tagLoving WivesOrlando Trip Ch. 02

Orlando Trip Ch. 02



Saturday morning we woke up at the hotel in Orlando. Diane dressed in a pair of white short that just covered her ass and a button up denim shirt that she tied under her boobs. She wore her hair in a ponytail with a colorful band holding it. She was showing off her smooth, flat stomach and long, suntanned legs. She worn white sandals with bright red toenail polish. She would be turning heads today.

We went downstairs to the lobby where the hotel was serving breakfast. When the doors opened the two middle aged men from the previous night were sitting in the lobby drinking coffee and munching on a plate of food. They leered at Diane in her summery outfit, thoroughly scoping her out.

We walked over to the counter and fixed ourselves a small plate of fruit and pastry. Diane walked over to a table close to the older gentlemen, set her plate down and turned back to the counter to get some coffee.

As she walked back to the coffee area one of the old guys said, "Don't forget the ice!"

Diane looked over her shoulder and then back at me with a quizzical look on her face. She joined me in making a cup of coffee and grabbed a glass for juice.

"What do you think he meant by that comment?"

"I don't know. Do you remember anything about last night?"

"I think we made love, didn't we? Did anything else happen?" Now she looked concerned. Clearly, the rumors about the newer sleeping aid were true, at least to a certain point.

"I'll tell you about it when we get to the table."

We sat down and started to munch on the fresh fruit and I leaned over close to Diane and spoke quietly.

"Do you remember going for ice last night?"

She shook her head uttering a soft, "No."

She blushed as if a brief memory began to form in her mind.

"Did I go get ice last night?"

"When we got to the room and started getting ready for bed you decided you wanted to have a drink of the Jack and Coke we brought with us. But we didn't have any ice, so you decided to go get some down the hall. You walked out of the room in your undies."

I leaned back and let that settle in before saying more.

"Why didn't you stop me? My gosh, you should have stopped me."

"I tried. You said it was late. 'Who will be out at this hour?' and walked out with the bucket. You ran into a young couple getting off of the elevator on the way down and those two guys on your way back. You did ask them if they wanted any ice. I had to grab you and pull you into the room. That's when we fucked each other."

I had leaned forward to tell the story and now leaned back in my chair to watch her reaction. You could almost see the wheels turning as she tried to remember what had happened the night before.

"You're lying. I might have gone to get ice but I wasn't naked. In your dreams, maybe."

She got up and headed for the door, tossing her trash as she went. She glared out the two guys and turned her head quickly as if to snub them. I followed behind her, grinning like an idiot at the men.

Diane didn't say anything as we drove up the Trail, heading for our first stop. We found the store and parked outside. Now her face lit up as she saw that it was an adult novelty shop as well as a clothing store. A sign out front stated that the store sold dancer apparel, adult videos, books, toys and surprises.

"Oh, boy," she gushed, "This could be interesting."

She practically jumped out of the car and headed for the door.

"Come on, slow poke. Hurry up."

She got to the door and held it open waiting for me. She was squinting as she tried to look into the dimly lit shop from the glaring sunshine. She was smiling her crazy smile, as I call it, and was tapping her foot impatiently.

"'Bout time," as she followed me inside.

She began moving down the aisles of dancer apparel looking quickly from one article to another. She found a plaid outfit that looked like a Catholic school girl uniform, only skimpier. The skirt portion was about the size of the shorts she was wearing. There were two straps that made the skirt a kind of smock. The straps were about three inches wide and joined at the back.

"I like this one," she said happily as she held it up for my inspection. "I could wear one of my short tees underneath it. What do you think?" mischief filling her voice.

"Nice." My head spun with imagination. "Want to go try it on?" I looked around hoping to spot a dressing room.

"I want to look some more. Go see if you can find us a video to watch while I look." Her face glowed with excitement. "Better yet, go see if you can find a new toy to play with me." Her excitement continued to add to her beauty.

I wandered away, leaving her on her own . I looked around and saw the novelty toy area and began to look. My god, but the toys and novelties are well beyond imagination. The bondage gear ranged from the mild and modest to the extreme, while dildos came in all sizes, from the short little ones, to short fat ones to one that had to be bigger around than a softball. There were lotions, lubricants and massage oils in all scents and flavors.

