tagNonConsent/ReluctanceOrgasm Torture Ch. 06

Orgasm Torture Ch. 06


These are the *last* parts (so far) of a multi-part story that follows Sara through her adventure of being "tortured" with sexual pleasure. Though "Val", "Sara", and "Rose" are actual people all of the events are *quite* fictional.

Please - feel free to comment and rate this story! Your response has been wonderful - and very inspiring! I will try to get more written soon! (You guys are reading them faster than I can write them!)

This story is inspired by, and dedicated to WomanChild - a Literotica contributor, and one who is wise, thoughtful, and sensual beyond her years. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did writing it for her... (She is also my "editor" - Thanks!)


They kissed like lovers separated for 6 months, deep kisses, tongues exploring, panting, hands grabbing furiously, Sara took a moment to fairly rip the shirt from Val's back without losing contact with his lips. She could feel his hard cock throbbing in her hand. He moaned as she gently squeezed that hard shaft – but she was careful not to stroke him.

She knew that will all the sex and cumming that she and Rose had the past few hours must have him incredibly aroused and near cumming already. She knew that the very act of laying back and parting her legs for him may very well cause him to be so close to orgasm that she worried that he could barely enter her before he released his pent-up store of hot, salty cum. A waste, she told herself, a waste she could not abide. She was so needy herself that the thought of an abbreviated coupling with him was very unsatisfying.

Another hunger had been growing inside her this whole while. A hunger, a need to show Val that she was far from "conquered," far from ready to give up – or give in. She needed to show her power, her strength and resolve – and she would demonstrate it through her desire.

She slid off the edge of the table into his embrace. "No Val," she hoarsely whispered in his ear. "You've been the puppetmaster too long already – and I think you know that passivity is not my strong suit."

She pushed him back, kissing all the way, around the side of the table, around the leg support and into the "crotch" of the table. With a final kiss she pushed him gently back onto the table in a sitting position.

"Lay down Val," she softly ordered him.

He slowly lay back, more curious than anything else.

She reached down and lifted his right ankle up to the table where hers had been earlier, and fastened the restraint about it. She bent down to take his left ankle and she felt his hand on her shoulder. Their eyes met, but no words came. His eyes asked questions of authority, trust, intent. Hers answered back with strong statements of assurance, resistance, and desire. He watched as she secured his left ankle, then turned to kiss him again, and to gently push him back into a supine position – the position he had put her in at the beginning of this adventure.

She moved quickly around to each side and secured his wrists to the table, her eyes darting between his eyes, and his throbbing cock. She could feel the moisture fairly dripping from her hot pussy as she anticipated the treat she was about to reward herself with.

She could see a small pool of Val's clear, slippery "pre-cum" forming on his belly under the tip of his hard shaft. She licked her lips unconsciously.

Fully secured now, he made the matter-of-fact statement: "You know, if you could manage to escape here – leaving me like this – things would not go well for me."

She laughed and tossed her long blonde hair. "I think you know very well that I have no intention of leaving here Val. You promised me an awful lot of orgasms – and I intend to have them, but first – I intend to be in control for a little while – and to enjoy you in the process." She bent to kiss him deeply again, then moved to the tall chair between his secured legs.

"I've always wanted to have a man like this – captive, in my control, unable to deny me the time I needed to fully enjoy him – and I plan to enjoy you now Val."

Her hands slid up his inner thighs softly, slowly until they came together around the base of his cock and balls. She gently cupped his hairy sack and ran her fingernails ever-so-lightly along the shaft of his throbbing cock.

He could see a positively wicked grin spreading across her face as she raised his shaft to vertical, then bent forward to gently kiss a clear drop from the tip.

"Mmmmmmm," she moaned as he licked his fluid from her lips. She tipped his throbbing shaft aside to access that puddle of heady liquor on his belly. Her warm tongue flicked out to lap up his juices, she moaned with each lick, shivers went through his body – half in response to the feel of her tongue against his skin, half at the sound of her desirous expression of pleasure.

