tagNonHumanOrigin of the Pliscotheans Ch. 1

Origin of the Pliscotheans Ch. 1


The Xanthos settled quietly to the surface of Omthal, her plasma powered magnetic engines emitting a muted whine as they fought against the planet’s gravitational field. She carried a survey crew of three, who’s orders were to map this four thousand sardecs of the planet, catalogue the flora and fauna, and select at least three colonization sites. The colonist ships would follow from the missionary station after the return and report of the survey crew.

Omthal was the fourth planet orbiting the sun called Anthes by the Pliscotheans, and had been selected as a colony planet because of it’s atmosphere, water, evidence of plant and animal life, and the probability of rich mineral resources. Omthal had been scanned many times, first from the missionary station by short wave gamma radiation, and later by digital video and thermal imaging equipment aboard several orbiting probes. The Pliscotheans had little choice in their decision to colonize Omthal. Their population had exceeded the bio-capacity of their home planet, forcing them to utilize colony stations orbiting their world, and now the stations were overcrowded. The missionary stations were constructed to seek and find new worlds for colonization, and were positioned throughout the galaxy.

The main hatch of the Xanthos opened, and the survey crew leader stepped into the bluish light cast by Anthes. Arnak Sanava had seen twenty five cycles of his planet’s solar orbit, though he had never actually been to the planet’s surface. Of the species called humanoid by the biologists at the station university where he studied engineering, Arnak was one of the prime specimens selected by the Committee for Colonization by Pliscothea. The “CCP” logo on his close fitting uniform identified him as one of the few of his race selected to identify and begin settlement of new worlds. His body had been hardened by exercise, his leadership ability forged by the CCP, and he was also known to the females on the station to be a lover with skills uncommon for one of his age.

Arnak stepped off the entry ramp onto the soil of Omthal, and breathed deeply. The atmosphere seemed alive compared to the recycled mix of gasses that passed for air on the station and survey ship. A slight breeze wafted through his dark wavy hair, and brought to him a musty, tangy odor that suggested plant life, water, and decay.

He tapped the communicator on his wrist to summon the other two members of the survey crew, and was joined momentarily by two slender females, a buxom, blonde haired doctor/biologist named Shilla Novamene and the equally curvaceous, red haired botany specialist named Vrenna Annoe. Both females were as seductive as they were intelligent; their soft, tanned skin and body curves spoke to Arnak in the age-old language of males and females of ripening fertility, and their normal motions suggested a desire and capacity for great and continued pleasure. He watched their sensual approach, their hips swaying and breasts rising and falling inside the snug uniforms with each step, and blessed the psychological tenets behind their selection for this mission.

Studies by CCP had indicated that a crew size of three was optimum for long term isolation from a station, because, while two crew members would soon become hostile to one another, the third member served as a mediator, and harmony would be restored. Studies also indicated that the proper gender ratio was one male to two females, and that the two females should be bisexual. Sex was a factor not to be ignored on long term missions, and this ratio ensured contentment and loyalty among the crew. After the long journey, Arnak, Shilla, and Vrenna understood and greatly appreciated the logic. If one crew member was not feeling up to relieving the tensions of the mission with another, the third was usually willing and eager. On the occasions that all three were feeling in the mood for release, the combination was explosive, and these sessions guaranteed that jealousy did not interfere with the accomplishment of the mission.

After two cycles of Anthes were used to set up the base camp domes, move in supplies, and generally settle in, Arnak planned the first mission. They would start the survey by laying out and mapping one hundred sardec quadrangles, and by examining the terrain and specimens of life found in them.

The survey of the first quadrangle was progressing according to plan, when Vrenna found a humanoid footprint under a leaf she was collecting for study later. Her initial thought was that one of the others had stepped in the spot, and the track had been covered by the leaf at a later time. Arnak and Shilla, however, had been working some distance away from the spot, and could not have left the track. She called to the others, and after examination of the impression, the three returned to the common dome to discuss the finding. A check of the station scan results revealed no indication of humanoid life, either past or present. The footprint was a mystery to be dealt with cautiously, and Arnak issued the order that all crew members would be armed with ion disrupters on all future excursions. The disrupters should not kill, but would stun or drive away any dangerous animal, or indeed, another humanoid.

