tagLoving WivesOrgasm Island Pt. 01

Orgasm Island Pt. 01


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Susan Reynolds was sitting at the kitchen table going through the mail when her husband Mark came in through the door to the garage. Mark looked at his beautiful wife and smiled. She was sitting there staring at what looked like a letter of some type. She was breathing rapidly, her face was flushed, and her eyes were wide. Mark was suddenly worried about her and went to sit beside her. As Mark sat down, she jumped.

"Oh my!" she croaked.

"What's the matter, dear?" Mark asked.

"Nothing, nothing at all," she said folding the letter she was reading.

"What's that letter about?"

"Nothing important," she replied her eyes darting everywhere except to look at Mark.

"May I read it?"

Susan sighed, dropped her head and handed the letter to Mark.

"It's addressed to you anyway. I opened it by mistake," Susan croaked.

Mark took the letter from his lovely wife and opened it. He glanced at it without reading the words on the page. It was handwritten in a very elegant script. He turned the letter face down on the table, turning to his wife.

"What in this letter scared you so much?" he asked.

"I wasn't scared," she replied.

"Yes, you were, among other emotions."

"All right, but please don't hate me," Susan begged.

"I will never hate you, Susan. You are my wife. I took a vow to love you for the rest of our lives."

"Oh god! Okay, here goes. That letter turned me on so much that I was frightened to death."


"I was scared that you would want to go."

"Go where?" Mark asked looking at the overturned letter.

"To the place, the letter is inviting us," Susan squeaked.

"Ah!" Mark said.

He still didn't know what she was talking about, but he was now intrigued by his wife's reaction. Susan just looked at her husband. He wasn't smiling or frowning. He didn't know anything about the letter.

"You should read the letter," she said softly.

"I want you to tell me what's in the letter," said Mark.

"NO! You read it while I go to another room." Susan stood, Mark grabbed her hand gently.

"No, my dear, please sit down," Mark said.

Susan dropped her head, her chin on her upper chest. Reluctantly, she sat back down. Mark turned the letter over without looking at it, instead, he watched his wife. Her eyes were drawn to the letter on the table. Mark watched her shiver.

"Calm down, sweetheart," Mark said.

Susan just nodded, still staring at the letter.

"Do you want me to read it out loud?" asked Mark.

"NO! I know..."

"Okay, okay, calm down, dear."

Mark finally looked at the letter and started to read.

~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~

Mr. Mark Reynolds

18 N. Hollister Road

Northbrook, Il. 60319

David Johnston

VP Social Organizers

Hedo Resorts Unlimited, L.L.C.

Orgasm Island, Pacific Ocean 10-90945

Dear Sir,

You have been chosen to receive an all-expense paid trip to our wonderful island resort. How you have been chosen is by members of our organization. At least four member couples have submitted you and your wife for membership and a free trip for a week to our grand resort on the remote Orgasm Island. After this trip, you and your spouse will have to decide if would like to become members or not.

The island is located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, not all that distant from Hawaii. Enclosed you will find airline tickets for you and your spouse which will get you to Hawaii. It is a non-stop flight out of Chicago O'Hare airport. From Hawaii, you will take an airplane capable of landing on water as our island has no airport. We do however have a dock which the aircraft can dock at.

Now to explain a little about our island. You will need no clothes. You can wear the same clothes home that you wear to get here. Once in your hut, air-conditioned, by the way, you will have to disrobe before coming out to enjoy our island. I hope you and your spouse understand that clothing is not optional, you must remain nude for the entire week you are here.

Now for the rules: No means NO. Anything else goes.

If you have any questions while you are here, ask a member. Members will be wearing yellow wristbands. All others will be wearing red.

Yellow members require no condoms with another yellow member.

Red members will require condoms with everyone, except your spouse. No exceptions.

I hope you enjoy your stay with us and we hope to see you as members soon.

Yours Sincerely,

David Johnston

VP Social Organizers

Hedo Resorts Unlimited

~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~

"Wow!" Mark said.

"That's what I thought," Susan replied. "Who could have sent something like this?"

"I have no idea. Michelle and George?" Mark asked.

"Yeah, right. Mr. and Mrs. Ultra Conservative," Susan replied laughing.

"Well, then who?"