I selected a couple of toys and made my way back to the clothing area. A twenty something young lady, dressed like a working girl, was hanging outfits back up.

"Looking for a little school girl?" she said with a smile lighting her face.

"About this tall?" I asked raising my hand to about the five foot seven height. "Cute as hell and barely wearing shorts?"

"She's trying a couple of outfits on. She'll be over there," she offered, pointing to the side wall of the clothing section.

"Thanks." I gave her an approving look up and down, smiling my best smile and added, "Cute outfit you're wearing. I'll bet you even look cuter taking it off."

"You'd win that bet," she shot back with her own smile.

I walked up to the sales counter and placed my items to be paid for near the register. Another young lady, dressed in a Goth outfit, came up and asked if I had found everything I needed. I assured her I had and paid for my purchases.

"Now if I can just find my wife," I said. I looked around and saw her standing behind me.

"Just go on. I've got this," she ordered.

"Okay. Okay. I can take a hint."

I walked outside and waited a few minutes for her to finish up and come outside. After what seemed like an extra long time Diane emerged from the store wearing the little plaid school girl outfit, with a white button up blouse with the top three buttons undone. I knew that she had no bra on under the blouse. She twirled around to give me a complete look at the new outfit. The edge of the skirt lifted as she turned revealing a pair of thong underwear and a tanned ass.

"Well, what do you think?" she grinned as she spoke, fully aware of my answer.

"Let's go back to the hotel and I'll show you exactly what I think."

We put her purchases in the trunk of the car and I walked around her side to open the door. I held it open as she got in. A guy walking up to the store almost got hit by the opening front door as he watched Diane get into the car. I waved in acknowledgement.

"I need to go to the mall. I need to find shoes to go with this outfit."

"What kind of shoes go with that outfit," I asked in total ignorance.

"Saddle Oxfords. They're white lace up shoes, with the middle section black or dark gray. God, I wore then from Kindergarten through High School. I swore I would never, ever even look at another pair. Now I need to go buy a pair."

"Can't you just wear regular shoes with it?" I must have had the word STUPID written on my forehead the way my wife was looking at me.

"No, you can't. You need to have the complete package. Now take me to the mall," she insisted.

I drove to the mall and parked near the food court. I figured that would be the best place to find a Mall Directory or an Information booth. Diane and I got out of the car heading for the search for the Holy Shoes necessary to complete the outfit.

I watched as Diane walked with the short skirt swaying back and forth. I fell back behind her and continued to look seeing flashes of her ass peeking out from under the plaid skirt. Her long legs seemed even longer with the new look. I caught up with her as we got to the entrance and I reached to open the door, which suddenly opened in front of us.

"Wow!" This sound came from a skater kid dressed in skater garb. "Sweet," he added as he turned on the door holding it open for Diane. He looked her up and down and then caught me looking at him.

"She yours?" he asked hoping for a quick answer, and not a punch.

"Yep. She's all mine."

"Lucky bastard," he muttered as he walked away.

As we entered the food court I spotted a Directory and headed towards it walking quickly. When I reached the store listing, I looked around for my wife expecting her to be standing next to me. She was about half way across the food court talking to a well dressed thirty something guy. As I continued to watch he handed Diane what appeared to be a business card. I started to walk towards them when Diane looked up, caught my eye and gently shook her head. I stopped walking but continued to watch them.

Diane seemed to be offering a 'thank you' to the man and headed towards me.

"What was that all about?" I demanded as she approached.

"He's a talent agent and offered me a photo shoot and a possible modeling gig. He also said he could hook me up to dance at almost any of the adult clubs in Orlando. Or Tampa."

"Like hell. He was just hitting on you." I took the card and read the individual's name and his company logo. "Anyone can print up cards like this. They hand them out to get a girl's information and possibly score. See, there's no physical address on the card, just a P O Box."

We looked over the listing and made a note of the shoe stores which stretched from one end of the mall to the other. Most of them were strictly women's shoe stores. Wasn't this going to be fun.