He felt another drop of his fluid sliding up the length of his shaft, and as it emerged, her lips were there, ready to roll them around, spreading that slippery juice along the inner margin of her lips, mixing with her saliva to create a slippery wet mix.

He watched, mesmerized as she formed her lips into an "O" shape and placed them gently around the throbbing dark head of his cock. A gentle movement of her head moved her lips down over the head, coating it with their mixed lubricant. She looked up at him, fixed her gaze on his eyes as she started to slide her lips slowly down the length of his thick shaft.

Moving slowly, ever downward, making each fraction of an inch of his cock disappear slowly into her hot, wet mouth. This was the stuff of her dreams – a desire dwelled on - but unrealized for so long. She concentrated on his cock as she kept her gaze into his eyes steady. Down, down her lips slid, his cock all but engulfed by her stretched lips.

She felt the head of his cock beginning to touch the back of her throat, but she continued, relaxing her throat, slightly changing her position, the angle of her head and his cock, slowly sliding farther and farther. He moaned as her lips slid so wonderfully over spots no woman had ever cared to caress before. He closed his eyes momentarily to bask in the wonderful sensations she was giving – then opened them again to watch her efforts.

She felt her lips come to rest against the thick base of his hard cock, and saw him let out a breath – as if he was trying to maintain his composure. She smiled – as well as she could with her mouth totally filled with his hardness. Now who was the master and who was the captor she thought to herself. She had him in her control – she knew it – and even if he wasn't strapped securely to his own table, she knew he would not have tried to leave.

Her tongue played gently against the underside of his throbbing organ. She felt every twitch of his cock against the back of her throat. She had him right where she wanted him – not just as a matter of control, but one of pleasing herself – she'd wanted to feel his cock in her mouth since she'd first seen it bulging inside of his loose pants.

She savored the taste, the heat, the throbbing manhood in her mouth – lips stretched tightly around it's thick base – right up against where it rose flagpole-like from his nest of dark curly hair. She thought to herself that she'd like to clip and shave his hair as he had hers – to feel the smooth base of his cock against her lips instead of the dense tangle of wiry curls. Later – she told herself – she had no patience for that now – she wanted more. Later, later – she'd tease, stroke, clip and shave the base of his cock, his hairy sack, the dark triangle that her nose was buried in. For now – she needed more – and she needed it now – she needed to feel that thick shaft sliding slowly in and out of her slick lips – and she knew that he needed it as well.

She slowly moved her head up, back, slowly off of his now glistening-slick cock – but not all the way, No – she kept the soft sensitive head inside of her lips. She flicked her tongue over his sensitive glans – saw his muscles tense in response to the tingles she created that felt to him as if they originated deep inside him rather than from the tip of his swollen throbbing shaft.

Her tongue probed the tiny slit at the tip of his cock, savoring the taste of his slightly salty lube, and coaxing more of it to be produced and delivered to her waiting mouth.

She thought about what Rose had said – that she was his "apprentice" and how that thought made her even wetter between her thighs – she didn't look, but she was sure that her moisture was running down her legs at the thought. The though of spending more time by Val's side – or more correctly – under him – was making her mood even hotter by the second. Maybe she'd get to experiment with "torturing" Val more later – but for now – SHE had a need to be filled – and she didn't have the patience to go slow! She wanted something from this man she had spread-eagled before her now – and she set out to get it – with complete assurance that she would not be disappointed.

She slid her lips more quickly down Val's throbbing shaft – and was rewarded by a moan of pleasure that he could not suppress. She grinned again – as well as she was able - as she began a steady rhythm of up and down on his throbbing shaft.

Her lips coated and caressed every inch of his thick cock as she slowly alternated her motions – down – slowly taking his shaft deep into her mouth – all the way – until her lips were pressed against it's base. Then up – slowly pulling her mouth off of his cock – her lips clinging to it's thickness, tugging on the skin that covers it, her tongue pressing against it's underside, milking another couple of drops of his fluids from it's length and to her waiting tongue.