"They probably won't tell us until we become members," Susan said softly.

"Probably," replied Mark. "Unless of course, we recognize someone there. What do you think? Should we go?"

Mark was smiling at his wife. Susan had her head down, staring at the table top. She was shaking her head almost imperceptibly.

"I don't know, yes... no... god, I can't decide. Do you think we should?"

"What's wrong sweetheart?" Mark asked.

"I can't think straight. Ever since I read that letter, my mind is in turmoil and I don't know why?"

"What part of the letter cause this?" Mark asked but he thought he knew.

"The last group of sentences about armbands and condom use and the rules," Susan squeaked.

"What about them?" Mark asked softly rubbing her arm. She didn't shy away from him. In fact, his rubbing causes her to pop out in goosebumps.

"What they mean," Susan croaked.

"What do you think they mean?" asked Mark smiling at his distraught wife.

"That everyone will be fucking everyone else," she growled.

"The first rule and only rule, no means no, is pretty clear you don't have to do anything you don't want to do," said Mark.

"I know."


"I can't," Sue almost shouted.

"Can't what?"

Susan turned her head and glared at her husband.

"You really want me to say it?"

"Say what, honey?"

"That I want to get fucked by all kinds of different men, and that's all I can think about since reading that letter?" she yelled at Mark.

"And there it is." Mark smiled at her chuckling under his breath.

"You would like that, wouldn't you? You have been after me for almost the last ten of our fifteen years we have been married to take someone besides you to bed. All your suggestions about me fucking some strange cock have had an effect on me and this place would be right up your alley," Susan growled.

"Susan, I will never, ever make you do anything you don't want to do. You have the power to say NO. You have told me no, many times in the past fifteen years, haven't you?"

"Yes," Susan whispered her head now down so Mark couldn't see the lust in her eyes.

"You want to go?"

"Yes. Do you hate me?"


"That's what you say now. But after I fuck a couple of dozen good looking guy with big dicks, you'll change your mind, I know you will," she said so softly that Mark almost didn't understand her.

Mark smiled. He wanted to laugh, but he knew better.

"No, I won't."

"Do you want to go?" Susan asked.


Susan gasped. Then she was in her husband's arms. He was hugging her. She was hugging him. They sat there for a long time. Mark finally let go of her, pushing her back so he could look into her eyes. He saw lust, love, and a half dozen other emotions as she stared back at him. Susan shivered, reached up, put her hand behind Mark's head and pulled his lips to hers, hard. She kissed him with more passion than she had in the last couple year of their marriage.

Mark, surprised by her ardent kiss, pushed his tongue through her lips into her mouth. Susan groaned as Mark's tongue fought with hers. When Mark's hand caressed her breast, the air exploded from her lungs causing her to pulled away from Mark to catch her breath. This hadn't happened to her since so long ago that she barely remembered when.

"Oh god, I had an orgasm from just your touch," Susan gasped breathing hard. "Oh, Christ!"

Susan shook with another small orgasm as she told Mark about her first orgasm. Mark just smiled at her as she shook and shivered. She still had her arm outstretched, her hand holding onto her husband's shoulder.

"You know I love you," said Susan softly.

"I do, honey, I do. I love you too. Don't ever forget that," replied Mark reaching out and taking Sue's chin in his hand.

"I won't and I know you do. What does that say about the tickets and stuff?" Susan asked.

"So you really want to go?"

"You said you do," she said.

"I do. I guess you do too. Let's see, where is the envelope it came in... there, I have it," Mark said as he picked up the envelope.

He dumped out the rest of the papers inside. Two tickets floated to the table top. Picking them up, Mark looked them over.

"Looks like we leave in two weeks from yesterday," Mark said.

"Two weeks?"

"What? We both have to arrange for time off from work and..."

"And what? We don't need to pack much, just a small bag for out toiletries."

"True. Well, we have to get vacation time."

"That shouldn't be hard. Neither of us has taken a vacation in a very long time," said Susan.

"Okay, Monday, we have to remember to get our vacation time."

"Oh, I'll remember. If you don't there will be trouble. Would you like for me to call you?" Sue asked.

"No, I'll remember. What would you like to do tonight?" asked Mark.

"Let's go dancing. We haven't done that in a long time."

