tagNonHumanOrigin of the Pliscotheans Ch. 2

Origin of the Pliscotheans Ch. 2


The Omthal day broke rapidly, an eerie, hazy, gray dawn exploding into a bright, bluish white morning as the sun called Anthes peeked over the horizon, and then climbed overhead. Inside the base camp domes, the Pliscothean crew woke from their sleeping time, and prepared for the days work. Shilla, the team’s blonde doctor/biologist woke, and crept nude to the sleeping quarters of Vrenna, the team botanist. She tapped softly on the door, then quietly opened it, knowing that Vrenna would not mind.

Vrenna was still asleep, but even in sleep, she exuded the sensuality that Shilla had come to treasure. Vrenna was lying on her side, the blanket thrown back, and the sheet covering only one shapely thigh and leg. Her other leg was drawn up toward her chest, opening her seductive hips and secret lips to Shilla’s gaze. As Shilla watched, Vrenna stirred, rolled to her back, and opened her thighs. Shilla involuntarily stopped breathing as she stared at the seductively tousled mane of red hair blazing against the pillow, the heavy breasts that sat slightly flattened and separated on the slim chest, and the smooth curve of the belly that led down past a cleanly shaved mound to delicate, pink, pouting lips.

Shilla had grown to love this female, and her body. Their initial explorations had been tentative, until each became comfortable with the other. Soon each had learned the other’s special needs and places, and their lovemaking became a sensual dance of intertwining arms and legs, soft breasts caressed by gentle fingers, and warm mouths tasting the secret, musky flavors of lust. When Shilla made love with Arnak, sometimes, depending on the mood, they fell into a frenzy of sex that quickly brought them to release, but with Vrenna, lovemaking was always exquisitely slow, passionate, and ended in a warm afterglow that was hard to describe but would be impossible for Shilla to ever give up. Not that she didn’t enjoy relations with Arnak; he was an excellent lover who she loved deeply, but sometimes she needed a soft body next to hers instead of Arnak’s hard muscles, and she craved the satin feel of Vrenna’s tongue and fingers. She would give up neither of her own accord, but would also never favor one or the other.

Vrenna peeped at Shilla through barely open eyes. She was enjoying her game, and enjoying the affect it had on Shilla. Already she could see that Shilla was breathing deeper, and she could imagine that she was feeling moistness finding it’s way to her thighs. Vrenna was becoming wet just knowing what she was doing to Shilla, and decided to hurry things up a bit. She slowly rubbed her nose, as if relieving some minor discomfort, then let her hand drop to her right breast. She slowly let it drag over the nipple, feeling satisfaction as the already large bud began to harden and rise. As she let her hand travel back up the underside of her breast to find the nipple again, she breathed a soft sigh, and rocked her hips. The effect of this motion was to slightly separate her outer, pouting lips, a motion she knew immediately was seen by Shilla, as she heard Shilla’s sharp intake of breath. Slowly again tracing down her breast, she then slid her hand down to her mound, then lower, and gently touched the very top of her opening. Again, she slightly raised her hips, and this time Shilla crossed the room to stand over her. Shilla’s slender finger joined Vrenna’s in a soft, caressing motion over the pouting lips. Vrenna opened her eyes in mock surprise, then smiled and whispered, “Good morning love.”

Shilla smiled back, and sat on the edge of the sleeping platform, her hand staying next to Vrenna’s, lightly stroking her sensuous lips. She leaned to kiss Vrenna, the feather touch kiss that Vrenna liked in the morning, and used her free hand to caress the side of Vrenna’s soft breast. Vrenna returned the kiss with slightly parted lips, and began to stroke Shilla’s shoulder. As a shiver ran down Shilla’s back, she teased Vrenna with her tongue, touching lightly but not penetrating the soft, full lips. Vrenna’s tongue sought and found Shilla’s, and the familiar tingle caused both to whisper a tiny moan. Vrenna’s hand slipped to Shilla’s breast, found the nipple, and gently began to alternately fondle and tug, causing the nipple and aureole to rise from the surface of the breast and form a firm cone. The nipple lost its usually puckered appearance, and swelled taught against the skin, a small erect bundle of nerves pleading to be touched. Shilla knew the impact was as great for Vrenna, because her finger began to feel wetness seeping from the now swelling lips between Vrenna’s thighs, and it began to easily slide between them. Vrenna’s hand found Shilla’s own mound, lightly furred with pale blonde silk, and she traced the path she knew so well. Shilla shifted position to allow Vrenna better access, and sighed. The magic was happening again.

