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Authors Note: This is not a quick porn story. It is a "romance" of sorts, so if you are interested in a quick read, this probably isn't the right story for you. Sorry. All of the characters are fictional, so if they bear any resemblance to someone IRL, they weren't intended to. Also, this is my first story that I have ever written – ever! Feedback would be wonderful. Thanks a bunch, and I hope you enjoy this!



I had never been unique or special, in any sense of the word. Growing up with siblings who are basically geniuses in one way or another tends to do that to a person. My family had been known for their exceptional talents and skills for many generations. Rarely was it to the point where we became famous, but in school and other smaller things in life, my family was well known.

My parents worked ordinary jobs – both were professors at the local college. Although they didn't do anything "extraordinary" in that way of life, they had been top students in high school, as well as exceptional athletes. My father had been a figure skater, and had made it to the world championships when he was seventeen. Due to an injury he got directly before competitions, caused by a collision with another skater, he was unable to compete. My mother was requited to many top colleges on a basketball scholarship, but had to turn them down because she had gotten pregnant with my brother and sister.

My brother is the next Einstein. At least, that is what I said about him. Patrick was taking many college courses in high school, and was able to graduate from college only one year after leaving high school. Currently he's working on getting his Ph.D. at Stanford. To most that wouldn't seem like such a big deal. But considering he is only 23 years old, and is almost done with his schooling, it's a pretty big thing. His twin, Elizabeth, is just as smart but in a different way. She's not the brightest person when it comes to mathematics, like Patrick, but she's brilliant when it comes to art and writing. She has had plenty of short stories published in magazines, and dozens of her paintings have been sold for hundreds and thousands of dollars.

Not only are Patrick and Liz brilliant, they are also two of the most attractive people anyone would ever meet. Both are of average height for their respective genders, with tan skin, chestnut brown hair, and eyes the color of the Caribbean Sea. To most it may sound average, but for some reason there is something about their looks that just stands out.

Compared to the rest of my family, I'm a dunce. I know I am smarter than many people, but compared to my siblings especially, I'm rather stupid. I got A's in high school and was 12th in my class – not bad in a class of 340. Aside from this, though, there was nothing special about me. I had tried almost every sport you could think of, and ended up quitting because I was never exceptionally good. Sure, I made varsity most of the time, but on the teams I was often on the bench, or playing for only a few minutes at a time. I tried acting, and failed miserably at it. I tried painting but the only thing that I could do was abstract – throwing paint onto a canvas. I did have an ear for music, and most of the time any instrument I picked up I could play well within a few days. But I never had the motivation to continue. The only thing that really set me apart was something that not many people wanted to admit. Marching band.

I was in the colorgaurd, as a rifle. You know.. tossing and catching a white wooden rifle in the air, doing silly moves that were supposedly graceful and beautiful but really just made you look like a dweeb. That was me. It was embarrassing because people were made fun of if they were involved in it, so I kept quiet. Most people realized I was in it, however, considering I was the captain of the rifles and I stuck out like nobody's business. Unfortunately, it wasn't the good way, like my siblings would have.

I was 6'3'', and towered over most of the people in the marching band, as well as anywhere else. Instead of having brown hair like my siblings, I had auburn which tended to look more red during the summers when I was in the marching band, outside for most of each day. Luckily I wasn't covered in freckles, but I had a fair amount over my body, especially on my shoulders and across my nose and cheekbones. My eyes were a "chocolate brown", as my mother said, but often thought they looked like shit. My body had always been rather lanky until I joined the marching band. Then, very slowly, I began to build more muscle. First it was my biceps and arms that naturally became more toned. Then I started working out on my own to enhance it. I was running every morning and lifting weights every other day. Eventually I started gaining more and more muscle and definition to my body, until the end of my senior year in high school I finally looked the way I wanted. Not overly muscled, but with plenty of definition and meat on my body. I no longer looked like a twig, but a healthy, strong man. Thanks to the marching band, I was also well tanned – although it only made my freckles stand out more across my body.