"Okay, I need a shower first," said Mark.

"Me too," Susan said.

Both slipped off the chairs they were sitting on and headed for the master bathroom. They both stripped out of their clothes and got in the shower.

"Will two weeks be enough time?" Mark asked.

"Enough time for what?"

"Enough time for you to get on the pill?"

"But they have to use a condom with me," Susan replied.

"Ah, yes they do. Okay, but if we become members..."

"If we do, then I'll get on the pill before we go to the island again."

"Just thinking ahead is all," Mark replied rinsing the soap off his face, smiling.


For the first year after their marriage, they had tried everything they could to get Susan pregnant to no avail. They saw all kinds of doctors who could find a thing wrong with Susan. It wasn't a problem with Susan, it was a problem with Mark. A childhood injury on a new bike had rendered him sterile. At the time of the accident, they didn't have the technology to see what was wrong. After trying for a year without success, their doctor had an MRI done. What they found was that his vas deferens tubes had been crushed and would not let sperm into his semen. Hence his testicles had stopped producing sperm. They still produced plenty of testosterone, just no active sperm.

Mark and Susan had tried artificial insemination, but Mark's sperm wasn't modal, alive. They were both so depressed after finding that out, they both went to therapy. After about a year they were both better and their love for each other was stronger. Over the years they grew closer. Other couples who suffered this problem usually grew apart. Mark and Sue were truly in love. They talked about using a sperm donor, but Susan wanted Mark's baby, not some stranger she didn't know. They also talked about adoption, but in the end, they tabled adoption talks until a later time.


Both were now dressed for their night out. Mark in a nice dark blue suit with a black shirt and white tie. Susan was in a sexy black dress, low cut in the front and even lower in the back. The back of the dress started just above the cleft of her ass. The front showed off a lot of her cleavage. Of course, she wore no bra. Only Susan knew if she was wearing panties. As they walked out the front door, Mark felt her ass and found no panties. He chuckled as they climbed into his car.

Their first stop was a very nice restaurant where they had dinner and drinks. The food was almost perfect and the service that Susan received was excellent. Mark chuckled all through dinner as the male servers all made a stop at the table to find out if everything was okay for her. Of course, their eyes never left Susan's boobs. After dinner, they went to their favorite dance club. There was a live band tonight, so there was a slight cover charge which Mark gladly paid.

Inside they found a table at the edge of the dance floor. A waitress dressed in practically nothing at all came and took their drink order. Susan was having wine, Mark, beer. They sat awhile. Watched the band and the other dancers. When a slow set came up, Mark stood with his hand extended to his lovely, sexy wife. Susan smiled up at him, took his hand, and stepped into his arms. Mark held her tight as they danced their way to the middle of the dance floor.

Looking down, Mark could see his wife's breasts pressed against his chest. He nibbled on her earlobe and felt her shiver.

"I love you," he whispered.

"I love you so much it hurts," replied Susan pressing her pelvis against his hardening cock.

Mark gasped as she pressed against him. He kissed her soft neck just below her ear. Susan shivered again, this time groaning. She was so excited, she could feel her pussy leaking fluid down her legs. Mark groaned as she once more pressed against his hard cock. They danced for three songs. Then took a break and sat at their table. Their drinks had been refreshed, so they sat looking into each other's eyes while sipping them.

When the next slow set came up, a man approached the table and asked Susan to dance. She looked at Mark. Mark looked at the man, who looked at him and nodded. Mark reached across the table and patted Susan's hand as he nodded at here. She stood, taking the strangers hand. He led her out on the dance floor. He pulled her into his arms and they started to dance. Slowly and closely.

Mark watched his wife dancing with a stranger. He was even more excited watching her move around the dance floor. The way her hips swayed and how her feet moved following the stranger's dance moves. He also witnessed her pressing her pelvis against his crotch. He gasped as he saw the stranger move his hand down and caress her ass through her dress.

Susan didn't object, so the stranger left his hand there, giving her ass a gentle squeeze. Mark could have sworn that he heard her gasp as he squeezed her again. The next time Susan's back came around so Mark could see, he was surprised that the man's hand was now down inside her dress caressing her bare ass cheeks. He growled when he saw that, but didn't object. Neither, it looked like, was Susan objecting to this stranger taking liberties with her.