Arnak awoke, but didn’t feel rested. He had tossed most of the night, thinking about the creature, or was it a female called Ansea. When she lured him into the common dome, and then had made love to him, it seemed very real. But now, in the light of day, he could not be sure. The experience could have been just a dream, a mental image born of his fatigue and apprehension over finding the strange creature. He rose, dressed, and went immediately to the lab. There was the white body, just as they had left it, lying dead on the examination table. So, it had been a dream, a very vivid one, but still just a dream. He walked back to Shilla’s sleeping quarters and knocked. Getting no answer, he opened the door, and saw that she was gone. Arnak knew she would be with Vrenna; Shilla loved to make love before breakfast. He went to her door, and knocked. He heard a muffled curse, from Vrenna probably, and laughed to himself. “Time to rise, darlings, we have work to do. I can imagine what you’re doing, but it will have to wait. Meet you in five chrons in the common area for breakfast.”

The three met at the eating area of the common dome, and Arnak smiled at the seemingly innocent touching between Shilla and Vrenna. It was always like this when the two females needed to be loved, but were forced to wait. He had been on the receiving side of those touches, and he knew how Shilla and Vrenna felt. A casual touch on the arm to make a point in conversation, a gentle touch to the back of the hand, contact with those slender, soft fingers always caused all his senses to snap to full alert and his entire body tingled with anticipation. Today, he was omitted from the subtle foreplay that would continue throughout the day, but Arnak knew they would likely decide to include him at some point. He was appreciative of the beautiful, sensuous dance of touch, and would patiently await their invitation.

After eating, the three moved to the lab dome to continue the investigation of the dead creature. It was Shilla’s intent to autopsy the creature, do the gross anatomy report, and save tissue samples for her later evaluation. She would also freeze additional samples for the research lab on the station. Shilla began her examination.

“Record start. Officer Novamene recording. Continuation of oral log of examination of unidentified creature killed on Omthal, Sector twenty seven, Pliscothean orbit count four thousand nine, eleven point... twenty four Anthese cycles from landing.”

“Subject remained in cool storage for approximately five centichrons. No visual damage to tissue is in evidence.” Shilla placed an instrument tray on the table and selected a large scalpel. “Making primary incision from the creature’s lower thorax down abdomen to the pubic mound.” Her hand rested on the creatures chest as she positioned the gleaming blade for the cut. At that moment, the creature’s eyes opened, large eyes with deep, dark, blue pupils that flashed intelligence and mystery. As Shilla stood with the blade poised for the first stroke, the creature smiled at Shilla and spoke in the low, soft voice from Arnak’s dream.

“Perhaps you would allow my active participation in your examination, instead of the passive role you had planned. I think you will learn more, and the examination will surely be more pleasant for me.”

Shilla jumped back from the table, and dropped the scalpel to the floor in her haste. She looked at Vrenna and then at Arnak. Vrenna was flushed and breathing quickly, but Arnak had this strange smile, appearing as if he had just deduced the answer to some long pondered question.

The creature turned to Arnak and asked, “Have you informed Shilla and Vrenna of our meeting last night, or was I to be a surprise?”

Arnak was still smiling. “This morning, when I saw you lying here, I decided you were a dream so I didn’t tell them. Shilla and Vrenna, meet Ansea, a female from the planet Lauxes. She is here to greet us, explain our past, and offer us a future here.”

Arnak related what Ansea had told him the night before about her totally female species, how the Lauxean scientists had genetically engineered the humanoids of Pliscothea and placed them on the planet, and how the Lauxeans had waited for their arrival. He didn’t tell them about Ansea’s offer for the future. He figured she would make the offer at her own selected time. When he finished, Ansea spoke to Shilla.

“We can now complete your examination, if you wish.”

Shilla and Vrenna were frozen in place, mouths agape, attempting to absorb the information they had just received. Neither spoke, and Ansea continued.

“I will interpret the lack of answer as affirmative. Shilla, your conclusions last night were incorrect. I am very female; my body is very much like yours, or rather your body is very much like mine. You were modeled after us, with some small changes. You will notice that you and Vrenna have large, prominent breasts with very developed nipples while I have only these tiny bumps on my chest. We evolved away from sexual attractors after our males all perished because there was no need. Our bodies retained the ability to nurse offspring; the breasts are contained internally until needed. They swell to normal size when stimulated by manual or oral caress. I will demonstrate.”

