tagIncest/TabooOrphan Annie

Orphan Annie


The little girl with the red curls kneeled by her mother's graveside. Her father had died before she was born. She had no grandparents, aunts or uncles that anyone knew of. Now her mother had been killed in a hit and run. Annie was an orphan. She was four years old and all alone in the world.

"Mr Crawling?" said the social worker. "Do you want to say goodbye to Annie before we take her to the foster home?"

"Please Miss Tanner," pleaded the young man who'd just lost his wife of 5 months. "Please let me keep Annie. We're all each other have left."

"I'm afraid you can't keep her," the social worker insisted. "You're not her parent. You never adopted her or became her legal guardian. I'm afraid I can't leave a little girl with a single man who's only 22 years old."

"I was going to adopt her, but Maryanne and I had only been married for five months. We figured there was plenty of time for that. Please Miss Tanner, you're going to kill Annie if you take her away from the only home she's ever known."

"OK, Mr Crawling," the social worker had an appointment to get to. "Let's make a deal. You take care of Annie until I can find a permanent foster home for her."


14 years later:

Annie walked through the door and threw her bag on the floor. Yes! It was finally spring break. The last few months had been such hard work. She hated school. She wasn't an academic. She just wanted to finish school with good enough grades to train as a masseuse. The next week was going to be a lovely break. Her best friends were going away and she'd broken up with her boyfriend last weekend after he got too frisky after the prom. It looked like it would just be her and some movies, which wasn't a bad way to spend spring break. Daddy had said he might take a few days off work and go to the condo by the lake. Annie was hoping that he'd be able to. She hadn't been to the lake since last summer and she was dying to go out on the jet ski.

She went upstairs to her bedroom that looked a little bit too girlish for her liking. Daddy had decorated it in the pink and white theme Annie had chosen when she was 10. It was full of fluffy animals and pink frills and not at all suitable for a young woman. The only thing that had changed was that he'd given in and bought her a double bed a year ago. She was strictly not allowed any boys to come over and stay in her room, but the double bed was so much more comfortable for her to sleep in. She pulled off her school uniform and threw it in the hamper. She checked herself out in the mirror. She'd been gaining a little bit of weight lately since she gave up softball. She was intending to start going to the gym as soon as she graduated, but right now her schoolwork took so much time that she didn't get as much exercise as she wanted. Her breasts were straining in her 36C bra and she knew that it might be time to try D-cups. Her waist was still skinny, but she'd put on a few extra pounds on her ass and thighs. So far it only made her look more feminine, but she knew she'd have to be careful so that she didn't get fat.

She brushed her long red curls. Her hair had been almost orange as a child, but now it had a darker and richer shade of copper. Her pubic hair was still orange though. Well, what little pubic hair she had as she waxed regularly to keep her bikini line nice and smooth. Her eyes were dark brown and her fair skin was covered with freckles. She sighed. No wonder the only boyfriends she could get were the ones like Sean O'Connor who couldn't keep their hands to themselves. Maybe once she was working she'd meet older and more mature men. Maybe she'd meet a man who could kiss her without choking her with his tongue and who didn't have sweaty palms every time she let him touch her breast. She pulled a t-shirt over her head and stepped into a pair of shorts and went downstairs to watch TV while she waited for daddy to come home.

"Happy birthday, sweetheart!"

The sound of her daddy's voice woke Annie from her slumber. She'd fallen asleep in front of the TV and now she sat up as daddy came towards her with a purple gift bag in his hands. Her daddy was so handsome. He was 36 years old and his hair was the kind of blonde you only get from being outdoors a lot. He was an engineer and spent a lot of time at construction sites. His eyes were blue and he was almost a head taller than Annie who was a full 5'8". She often thought that she would be lucky if she could find a man half as attractive as her dad. Poor dad was looking for someone as well. He'd been going out with Alice Tanner as long as Annie could remember and Alice had been like a mom to Annie. But they'd had a huge row shortly before daddy's 36th birthday. Alice had told Annie that her dad was a pig and she should leave the minute she graduated. Well, that was long forgotten. Today was Annie's 18th birthday and she couldn't wait to see what daddy had planned for her.

"What have you got for me?" she asked excitedly as daddy dangled the purple bag in front of her.

