tagNonConsent/ReluctanceOrgasm Torture Ch. 05

Orgasm Torture Ch. 05


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This story is inspired by, and dedicated to WomanChild - a Literotica contributor, and one who is wise, thoughtful, and sensual beyond her years. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did writing it for her... (She is also my "editor" - Thanks!)


Part 10

Rose lay panting on the table as Sara slowly raised her head and showed her grinning, glistening face to Val – he smiled broadly at Sara's delight at her new skill of pleasing a woman. She had a far-away look in her eyes, but he understood completely – he imagined it was the same look he must have on his face after sampling an especially sexy woman – like Sara. Sara was still swirling her tongue and sucking Rose's juices off her lips as Val helped her to her feet.

"I think that Rose would like to return that wonderful favor you just did her Sara, go on up."

He helped her climb up onto the table so that she could begin "stalking" Rose as she did to her a few minutes ago. She trembled with excitement to be straddling Rose's restrained body, and she stretched herself out flat atop Rose, feeling her hard nipples pressing into her swollen breasts as she hungrily kissed Rose while grinding her shaved mons against Rose's.

Sara lifted up a bit, keeping her pussy pressed against Rose's, but giving her hands room to access Rose's hard protruding nipples. She gently pinched them between her fingers, and was rewarded with a moan from Rose that encouraged her to squeeze a little harder. She added a rolling motion to her fingers while grinding her pussy against Rose's. Rose's reaction told Sara that she was already close to cumming just from the stimulation she was providing her nipples. Sara squeezed a bit harder still and Rose cried out in pleasure as she bucked against her and came a second time.

While Rose still lay panting, Sara made the rest of the trip up to straddle her face, sitting up and lowering her dripping shaved pussy to Rose's mouth. She saw Val making a gesture that she should spread her pussy lips apart with her fingers, and she smiled and did just that before settling the rest of the way down onto Rose's waiting mouth. Rose emitted a loud moan and immediately began to lick and suck on Sara's wet, throbbing pussy. Sara looked up to see Val again motioning to her - he had his hands on his hips and was moving his hips around in small circles. Sara quickly followed suit, grinding her slick pussy lips and clit against Rose's swirling tongue. She looked down and saw a look of absolute delight on Rose's face as she enjoyed Sara's sweet pussy as much as Sara enjoyed her mouth.

Sara felt Val's hands around her wrists, taking her hands off her gyrating hips and moving them behind her. She felt him place them on Rose's breasts, and after caressing them for a moment, her fingers returned to Rose's hard nipples. Rose moaned in response to her nipples being rolled and squeezed again, increasing her attack on Sara's pussy. Sara giggled as she noted that the tighter her fingers pinched those nipples, the faster her tongue flicked against her clit.

She allowed one of her hands to trail further down Rose's taut belly until it reached her shaved mound. Rose responded by thrusting her pelvis up against Sara's hand. She allowed her fingers to snake down to her wet slit, and gently slide over her hard button of a clit. Rose jumped and moaned as her fingers slowly slid between her slick lips, and began to slide into her.

Sara began to rhythmically pump her fingers in and out to the time of her hips grinding against Rose's mouth as the two women brought each other closer to orgasm with each moment that passed. Sara's left hand moved up to caress her own breast and gently pinch it's nipple as her right fingers continued to thrust hard into Rose's sopping pussy. She rode Rose's mouth hard and felt herself beginning to cum. She reached back with her left hand to find the nipple of Rose's left breast and began to pinch it tighter and tighter – trying to make Rose cum when she did. Sara's loud moan joined with Rose's muffled one as they both came together. Thrusting, licking, pumping, squeezing, cumming hard.

Part 11

Sara slowly opened her eyes to see Val grinning at her as her vision cleared. She panted and felt her heart slow to a more normal pace, then slowly started to lift herself off Rose's face. Rose's tongue flicked at the air as if she wasn't ready to stop her assault on her young partner yet. He helped her off the table and sat her in a chair so that she could recover fully from her latest orgasm.

As she sat, she saw that the bulge in Val's thin pants was right at her eye level, so she carefully reached out to caress it through the thin fabric. Val stopped what he was doing and stood still to allow Sara to touch and stroke his cock through the scrubs, and she saw it grow and stiffen even more as she did.

She looked up at him - "I want you Val – I want your cock in me, in my mouth and in my pussy. Do you intend to make me cum that way as well?"

He looked down at her and stroked her damp hair. "Yes Sara, I do – quite a lot. Would taking me in your mouth please YOU Sara? Because not all women enjoy that."

She looked up at him with a dreamy look. "Yes, please Val – let me take you in my mouth….." She reached for red fabric drawstring that cinched the scrubs around his waist and began to tug on it.