Ansea raised both hands to her chest and began to stroke the small nubs. Shilla watched in awe as Ansea’s chest reacted to her fluttering fingers by rapidly increasing in size. Ansea quickly became very well endowed with large, firm breasts sprouting long, thick, dark nipples. Although attempting to retain her professional detachment, Shilla’s body was reacting to the sight, and a quick glance at Vrenna indicated that was having the same feelings.

Ansea’s voice now took on a more sultry note. She stroked from her chest down her sides, around to her belly and over her hips with lightly touching fingertips.

“You will see that my body is the same as yours in appearance, now. I have the same slender waist, rounded belly, and wide hips. Would you care to touch me to confirm my statement?”

Shilla moved to the examining table, and touched the breast of the still reclining Ansea. The breast was warm, soft yet firm, and the tiny scales gave it a sensual and exciting appearance. Her hands moved to palpate the nipples, first stroking them to feel the texture, then gently squeezing to test for resilience. Ansea moaned a tiny moan. “Vrenna, even though your specialty is botany, perhaps you would also like to examine me?”

Vrenna took a position on the other side of the table, and began stroking Ansea’s other breast. As Arnak watched the two females examine Ansea, he knew the ultimate outcome of the “examination” would be very exciting to watch. Already, Vrenna’s pupils had begun to dilate, and she was lightly stroking her own hip.

Shilla moved her hands over the smooth contours of Ansea’s body, settling on the belly, and felt the soft tissue overlaying the muscle. She began to touch lower, and Ansea said, “The other difference between us is in the sexual characteristics hidden from your view.” Ansea parted her thighs, exposing the satiny, white outer lips Arnak had enjoyed last night. “If you part my outer lips, I can show you.”

As Shilla opened the lips with two fingers, she gasped. She saw the large clitoris, then watched in amazement as it began to stroke itself against her fingers. “Vrenna, look at this. It’s moving by itself. How do you do that?”

“We have a large clitoris that we have some control over. I can move it to increase my pleasure, or to increase the pleasure of my partner. Touch it and you will feel the range of motion, and its strength.”

Shilla touched the moving nub with her index finger, and felt it jump. It then began to caress her fingertip, under Ansea’s control, she assumed, and appeared to increase somewhat in size. As she encircled it with her fingers, she was rewarded by a gentle throbbing sensation, and by another moan from Ansea.

“As you can see, I am very sensitive in that area, just as you are. You should now see the other difference between our bodies.” As Shilla continued to hold the throbbing nub of flesh, Ansea began to extend her inner lips. “I also have larger inner lips than you, and I have control over their size and position. This feature of my anatomy is very useful, as I will demonstrate when you are ready.”

Arnak watched Ansea’s inner lips extend, but remembered them as longer. They moved, but he remembered the grasping, sucking pleasure he felt, and wondered why Ansea was holding back. He glanced at Vrenna. As she continued to caress Ansea’s breast she was now watching Shilla’s examination. Her hand cautiously stole to her own breast, then to the crotch of her uniform, and tentatively stroked. Her cheeks were flushed and her breasts heaved with each breath. He couldn’t see Shilla very well, but noticed that her stance had become more open and she was shifting her weight slowly from one leg to the other.

Ansea spoke, “All my other organs are identical to yours. And now, since I allowed you to examine me, would you afford me the same opportunity? I believe we need a larger table, if I am going to examine both of you. Perhaps your sleeping quarters?” She gently removed the touching fingers, rose from the table, and taking Shilla and Vrenna by the hand, led them to Shilla’s sleeping area. Arnak followed with large smile on his face and a rapidly growing erection in his uniform.

“You probably wonder about my skin. On Lauxes, our sun emits a unique radiation. The small scales filter the radiation and protect our bodies. I think the color is also very alluring, don’t you? I will begin by examining your skin. First, I need to remove the uniforms, if you don’t mind.” Without waiting for an answer, Ansea unfastened the closures of Shilla’s and Vrenna’s uniforms, and allowed them to drop to the floor. “Please lie back on the sleeping platform so that I may continue my examination. There, that’s fine. I will begin with you, Shilla.”

“I see you have pale yellow hair, while mine is white. The texture is similar. I love the feel of it on my fingers as I brush it away from your face. Hmm, your eyes are quite beautiful. Very deep blue, like mine. Did you know that on Lauxes, blue eyes are considered the mark of an excellent lover? No, you couldn’t possibly know that... Your lips are very sensual. I think the best way to compare lips would be to touch them. Mmm..., yes, yours are very soft and full. It is a most pleasing sensation, is it not? Let me see your tongue, just to make sure it is the same...Yes, pink like mine and it has the same soft tip. Let us make that comparison also. Mmm..., I think your tongue has the most delightful texture.”

