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Orgasm Inhibitor


Lisa Malone was a bitch. Everyone knew it. She had gotten a position of power in the office by being absolutely ruthless. She also used her sexy body to her advantage. Lisa Malone knew how to get what she wanted. She had large C cup breasts and her skirts were never below mid-thigh. She had perfect slim legs and washboard abs. Her face was almost angelic. It hid the devil inside.

Needless to say, her love life was pretty dismal. She only saw people for what she could get out of them. Whenever having sex, she always came very quickly and threw whoever it was out on his ass before he could cum too. She didn't care. There was always another suitor she could find.

It was an ordinary Wednesday at the office. Lisa had her own corner office on the 7th floor. She always kept the door locked. She wanted people to have to ask and wait before she would admit them to her presence. She also kept it locked so that she wouldn't have to hear the inane chatter of her co-workers whom she looked down on so much. The door kept sound out surprisingly well.

She was busy with some paperwork when the door opened. She didn't notice at first because it was opened very quietly. The door clicked as it was closed and relocked behind five heavyset guys. She looked up, startled at first, then angry.

"What the hell are you doing here!?" She commanded it more than asked.

One man who seemed to be in charge stepped forward. "I've been looking over thousands of candidates, and guess what? You're the spectacular winner! You get to be the first to try out my newest invention!"

Lisa was still angry at being taken off her guard, but the thought of some sort of prize helped her mood a little. She still didn't know how they got past the locked door.

"That door was locked," she said. "How did you get in?"

"The door was open. Perhaps you forgot to lock it."

Lisa was not pleased with this response at all. "I never forget," she said. "And you still haven't told me who you are."

"Excuse me. My name is Dr. Armand and these are my colleagues, Will John, Cory, and Steve. Now, back to your prize. Why don't you try out the new product immediately?"

"What is it?"

"Let me show you. Boys!" Armand motioned for the boys to move forward. Two came around her desk and grabbed each of her arms. She tried to yank away, but they were much too strong. She was starting to get really mad when she saw one of the other two advancing with a very sharp knife. The last thing she wanted was for someone to damage her perfect skin! "Let me go right now before I call security! Maybe I'll let you off with a warning, and maybe I'll prosecute until you're all in jail! I have friends in high places. I can make your lives miserable!" She still managed to sound commanding despite the situation.

"Certainly you could try to call security, but your phone's been disconnected, and your co-workers certainly know not to come knocking on your door unless something urgent comes up, and often not even then. You could try screaming. Of course the walls are practically soundproof and we'd cut you up if you did. No one would hear and you'd be quite dead. If you want to get out of this with your life, I suggest you cooperate. Although, I must admit, it is interesting when the test subjects don't cooperate. That's when the boys have the most fun." He spoke as if he were reading the news. He seemed totally unemotional as if what he was doing was run-of-the-mill. Lisa was appalled but she didn't have many options left. If they thought they could do this and walk away unharmed, they had another thing coming. Lisa never let anything go. But vengeance would come later. Now she had to play it smooth. "So what is this mysterious invention?" she asked, her tone betraying none of the rage she was feeling.

"Oh I think you'll like it. It's called the orgasm inhibitor. Allow me to demonstrate." At that, Will, the one with the knife, advanced and started to cut the clothes off of Lisa's body. She was absolutely seething, but she knew that now wasn't the time. Soon she'd have these imbeciles where she wanted them. Then she'd do much worse than destroy some clothes. She'd destroy their lives and the lives of anyone they were close to.

By this time, Will had cut off most of Lisa's clothes leaving only her bra and panties still on. He cut off the bra and her perky breasts came bouncing out. Then he cut off her lacy lingerie to expose her beautiful shaved pussy. Lisa tried to play it cool, but her eyes betrayed the rage she was feeling. Armand stepped up and smiled. "Here we have the orgasm inhibitor." He held up a strange device that almost looked like a giant dildo. It was as large around as his wrist and nearly 12 inches long. Lisa started to become worried. Armand turned on a little switch at its base. It started to hum and coat itself in fluids.

"It is covering itself in a lubricant and some aphrodisiacs. I want you aroused for the experiment to be a success," he said.

"It'll need a lot more lubricant than that to get in my pussy. It's far too large," Lisa said. She was starting to get worried.

"No, no, no. This doesn't go in your pussy; that's for us to use. This goes in your ass."

Lisa's face turned stark white. She was an anal virgin. She had never let a man put his dick in her ass or even her mouth for that matter. All that had ever mattered to her was her own pleasure. "Y-you can't! It's too large! I've never had anything up there before!" Armand smiled. Finally she had started to seem afraid. That part was half the fun. He'd have her begging by the end.

Slowly Armand began to push the oi towards her ass. One of the boys kept her mouth clamped shut. She started to struggle, but they were much too strong for her. Immediately as the oi touched her asshole, the lubricants and aphrodisiacs started to do their jobs. Her ass opened slightly as more pressure was put on her sphincter. Finally, her ass parted and the oi started to go in. At first the going was very tough. Her muffled screams were almost constant. It was halfway in and she could feel herself bleeding. She was stretched as she had never been before. It was almost too much for her. She nearly passed out, but she didn't allow herself to be weak and give in to the pain. She'd show them. Armand kept pushing until finally the gigantic oi was in all the way. Lisa continued to writhe in pain for a while until finally her ass became accustomed to the invasion and the pain started to lessen. One of the boys had been taking notes of the entire thing. He quickly wrote down the time it took for a virgin ass to take all of the oi. Still, despite all of the horrible pain in one of her most sensitive areas, Lisa refused to shed a tear. Lisa had been called many names, but never weak. She was as hard as ice. Armand simply had to bide his time to wait for that ice to melt.