The only thing that I really craved in my life, now that I looked better than I had ever before, was someone to actually notice me. I had never dated in high school, as I was too shy to ask anyone out. The fact that I had also realized that I was gay didn't really help the matter. While being gay wasn't considered horrible, and no one was teased for it – unless they were extremely effeminate – it was still hard nonetheless. I wasn't "out" in high school, though I figured many people realized I wasn't straight considering I wasn't trying to bed any of the girls while most of the other guys were. I was too involved in trying to keep my grades up and finding something I was good at. So instead of worrying about finding romance in my life, I concentrated on my schooling and the marching band. Pretty dull, huh?

My last summer before heading off to college was boring, aside from the band. I had packed early for college, as I was excited to go out on my own and hopefully find someone to experience things with that I hadn't known for my entire life. It wasn't the best reason to want to go to college but hey.. could you blame me? I wanted a bit of romance in my life, since I hadn't experienced any thus far. The way I saw it, college was the perfect way to finally achieve that dream.

I moved in to a top Private College at the end of August. My father wasn't able to help me move, but my siblings and mother had. Mom had cried a lot, since I was her "baby", and a few of the guys on my floor in the dormitories snickered as they passed by my room. Pat and Liz had tried to calm Mom down as they helped me get situated. Luckily they were able to stop crying – at least not openly – before they left. Although as soon as they left she began crying again. I reminded her I would be back at Thanksgiving and I would keep in touch, so she shouldn't have worried. After a too-long good-bye, they left and I was alone in the small room. My roommate hadn't come yet, though I was expecting him soon. We had conversed a few times through e-mail and MSN Messenger, and I knew his name was Brad but aside from that I didn't know much else.

About thirty minutes after my family left, I heard a key enter the lock of the door and my head automatically snapped up. Only a few seconds later the door opened and I think my eyes must have popped out of my head from sheer shock.

"Evan Cook..?" Brad looked shocked for a moment and then broke into a dazzling smile, "Wow! I didn't think you were my roomy. How weird is that?"

Weird didn't even begin to cover it. Out of probably 500 or so new college students, how the hell did I get paired up with the star football player from my high school? I had hoped to not know my roommate, seeing as that was typically what happened. Hell, some part of me was hoping that my roommate would have been gay too. That was utterly impossible now, considering Brad Parker was probably the straightest guy on the planet. He had had plenty of girlfriends in high school, and it was no secret that he was sexual with them. He was gorgeous, so I'm sure he never had any trouble bedding one of his girlfriends. He was an inch taller than me, with dirty blonde hair and brilliant green eyes. He was bigger than I was in both height and weight, due to the sheer muscle on his body. His skin was tanned had a few scars but aside from that he looked like a God. A God that I did not want to room with.

"Uhm.. hey, Brad," I mumbled before looking back at my laptop. I couldn't believe this.. the unlikelihood of rooming with someone from your high school was of such little probability that I hadn't thought this "Brad P." I was rooming with was the Brad from my high school. It wasn't such an uncommon name, so it never had crossed my mind. Furrowing my brows in frustration, I closed my laptop and jumped off of my bed.

"Where're you going?" Brad questioned me as he started to unpack his things. I raised an eyebrow at him before tilting my head towards the door.

"I'm going to go get something to eat.. why?" His asking where I was going was strange to me. We had never really talked in high school and although we were now rooming together, I didn't think he need to know where I was going. It wasn't as if we were best friends or anything.

"Well, I'm kind of hungry, too. You want to wait a few minutes? This won't take me long and then we can go grab something to eat and look around campus," Brad said it so casually that it almost sounded as if he thought we were friends or something. Although I didn't really want to get to know this superstar football player, eating with someone that I knew would be a bit comforting in a school where you knew no one else.

"Sure," I mumbled and sat back down on my bed to wait for him to finish unpacking. True to his word, it only took a few more minutes before we were off.

As I got to know Brad, he wasn't as stuck-up as I thought he would be. Surprisingly, we had a lot in common and became pretty close friends. When we weren't in classes, Brad and I hung out often together, but still went our separate ways. He had his "jock" friends and I had various friends as well.