On the tenth Anthes cycle, Shilla was watching a small creature when she saw a silvery flash in the distance. Crouching down, she saw something approaching through the thick undergrowth, something large, but moving with stealth, and barely moving any of the plant life. As the creature was almost upon her, she raised her disrupter and fired. With a shrill, shrieking cry, the creature fell to the soil and lay still. At the sound of the disrupter, Arnak and Vrenna came running, and the three cautiously walked to the site where the creature had fallen.

Lying on the ground was another humanoid form of undetermined gender. The humanoid was clothed in a silvery, pearlescent garment that fitted the body as a second skin. Long silvery hair was present on the head, and except for the strange garment covering them, the features of the face were remarkably similar to their own. Examination of the creature revealed no beating heart, no breathing, and it was assumed to be dead. Arnak lifted the creature to his shoulder, and they proceeded to the domes to make a more thorough examination. They arrived as Anthes was dropping below the eastern horizon.

Arnak carried the creature to the lab dome, and placed it’s body on the examination table. Shilla began her examination, first activating the lab voice recorder.

“Record start. Officer Novamene recording. Oral log of examination of unidentified creature killed on Omthal, Sector twenty seven, Pliscothean orbit count four thousand nine, ten point... ninety three Anthese cycles from landing.”

“Subject is of bipedal, humanoid form, appearing to be clothed in a smooth, opalescent fabric that covers the entire body with the exception of the area of the head covered with fine, white hair. Attempting to remove the covering...wait... examining the covering under magnification... fascinating... it’s skin, the creature has very white skin covered with microscopic, silver, translucent scales. Humanoid hair covers the scalp and is of fine texture and white in color. General body type is slender, with most features similar to those of our race. Primary sexual identifiers indicate the subject to be female, as evidenced by a vaginal opening, but the subject is lacking mammary glands. There are two very small protuberances present at the mammary site which appear to be nipple-like, but these are not large enough to be utilized in feeding young. Subject exhibits the body type of a female, with small upper torso, and wide pelvis. Record stop.”

Shilla made some notes on the computer terminal and reached for a scalpel. She poised the gleaming blade over the creature’s midsection, paused, and then said, “Arnak, I’d like to wait until tomorrow to do a complete internal examination. A complete workup will take several hours, and we’re all tired. The temperature in the lab dome can be lowered to preserve the state of the body.”

Arnak agreed, and after a quick meal, they retired to the sleeping dome. Later that night, Arnak woke and went to the utility dome to relieve his bladder. On his way back, he noticed the door to the lab area was ajar. As he went to close it, he saw movement from the common area in his peripheral vision. Quickly turning, he saw a silvery form disappear into the darkened interior, and started to follow.

Upon entering the common dome, he saw the creature standing in profile against the window. Light from Omthal’s three moons illuminated the creature, which dropped to a crouch upon seeing him, then rose and stood facing him, it’s legs parted to shoulder width and it’s hands resting on it’s full hips .

As he watched, the creature spoke to him in a low, husky, feminine voice.

“Why did you hurt me. I meant you no harm. I was coming to greet you. We are more alike than you know, and we must talk.”

“Who are you”, said Arnak.

“I am Ansea, of the planet Lauxes. I was sent to greet you; to welcome you back to your heritage.”

“Y-y-you were dead,” he stammered. “I carried you here myself, and felt no life signs. My heritage? What do you know of my heritage?”

“Our species has healing powers far beyond those granted to you. When you hurt me, my body entered stasis so it could repair itself. The state is close to what you call “death”. The beat of our primary heart and breathing stops, and respiration takes place through pores in the scalp. Our mental processes continue, powered by the small secondary heart at the base of the brain. While in this state, we are conscious, but immobile. We stay in this state until all damage is repaired, and then resume our normal bodily functions.”

