tagNon-EroticOrder in the Court

Order in the Court


"Court is now in session, the Honorable Re.." and the voice trailed off.

A young nobleman, with sharp features, sat staring into space playing with his writing quill by making it dance in place. He glanced over at the other table where his uncle sat with his with his hands cupped over his face. His uncle's eyes were shifting back and forth, taking in the scene. The young nobleman slide his chair back, and threw his feet on the table, and pulled out a nail file.

A sharp "ah hem" came from the judge. The young nobleman continued to file his fingernails. Only once looking up to stare at the pretty women on the other side of the courtroom. "Ah HEM!" came from the judge again. The young man looked back at the judge, but everyone's attention was on him and his feet.

"Yes?" he said arrogantly "Oh, I'm sorry. Can someone get the Re a glass of water or some tea please?"

"Your feet, sir" biting his tongue " kindly REMOVE them from the table!"

"Oh, my feet, ok." he said as he slide his feet off with a loud thud "I thought my dear old uncle's odor was making you sick. I know it bothers me every time I have to smell him."

The court busted out in muffled giggles. While the insulted uncle just growled under his breath.

"Listen Horus, just because you do not take this case seriously, doesn't mean the rest of us do not. I need not remind you the importance of the outcome of this trial. Your entire Clan's future depends on this trial. I also need not remind you to respect your elders. Do not forget the contributions your uncle Seth has provided for our people. Almost 200 years ago we were under serious attack from the shadow demons. If it wasn't for his timely intervention..."

"I know, we would all be slaves of the shadow demons, but then there are some circles that say he escalated the matter with them. Hell, some might even say, Horus continued in the most condescending tone he could muster, "that he even was in league with the stretchies."

There were gasps and mutters from the audience in the courtroom, but quickly quieted down then the Judge took his gavel and slammed it on his table.

Seth glared over at Horus, his mouth foaming in anger "HOW DARE YOU ACCUSE ME OF SUCH TREASON!!!"

"Are you now going to hit me like you do your wife?" Horus said nonchalantly.

Seth instantly jumped to his feet with hand on his weapon. This courtroom battle had been raging for over 80 years and he was at boiling point. In the blink of an eye, the royal guards were upon him. Two of the guards were using all their might to restrain the raging Seth.

Straining to be heard, Re shouted to be heard, "GUARDS REMOVE HIM FROM MY COURT ROOM!"

A loud crack echoed as all two of the guards and an angry Seth disappeared from the courtroom.

"Little brother you need to watch what you do." whispered an individual nearby. "Our uncle is not going to take this public insult. You know what he is capable of."

"I wanted to show the public what he is really like, and finally pull off his mask of respectability. The elders need to see what he really looks like." Horus muttered while checking to see if anyone was watching him.

"Just be careful, I do not want to see anything happen to you...again. He is very good at discrediting his enemies."

"Don't worry Phantos, I have worked everything out.." his voice trailed off.

The Judge sat up straight looking at court, which was still in disarray, many of the people still there were still talking amongst themselves.

Desperate to bring this trial to a close, Re stood up and said "I have come to a conclusion with this case."

There was a hush from the court and it's percipients. Even Horus sat up as he removed his feet from the table once again. Now that Re has once regained the control of his courtroom he decided to strike, saying, "The final verdict will be released tomorrow at the dawning of the sun. We have reached a new age among our people. The reign of our current Leader, Clan Leader Isis, has come to a close. Her reign has been a glorious one, and now the dawning of tomorrow's sun will usher in a new day for Clan Clint la Mar."

His eyes darted across the room at the people reactions. Even the reporter's quills were silent. As he surveyed the scene, he fought a smile, and stood up. The royal guard ordered everyone to bow, and Sakhmet exited the room. As the judge left the courtroom, Horus looked worried and did nothing to hide the fact. His mother and older brother moved closer, as the family's attorney gathered up his notes and left.

"What's wrong brother?" Phantos asked.

"Sakhmet is on the take. You can see it in his eyes and in his mind. I am not sure what thumbscrew Uncle found but it is a good one."

"How can that be? The Nika-Tief are renowned their impartiality and reliance to corruption."

"You need not trouble yourself, son. Mother has everything under control." Isis smiled. She glanced over at her friend who she was seated next to earlier in the proceedings. The woman smiled and returned the nod. She stood up and calmly walked out the room.

Upon entering his inner chamber, Re slammed his door shut. It was a long day, and a fight to get past reporters made his day even longer. He had a duty to give a short press conference to guarantee that the truth was reported correctly, but was not something he really looked forward to. He looked around the windowless room. He contemplated a quick nap before dissipating home, and then he stopped himself from turning on the lights. The back wall was lined with books of previous courts decisions sat quietly. He approached his old iron wood desk, which was placed in back of the room. Then he prevented his movement and sniffed the air. Something was different. Someone else was in here. He could smell pheromones and the light scent of catnip in the air. Why he didn't recognize it before, he was not sure, but it was probably due to the fact he was so jaded from the day's events. As he approached his high backed leather chair, it swiveled around. Sitting in the chair was a female, who he had seen before. Her eyes were a brilliant green, the color of jade. She sat up, and moved towards him. Her red hair was in a tight bun with only a single curl that flowed down her neck. He had seen her before, and she always made shy glances at him, but being a judge he was always forced to maintain a poker face.

Some moons prior to tonight, he finally managed to talk to her, and discovered she had a slight infatuation with him. Once she even confessed a fantasy of hers about making with him love in the courtroom.

"I took the liberty of trying on your robes, your honor," she said in almost a whisper. The judge's robe seemed to flow around her body. Her breasts were firm and their outline could be seen along with her erect nipples. She moved closer. His eyes seemed to be following her ruby red lips and she opened her mouth again to speak. The intoxicating aroma of the catnip was making progress against his will power.

"You have been working on this for over 80 years." she whispered in his ear. "Is your decision to bring this to a conclusion because you wish to go to something new or to get away from me?"

"No! No!" he said desperately "I enjoy our time together, I really do, but today I realized this case is going nowhere. The other justices agree with me. I, uh, well, like your hair. I think you look cute in a bun, Hathor." She smiled sweetly, and let her robe fall down to the floor. She stood there making sure his eyes took in the full scene. She slid her hands down her hourglass figure, which slowly caressed her breasts as she passed over them. She took her finger and gently sucked on her middle finger, then played with her erect nipple, then ran her fingers down to her hips. She moved even closer to him, dancing to invisible music. She moved her hands in a swaying like motion. Then she moved behind him, thrusting her ass upon his. Then she turned around, wrapping her arms around his pulling him close.

As her breasts pressed up against his back she whisper to him, "Would you like to see what uses this bun can have?" Then she gave a small giggle. She moved around to his front, her ass to his crotch and took his hand, and forced it to grab the back of the bun.

"Now I want you to use my bun however you wish."

His current wife was never this much fun. His marriage was an arranged marriage from the clan's governor, and both of them came from the Nika-Tief (the clan of historians and lawyers). She neither had the time or the training in the fine art of seduction. His legs shook at the thought of being able to do what he wanted to her. He opened his mouth in attempt to say something, but words failed to escape his mouth.

Hathor looked into his eyes, and looked at him with a pleading look. "Please be gentle. Do not hurt me too much, as you bend me over on the desk." He gave a feeble nod and moved towards the desk.

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