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So here you go all...this is what I do in my sapre time other than the threads, have fun with other lit users..if anyone else is interested AIM me.

Crimson_Eyes626 (9:24:05 PM): hello sorry I was a bit late

Crimson_Eyes626 (9:24:20 PM): How long do you have left?

"Rogue_13" (9:24:23 PM): it's ok... helping a friend with his needs

"Rogue_13" (9:24:29 PM): till 11:30

Crimson_Eyes626 (9:24:33 PM): Hehe oh really?

Crimson_Eyes626 (9:24:42 PM): Might I with yours?

"Rogue_13" (9:25:05 PM): Honey I am fresh out

Crimson_Eyes626 (9:25:13 PM): Oh really how is that?

Crimson_Eyes626 (9:25:49 PM): -evil grin, my eyes flash crimson-

"Rogue_13" (9:25:59 PM): simple... no energy for me....you wore me out again...no lie... that was enough for me tonight ((Swear, the last one was at least two hours ago))

Crimson_Eyes626 (9:26:21 PM): Well shall I try and create some energy then?

Crimson_Eyes626 (9:26:40 PM): -my lips curved into a smirk as two fangs grew parallel to each side-

"Rogue_13" (9:26:54 PM): ::shivers::

Crimson_Eyes626 (9:27:34 PM): My tongue slowly gliding against my entire set of teeth top and bottom, I coated my lips in saliva as well.

Crimson_Eyes626 (9:28:35 PM): Letting out a dark laugh, I took one step, taking off my glasses to reveal a "wolf in sheep's clothing", so to speak.

Crimson_Eyes626 (9:29:14 PM): Closing my eyes, I placed them into the case designed for them and continued to walk towards you.

"Rogue_13" (9:29:38 PM): ohh Mikei-kun... what's happened?

Crimson_Eyes626 (9:30:52 PM): "You say you have no more energy left, I must bring some back..." Crimson blood once oozing was now soaring through my entire bloodstream as my heart began to pump wildly, after I had opened my eyes, they became a deep shade of crimson.

"Rogue_13" (9:31:30 PM): I reach out and touch your face gently

Crimson_Eyes626 (9:32:54 PM): Now up close to you, I let my nose take a long whiff of your great scent, lowering my head down to your pussy and traveling all the way up past your expanded bosom and to the endless amount of flowing strands of your hair.

Crimson_Eyes626 (9:34:11 PM): "Mmm...." I let out a deep exhale, as I had not taken a single other inhale from that last manuever except for that. "Smells good, I wonder I should feast on you...or pleasure you until you are bone-dry again...."

"Rogue_13" (9:35:10 PM): I lean my naked neck towards you....

Crimson_Eyes626 (9:36:04 PM): "So many wonderful choices..." I said, laughing evilly as my index finger grew a sharp nail, I slowly dragged it against your skin from your neck, all the way to your breasts, cutting every single last button against your shirt, knowing it was only a matter of time now...

Crimson_Eyes626 (9:36:28 PM): ((So how is this for a fire-starter?))

"Rogue_13" (9:37:14 PM): ((good very good))

"Rogue_13" (9:37:26 PM): ((you should write...))

Crimson_Eyes626 (9:38:05 PM): My two hands grasping onto the fabric of your shirt, I grabbed it tight and pulled it from your body your bra and flustered breasts were all that were left, I dragged my long slippery tongue against the left one, coating in a trail of hot saliva.

Crimson_Eyes626 (9:39:23 PM): Moving back up, I gave one a minute long kiss, adding pressure against your lips and drggaing one finger down your body, traveling down the various curves of your body before touching the goal...

Crimson_Eyes626 (9:40:18 PM): Letting my middle finger slide inside, I managed to close my index finger and ring finger around your clit rolling it around with a lustful stare in my eyes.

Crimson_Eyes626 (9:40:35 PM): "How does that feel babe?"

"Rogue_13" (9:41:25 PM): Wonderful.... My eyes close and I roll my hips against your fingers

Crimson_Eyes626 (9:41:33 PM): ((Have I made you cum already, naughty me.))

"Rogue_13" (9:41:46 PM): ....yes...

Crimson_Eyes626 (9:41:53 PM): ((Times?))

"Rogue_13" (9:41:58 PM): God you are evil

"Rogue_13" (9:42:00 PM): 4

Crimson_Eyes626 (9:42:09 PM): ((But oh so divine...))