After awhile, I tried not to hang around him quite as much and often hung out with Emily, a girl I met in my Psychology class, rather than with Brad. She was quite possibly the sweetest girl I had ever met and had I not been gay, I'm sure I would have asked her out. The first time we hang out outside of class was at a local café – we were both avid mocha addicts. After we had finished our scones and were sipping at our drinks, she point-blank asked me if I were gay.

I coughed and looked up with wide eyes. Although I wasn't shouting out my sexuality from the roof top, I had promised myself that if asked I would tell the truth. However, considering I wasn't flamboyant and probably seemed more masculine than anything else, her question shocked me because I didn't think that I seemed gay.

"Uh.. how did you know?" I asked sheepishly as a flush started to appear on my cheeks.

Emily merely smiled at me, "Honey.. you've been eyeing Brad like he's the best looking chunk of steak you have ever seen."

"What?" My eyes widened at her comment. I had noticed that Brad was attractive – who wouldn't? – and had admitted to myself that I may have started to develop feeling for him, but I thought I was hiding them well.

"Don't worry about it, hun. I don't think he has noticed, but if I were you I would try not to drool when you see him," She smirked, raising one eyebrow as she looked at me.

I groaned loudly, rubbing at my temples, "I thought I was hiding it well.. Em, I can't fall for a straight guy!" Emily looked at me and frowned, seeming as if I were stupid and at that I frowned as well.


"Nothing, darling," She waved her hand before taking a sip of her mocha, "Just be yourself, okay?"

Be myself? When was I not? I frowned at her. Her words were confusing me and I'm sure she meant something by them. However, I over analyzed things a lot and I'm sure I was doing it now.

Now that one of my best friends knew I was gay, things got both easier and harder. Emily and I often sat in our favorite café while talking about the guys who walked by the window, comparing who we thought was cute or not. It was nice to have someone to converse with, but at the same time, things were harder because now that I had someone to talk to, I realized that my feelings for Brad were slowly growing.

As the first semester passed and we began the second, spring started coming early. One day in early March, we had a sudden hot flash. Brad came into our room holding a football under her arm while I was reading a book.

"Hey, Evan! C'mon, a bunch of the guys are playing football," He said, grabbing my bookmark and book, saving my page and pulling me from my bed. I squeaked embarrassingly as I stumbled on the floor.

"Dude, I was reading that!" I said, frowning and trying to hide the blush that was starting to appear on my face from squeaking as I had.

"You can do that later. Let's go," Brad insisted as he threw my tennis shoes at me. Luckily I caught them before they hit me and grumbled as I put them on, while Brad just smirked and waited for me.

Once I had my shoes on we both headed out to an open clearing not far from the dorm rooms. People had already assembled into teams, with Brad and I on opposite ones. My team was determined to be skins and as I took my shirt off, I noticed Brad staring in my direction with a strange look on his face. We made eye contact and held it for a few moments before he looked away as someone on his team called his name. Frowning in confusement I shrugged as I turned back to my own team. The game began and after only 10 minutes many people were soaked with sweat. My team had the ball and as I ran towards the row of bushes that we decided we had to pass to make a touch-down, the ball was thrown my way. I caught it and turned to continue running when all of a sudden someone tackled me to the ground.

I grunted as I hit the ground and the body over me landed on top of mine. As I opened my eyes, I saw Brad grinning down at me. He stayed there for a few moments as his grin slowly began to fade as we looked at each other. For a moment he looked down at my lips and I almost thought he may kiss me when he suddenly rolled off of my body and left me laying on the ground.

I lay there for a second longer before getting up. Brad was heading back towards the dorms and people were calling after him. I heard him say that he remembered he had to do something quickly, and I frowned after him. The whole situation confused me, but I shrugged it off as just one of those things before joining the game once again.

After we decided to finish the game, I was walking back to the dorms when Matt Kasey ran up to me, "Hey, Evan. Listen.. I was wondering if you wanted to do something tomorrow night."

I looked at him curiously, "Uhm.. sure. What do you want to do?"

"Want to go see a movie or something?" He questioned, looking kind of shy and nervous. After looking at him for a minute I suddenly realized what he was asking.