Each cycle, her lips caressed the new spots that she discovered, drawing an audible sigh of pleasure from his lips, and a shudder from his belly. She wanted him so badly! She had to force herself to go just a little slower. She was so fixated on the reward that she would be extracting from his cock, from his body – the liquid pleasure from deep inside of him. She tried to balance her extreme need, her desire to make him cum now – knowing that she could have him again and again – yet wanting to savor every moment of his slick cock sliding through her lips.

She concentrated on the feeling of his slick shaft sliding between her lips, her tongue gliding along the underside – and flicking and tasting the tip with each upstroke. She brought her hands into play, placing them on his knees, then slowly sliding the up his twitching thighs, up, up until they came together at the apex to his legs. She caressed and cradled the hairy sack of his balls – already tightening up against his body – signaling her that he was nearing orgasm.

She slowed her movements a bit even as he moaned in response to her hands' fondling of his delicate manhood. She placed her hands around the base of his throbbing cock – having to move them back with each downstroke to allow her lips and nose to press against the base of his cock. Up further they softly glided, sliding up his flat belly and to his smooth chest – playfully pinching his nipples gently. His breathing slowed and deepened – she knew he was reaching the point of no return – and still – she wanted it so badly – but hated for this moment to pass by so soon.

"Oh, Sara," he moaned softly "Oh, oh yesssss, yess Sara – I'm gonna cum…"

She knew it without hearing it, but she grinned again to hear him say those words. She slid her hands down again – down over the tight muscles in his stomach – the muscles preparing for orgasm. Down over his hips, to the sides, to grab his ass as she sped her pace a bit now.

"Oh – oh – Sara – I'm gonna cum Sara – I'm gonna cum in your mouth Sara…."

She knew it – she wanted it, and had she not been so intent upon not missing a drop, she might have said "Yes Val, cum now for me – cum in my mouth – fill my mouth. I need your cum Val!" These thoughts raced through her head as she felt his cock begin to pulse and twitch – then swell, filling her mouth still fuller.

"Oh baby – don't stop, don't stop!" he moaned out, his eyes closed in pleasure.

She had no intention of stopping, of course – though that would be a torture, wouldn't it? She couldn't bear the though of that torture – it would be depriving herself as well as him. She wanted his cum in her mouth – she wanted it NOW!

His first thick spurt erupted from his jerking cock, splashing against the back of her throat and coating her tongue with the musky, salty, heady flavor of his semen. She sped the movements of her lips over his cock now – shallowly – the near-purple head of his cock almost popping from her mouth at times. His second spurt shot full onto her tongue, and she swallowed it greedily down as she kept up the now furious bobbing of her head.

She looked up to see Val convulsing in pleasure. Each muscle in his body was pulling against the restraints, giving him exquisite pleasure with each wave of his orgasm. She saw his head tip back as another jet of his cum filled her mouth, and another, and another. She held them all in her mouth now – wanting him to quite fill her mouth with his love potion.

More spurts followed, threatening to escape at the corners of her mouth. She tightened her lips around his throbbing rock-hard shaft to receive the rest of his offering. A few more diminishing spurts pumped up through his cock now – the last of his pent-up semen was hers now. She slowed her motions – knowing that the head of his cock could not tolerate too much stimulation, but as she slowed her pace, she saw aftershocks of pleasure make him twitch and shudder with each wave. She kept up the slow movements until his breathing returned to normal.

She held his throbbing cock between her lips as his eyes opened and he looked down at her – panting, sweating – grinning a grin that was unmistakably one of pleasure.

"Wow….." he panted, looking at her, his cock still between her slick lips, "that was….. wonderful," he managed weakly.

She slowly lifted her head up, letting his still-hard cock slap wetly against his belly.

"You're still hard…" she commented – partly in surprise, partly in delight.

"Yes," he said, "I'm too turned-on to get soft now."

She grinned "Really?!"