"What do you say?" he teased her.

"Please, please, please daddy. You're the best daddy in the whole world." She got up and gave him a kiss, just like she'd done so many times before. This time daddy put his arms around her and kissed her back.

"And you're the best daughter in the whole world," he replied, as was his usual reply to her declaration, but this time there was an odd look in his eyes. There seemed to be a fire burning inside those cool blue eyes.

Daddy made Annie sit down and he held the purple bag out of her reach.

"You remember last month when we were shopping for your prom dress?" he asked her and she nodded. "Do you remember when we went to buy the strapless bra to go with it?"

Annie nodded, it had been a rather embarrassing moment for her to have her dad sit and watch her looking through a lingerie shop and then taken away to be measured for the underwear she'd chosen. She remembered the look he'd gave her when she came out with a strapless bra with matching g-strings and garter belt. The memory of that look had been enough for her to fight off Sean O'Connor's advances after the prom.

"Well, I saw your longing gaze at some of the outfits in that shop, so I went back again. I decided that now that you're 18 you're old enough to dress like a woman."

Annie couldn't believe her ears. Daddy handed her the purple bag and she pulled out its contents. There were 3 complete sets of lace bras, g-strings and garter belts. In black, blue and red. There were also 2 lacy and sheer baby dolls in a pale blue and black. Finally there were two teddies, in black and white, both lacy with open sides and leaving very little to the imagination. Annie couldn't believe her eyes. Her dad had chosen virtually everything she'd pined for in that shop. It was all so beautiful.

"Thank you, daddy!" she kissed him. "You couldn't have picked a more perfect birthday present for me."

"I'm glad you're happy, baby," he replied. "Now go and get dressed, I'm taking you out for a birthday meal. Make sure you're real pretty for your old dad."

Annie skipped upstairs. This was turning into the best birthday ever. She decided to wear her favourite black dress tonight, mainly because she'd be able to wear the black teddy underneath. It was going to be perfect. She slipped into the teddy and thought her dad must have made a mistake, it was far too small for her. She double checked the size and realised that he'd bought the correct one. It was supposed to stretch the way it did and push her tits up so that they almost spilled out. Then she realised that it was had a pussy opening. The discovery created a stir in her pussy. With a flick of a finger it turned into a crotchless teddy. An image of a man pushing her upper body across a railing before lifting her skirt, ripping open the thin Velcro that held the key to her womanhood and taking her came to mind. She felt that tingle in her pussy again. Then she realised who the man was that was ravishing her so hungrily in her fantasies. It was her own dad.

She shook her head. It couldn't be. But it was true. She had a crush on her own father. How did that happen? Where did it come from? All she knew was that for the first time in her life, she now felt ready to lose her virginity, but the only man she wanted for the job was her daddy. How could she hide this from him? This was her deepest and darkest secret and she knew that she'd die if daddy found out that his daughter was hungry for his cock. She stepped into her 3-inch heel shoes and walked downstairs where daddy was waiting for her. He looked wonderful in his suit, that despite its loose cut couldn't hide the generous bulk at hip level. How she wanted to feel it under her hand.

"You look beautiful, baby," daddy smiled proudly. "Are you wearing your new underwear?"

Annie smiled and blushed at the intimate question. "Yes, daddy. I'm wearing the black teddy."

"Excellent choice. It's flattering your figure. Now, why don't you go out into the car while I just pop upstairs again. I left my wallet in my bedroom."

Annie was in the passenger seat when her dad came out to the car. He slid in behind the wheel, ran his hand across Annie's thigh and started the car. Annie nearly jumped out of her seat as she reacted to the feeling of daddy caressing her thigh like that. She knew that she was being ridiculous, they'd always been a touchy feely family, but now his touch sent waves of passion to her sex. Now his touch made her want to scream out, wanting him to touch more, wanting him to touch her in more intimate places. She bit her teeth together and tried to concentrate on the road, but to no avail. Her pussy was tingling more than ever and she was sure that it was her pussy juices that she could smell spreading from her crotch. Would this journey never end?