He grabbed her wrist. "Not just yet Sara – we have to finish with Rose."

Sara let go of the drawstring with an audible "awwww" but gave up her approach for the moment.

"Most women never get to see another woman the way that a man does Sara – never get to see what men find so magical and fascinating about a woman's body – how her body can open up to take a man deep into her. I think before we send Rose back to work, I'd like to show you one of the things I find so delightful about making love to a woman."

Sara looked surprised. "You mean you're going to make me watch you make love to Rose Val!?"

"No Sara," he smiled, "I only intend to make love to you – but I think you might want to experience entering a woman for yourself."

Sara laughed. "That would be some trick," she said, reaching forward to stroke Val's stiff cock again. "I lack some of the basic equipment, don't I?"

He laughed again, "Yes, I guess you do, but I think I may have something that will help. " He turned her to watch as he pulled one of the surgical drapes off of one of the carts against the counter. There was a fairly large selection of dildos and penis-shaped vibrators.

Sara giggled, "Wow! – I haven't seen stuff like this since some girlfriends and I got brave enough to check out an adult bookstore!"

He moved her closer to the cart and asked, "What would you like to slide into Rose's waiting pussy Sara?"

She turned her attention to the selection at hand – they were arranged from small to large on the tray – from slim ones less than an inch in diameter, to a hulking monster that looked like it would be better for a female horse to experience.

Sara let her fingers slide over a few of them, some smooth plastic, others a more lifelike textured vinyl – some with ridges and nubs, others with quite realistic veins and thicker cockheads. She selected one that looked to be about 7 inches long and a bit over an inch thick – but very realistically shaped. She held it up for Val's approval.

"That one might be good for your tight little pussy Sara, but remember how Rose felt when you put your fingers inside of her? Larger, not as tight as you are – that one would feel good, but to give her the most stimulation possible, I think you should take this one."

He selected and handed Sara one that looked like the "big brother" of the one she had selected. It was well over 10 inches long, and almost 2 inches around. Even as she felt it in her hands, its sheer weight made her eyes open wide.

"This big Val? Will it fit?"

"Oh yes, I know it will – I'd wager that Rose has had much larger things slid into her – remember, a vagina is very elastic Sara."

Sara turned to Rose, who had been watching and listening quite attentively through the selection process.

She saw the long thick cock in Sara's hands and smiled. "You gonna fuck me with that Sara? Good! I am so hungry for a good fuck!"

Sara playfully flicked her tongue against the tip of the dildo's bulbous head.

"I think you should have Rose get her 'lover' wet Sara," said Val.

She knew what he meant, and moved to the head of the table. Sara dangled the thick cock above Rose's mouth, just letting her tongue flick against the tip of the fake cock. She rubbed the tip of it against Rose's lips, and as Rose opened her mouth to accept it, slowly slid the whole head of it into her mouth. She could see that even if Rose's pussy could take this entire monster, her mouth was already stretched quite a bit just taking the head. She pushed it in a little deeper, and Rose did her best to take in all she could – a few inches were all she could manage. Rose worked her lips around the massive cock for a few minutes before Sara pulled it out and moved back to between her widespread legs.

Sara pressed the thick cockhead against Rose's glistening pussy lips, sliding it up and down to spread her slick lubrication around a bit and looked to Val for how to proceed.

"Give it to her Sara," were his only instructions.

Sara slowly began to push the large cock into Rose – the way that her lover had done with her those years ago – little by little – she knew that the feeling of having her pussy lips parted by a thick cock was one to be savored.

Rose moaned as Sara did her work, slowly, little by little Sara worked the thick head of the cock into Rose's pussy until the head was fully inside.

"Maybe you should move over here Sara," Val indicated a place by Rose's right hip. "It will allow you to thrust that thick dildo deep and hard into Rose's hungry pussy while your other hand is better able to pinch her hard nipples."

Sara giggled as she realized that his lewd description was meant to further arouse Rose – just as it was causing the moisture to trickle down the insides of her thighs. Sara took the position he suggested and watched Rose's pussy open and accept the invader she was beginning to slide into her.

Her gaze was transfixed as she pushed – seeing inch after inch of that long, thick shaft disappear into Rose's pussy – her slick lips spreading her own personal lubricant on the shaft as she did. She marveled at how the shaft tugged at her labia, and how they in turn sent the pulling motion up to the pink nub of her clit.

Soon, she felt the top of her hand pressing against Rose's labia – and realized that she had slid 7 inches of that thick cock into her. Val watched and added, "She can take a bit more Sara – Give it all to her!" Sara moved her hand back and slid the cock a bit further into her. Rose's moans had been steadily growing – then when Sara felt firm resistance to the forward motion of the dildo, Rose moaned out, "Mmmmmm – therrrrrre's the spot that needed the attention…"

Sara felt Val move up behind her, felt the hard bulge of his cock pressing against her bare bottom – she playfully ground her checks against his erection.

