tagNonConsent/ReluctanceOrgasm Torture Ch. 08

Orgasm Torture Ch. 08


I really must apologize to my appreciative fans -- both the long-suffering and new ones. I'm overwhelmed with your response to my little yarn and really wish I had been able to get you more chapters sooner.

Like most of us, work and "life" sometimes get in the way of more entertaining activities like reading and writing Literotica stories. I can't promise to deliver more on any kind of reliable basis, but I hope this offering will be a satisfying "fix" until I can get more out to you.

I love reading your public comments -- I didn't realize so many comments had been made! I hope you'll feel free to send me some as well. I will reply to ones with e-mail addresses. Who knows -- if you give me a good idea, I may even write YOU into the story.

At any rate -- enjoy -- but do keep in mind that this is written for "Sara" -- but I don't think she'll mind if they excite you too.


"Oh Gawd Yes!" Sara gasped as he cock filled her again, even more fully than before.

Val smiled, not only at the obvious pleasure of having this young, willing woman for his sexual pleasure, but also that her response to his "torture" was just what he had planned on and hoped for. To say that he "loved his job" was a profound understatement.

"Ready to talk yet Sara?" he asked in his most sinister voice as he tightened his grip on Sara's waist and drove his cock into her even harder.

"Oh my gawd.... Yes, I'm ready Val..." she panted, laying her head and chest down flat on the counter, giving him an even better angle to take her deeply.

"You are?" he asked, surprised, but not enough to lose a stroke in his attack on her inflamed pink pussy. He drove into her hard and deep again.

"OH!" Sara gasped, as she was penetrated to new depths.

"Well?" he asked, driving into her even harder.

"Oh my gawd.... Yes Val, I'm ready to talk." She moaned weakly as his thrusts almost knocked the wind out of her.

"Tell me Sara. Tell me what I want to hear..." he coaxed softly as he fucked her hard.

"Fuck me Val, Fuck me hard." She panted.

"That's all?" he quizzed, still thrusting deeply into her.

"That's all I have to say now.... Oh yes.... Fuck me..." she moaned as he drilled her.

He grinned, not expecting her to be ready to tell him any secrets yet anyway.

"Oh yes. I'll fuck you Sara -- like you've never been fucked before." He promised, giving her a hard thrust to accent each word.

He reached forward, taking her wrists from the counter and putting her hands behind her back. He pinned her hands against the small of her back and held them there, pressing her body flatter against the counter, arching her back and rolling her hips to open her still further.

"I'm gonna fuck you 'til you cum Sara, again and again. You're mine. Your body is mine. Your pussy is mine. Your soul is mine. You'll do whatever I ask, tell me whatever I want." His hips thrusting drove the words home as they drove his cock home -- deeply into her with each thrust.

Sara was unable to reply. His cock seemed even bigger than before and he was impaling her with it again and again. Her mouth gaped open as she breathlessly received the pounding thrusts. Unable to steady herself were her hands pinned behind her, each of his thrusts drove her breasts and sensitive nipples against the countertop. She truly felt as if she was being "taken" -- completely under his control -- almost brutally -- and she was loving every moment of it. Her head spun under the attack of his cock on her pussy -- on her soul it seemed. It seemed they were directly connected -- and that Val had indeed staked a claim on them both.

Sweat tricked down Val's chest as he put all of his strength into thrusting into the sexy young woman pinned to the countertop before him. He grunted with the effort of each hard thrust of his cock deep into her wet pink folds. He admired the sight before him, and especially seeing his cock driving in and out of her engorged pussy. He enjoyed seeing her open for him, presenting her pussy to be taken by him, asking him to fuck her. He grinned and renewed his passionate attack on Sara's helpless body.

"Oh my gawd...." Sara panted out again as his thrusts brought her closer to orgasm. She tossed her head with each thrust, her hair often covering her face. All thoughts left her. Nothing seemed to matter anymore -- her whole world was between her legs and her focus was on that small area of her body. Her face and breasts were pressed and ground against the counter top and her legs were cramping from the position, but she ignored everything except the intense but very welcome assault on her pussy.

Val sensed her nearness to climax and urged her on.

"Cum for me Sara. Give me your orgasm, surrender to me. You're mine, cum for me Sara." His hips sped up and his cock pistoned rapidly in and out of her.

"Oh, Oh... Yes... oh, cumming.... " Sara threw her head back and gave a low moan as her body convulsed with ecstasy.

Val held his shuddering victim down against the counter as her muscles clamped down on his cock and her juices flowed from her spasming pussy. He continued to thrust as she experienced yet another intense orgasm that left her body and mind completely spent.

Sara went limp and laid motionless on the countertop. Weak with exhaustion, she lay there panting, sweating, dazed and unable to focus her eyes.

Val slowly slid his still-hard cock out of her dripping pussy, released her wrists -- they limply dropped to her sides. He stepped back and enjoyed the view before him -- Sara laying over the counter, her upper body supported, her bottom at the edge, her legs spread wide with her feet on the floor. Her clean-shaven pussy was pink, glistening, and engorged at the inverted "V" where her thighs met. Her swollen labia gaped open slightly where his cock had just been vigorously thrusting. Trickles of her moisture mingled with his semen slowly rolled down her smooth inner thighs and a few larger drops seeped from between her open labia and clung there for a moment, then dripped onto the floor.

He admired the shape of her bottom and thighs so lewdly displayed for him. His cock -- still erect -- throbbed as he gazed on the sight. He contemplated taking her again -- right there -- but even though he was still hard enough to penetrate her again, even he had to admit that he was getting a little sore and he was still panting from the exertion of driving into her so hard. He let her rest for a moment as he washed and toweled himself off, slipped into a fresh set of green scrubs, and contemplated the next phase in Sara's torture by sexual pleasure.

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I believe this may be the best story I've ever read here! Please continue! I have to know what else she goes through (maybe a feel-good spanking or more than one man)! I need to know how this story endsmore...

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