When the set ended, the stranger brought Susan back like a gentleman. He thanked Mark, then thanked Susan. Susan sat smiling at Mark as the stranger walked slowly away from their table.

"Do you want to invite him to join us?" Susan asked shyly.

"No. Not yet," Mark croaked at her question.

Mark was surprised by what she had asked him.

"Do you?" Mark asked.

"No, not yet. Maybe after," replied Susan.

"After? After what?" asked Mark.

"After the island. I'm not really ready..."

"Me either, believe it or not," said Mark.

Susan giggled. Mark chuckled. Then both looked at each other with fire in their eyes.

"Take me home. I need to get fucked. I don't want you making love to me until later. I need to get fucked and fucked hard." Susan stood up looking down at Mark with fire in her eyes.

Mark stood, reached over and took her hand in his and escorted her out to the car. As they drove home, Susan had her hand under her dress. Mark could hear her fingers making squishy sounds. She was fucking herself as he drove. She had only done this on rare occasions before when she had been really turned on. She came twice on the way home.

"You better stop that or you'll be too sore to let me fuck you," Mark told her as he pulled into the garage.

"No I won't, I promise," she replied opening her door and almost running to the door into the house.

Mark followed, chuckling to himself. It had been a long time since he had seen his wife so worked up from just dancing. It had been a long time since she had danced with anyone else but him though. When he got to the bedroom, Susan was lying on the bed working her finger in and out of her pussy. He smiled down at her as he took off his clothes and folded them neatly over the chair by his closet. Once naked, his hard cock leading the way, he climbed on the bed and moved up to where Susan lay.

"Oh my god, I'm so fucking hot," growled Susan watching her husband.

Mark stopped looking down at her pussy as her fingers slammed into herself.

"No, just stick your hard cock in me and fuck the shit out of me," Susan cried out.

Nodding, Mark, moved up over his wife, looking down into her eyes. He saw her lust, besides that was love with a little fear. He smiled down at her.

"You have nothing to fear from me, ever," whispered Mark.

"I know. It's not you I'm afraid of." Susan reached down between them taking Mark's cock in her soft hand and placing it at her entrance. "Now push it inside me hard."

Mark grunted as he pushed into her as hard as he could.

"Oh god," screamed Susan as Mark's cock hit bottom.

"Did I hurt..."

"No questions, just fuck me, fuck me hard," said Susan softly.

Mark pulled out and slammed into his wife again. She didn't scream this time, just grunted, they both gasped as their pelvis' slammed together crushing her clit between them. Mark slammed into her over and over, watching her face as he did. She was still showing a trace of fear, but her lust and love for him was slowly wiping that fear away. Mark wasn't anywhere near being close to an orgasm as the first of many overwhelmed Susan's body.

Mark continued to slam into his wife as hard and fast as he could. Sweat was dripping from his hair down onto her face. She just smiled up at him when her face wasn't contorted into her orgasm face. Then her eyes rolled up into her head and she went limp. Mark was thinking he should stop, but he was slowly getting to his orgasm, so he kept fucking her. Then he was there. Susan's eyes opened, her hips began to buck up against him once again and he was splashing his cum deep into her pussy.

"Oh fucking hell," Susan growled as her hips bucked. "I'm coming, I'm coming."

"Me too babe, me too," shouted Mark, his hips now still, his cock jammed right up against her cervix as he shot rope after rope of pearl white semen into his wife's womb.

Susan's legs were wrapped around her husband holding him in place. Mark didn't even try to move as Susan pulled him down on top of her.

"God I love you so much," she whispered.

"I love you," Mark said softly.

Susan groaned as she relaxed her legs and arms. Mark pulled out of her body and move to her side. He kissed her lips gently. Susan sighed at his touch. Pulling their mouths apart they looked into each other's eyes. Mark once again saw that slight bit of fear along with the lust and love.

"What are you afraid of, sweetheart?" asked Mark.


"I can see the fear in your eyes, honey. What it is that you fear?"

"Oh god, everything and nothing. The island and what will happen there."


"What will happen there will change our lives. Don't tell me it won't, because it will. You will look at me differently. Like the way you are looking at me right now."

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