tagNonConsent/ReluctanceOrdeal of the Office Girl

Ordeal of the Office Girl


I had only met her once, her name was Julia. She was on day release from university at the office where my wife worked. A bright young thing, she was about 5ft tall, slim build, with small pert breasts and long blond hair. When I met her my cock went hard as a broom handle and I knew I had to have her, one way or the another. I mentioned my desire to defile her girl-flesh to Mary my wife during our love making. It turned her on no end to hear me talk of raping a women, while I pumped her pussy hard with my 7” dick. But I never realised how strong this fantasy was between us until last week. I was just sat watching my favourite porn vid when Mary said

“Do you remember Julia? Andy’s wife, I introduced you to each other at the office party last Christmas?”

“Yes I do.” I replied “What of it?”

“She’s coming round shortly to bring back the scarf that she borrowed, you know, the blue tartan one you hate me wearing.”

“And?” I asked short temperedly

“And I wondered if you’d like to rape her while I help? You know have we’ve always fantasised about it when we fuck. I want to make it a reality!”

I was struck dumb for more than a moment, but my hard throbbing cock had already begun to sway my thought processes. I made up my mind as Julia’s car pulled up onto our drive. I would fulfil the twisted dreams of my wife. Meekly therefore, I nodded my approval to her suggestion and felt my cock twitch into life at the thought of it.

“Good.” she replied “I have it all worked out.” Then she went to answer the doorbell.

I heard the two of them exchange greetings on the doorstep then Julia, followed by Mary, walked into the living room. I was about to say hi, when suddenly, Mary lunged at Julia from behind. She twisted both her arms up behind her back, whipped out a pair of handcuffs from the back pocket of her jeans and secured Julia’s hands behind her back.

“What the fuck is going on! Stop it!” Yelled Julia in a startled voice.

I could already feel pre-cum oozing out of my cock at the sight of this bound lovely and then a red mist descended over my eyes. I stepped forward and punched the little slut square in the belly. Knocking the wind of her. She fell forward onto her knees gasping in pain. Mary grabbed her by the hair and yanked her head back and up. Julia mewled.

“One more outburst like that bitch and you will never walk out of here alive!” She hissed as she tied the returned scarf around Julia’s windpipe. Then she turned to me and said “Get your clothes off and your cock out it’s time to have some fun.”

I did as I was told and, while I undressed myself, Mary tore off Julia’s clothes with a gusto and put a strip of tape over her mouth as a gag. Julia only whimpered as she was revealed naked to my eyes for the first time. Her tits were small but perfectly formed with big bud like nipples that were already erect. Mary had noticed this and began to play with them. Julia squirmed in discomfort, her eyes welled with tears and her mascara began to run. As for her bush, it was furry, blonde and neatly trimmed. I could see her labia slightly protruding through the tuft.

“Oh poor little baby. I shall give you a proper reason to cry.” Said Mary. Then she began a vicious series of open handed slaps about Julia’s pretty young face. Julia began to openly sob at the beating she endured; the slaps stung like bee stings. Seeing this Mary grabbed the two ends of the scarf and pulled them tight about Julia’s neck. Then she reached down and began to masturbate the captive girl most vigorously. Julia couldn’t breath, her eyes bulged and she strained against the handcuffs trying to get free. What little air was in her lungs was mostly spent screaming into the gag.

After ten seconds of this treatment Julia looked panic stricken. “That’s it.” Said Mary rubbing the girl’s clit furiously “She’s starting to get wet now.” And so saying she thrust three fingers roughly into Julia’s cunt and began to finger fuck her in a most lewd and gratuitous manner.

After another ten seconds of this treatment Julia began to twitch involuntarily. Her lungs burned like fire and she was deeply humiliated at how wet Mary’s finger fucking was making her. She fell to the floor weak from lack of air and about to pass out. Mary jerked her fingers out of Julia’s pussy, licked the cunt juice off them and then pulled the two ends of the scarf just one more time. Julia’s eyes rolled into the back of her head. That was the moment Mary had been waiting for, deftly and with great speed she untied the knot around Julia’s throat. Air and life choked their way back into girl’s limp body.