I told Diane that after her encounter in the food court I would stay right with her as we shopped. We reached the first store and could see that they only featured newer fashions and couldn't possibly carry the ones she needed.

We strolled the mall taking our time, and grabbed a fancy coffee from Starbucks. We grabbed a seat outside Starbucks and watched the people walking past. That's when Diane noticed a few guys standing around 'window shopping' while glancing back at us every couple of minutes.

She smiled as she spoke. " I think I have some admirers. Look."

She tilted her head towards two guys looking into the nearest window and then at three guys looking at items on the far side of the nearest kiosk. They were holding objects in their hands but their attention was clearly on Di's new outfit.

"Come on," she urged, grabbing my hand with one hand and her drink with the other.

She headed towards the escalators that led to the upper level. As we approached the bottom step as pushed me on in front of her and took a step two behind me.

She leaned towards me and asked, " Did they follow us?"

I glanced over her head and watched a couple of guys pushing each other trying to get onto the escalator.

I grinned slightly as I whispered, "They're fighting to get a look."

I watched as the guy who had won the battle pulled out a cell phone and began aiming the camera towards Diane. I stepped down past her and slid in behind her just before we reached the top.

Luckily at the top was an discount shoe store. We made our way in and asked the matronly clerk if she knew if they carried saddle oxfords.

"Oh course," she gushed as if it was a ridiculous question. "What size?"

Diane told her a size six and the clerk waddled towards the mysterious back room.

While she was gone I walked up behind Di and slid my hand around her front. I lifted the edge of the skirt and pushed two fingers into her warm, wet pussy. She grabbed my arm holding my hand in place while I continued to wiggle my fingers inside her. Diane squirmed as we heard the clerk returning.

She emerged from the back room carrying a dusty box, brushing the dust across the store as she brought out the long overlooked shoe box.

"Tommy. Come here and help these people with these shoes while I go straighten up the shoes back there and get some of this dust up."

Neither of us had noticed the young man standing along the same wall where we were standing. A tall, lanky young man of about twenty took the shoebox from the older woman and moved towards us. As he did, he opened the box and looked at the old fashioned shoes.

"Are these for you?" he asked incredulously as he took a long slow look at Diane's school girl outfit.

"Yep. They complete the outfit, don't you think?" Diane did her little twirl for his benefit.

He swallowed before he spoke, "Have a seat and let's try them on." He indicated a chair with the shoe box and pulled the little seat up as Diane took her place in the indicated chair.

Tommy had set the box down next to his seat and removed a shoe, placing it in his lap. He turned his attention back to Diane and was greeted with her long leg extending out to him as she putting her foot on his knee. Between his position, Diane's leg resting on his knee and the fact that she had hiked up her already short skirt I knew he had a view of paradise.

"Let me take my sandal off"

With this she leaned forward to unbuckle the shoe when I noticed she had undone a couple of the top buttons of her blouse. She exaggerated her motions as she slowly leaned forward giving Tommy a view directly down her blouse.

Again, Tommy swallowed hard.

"Everything alright?" The matron had briefly exited the back room to check out the sale.

"Fine." Tommy's voice cracked as he answered.

She returned to her work in the back and Tommy turned his full attention back to Diane's movements. She had lingered on the buckle of her sandal while he had been distracted. She removed her shoe, dropping it to the floor as she moved he foot back and forth on the inside of his leg.

"Do you have a little pair of socks? I didn't bring any with me."

He turned in his seat, reluctant to move away from her caressing. I followed his gaze and saw little white socks hanging from a rack near the register.

"Let me get them for you." I offered as I walked the few steps, grabbed a pair with little pink angels adoring them and tossed them at my wife.

"Thank you," they both offered, his a lot more sincere then hers.

You could hear the relief in his voice that he didn't have to get up. I don't believe he could have stood up erect on a bet.

Diane undid the little clip holding the socks together and handed him one.

"Put it on," she commanded. "Please?" she added a little too sweetly.

Tommy grabbed her calf and rested it on his knee leaving her foot immediately in front of him. He gently brushed invisible bits of dirt from her foot and softly blew on her toes clearing out the toe jam. He took hold of the sock and smoothly moved it over her toes and past her heal. Then he grabbed the shoe from his lap undoing the laces and seemed to slide it onto her foot in one easy motion.