"Yup – I could probably stay hard for another 20 minutes or half-hour with all the stimulation I've had today."

Sara grinned wickedly at the man strapped to the table, Val saw the look on her face and smiled back – albeit a bit nervously. "What are you thinking Sara?" he asked.

She planted a soft kiss, then another on his throbbing cock.

"Oh – just that since you are strapped down here, with this nice (kiss) hard (kiss) thick (kiss) cock here – with nothing to do…."

She did her best imitation of Rose's "stalking cat" as she climbed up on the table with Val, her eyes locking on his, her mind clear in her purpose.

When her lips were even with his, she kissed him, hard, passionately – as she pushed her knees outwards, lowering her hips, lowering her hot, wet pussy until it grazed Val's hard shaft. He felt the heat from her swollen labia as they cradled his throbbing cock.

"Mmmmmmm," she moaned as her clit pressed against the hardness below. She held herself up on her straight arms and gently undulated her hips, causing her slick labia to slide up and down the hard shaft lying against Val's belly.

"Ever been strapped to your own table and tortured Val?" she asked in a sweet voice – sweet like the witch asked Hansel and Gretel if they'd like a bite to eat.

"No – what did you have in mind?" he asked as nonchalantly as he could.

"Ohhh – maybe just keeping you here and enjoying that nice hard cock as long as it lasts."

"Really…. And would you experience orgasms Sara?"

"Yes, lots."

He smiled, "I think that was my plan all along then Sara."

She grinned at him. Putting her hands on his shoulders, she lowered herself forward to plant another wet kiss on his lips. On her knees, straddling him, his hard shaft nestled between the slick lips of her pussy, she raised herself partially up again – a little at a time – until she felt what she was looking for. That angle, that perfect angle that caused her swollen clit to come into direct contact with his throbbing shaft.

"Mmmm," she whimpered gently.

He watched as she adjusted the position of her hips slightly – bringing her pussy into even closer contact with his cock. She arched her back, thrusting her breasts forward and raising her head – all while putting sweet pressure against his cock with her clit. Her fingertips lightly grazing his chest and stomach now – she began a gentle rocking, just a small movement that slightly varied the pressure against her clit.

Her hands moved from his body to hers. Upward and outward from her shaved mons – as though she was smoothing the hair that used to grow there. Higher – until her palms pressed against her stomach just under her ribs. Meanwhile, her rocking had evolved into a short sliding motion – up and back a fraction of an inch as her clit ground against the underside of his cock.

She cupped her breasts now – her eyes fully open again. Val could see the animal fire in them, burning lust, carnal need as her hands slid up to gently pinch her nipples and roughly flatten her breasts against her chest. His eyes traveled down her stomach – to see her hips moving her sopping pussy lips up and back on his cock. She added a "twist" at the end of each end of her stroke now, fairly riding his cock as she might ride a horse.

She felt the heat in her breasts, her skin as she abandoned herself to her needs. The time, the place – no longer mattered. Any cares or concerns of modesty, concern, even fear were gone – forgotten – burned away by the flames of desire burning in her neck and cheeks. She slid her hands up to feel that heat now as her eyes remained locked on Val's.

Beads of sweat began to cover her forehead and her chest as she felt her temperature rise steadily by the second. She looked down to see Val's cock as she slid her hips up and back, a small pool of her nectar giving the whole area a glistening sheen. She licked her lips as she took in the view of his swollen, purplish head that she had just taken deep into her mouth, her labia coating and recoating it with the juices of her excitement.

She was ready – ready to have her craving satisfied, ready to have that swollen head deep inside of the very center of her desire.

Sara rose up on her knees a bit, reaching down with one hand to aim Val's cock skyward, while using the other to part her engorged labia fully. She slid his cock fore and aft a bit as she slowly lowered slightly – positioning its head at her dripping opening. Lowering herself a bit more – she felt the welcome stretch of her pussy begin to accept his thick cock inside of her. Steadying herself with hands on his chest, she lowered herself slowly, fully onto his throbbing shaft.

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