“As you can see, my breasts are still exposed. They will stay that way until I am, shall we say, relieved of the tension that exposed them. Yours are very lovely. Fuller than mine, I would say, and the tips are rather unique. When I touch them, they grow into firm cones with the nipples perched on top. Oh my, your nipples really are firm. I will have to squeeze gently to properly examine them. Sometimes I cup my breast and squeeze, like this. The feeling is the same. Do you like it?”

Shilla lay quietly and nodded her head. Arnak could tell she was already captive to Ansea’s charms. Vrenna was becoming greatly aroused also; Arnak watched as she idly caressed her own body, and after parting her full red lips, seductively licked them with her tongue.

“Vrenna, I want to examine Shilla further, but I think she rather likes to have her breasts touched. Could you help me? I didn’t test her response to kisses to her nipple, or to suckling. Would you make the test?”

Vrenna quickly began to pleasure Shilla’s nipples, and Ansea’s hands explored further.

“Same rounded belly as mine. What is this. You have soft hair down here. I rather like it, even though I have none. If feels nice against my fingers. I see you are open to my examination of your sex. Yes, you are the same, except for smaller inner lips. They are quite pretty, did you know that. Do they move...interesting, they don’t move but when I stroke them, your hips do. Manual stimulation here appears to cause a vocal response also. You are making tiny “mmm” sounds. Are you aware of that?”

Shilla answered with a whispered “Yes. I love your examination technique. Is there anything else you need to examine?”

“Oh, yes. Hmmm. Here is your clitoris, under a little hood. That is different from me. Let me just feel it for size... very interesting, it is growing, just like mine, and you seem to enjoy touch there. Your vocal response is getting louder. Your mouth is very sensual right now. Vrenna, would you test her response to a kiss? I am interested in watching.”

Vrenna needed no urging, and kissed Shilla’s full, parted lips. The kiss started softly, but soon Vrenna was teasing the full lips with her very talented tongue. Shilla responded by probing for Vrenna’s tongue with her own, her moaning becoming more frequent now, and her hips rising to meet Ansea’s touch.

“Your responses to all stimuli have been as anticipated, although they are somewhat stronger than we had planned. Perhaps you are not average for your species. We will see when we examine more specimens.”

“I have only two tests to complete, and then we are done”, said Ansea. “The first is ... well, I will just show you.” Ansea lowered her mouth to Shilla’s private lips, and began to kiss and lick their soft outside. Her tongue slipped between them, and felt for Shilla’s private opening before resuming an up and down licking motion. Shilla’s response was electric. A gasp escaped from between her lips and made its way around Vrenna’s tongue, and was followed immediately a throaty “Ahhhhhhhmmmmmmmm.”

“You respond very well; let me see if your clitoris responds in an equal manner. Just a small touch of my tongue at first... my, such sounds, and hip movement. Possibly more intense stimulation will teach me more about you.”

Ansea began to alternately suckle and then rasp her soft tongue across Shilla’s now protruding pleasure bud. Shilla’s cries became urgent pleas for more as her hips began to grind into Ansea’s face. “Oh... umm...umm...oh Ansea... oh Vrenna... this is won...ohhhh...wonderful... ummmh...ummmh...ummmh...I can’t stop, please don’t stop, please, ummmh, ooohh, ooohh.”

Arnak watched as Shilla was pleasured by both females. He gently stroked himself, not wanting to become too excited, yet. He knew from his experience with Ansea that this “examination” would last a lot longer. He wanted his energy to build higher before release, and hoped he might join at some later time.

As Ansea continued to stimulate Shilla, Shilla reached to caress Vrenna. She loved the feel of Vrenna’s breasts and her sex, and was fondling both to increase her own pleasure, and to help Vrenna. As she reached her peak, she plunged two fingers into Vrenna and began stroking. Her hips bucked against Ansea, and her voice dissolved into a running stream of love sounds mixed with a few intelligible words. “Please, ah, ah, don’t stop, umm, umm, so nice, ummmh, ummmh, ohdamnohdamnohdamn, ummh, ummmh, ummmmh, ahhh, now, now, now, now, I..., I..., nowohnowohnowoh...ahhhhummmm.”

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