Ordinary Couples


She raised her knees and spread her legs, giving the other two a clear view of her shiny and slippery slit. I crawled up on to the bed on my knees, and leaned in towards her pussy. She pulled the tip of my cock into her mouth as my fingers parted her lips. I kissed circles around her perfectly smooth mound. Finding her clit, I teased it a bit more with a finger before lowering my face to her. My tongue slipped inside Kristen, finding her hot and soaked. She tasted different than Karen…I'm not sure what I expected…and so very sweet. Her legs spread wider as I enclosed her slit completely between my lips.

We both moaned aloud during our brief sixty-nine. She moved my hips up and down for me, letting me slowly fuck her mouth. Like Karen, she took about half of my cock into her throat before coming back to the tip. Her smaller, tighter mouth created entirely new sensations for my cock. My beard rubbed the insides and outsides of her puss just right, judging from the sounds she made. My tongue swirled around her clit, licking and lapping at her furiously, wanting her to come for me. God, I want you inside me, she moaned.

She suddenly released my cock from her mouth, and turned over on to all fours. Moving behind her, I slipped two fingers inside her, sliding them back and forth. I reached around to squeeze her hanging tits, pinching the nipple, not too roughly, not too gently. I want to fuck him, she said to Tom. Not sure what to do, I looked at Karen, who only smiled. Her hand was wrapped around Tom's fat cock, which was about halfway back to stiff again. That's what tonight's for, he told her, and turned his attention back to my wife.

I moved behind her and she raised her ass higher. My rock hard cock was ready, poised at the entrance of her slick hole. The tip of my cock slipped silently between her damp folds stretching the lips as I moved into her. Kristen let out a low moan, a first-time fuck kind of moan that comes with feeling different sensations than you've known. I slid in all the way to my balls, pressing as deep into her as I could. Oh yes, she moaned. You're so deep. I looked to Tom and grinned, and he grinned right back. Slowly, I stroked. In and out, the full length of my shaft burying itself with each thrust. I began rotating my hips on each stroke as well, feeling the full depths and wonders of her insides. She laid her head on the bed, and reached a hand underneath her, two fingers circling and gripping my cock as I fucked her.

Tom was hard again from watching us. Karen lay down on her back next to Kristen. She looked up at me, thrusting ever faster inside Kristen, while Tom positioned himself between her legs. She reached for him, grasping his cock and pulling it to her. He lifted her legs up off the bed and pushed himself inside her. I watched his thick cock disappear between her fuzzy folds. She moaned aloud, raising her legs even higher. He began quickly slamming his cock into her with long hard strokes. I am generally much more gentle with her than that, but she reveled in the hard and fast treatment he was giving her.

As Tom sped up, so did I, matching him stroke for stroke. Soon we were both banging each other's wife, side by side. I slipped a finger down the crack of Kristen's ass, drawing forth a deeper moan as it slipped across her asshole. Taking this as a positive sign, my finger pressed into her tight little hole. This was all it took and Kristen yelled out, I'm coming. She stiffened and squeezed my cock with her pussy, making the sensations for me even tighter. I shot my first load into her moments later, as she bucked and squirmed around on the bed, while I tried to simply stay inside her. I pumped and shot load after load inside her until we both slowed down together.

Karen, who had grasped Kristen's hand as Kristen peaked with orgasm, was now coming again herself. Letting myself soften inside Kristen, I watched Tom knead my wife's little nipples as she tossed her head from side to side, again crying Oh god, yes, yes, yes. Tom came a minute later, spurting his second load of the evening into Karen's pussy. As he pulled out, I could see his white milky juices dripping off the tip of his cock into her blonde curls.

Tom and I reclaimed our wives and we all lay together on the bed in spooning positions. I lay behind Karen, cupping her little tits in my palm. I explored her freshly fucked body, even venturing between her legs to feel her wet snatch full of Tom's come. Tom was exploring Kristen from behind with just as much curiosity. We lay there together for a long time, without saying much. Finally, Kristen said, What took us so long to do this? We all smiled, and Tom said, Well, I hope this isn't the last time. Oh, it's not, Karen insisted. Believe me, it's not.

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