tagExhibitionist & VoyeurOrgasm on the Green

Orgasm on the Green


It was such a beautiful evening, and it felt so nice to go for a walk together. We were holding hands like young sweethearts and I loved it. I'm always a sucker for romance, even things as simple as holding hands while going for a walk. Our conversation was so engaging that we didn't realize how far we'd gone. Before long we were at the golf course. It was almost dusk, and we decided to walk around on the expansive course.

I took off my shoes because always I loved the way the well-kept grass felt under my feet, especially with the evening dew starting to form. You decided to take off your shoes as well. There we were, holding hands, carrying our shoes, talking and smiling at each other. Every time you looked into my eyes in that certain way, I started to melt. And now you were looking at me that way again. I began to get some naughty ideas, and I'd have sworn you were reading my thoughts.

We stopped on the hill at the ninth hole green to watch the sunset. You wrapped your arms around me and held me tightly as we watched the sky change from blue to purple, orange, yellow with flares of red and pink. It was an incredible evening and an amazing sunset. Being there with you made everything so much more intense and enjoyable. You leaned over and kissed the side of my neck. I giggled and squirmed a little.

I always get so turned on when you kiss my neck. You know it is my weakness and you often play on that. You continued to kiss my neck, working your way to my ear offering light flicks of your tongue across the lobe. A huge smile came across my face and soft moans escaped my throat as you continued to kiss my neck. Your lips found their way to my face, kissing my jaw, my cheeks, my closed eyelids, my forehead. Moans continued to sing from me as I reveled in the feelings you were creating deep inside me.

You slowly lowered your lips to mine and kissed me ever so sweetly. It was as though our lips were made for each other's. Your kisses tasted so sweet as your tongue began to explore inside my mouth. Our kissing became more passionate and our breath quickened. Our tongues intertwined, wrestling and moving together like snakes. The passion from your kisses excited me in such a way that I felt as though I may not be able to control myself. And once again, it was like you were reading my mind.

Your strong hands began to explore my wanting body. You let your hands feel my back, run along my sides, around my waist, down my hips. I continued to moan as we kissed and you caressed me. My arms were around your neck, while my fingers were running through your hair, massaging your head. Kissing you and feeling your hands on my body was sending me into that wonderful place. The passion continued to build as you slid your hands under my shirt. You cupped my breasts with both hands and began to kiss down my neck again. I loved the way you touched me, massaged my breasts, then reached inside my bra.

Your fingers found their way to my nipples, which were already hard from excitement. You pinched them both at the same time between your fingers and thumbs. Your playing with my nipples always got me so excited and you knew it. You pulled my shirt up over my head and unhooked my bra and let it fall to the ground. You took a moment to look at my beautiful tits, nipples hard, exposed to you and the world. You leaned your head down and took one nipple into your mouth. Sucking and nibbling on my nipple began to send me into a frenzy. It felt so good to have your mouth on me. You squeezed my boobs close together and tried to lick and suckle both nipples at once. My breathing kept getting more and more labored as my excitement continued to grow.

You lifted your head and began to kiss me passionately again and my hands worked over your body. The bulge in your pants was getting huge and I could tell your cock was straining to be set free. I reached my hand down and rubbed your raging mound through your pants. I could feel the heat even through your jeans. I unbuttoned then unzipped your pants as we continued to kiss. I reached my hand in to feel your stiffness. I was going insane from the intensity of pleasure, and I wanted to release your cock from the constraint of your pants and hold it longingly in my hand.

As I pushed your jeans down off your hips, you reciprocated with my pants, pushing them down off my hips as well. We both stepped out of our pants and I quickly removed your shirt, so that we were both standing naked in the wide-open expanse of grass and hills. The sun had completely set and it was starting to get dark. We were like wild animals pawing at each other's bodies and kissing madly. The excitement of being naked outside on this public golf course was creating such intense heat between us.

Your hands found their way to the moist folds of my waiting pussy as you slid a finger inside me. With your arm around me, your other hand grabbed my ass tightly. You continued to push your finger inside my wet hole and then added a second. You reached in deeper and massaged me lovingly, driving me wild. You were pulling at my ass cheek, spreading it as best you could with one hand. All this passion was making me crazy with pleasure and I couldn't wait to have you inside me.

But first I wanted to taste your sweet cock and enjoy it with my mouth. After another long passionate kiss, I knelt down in front of you, so thrilled to see your rock hard pole waiting for me. I slowly parted my lips and let my tongue explore the tight skin on the head of your dick. You shivered with excitement as I licked and slurped at the head. The intensity of this encounter was becoming too much and I thrust your entire cock deep into my mouth, deep into my throat. I began a wondrous rhythm that proved to be a little too much for you.

"Wait, stop, you're going to make me cum," you managed to mumble between moans. "And I want to make love to you here in the grass."

So you knelt down beside me, looked deep into my eyes and began kissing me again. Your hands were fast and strong, running all over my body, grabbing at me, pleasing me. We laid down together and you rolled me onto my back and spread apart my legs. My pussy was so hot and wet from all the foreplay that I was completely ready to take you in. You guided your hard cock into my sweet wet well and plunged it as deeply as it would go. You pumped into me as your eyes closed and our moans became louder and louder.

I swung my legs up as high as they would go, with my knees somewhere around my ears. Your cock went deep into the recesses of my pussy and the pleasure was so great for us both. We groaned in unison as we built an incredible rhythm. The feeling of the dewy grass beneath my back and seeing the night sky above was euphoric. I loved fucking you in the wide open, fucking you on the well-manicured green of the ninth hole. You continued to thrust your hard cock deep into my pussy, harder and harder, while your balls slapped against my ass. You grabbed at my breasts and pinched a nipple while you sucked on then bit into my neck.

Our intercourse became so intense and your moaning got louder. You began to call out my name as you continued to work your sweet cock into my dripping wet pussy. You stared into my eyes as our pleasure came to its peak. You reached down and began to rub and massage my clit with your strong thumb. You were determined that we'd cum together and it seemed to be working. The intensity of this ecstasy grew and grew and my eyes started to roll back and my moans surpassed yours. You began to grunt and mumble something incoherently as I started to scream out in pleasure.

"Yes, Yes, YES!"

My pussy began to throb with such intensity that you could feel it squeezing your shaft. My entire body started to tense and shake as my orgasm reached incredible heights. Your body reacted in kind as your cock began to throb and pump out its luscious juices. We both throbbed and shook seemingly forever. After our climax, our bodies relaxed, and you fell down on top of me. You held me tightly and kissed me again and we both smiled basking in the marvelous afterglow of orgasm.

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