“Now it’s your turn darling.” Said Mary beckoning me forward while licking her lips at the site of my raging hard on. She dragged Julia to her knees again and ripped off the tape over her mouth. “Well now slut.” She said “You’ve had a taste of what I like to do to you, so unless you want worse you will obey me to the letter understand?”

Julia gasped in great breaths of air, tears mingled with snot about her face but she just nodded.

“Good, I like a little slag that knows her place and you are a slag aren’t you?” Mary did not wait for a reply “All slags suck cock right? So suck his cock, whore!” Grabbing my cock, Mary forced open Julia’s reluctant jaw and guided me into her warm wet mouth. Then she moved behind her and took hold of her head with both hands. “You stand perfectly still and don’t make a sound. This dirty cum slut is going to do all the work.” She told me, I simply nodded desperately hoping I wouldn’t spoil the moment by blowing my load too soon.

Mary began slowly pushing and pulling Julia’s head up and down on my 7” long dick. Gradually quickening the pace over time. She was instructed to tongue my cock head as this took place. The sight of my fully clothed wife forcing a naked college girl to suck my cock made me shake with adrenaline and sexual desire. I fought to remain still as I had been instructed to do. Mary had got Julia into a steady sucking rhythm, her cherry red lip stick was smeared over my shaft. “Now you keep that up until I return.” She told her “I’m just going to get something from upstairs.”

I knew very well what it was. In moments Mary reappeared with her favourite dildo and a tube of KY jelly. The dildo was 10” long and tapered so that the more you shoved it in the wider it stretched the hole. She greased it up then knelt behind Julia and placed the tip of the dildo against her anus. With her other hand she took a firm grip on Julia’s hair and quickened the pace of her sucking. Julia mumbled something in protest when she realised what was about to happen, but Mary thrust her hard onto my cock and impaled her throat on my rock solid shaft. Julia gagged hard then emitted a muffled scream and Mary used the distraction to work the dildo up her arse. She was relentless and thrust it all the way in.

“Push your cock down her throat further! There’s an inch still sticking out man!” She bellowed “And take control of her head I’m going to work her pussy.” I did as I was told and took control of the struggling Julia.

Now that I had my chance I began to pump the little bitch in the mouth real hard. I had her by the hair and after each thrust from my cock violently rammed her head backwards, so I jerked it forward again using that. From below me I could hear the hum of the dildo that Mary had stuffed way up inside Julia’s arse. Meanwhile she was finger fucking the shit of Julia’s cunt from behind, clearly enjoying herself. From the look on Julia’s face it was obvious she had never been taken in all three holes at once before.

“Time to make her cum.” Ordered Mary “Hold her by the back of the head and force your cock all the way down her throat again, when you have it all in keep her in that position.” I was grateful for the rest, I was sweating heavily from my exertions and near to cumming. It took a minute to stuff my cock all the way down that young throat again. Julia breathed rapidly through her nose, her mouth full with cock. My balls rested on her chin and though she tried to break away from my hold, it was to no avail.

Mary stuck a clothes peg on the Julia’s nose to impede her breathing. Keeping her other hand working the girl’s cunt as she did so. Then she began fucking her arse hard with the big dildo, sliding it out to the very tip then thrusting it back up to the hilt. Unable to breath properly and unable to control her body from responding to the enforced stimulation, Julia began to shake violently. “That’s it!” Yelled Mary “She’s gonna cum, here we go!” Humiliated and raped though she was, Julia began cum hard. She ground her cunt against Mary fingers and let out stifled moans from around the edges of my cock. She was visibly upset at this defilement. “Now pump her throat fast and deep, shoot your muck into her belly!” Said Mary. Delighted to be allowed to relieve the considerable pressure in my bollocks I did as I was told.

When I came I felt like the end of my knob had literally blown off. Julia’s eyes widened as she fought to swallow my cum. I felt like it was gushing into her by the pint. As I thrust out my final few vinegar strokes I actually pumped spunk out of the edges of Julia’s mouth there was so much of it. But finally, and with some reluctance, I withdrew my sated member. Mary took the peg off Julia’s nose and began a more gentle rubbing of her pussy. My softening shaft glistened with the mix of saliva and cum that ran down it. The white fluid began to drip from my cock head. Julia was ordered to lick me clean, the whore did as she was told.

