queen. Each thrust made his hips smack heavily against their thighs, and sent Jeanette's body crashing into Kat's. "Oh shit its good Kat! I love fucking your pussy even more than your mouth! You feel so good! You both feel so fucking good!"

Jeanette let Kat enjoy several thrusts before yelling out "Switch!" Then it was her turn to enjoy Gorath's fucking. She continued to look down into Katerei's eyes, panting lustfully as the orc slammed his dick in and out of her, again and again. Her hard nipples slashed across the warrior woman's body with each impact of Gorath's hips colliding into her thighs. "Switch!"

Squeals of pleasure erupted from Kat as Gor entered her again. She extended her legs, wrapping them around the orc to pull him harder against her, desperate to bring herself to climax. Sweat glistened on her body, making her slide even more rapidly against the Queen as their bodies touched everywhere. "Yes! Mmm! Like that! Keep going!"

Before he could get into a rhythm though, Jeanette called out again. "Switch!" Gorath obliged her, and was soon thrusting into Jeanette once more. "That's it...almost there..." Almost there to where I need you, she thought. Almost there. "Switch!"

This time when Gorath slipped into Kat she moved, spinning around so that she was straddling the warrior woman's face. "Lick me Kat, eat my pussy while he fucks you!" Another shudder ran through her body as she felt Katerei's tongue flick over her clit, lapping back and forth rapidly. "Oh that's it you greedy little minx, lick me good since I'm letting you have all of his cock!"

Now freed from Jeanette's torturous game of switching pussies every time he got a good tempo, Gorath began to frantically buck into Katerei's body. His muscular grey chest swelled and glistened as he thrust, his hips becoming a blur as he moved in and out. He was already horny before having Kat's mouth on his cock, and now after switching between the two cunts the slanted tip of his cock was hypersensitive and desperate for release.

The Royal Cunt pressed firmly against her mouth as Jeanette lowered her weight onto Kat's mouth. She opened for it, eagerly wrapping her lips around the Queen's mound. She sucked it, and pushed her tongue between the nether lips, tasting the royal nectar. Meanwhile Gorath continued to fuck her, each thrust pushing her closer and closer to the orgasm she'd been craving for weeks.

A devilish smile crossed Jeanette's lips as she basked in the pleasure of Kat's tongue pushing inside her. She slowly lowered herself down to the woman's clit and began to slowly tease and torture it with her tongue, occasionally flicking the tip over to Gorath's cock as it pumped in and out. "We've been together for so long now Kat. Months and months, you learn a lot about someone. Do you want to know what I've learned about you?" Jeanette laughed and swirled her tongue around the woman's clit again before continuing. "I've learned the days of your cycle, just as you surely learned mine when you urged Gorath to cum inside me."

The Queen lowered her weight down on Kat, trapping her again as she sucked on the woman's clit while grinding her own sex in her face. Her hands reached out, gripping Gorath's ass and pulling him deeper and harder into their lover. "Today is your fertile day, and now Gorath is going to cum inside you, just like he did me!"

Gorath tried to pull back, but feeling even the slightest resistance from Jeanette's hands made him cave, and soon he plunged eagerly back inside Kat's warm, wet, cunt. It felt too good for him to stop now, he had to keep going. "Oh fuck Kat, I can't stop, I can't stop! Mmmph!"

The wet sound of his cock sloshing in her cunt rattled in her mind, which swam in lust as she felt herself trapped between Jeanette's body and her own unbridled lust. "Mmmmm!" All she could do was squeal into the Queen's pussy as she teetered on the brink of climax, before she could hold out no longer. Her body convulsed in ecstasy as the orgasm swept through her, making her body clench tightly around Gorath's cock.

The feeling of her muscles squeezing his shaft was too much for the orc, and soon he threw his head back, roaring in pleasure as his cock exploded deep inside his lover for the first time. Burst after burst of thick, ropey cum shot inside her fertile body, flooding her pussy and assaulting the gates of her womb. Weeks of pent up lust unleashed inside her as he painted her insides white with his seed.

"Yes! Yes! Fuck her! Breed her Gor! Knock her up yesssss!" Jeanette cried out as her own climax erupted, triggered by the culmination of her 'revenge' on the two who had taken advantage of her lust previously. Now they were truly united, now they were all truly equal in their lust.


The Bone Bridge stood before them, spanning the length of the Warne River. Though hewn of a dark, cold, grey stone it was called the Bone Bridge for the workers who died building it near two hundred and fifty years ago for King Conrad Ousten. It was near five hundred paces long, and wide enough across for a column of horses to ride abreast. The Kings of Heste called it the Military Bridge, and from the moment it was erected they marched their armies over it. First to conquer the Low Counties and the Duchy of Braden, and then to invade the Duchies that became Zentara.

It didn't look like they were going to be crossing today, though. King Connor had been waiting for them for at least a fortnight, and had used his time well. Stakes had been set up on the northern bank of the Warne, and trenches dug to hinder any attempt at passing. A gate of strong timber was erected blocking the far side of the bridge, sealing a gauntlet of death if she tried to make it across.

"The fool should have torn the bridge down." Vrenchak said as they rode up the arch. Jeanette nodded silently, still staring across the river towards the fortifications.

"He couldn't afford to replace it, nor would he be able to bring the supplies he needs south if he wins the battle." Willem replied. The Duke of Fullorm was competent, at least, and now that it was becoming clear that even if Connor won the battle he wouldn't be able to conquer Zentara Willem was going out of his way to prove his worth and loyalty.

A dozen human guards trailed behind them, though Jeanette did not think they would prove necessary. Connor would not attempt trickery at a parley, not with both armies watching. The last thing he would want said was that he could only defeat the Queen of Zentara through betrayal.

The sun rose high above them, almost to its zenith as they reached the crest of the bridge. Her crown caught much of the light and heat, and it would surely burn her skin of her raven locks didn't cushion its perch. This might be the last warm day of the year, she thought, only death and darkness remain after. Jeanette banished the melancholy thoughts. Today will be a good day, a new beginning and a return to the Era of Peace.

King Connor met them halfway across the bridge, flanked by two young men and followed by a dozen of his own soldiers. "Alfred, how good it is to see you again" Jeanette said sweetly. "I had hoped to see you at Castle Wareg, as did Susannah. She misses you greatly, and fears for you even more."

Connor scowled as Jeanette addressed Alfred. "We came to parley, Jeanette. Not to make pleasantries and catch up with old friends." The King of Heste was a big man, though not nearly so big as Turogg or Vrenchak. The King's white hair and bushy beard near covered his head, leaving only his fierce blue eyes and snarling teeth visible. His chain shirt was immaculate, though beneath it she could see the scars of pervious battles cut into his leather breastplate. Atop his head was the great crown of Heste, wrought in gold with inlaid rubies adorning the spiky points that rose from the gold band wrapped around the king's head.

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