"Want to try them both on, just to be sure?" he spoke hopefully.

"Sure, why not."

Diane replaced her right foot with her left and leaned forward to unbuckle it.

"Allow me, please." he offered as he too leaned forward his eyes never making contact with Diane's eyes.

As she sat back in the chair his eyes drifted down to the small patch between her legs. He unbuckled the sandal, removed it, brushed the dirt, slid the sock and shoe on without ever taking his eyes off of the prize.

"There." He had finally looked up into Diane's eyes, smiled and told her to walk around and see how they fit.

Diane stepped towards the front of the store where a couple of guys still waited anxiously, did a quick twirl on the toe of one shoe and walked back towards Tommy.

"I'll take them. Pay the man," she ordered looking at me.

Tommy was mesmerized and suddenly realized what Diane had said.

"Don't you want to take them off?" He was almost begging as he uttered his plea.

"Nope, I'm going to wear them. They complete the outfit."

Diane moved back towards the front of the store where she admired her latest purchase in the mirrors by the entrance. I paid the tab, grabbed the box which contained her old sandals and walked up to her. I took her hand and walked out into the mall.

"Ready?" I asked expectantly.

"No. I want to shop some more. What are we going to do? Go back to the hotel and fuck each other? Not until I see the effect of this outfit."

She tugged me along beside her as she slowed her pace and began looking interested in all of the window displays. We wandered the length of the mall taking the stairs down to the first floor then riding the escalator back up. She headed into Victoria's Secret and told me to wait outside.

I watched as three guys followed her inside and were immediately greeted by cute little sales girls who offered to assist them in their selections. Two of the reluctantly took the offer, figuring that they might have a chance with the young clerk. One told the girl that he was just looking and would ask if he needed help.

A couple of minutes later Diane came out carrying a small bag. She told me she had needed to get a new bra and had found one she liked. We continued to shop as we headed towards the food court.

"Want to get something to eat?"

"Yeah. You." I growled. "Can we just go?"

"No. I'm enjoying this. You were the one who wanted me to open up and show off my body."

I knew she was right and agreed to have lunch before we left the mall. We surveyed the different options each restaurant offered and chose a plate of Chinese.

Diane led us to a table in the middle of the court and sat down. She looked around the area and noticed a few admirers. She continued to cross and uncross her legs and to lean forward to offer a view of everything.

Finally she seemed satisfied with her appearance and we left. On the walk back to the car I reached over for a cheap feel. She slapped playfully at my hand and told me to be patient. We reached the car and I opened her door. She tossed her package into the back seat and grabbed to door frame.

"Wait a sec."

She reached up under the skirt, grabbed her thong and pulled it off. I caught a brief glimpse of her naked pussy. She got in and I closed the door.

"Yes." I pumped my fist as I celebrated her action.

I got into the driver's seat to see her lowering the straps of the school girl outfit. The look was completely erotic making her look like a horny high school girl. She laid the seat back almost flat and undid two more buttons freeing her left breast.

"Now you can molest me," she offered as she lifted the skirt revealing herself completely.

I had started the car, but hadn't yet started to move. A man walked up on her side of the car unlocking the door of the luxury SUV parked next to us. I couldn't see his face, but I could tell through his movements he had looked inside our car to see Diane in all her glory. The man leaned into the window, which Diane lowered to allow him a better view. The guy had to be in his late sixties and his jowls shook as he moved. He rested his hand on the window as he leaned in for a closer look and to make sure he wasn't seeing thing.

"Like what you see?" Diane asked as he nervously looked from me back to her almost naked body.

He nodded his head, and sensing no reaction from me, turned his full attention back to Di's body. His mind could not decide where to look as his eyes jumped from her boobs to her laser cleaned pussy. Di reached up and took his hand from the window in her two hands and pulled it onto her right breast. She used her hands to move his hand around on her boob.

"Squeeze it. Doesn't it feel soft and firm?" He complied with her request and as he began to knead her tit she released her grip on his hand.

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