"Rogue_13" (9:42:17 PM): mmm yes

Crimson_Eyes626 (9:43:10 PM): I told you not to move as I pulled my index finger away from your clit and instead, slipped my ring finger in your pussy as well, using my index finger and pinky finger to push your hips open.

"Rogue_13" (9:44:03 PM): I inhale through my teeth, moaning at the feeling

Crimson_Eyes626 (9:44:27 PM): Now in a devil horn like gesture, the two folded in finger began to rock gently back and forth while my sharpened claw of a finger loosened your bra clasps, cutting through them like butter.

Crimson_Eyes626 (9:45:11 PM): ((I told you I would give you more energy didn't I?))

Crimson_Eyes626 (9:46:03 PM): Biting into my "claw" after it had performed it's dutties, I grabbed your breast firmy into my hand, gently letting my teeth graze against your neck.

"Rogue_13" (9:46:33 PM): Ahh.... darling please!

Crimson_Eyes626 (9:47:32 PM): With the right amount of suckling and nibbling at your neck, I gave you a few hickeys, giving out a cold breath against the areas of warm saliva to givee you a shivering sensation, my finger pulsing into your, I could feel your muscles contract against them.

Crimson_Eyes626 (9:47:47 PM): ((Loving this?))

"Rogue_13" (9:48:25 PM): ((YES!!! OMG that's it you need to write for literotica))

Crimson_Eyes626 (9:48:53 PM): ((mmm alrighty then, I will come up with a good story to put on there.))

"Rogue_13" (9:49:29 PM): ((brb))

Crimson_Eyes626 (9:49:39 PM): ((Ok))

"Rogue_13" (9:52:42 PM): ((back w food))

Crimson_Eyes626 (9:53:39 PM): ((Well just don't stain your food with teh cum))

"Rogue_13" (9:53:53 PM): (dressing)

"Rogue_13" (9:53:57 PM): mmmm

Crimson_Eyes626 (9:54:08 PM): ((The cum or your have dressing?))

"Rogue_13" (9:54:21 PM): (cum silly)

"Rogue_13" (9:55:17 PM): lol

Crimson_Eyes626 (9:55:21 PM): lol

Crimson_Eyes626 (9:55:52 PM): Dragging my cum-soaked fingers across your lips, I gently let them slide into your mouth, letting your savor the flavor of your own sex.

"Rogue_13" (9:56:34 PM): I suck gently on your fingers::

Crimson_Eyes626 (9:57:57 PM): Lapping up what was left from my fingers, making sure I got every last droplet, I gave you a devilish smile. "You are quite the delicacy...but enough teasing, time to get to the entree..." My hands guiding towards my zipper, I without hesitation, lett it fall down, my cock sprung out and hit your pussy as your were sitting right in front of me, your lap on mine.

"Rogue_13" (9:59:03 PM): Yes.....please...Mikei-kun... love please

Crimson_Eyes626 (9:59:51 PM): I lifted your hips up and in one single move, I shoved you down, not caring about anything but the sheer impact of your pussy being implaed against my cock.

"Rogue_13" (10:00:26 PM): OHH! GODS!

Crimson_Eyes626 (10:01:18 PM): Grabbing your waists, this was the only leverage I would use and use it I did. I forced you up and down, your thighs hit against mine with each and every pleasureable moan I gave out.

"Rogue_13" (10:02:23 PM): I grab onto your shoulders impaling you as deep as you can go

Crimson_Eyes626 (10:03:10 PM): I grabbed your hands and forced them away, pushing you on your back and forcing your legs over my shoulders, rotating my hips against you.

"Rogue_13" (10:03:32 PM): ((good god man where the hell did you learn to cyber like this?))

Crimson_Eyes626 (10:03:57 PM): ((Heh Actually I just picked it up little by little.))

Crimson_Eyes626 (10:04:14 PM): ((Studying the anatomy and what not...))

"Rogue_13" (10:04:36 PM): ((its really good!!))

Crimson_Eyes626 (10:05:37 PM): I could feel your pussy clamp down against me with every pull out, like a woman begging for her husband to return to her, I then let a range of 6 inches slip in and out of you, I wanted to give you a great....no colossal orgasm!

"Rogue_13" (10:06:41 PM): Please...God... so close...ahh...

Crimson_Eyes626 (10:06:49 PM): ((Times?))