“I heard Shilla as she reported her examination log, and she is quite incorrect. I am very female, with all the organs she possesses, although in somewhat different form. If she had started her internal examination before I awoke, she would have learned these facts, although then I would be truly dead, and there are more enlightening ways to decipher the truth.”

“Explain yourself. How do you know our language? What do you mean by “my heritage.”

“I know your language because it is our language. We taught you to speak, at the same time we made you. You were made in our image, except for some engineered mutations for your safety and ours. Allow me to show you.”

Ansea moved to stand in front of him. Taking his hands, she placed them on the tiny nipple-like structures on her chest. “Caress gently, if you would know the truth.”

Arnak, feeling somewhat foolish, began to gently touch the small buds. Quickly, Ansea began to breath deeply, occasionally emitting a throaty moan. As he touched her, the flesh under his fingertips began to expand. As Ansea’s moans became more frequent, the tissue swelled faster, and soon Arnak’s hands cupped two large, perfect, firm breasts, with large, dark pink aureoles and long, hard, thick nipples. The tiny scales now were scattered over a larger expanse of skin, and reminded him of the glittery cosmetics used by Vrenna when she was feeling particularly female and erotic. It was very stimulating, and he felt his member begin to react. He began rolling a nipple between his fingers, and Ansea said, “ Ahhhhhhhh, you have learned well. Please do not stop.”

As he massaged her now turgid breasts, Ansea put her arms around his neck, and led him to the seating platform in the center of the room. Releasing him, and lying on her back, she beckoned him. “Remove your robe, and lie on top of me.” Arnak complied, and Ansea again placed her arms around him. Suddenly he felt warm, moist lips caressing his male organ. The lips circled the head of his organ, and then began moving down its hardening length. As they moved, he felt himself being sheathed in warm wetness. With a start, he raised up and looked between his legs. His member was encased in a pink, pulsating sleeve that extended from Ansea’s vaginal opening, a sleeve that was working its way to the base of his member.

“Do not be afraid. You were created to match our bodies, and our passion. Just enjoy as I am.”

As the lips reached his base, they tightened on him and began pulling him inside her, the muscular contractions of her lips exciting him to a full erection. Arnak had no choice but to move into her, and soon was buried in her warm, wet passage.

“I know you make love to Shilla and Vrenna. I watched through the transparent panels of your sleeping chamber. Make love to me as you do to Shilla and Vrenna”, whispered Ansea. “We are not very much different, although I have different ways to pleasure you.”

The lips began to draw him in and thrust him out, and Arnak took up the familiar rhythm. As he stroked, he became aware of a firm nub of flesh rubbing on the top of his organ. Again looking down, he saw that what was apparently Ansea’s clitoris had enlarged to the size of his first finger joint, and was rubbing itself back and forth on his organ.

Ansea was now moaning with passion, and her entire body was thrusting against him, her hard nipples brushing wildly across his chest and her hips rushing to meet his thrust. Long before he was ready, she began heaving against his member, her clitoris rubbing hard, and her voice making tiny mewling sounds.


Her breathing increased to a pant, and her love sounds increased to loud moans. “Harder, please, harder, ahh, ahhh, ohh, ohh, you feel so good inside me, ohh, ahh, ahh, harder... yes, yes, ohh, ahhhh, ahhhhhhhh, ahhhhhhhhhhhh. Do not stop. I need more from you.”

Ansea quieted for a brief moment, then resumed her pumping motion, her voice back to small moans. Arnak’s member was being milked by her lips, and he found himself enjoying the sensation. It was like having Vrenna’s talented mouth pleasuring him while stroking his member inside Shilla, and although Arnak prided himself on his control, he was quickly reaching his peak. He began to make small “mmmm” sounds in time to his thrusts. Ansea was also climbing to another peak that promised to be higher than the first. Arnak forced a hand between them and pinched hard on an erect nipple. Ansea’s body lurched as she said, “Ahh, yes, again, again.”