“Now it is time for the final humiliation.” Said Mary “Lie down bitch!” She commanded. Julia lay down, shifting her weight to try and get the dildo (that was still up her arse and buzzing away) into a more comfortable position. Mary removed her clothes, her panties were wet and her nipples stood out as if they might burst in delight. She straddled Julia’s head and lowered her cunt over the girl’s face. “There, there precious.” She said as she ground her wet pussy over Julia’s head, paying special attention to rubbing her clit on the girl’s nose. I began to wank off steadily at this sight and within seconds I was hard again and good to go.

“Get the other dildo from upstairs and stick it in her cunt.” I was told, so this I duly did. It was small, about 6” long, but it vibrated like hell. Mary liked it up her arse when I used it on her and Julia squirmed mightily when I pushed it forcibly all the way into her pussy. Her whole pelvic region was vibrating by the time I finished and low moans escaped from between Mary’s legs, indicating that Julia was building for another orgasm. “Now get behind me and fuck me up the arse right over this cunt’s face.” Said Mary. Again I duly did as I was told.

My wife’s arse is sweet and tight, I love fucking her up there, so I pumped and thrust for all I was worth. She was on all fours grinding her pussy over Julia’s face, who in turn fought for breath as she tried to get enough air into her lungs to cum. I knew Mary was deliberately restricting her air-flow by raising and lowering her cunt on and off Julia’s mouth and nose. The sense of control and power that I felt right at that moment overwhelmed me. I felt like a god. Especially as every so often I would pull my cock out of Mary’s arse and force it down Julia’s throat.

We kept this action up for some time, my cock going arse to mouth and back again. Until suddenly I felt Mary tense up, begin to tremble and clench her buttocks. Her body was preparing for an impending orgasm. I picked up the scarf from the floor and wrapped it about her neck. “Your turn slut.” I said as I pulled it tight, slowly cutting off her oxygen supply. She in turn lowered her pussy over Julia’s face and began to smother her. Julia began to writhe, Mary let out choking and gasping sounds, but continued to pump Julia’s face as my engorged cock hammered her rectum.

Then suddenly Mary began to cum with great intensity. Julia was frantic for air beneath the suffocating wetness of Mary’s cunt. I had my cock jammed up her arse with my balls slapping Julia on the tits. I pulled on the scarf for all I was worth. Mary’s face flushed and she began to jerk spasmodically as her oxygen starved orgasm exploded within her. She clawed at the scarf about her neck pleading with me to let it go. But I didn’t. Mary couldn’t take any more torture, she convulsed as orgasm built upon orgasm and finally, with a restricted scream screeching from her lips, she jetted out stream after stream of hot, slimy girl-cum all over Julia’s face and into her mouth. Suffice to say, Julia was distraught at this drowning. However, I knew my task was complete so I quickly undid the scarf. Mary almost retched in her desperation for air and she rolled off my cock, and Julia’s face, onto the floor. Where she lay on her back coughing. I could see her clit pulsing with little after-shock orgasms.

After a couple of moments, when Mary got her breath back, she took me by the dick and began to give me a handjob over Julia’s face. Julia was so exhausted by her ordeal that she just lay there crying. This turned me on immensely. Mary was an expert with her fingers and she kept bringing me to the point of cumming and then backing off. Each time I thought I was going to get to squirt my hot jizz over the crying Julia I was denied, until I could stand it no longer.

“Please make me cum Mary.” I pleaded “Please! I must defile this whore one last time.” Mary licked her lips and began a steady pumping of my cock. I felt cum well up into it’s shaft and begin to travel froward. I grasped Julia by her hair and pulled her face to me, Mary gave one last pump and then pulled my foreskin back as far as it would go, until it began to hurt. I felt her finger press itself against my anus. Then my cock erupted with hot spunk and as it did Mary jammed her finger into my arse and fucked my tight hole. She pumped my cock till every last drop had spattered onto Julia’s face and hair and still she pistoned my cock. I felt queasy I wanted to pull away, till suddenly she touched something inside my rectum and yanked hard on my cock. I came again and then collapsed on the floor exhausted.

Quite how and when Julia escaped I could not be sure. I passed out after my last orgasm and awoke to find a police man stood over me. Strangely, Mary was nowhere to be seen…

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