"Rogue_13" (10:07:21 PM): ((6 I swear...oh my fucking god))

"Rogue_13" (10:07:39 PM): ((that's it...orgasm therapist))

"Rogue_13" (10:08:20 PM): ((Going for 16?))

"Rogue_13" (10:08:30 PM): ((were at 10))

Crimson_Eyes626 (10:08:32 PM): I grabbed your waists hard and just let my cock rest inside of you, shaking my head. "You don't think I'm going to let you cum right now do you?"

"Rogue_13" (10:09:08 PM): Please....my whole body is shivering with need

Crimson_Eyes626 (10:09:20 PM): "If you want to cum, I want you to beg, plead urge me to let you cum..."

"Rogue_13" (10:10:01 PM): Please....I'll do whatever you want... I'll let you drink me... kill me... use me forever!!

Crimson_Eyes626 (10:10:05 PM): I rotated my hips very slowly, like a clock only a little faster as I laughed at your suffering, just seeing you so helpless and wanton.

Crimson_Eyes626 (10:10:26 PM): "That's what I've wanted to hear all along..."

"Rogue_13" (10:10:45 PM): Oh please love!!! PLEASE!!

"Rogue_13" (10:11:29 PM): ((13))

Crimson_Eyes626 (10:11:41 PM): Then, your need returned with a great intensity again as I moved my hips back and forth, your ass became red as I slammed against your with each thrust, the skin impacting against your thighs deepened in colored as well.

"Rogue_13" (10:12:24 PM): OHH The pain!....it feels soo....

Crimson_Eyes626 (10:12:36 PM): "How does it feeel to let me fuck your pussy...to be so fucking helpless you feel like a helpless little woman lost in the woods looking for salvation?"

"Rogue_13" (10:13:20 PM): I don't care anymore!! USE ME! I'M YOURS DAMNIT!

"Rogue_13" (10:13:43 PM): ((You need to write this one))

Crimson_Eyes626 (10:14:13 PM): "Your orgasm is coming, I can feel your hips buckled, your breasts swelling, your arms wrapping tight around me...mmm feels so fucking great doesn't it?"

Crimson_Eyes626 (10:14:32 PM): ((Got a better idea, how about I put it on literotica as a cyber chat?)

"Rogue_13" (10:14:41 PM): ((God you just said my wish))

"Rogue_13" (10:14:52 PM): ((SN gets changed))

"Rogue_13" (10:15:11 PM): ((my father reads lit religiously))

Crimson_Eyes626 (10:15:15 PM): ((I will be Crimson_Eyes626))

Crimson_Eyes626 (10:15:52 PM): ((Enough with my sepaking time to get down to business...))

"Rogue_13" (10:15:57 PM): ((Rogue_13))

Crimson_Eyes626 (10:16:39 PM): "Cum hard now...I want you to fucking cum all over my cock...then lick up your drooling pussy juices...clean me until I am shining with your sweet saliva..."

"Rogue_13" (10:16:40 PM): ((You reached the goal darling))

"Rogue_13" (10:17:12 PM): mM Thank you!

Crimson_Eyes626 (10:18:08 PM): "Don't thank me, just do it now!" I said, biting into your neck, actually puncturing it gently, wanting the blood which is flowing to your aching pussy to linger against my tongue.

"Rogue_13" (10:18:13 PM): ((God make sure you make me sound good))

"Rogue_13" (10:18:53 PM): Master!!

"Rogue_13" (10:19:23 PM): ((I need to get some sleep lover))

Crimson_Eyes626 (10:19:28 PM): "Slave!" I moaned out as my cock was close to bursting, how couldn't it....this pussy felt so fucking great.

Crimson_Eyes626 (10:19:42 PM): ((Well not yet, first we cum ok))

"Rogue_13" (10:19:51 PM): OK

"Rogue_13" (10:20:01 PM): (Quick))

"Rogue_13" (10:20:20 PM): So close sir...Gods....

Crimson_Eyes626 (10:20:44 PM): Unable to hold it anymore, my breath quickened and my heart felt almost like it was stopping as I shot blast ofter blast into your steamy pussy.

"Rogue_13" (10:21:00 PM): Ohhh!!...

Crimson_Eyes626 (10:21:11 PM): ((So finishing time was....))

"Rogue_13" (10:21:19 PM): 18

Crimson_Eyes626 (10:21:43 PM): ((-cums into your mouth as a reward-))

Crimson_Eyes626 (10:22:20 PM): Good job, you reached your goal.

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