"Do you mean.. as a date?" I asked, shocked at what was suddenly happening. He grinned sheepishly and nodded, waiting for my reaction. Although I didn't really know Matt very much, he was handsome. A bit shorter than I was, Matt had dark brown hair and hazel eyes. I didn't feel for him what I felt for Brad but.. Brad wasn't gay, or even bisexual, while Matt obviously was. I nodded my head, "Sure. That'd be great."

"Awesome. I'll come to your room at about 6:00 tomorrow. Sound good?"

"Yeah," I grinned at him, and said good-bye before watching him walk towards his own dorm building. I was shocked that I was asked out. It was my first date. When I got back to my own room, Brad wasn't there so I called Emily.

"Hello?" She asked as soon as she picked up her phone.

"You will never guess what just happened!" I said, my excitement showing in my voice.

"Oh, I know! Brad finally came around and you two just had hot monkey sex!"

".. Are you on crack?" I laughed, "Seriously, hot monkey sex? Honey, I'm gay.. I'm not a monkey. And no, it didn't happen. Brad's straight, you know that. But I did get asked out. By Matt Kasey."

"Wow," Emily didn't sound very surprised, which confused me. Shrugging it off, I thought maybe she already knew that he liked me or something, "Listen, honey, I have to go, okay? Someone is at my door. I'll talk to you later, alright? Love ya!" Before I could say bye, she hung up. Frowning I looked at my phone for a second before putting it down.

The next night I was finishing getting ready, putting on jeans and a nice button up shirt, when Brad walked in the door. He looked at me and smiled, teasing, "Got a hot date?"

"Actually, yeah," I replied and I ran my fingers through my hair. It was always rather messy at the shorter length I had it cut at, but Emily said that it made me look sexy so I trusted her. Obviously Matt liked it, so I assumed it looked good.

"Oh.." Brad frowned and watched me as straightened out my shirt. He sounded disappointed and surprised at the same time, but I ignored it, assuming he had just wanted to hang out tonight, "Who's the lucky lady?"

"Uhm.." Biting my lower lip I turned to face him. I hadn't told him that I was gay, because he had never asked. Before I could tell him there was a knock at the door. I went to open it and there was Matt, dressed in jeans and a polo.

"Damn, you look good.." He said appreciatively as his eyes ran up and down my body. I blushed, and must have looked like a tomato, "You ready?"

"Yeah," I said, turning to grab my wallet off of my desk when I saw Brad staring at me. He looked shocked and.. something else that I couldn't recognize.

"You're going out with Matt?" He asked quietly.

"Yeah.. listen, Brad, I was going to tell you but.." I hesitated, not knowing what to say.

Matt looked between the two of us with something shining in his eyes, a small smirk on his lips, "As much as I hate interrupting.. we've got to go or else we'll miss the movie. See you later, Brad."

I stared at Brad apologetically before Matt took hold of my hand and pulled me from my room. The movie was rather boring, and as Matt and I sat in my favorite café afterwards we both laughed over how stupid it was. We talked about many things. What we enjoyed, classes, our family, etc. As we were walking around the campus after that, discussing nothing of importance, I was surprised when Matt suddenly pushed me against a large willow tree. I looked up at him with wide eyes as he placed his lips against mine. I hesitated for a moment, not knowing what to do, but when his tongue slowly ran over my bottom lip I whimpered and started returning the kiss.

As I opened my mouth and our tongues entwined, exploring each other's taste, his hands began to roam my body, and mine began to roam his. I was so caught up in the kiss that I was surprised when his hand pushed against my erection. I moaned into his mouth and felt him smirk against mine. He continued to rub my erection for a few minutes as the kiss continued to heat up before he pulled his hand away and I groaned in frustration. Soon, however, I gasped he ground his own denim-clad erection against mine. I tilted my head back and let out a low moan as I thrust back against him. His mouth attached itself to my throat, suckling at the tender skin between my neck and collarbone, and I knew that this would be over soon. The sensations were too much and as Matt's fingers tweaked one I my nipples I gasped as I suddenly exploded, and image of Brad in front of me, rather than Matt. I felt guilty for it and didn't realize when Matt came soon after I did. He slowly kissed his way back up my throat and gently kissed my lips before pulling away and smiling at me. He looked almost sympathetic.

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