tagNonConsent/ReluctanceOrgasm Torture Ch. 07

Orgasm Torture Ch. 07


to my patient fans - sorry for the very, very long delay - life just seems to demand my attention and it takes away from my writing time. Enjoy, leave feedback - more is coming. PV


Sara rose up on her knees a bit, reaching down with one hand to aim Val's cock skyward, while using the other to part her engorged labia fully. She slid his cock fore and aft a bit as she slowly lowered slightly – positioning its head at her dripping opening. Lowering herself a bit more – she felt the welcome stretch of her pussy begin to accept his thick cock inside of her. Steadying herself with hands on his chest, she lowered herself slowly, fully onto his throbbing shaft.

Dreamily, she shifted her gaze to his face – it had been a few moments since she had focused on more than the hard cock buried deep inside her pussy. Now she was cognizant of the whole man she was using for her pleasure.

What a turn of events! Sara thought, here she was kidnapped, stripped, threatened and violated – and her thoughts we of sex and pleasure and lust. It was more than most women her age could have dealt with, but strangely, Sara felt more aroused than ever before in her life.

She looked down at Val, secured and helpless, but his cock as hard as could be.

"So Val, looks like the shoe is on the other foot," she cooed at him.

"I love your 'shoes'," he joked.

"Oh?" she quizzed, he hips gently starting to rise and then settle onto his stiff pole.

"Mmmmm yes – why would I not?"

He was right – dammit, she had to admit. As much as she was enjoying gently 'riding' his hard cock, it's not like she could be having all the pleasure of this coupling. Still, she didn't mind, she was feeling the need for sexual pleasure, and that didn't mean that he wasn't allowed to enjoy this as well.

She leaned forward and braced herself by putting her hands on his chest. A wicked grin came over her face as she slid her hands down to caress, then suddenly pinch his nipples.

"OW!" Val objected.

Without breaking her rhythm, Sara gave her best impression of being surprised.

"Is that too rough for you lover?" she asked seductively.

Her terminology took them both by surprise, but she seemed to realize the appropriateness of the title and smiled as she realized it was essentially true.

"Aren't you my lover Val?"

Enjoying the feelings her ride was producing in his loins, Val hesitated a bit before answering.

"MMMMMmmmm, I thought I was your captor and tormentor."

Sara rose up and settled down on his hard cock several times before she took the time to answer.

"Looks like I'm the captor now Val. Feel like arguing the point?" she asked, glancing at his bound wrists. She continued her slow up and down ride, deliberate and unhurried, his hard throbbing cock alternately massaging her labia, and pushing deep into her.

The squeezing of her vaginal muscles held nearly all of his attention, so a dreamy "No Sara," was all the answer he could manage.

Sara was enjoying her slow ride as well, true to his prediction, Val's cock was remaining quite hard, and Sara was enjoying the slow pace she was setting. She enjoyed being in charge, and being able to direct the pressure and friction exactly where she wanted it. She found herself approaching another orgasm much more quickly than she was used to. She couldn't help but speed up her pace a little, it just felt too good to resist.

A bead of sweat trickled down between Sara's breasts as she rode her restrained tormentor more urgently now. Her fingers still alternately pinching his sensitive nipples, and grasping his pecs as she used his chest for leverage and balance. She grinned wickedly as she contemplated her enviable position – not only being able to control the speed and angle, assuring that there'd be less chance of Val cumming before her than if he was controlling the movement, but also that since he had already cum once already, his second orgasm could take much longer.

Sara moaned to her captive steed, "I hope you know I'm going to ride you until I've had my fill Val."

"That was my plan all along Sara," he smiled back, wincing a bit as her enthusiastic pinches to his nipples bordered on pain.

She changed her movement to one more forward and back than up and down, pressing her swollen clit hard against the base of his still-hard cock, and she felt an orgasm closing in on her. Leaning forward more now and bracing her hands on his shoulders, she began to thrust her hips down and forward harder and faster, causing her to bite her lip. Val bit his lip too – more because Sara's motion was actually a bit hard on his cock – still great feeling – but she was definitely getting the stimulation she wanted at the cost of his comfort. Even with the rough riding she was giving him, he grinned – after all – he wanted her to cum.

"Yeah Sara, ride that cock hard," he moaned out.

Sara could only moan in agreement as complied with his encouragement, driving her hips forward with hard thrusts that caused the base of Val's cock to massage her labia and clit.

"MMmmmmm, ohhhh, yessssss," her breath came in ragged monosyllabic pants and breathy gasps.

Val fairly grimaced as her fingernails dug into his chest. Sara was cresting the peak of her orgasm mountain, and all of her attention was focused on the area where her pussy and Val's cock meshed together.

"Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, OH!" She cried out as the last couple of thrusts pushed her over the edge and the muscles in her vagina clamped down on the hard cock she was riding. Her body shuddered as the waves of pleasure washed over her. Her long hair hung down her naked back, almost reaching the top of her bottom.

Val admired her firm breasts thrust out above him, out of reach of his mouth unfortunately, but perfectly round and smooth, her nipples standing out like twin raspberries surrounded by puckered pink areolas. He stoically endured the pain of her orgasm-induced viselike grip on his pecs as she convulsed in pleasure for a few more seconds.

After a few aftershocks of pleasure caused her body to twitch and jerk as her orgasm subsided, she opened her eyes, smiling down at Val, and realizing that she had been so lost in her own pleasure that she had gotten a little carried away in her ride.

"Sorry," she quietly laughed as she released her grip on his chest, "did I hurt you?"

"No, not really," he lied, "I loved watching you cum again."

"The pleasure was mine – really." She laughed huskily.

Sara reached down with one hand to explore the area where his cock and her pussy met.

"Oh my god – you're still hard!" She beamed as her other hand reach behind her and down between his widespread thighs.

"Yum!" she cooed as her fingers wrapped around his balls, drenched in her juices, and looked down at him devilishly. "I'm not going to waste this hard cock!"

She leaned down to plant a wet, passionate kiss on her torturer, pressing her hard nipples against his fingernail-scarred chest. She bounced her hips a few times, unable to resist the feeling of the hard cock still buried deep inside her.

Sara reluctantly disengaged herself from that hard cock to stretch up to unfasten the straps around Val's wrists, then balancing carefully to turn and undo the straps around his ankles. Whether she intended it or not, Sara gave Val a completely exposed view of her glistening, swollen pussy and widespread thighs as she worked to free his ankles. Val's cock ached with pressure as the sight of her high state of sexual arousal was displayed so openly to him, and he had a sudden urge to plunge his hard cock into this young woman again – for his own enjoyment and pleasure this time.

Wanting exactly the same thing, but completely for herself, Sara finished freeing him and hopped down off the table, and moved over to the counter against the wall.

"Get over here – now." She fairly ordered him as she bent over and leaned on the counter, spreading her legs wide.

She turned her head to see Val getting off the table and moving over to her.

Impatiently, she called back over her shoulder.

"Get over here and fuck me Val, now!" She arched her back and raised up on her toes, displaying her openness to him even more obviously.

"Fuck me Val, please." She hoarsely whispered.

He stepped behind her, placing his hands on her waist and bring his cock within inches of her swollen pink pussy.

"With pleasure Sara," he grinned wickedly, and drove the full length of his aching cock deep into her tight, young pussy.

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