"Now our fun begins. Not that that wasn't fun, my dear," Armand said. At this, the boys brought out some rope and a gag and tied her up. Lisa briefly wondered why they hadn't done so sooner. She quickly found out that they hadn't needed their hands free before as they did now. All four of the boys including Armand started to undress. Lisa had never been in even a three-way before. One man was more than enough to get her off. It might have been fun to have a second man there so that she could taunt one while fucking the other; she would have cracked up for days over that, but she simply didn't have the endurance to take on two guys. Her train of thought was interrupted by Armand's rock hard dick poking at her pussy. He was 10 inches long. With a penis that big, it shouldn't take her long at all to get off.

Armand started off slow, teasing her clit. Her clit was extremely sensitive. Usually when someone did that, she came instantly and was through for the night. This time however, despite the aphrodisiacs being pumped into her ass, she couldn't seem to cum. Every time she got close, the oi in her ass would start to vibrate. Once it started humming, she was no less aroused or enjoying the sex any less, but she just didn't seem to be able to cum.

She was starting to get more wet than she ever had before. It was driving her mad. She needed to get fucked immediately. "Fuck me, now! Stick your fucking prick in my cunt!" She commanded.

"Like this?" Armand asked as he teased her by rubbing his cock along her slit.

"Goddammit! Fuck me now!" she ordered once more.

"You're not really in a position to order any of us around. I'm afraid that if you want our cocks, you'll have to beg for them. You're also going to take all of us in your mouth too. I know you've never given oral sex before. We've researched you quite a bit."

Normally this little speech would have enraged her, but now all that she could think about was how turned on she was. She needed a fucking more than she had ever needed it before in her life. Her clit was pounding constantly and it wasn't helping that Armand was still rubbing his cock along her slit. She had never taken a cock in her mouth and had never intended to, but maybe she could just this once... only until she got off. It wouldn't be long if only one of them would start fucking her pussy. They'd never get to cum at least. She'd never have to taste their disgusting semen. She had one more moment of indecision. How could she beg? How could she beg her rapists for their cocks? How could she beg from anyone? She convinced herself that it would just be like lying. She'd certainly done that many times before. It wouldn't be like she was really begging, right? Of course not. She'd use them now by telling them what they wanted to hear. "Fine. Please, stick your cocks in my cunt."

"I'm afraid you'll have to do better than that," Cory said.

By this time she was almost frantic with her desire to cum and relieve all of this sexual tension that had been building. "Please, please fuck me! I beg you! Just please stick your cocks in my cunt!"

"Since you ask so nicely..." Armand said. He shoved his cock in to the hilt. With all the lubrication the aphrodisiacs provided, he had almost no resistance. Armand started to jackhammer her cunt. Lisa was rolling in waves of ecstasy. It wasn't so bad having to beg if this was the reward! She came close to passing out. The oi was almost constantly humming now. From a corner of her mind, Lisa suddenly thought, "I'm not cumming. What if he comes first! What if he comes inside my pussy and gets me pregnant? I've never lasted long enough for it to matter. He has to stop!"

"Please, don't come inside of me. I'm ovulating. You might get me pregnant! It would ruin my career!" Se started to beg in earnest.

Armand was starting to get close. Years of having the woman cum before him had inspired him to create the oi. Finally he would be able to finish first and turn the tables.

"Fear not, my dear. I have no intention of making you pregnant. That would only complicate matters." She breathed a sigh of relief as he started to pull out. Then all of a sudden he shoved it back in again. He gave a couple of quick strokes as she realized what was going on. "Noooooooo!" she screamed as he let go spurt after spurt of sticky cum. He was coating her fertile womb. For the first time throughout the entire ordeal, she began to cry. It was almost too much for her to bear. "Oh my sweet," Armand said. "Don't cry. There's lots more where this came from." At his signal, all four of the boys pounced on her. John shoved himself in her mouth as Cory started fucking her already cumsoaked pussy. Will and Steve each grabbed one of her large luscious tits and started sucking. After Cory shot another wad of sperm in her cunt and John sprayed the first cum ever in her mouth, they changed positions. Two would relax and suck her breasts as the other two would fuck her mouth and cunt. The whole time the orgasm inhibitor was humming. The boys had a lot of endurance and every now and then Armand would join in again for another round.

5 hours later, almost everyone in the office had gone home except for one lonely janitor... and the group in the corner office on the 7th floor. Lisa had reached a truly brain-dead state. She could hardly respond to anything anymore. The worst part yet was that she knew she was pregnant. Her life was changed forever. The whole time the aphrodisiacs continued to pump. She was on the brink of insanity. For five hours she had been unable to cum. The boys were finally beginning to slow down. She lay tied and prone on the table as cum dripped from her soaked cunt and semen mixed with her saliva dripped from her mouth. Armand slowly walked up to the nearly comatose Lisa. He reached towards her ass and the oi. The very tip with the on/off switch was barely sticking out. He reached towards the button. He was very interested to see what the effect would be. He flipped the switch.

Lisa had been in a state of almost no conscious thought. Then suddenly, the humming stopped. It was as if her whole world had turned upside down. She nearly threw up all the semen she had just been forced to swallow. Her clit was pounding maddeningly. She started convulsing uncontrollably. She strained against her bonds. She was caught up in the most powerful orgasm of her life. Her orgasms before had been good enough. But this... her mind was blown. She kept thinking one thought after another, things that she'd never have thought of before today. She thought of how good it had felt, how she had finally had men come inside of her, how she was pregnant. It was almost too much for her to take.

Armand removed the oi while she was orgasming. She hadn't even noticed. That told him more than anything what she must be going through. Finally his invention was a success. He and the boys left Lisa, still orgasming, tied up to her desk, and covered in semen to be discovered by her co-workers the next day.

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