Arnak pinched again, and was rewarded by hi pitched squeeks and low sultry moans as Ansea thrust hard against him. She arched her back in time with his thrusts, her head first arching with her, then rolling slowly from side to side. Suddenly he felt her inner lips pulling hard on him, particularly on the area just behind the head of his organ. The lips released, and pulled hard again, and again, and again, creating a sucking sensation that was exquisite. The sensation was more than enough to cause his explosion, and he thrust hard into Ansea, over an over, as he spurted his sperm into her body. As the first splash bathed her insides, Ansea screamed, “Ahh, yes, now, now, now, shoot into me, now, now, ahhh, ahh, ohh, yes, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”, and thrust back at him. Her fingers raked long red welts down his back on their way to his hips, which she then pulled into her. She wrapped her legs around his waist and lifted her hips to give him complete access to her sex, and stroked her body over his throbbing manhood. Arnak held her tightly and continued to stroke his spent, but still erect manhood in and out of her grasping passage. Her warm, inner core massaged him, begging for him to plunge deep as Ansea’s moans became one long ramble of unintelligible animal grunts, groans, and whispered words. “I feel.. umm, umm, you, ahhh, ahhh, hot, sticky, ummm, ummm, so nice at last, ahh, ahh, OH DON’T STOP, DON’T STOP, DON’T STOP, uMMMM, AHHH, AHHHHHH, AIEEEEEEEEEE.” With the final scream, Ansea collapsed on the sitting platform, panting as her inner lips released her hold on him. Her enlarged clitoris continued to rub back and forth across his now softening member, slowly and then rapidly, and from time to time she would arch her back to force him back inside her. As they lay together and he stroked her breasts and tweaked her nipples, Ansea stimulated herself to release after release. The climax of her passion was difficult to detect; she seemed to be continuously reaching peak after peak, each higher than the first, and each time her marvelous inner lips milked his member gently but furiously as her clitoris danced over him and her own outer lips. By the time she reached what he thought was her fifth release, Arnak was erect and again matching her thrusts. As he erupted into her again, Ansea was mostly silent, the only sound her rapid, throaty, gasps as she peaked and peaked again. At last, she lay still, and he watched as the large breasts receded to the minuscule nipples as before.

After they had recovered somewhat, Ansea spoke.

“Arnak, our efforts have come to fruition. You have come to us as we designed you. Our early population was mostly male; they were small, with low fertility, and genetically weak. Our species survived because the females evolved an extremely strong drive for reproduction and sexual release, but our need for repeated couplings would kill most males after one or two sessions. As the number of males decreased to unsustainable numbers, our species was in danger of extinction. Our brightest scientists were given the task of saving us, and their solution was to genetically engineer our species to be self-fertilizing, eliminating the need for males. Unfortunately, all offspring were also female, and our species has been totally female for the last five thousand of your sun cycles. We retained the strong reproductive drive that caused the original problem, and so formed relationships with other females for sexual release. While the touch of one female to another is very satisfying, we also longed to couple with males, and genetically engineered your species to provide males who are stronger and have extreme virility, and modified the organs of your females to make them more sexually provocative and a little more easily satisfied. We then “seeded” your species, our “offspring”, to the planet from which you came, and waited until you had advanced enough to understand us. You were designed to return to us, to give us pleasure that we will return, both to male and female alike. I was appointed to study you on this planet, and if our experiment proved successful, to greet you, test you, and introduce you to our ways. It may please you to know you have performed admirably.”

“You created us?” Arnak stammered. “And waited on us? To pleasure you?”

“Well, of course, each may choose his or her own destiny. You will not be forced. You can continue to colonize other worlds, invent, create, anything you want. The offer is just that, an offer. I doubt many of your males would refuse one of us though, don’t you agree?”

“I can see your logic, and will not dispute it, but what about the females of my species? Won’t they become jealous, and resist you?”

Ansea laughed, the first time he had heard her do so. “We will see after I give them my um... test. Remember the females of my species have been loving each other for many generations. We have developed skills that will be hard to resist, and our different bodies allow some unique forms of stimulation. I doubt that there will be a problem. I think tomorrow, I will conduct my own internal examination of Shilla and Vrenna.”

To Be Continued...

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