He kissed her neck and whispered to her, "Let's give Rose a good, hard fucking so that you and I can get down to business, shall we?" His left hand slid down her stomach to finger her erect clit as an added emphasis that she couldn't ignore. She moaned out her agreement with his plan.

His right hand joined hers on the base of the thick cock embedded deep in Rose's pussy and he began to guide her in the thrusting motions of fucking Rose. Together, they began to slide the thick cock in and out of Rose's sopping pussy – slowly at first, but gradually building speed and force.

Sara watched as Rose's expressions went from anticipation, to wonder, to bliss to excitement as she and Val deftly stroked the thick cock in and out.

Sara couldn't help but hear all the noises going on in that room – Rose's moans, the squishy, slurping sounds of the cock being thrust into her, Val's panting breath and occasional pointers in her ear, but the sound that was loudest to her was her own heartbeat and the sound of her blood coursing through her ears. She was beside herself with sexual excitement – sandwiched between the woman she was fucking with a dildo, and the man pressed against her back who had already made her cum several times that day – and promised to do so many more times.

Sara's own needs began to seize her – she needed relief soon, and not from Rose. She needed to feel a cock – a real cock, deep inside of her, in her pussy, in her mouth – and she needed it now.

Leaving Val's hand behind, she began to pump the thick cock in and out of Rose's pussy very rapidly. She pulled it out until the head began to show, then savagely thrust it back in as fast as it would go, in-out, in-out. Rose's moans and cries of pleasure were coming loud and fast now as Sara reached up to pinch her right nipple.

Rose arched her back up and Sara could see the muscles in her legs and belly trying to thrust back at the dildo. Her moans quickly turned to an "oh, oh, oH, Oh, OH, OH!" and Sara pumped the cock even harder into her. She saw Rose's hands ball up into tight fists and the muscles in her neck stand out as her body stiffened.

She felt the muscles of Rose's vagina clamping around the dildo, gripping it with surprising strength – giving the sliding motion a different feel as she continued to pump it into her. She saw Rose stiffen, and begin to shake in the throes of orgasm as she continued to pinch Rose's nipple and ram the cock into her. Her head was thrown back and mouth wide open though little sound escaped.

Val whispered in her ear, "She's cumming for you Sara – does that make you hot?"

Sara could only nod her affirmative reply as Rose's orgasm ran its course. Rose collapsed on the table and Sara suddenly worried that something bad had happened.

"Don't worry Sara – sometimes after a very intense orgasm, a woman may even pass out for few seconds – it's perfectly all right. Let's start to unstrap her so that you and I can be alone, huh?"

Sara didn't need to hear that twice. She slid the dildo out of Rose's now-relaxed pussy and laid it on the counter as she quickly joined Val in loosing Rose from the table. Rose regained her senses with the look and sound of someone waking from a brief nap and a very pleasant dream.

"Oh my Gosh – that was wonderful," she said, beginning to sit up. "I think that you may have a good apprentice if you ever wanted to pass on the family business Dr. Feelgood." She grinned as she wobbled her way to a chair and sat as she tried to regain her strength.

"Hmmmm – never thought of that Rose – you may have something there – and given me an idea or two." He went on, "But I'm in a bit of a hurry here, you don't mind if we get back together later again do you Rose? Oh – your clothes look a bit damp." He grinned. "Why don't you just grab a set of scrubs out of the cabinet there and I'll throw your stuff in with the laundry?"

Rose actually seemed to blush a bit. "You mean I made my pants that wet in the 3 minutes I wore them in here!? – I guess I was more excited than I thought." Taking the loose-fitting green shirt and drawstring pants from the cabinet, she slipped them on.

Val guided her to the door with a firm hand in the middle of her back. "That's good Rose, see you later."

"Well!" Rose grinned, muttering a bit at the "bum's rush" treatment, "I guess I'd better leave you two to your 'work'- but I'll hope you'll have me back soon!" she quipped as she let the door click shut behind her.

Val turned to see Sara, sitting on the edge of the table. "Dr. Feelgood? I have this little problem that needs your attention, do you think you could help me out with something?" She was grinning like a Cheshire cat again as he walked over to her. He pushed her knees apart and stood right against the table between her legs as he wrapped his arms around her and kissed her deeply.

She tugged on that drawstring again – no objections this time, and felt the loose scrubs fall down off his lower body. She grabbed his rock-hard cock in one hand, and his bare bottom with the other hand and moaned, "I need you now Val – please – don't make me wait any longer…." into his mouth as they kissed.

"No lover, no more waiting," he moaned back.

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