They soon reached the restaurant and Annie jumped out of the car. As they walked from the car park, she walked quickly, trying to burn off some of that sexual energy that had been building up inside her. It seemed to work. By the time they were seated the tingly sensation in her pussy was gone and she managed to concentrate on the menu. They ordered their choice of food and then daddy took her hands across the table.

"Annie, baby," he said softly. "There's something I have to tell you. There's something I've wanted to tell you for a long time, but that I didn't dare tell you. But today I can't hold it back any longer. You're an adult now and you deserve to know the truth."

"What's the matter, daddy?" she asked worriedly. What on earth could the big secret be that was making daddy so nervous?

"You know how I've been going out with Alice Tanner since your mother's death. Well, Alice kept nagging me to marry her, but I didn't want to. I never loved her. I just kept seeing her so that I wouldn't lose you."

"Lose me? Why would you lose me?"

"Alice was your social worker and she wanted to place you in a foster home when your mother died. I convinced her to let you stay with me temporarily and then I seduced her and kept her happy in bed for all these years so that she wouldn't take you away. Now that you're 18 I didn't need to keep her happy anymore so I broke up with her, she didn't take it too well."

So that's what the big row was about, Annie thought. "But I don't understand. Why would she take me away from you? There are lots of single dads out there who are doing a great job."

"That's true. There are a lot of single dads, but they have a biological bond with their children. Princess, I'm not your real father."

Annie didn't believe a word she was hearing. "Yes, you are. Everybody keeps telling me how much I look like you. You were at my birth. You've been with me my whole life!"

Daddy sighed. "People see what they want to see. Your mother and I dated in high school. Then we broke up and she started seeing another guy and right before Christmas in her senior year she announced that she was pregnant. I had started college here in town half a year earlier and I watched your mother grew bigger. She and her boyfriend didn't have a place of their own. He was an orphan and he was working two jobs to save up for a place. They lived with your grandparents. A month before you were due your mother was at her friend's house. They were making baby clothes for you when they heard a big explosion. The furnace in your grandparents' house had exploded, killing everybody who was in the house at the time and burning the house to the ground. Your mother was devastated by the shock and she went into labour. I just happened to pass by as her water broke and I took her to the hospital as the firemen were fighting to get the fire under control. I held your mother's hand as she gave birth to you. You were premature, but you were the most beautiful baby ever. You know the rest. My parents let your mother and you stay in our house while we sorted the insurance. Your mother and I started dating again and as soon as I'd finished college we got married. We were intending on making the bond between you and me legal as well. You knew that your mother was pregnant when she died. Well, she died on her way to a meeting with her lawyer to start adoption procedures. We both wanted you to be my first child in every way possible."

Annie was shocked. "Why didn't you tell me before?"

"I didn't know how to. I was afraid that we'd have a fight and you'd run to Alice in the heat of the moment and ask to be moved to a foster home. I couldn't take the risk. I love you so much, darling."

"I wouldn't have wanted any other dad when I was growing up."

"I know that now. But both your mother and I had big fights with our parents when we were teenagers. You know that I haven't seen my parents for over 10 years. I was afraid that the same would happen with us and that you'd leave me forever."

Annie sat back and took it all in. "So you're not my real daddy?"

"No, but no man could ever love you more than I do."

They smiled at each other, eyes locking in a peculiar gaze that was only broken by the waitress bringing them their first courses. Annie kept stealing glances at her daddy. Daddy… The man she was secretly horny for. The tingle in her pussy started again. It seemed stronger now. Was that because she knew that he wasn't her biological daddy? The news had shocked her, but it didn't change how she felt for him. She loved him as much as she ever had, maybe even more. He could have dumped her on the social worker, but he'd kept her. How she wanted to put her lips against his and show him her appreciation. Her tingling pussy was driving her mad. For someone who'd guarded her virginity so ferociously she now couldn't wait to lose it, but she wanted to lose it to the one man who wouldn't take it.

The rest of the meal disappeared into a horny haze. Annie didn't have a clue what went on. Daddy kept touching her and admiring her dress and her tingling pussy grew hungrier and hungrier. When the waitress asked what she wanted for dessert she nearly blurted out that she wanted cock. She had to get home quickly and lock herself up in her room and let her fingers take care of business. Thankfully, neither she nor daddy ordered a dessert so they drove home in silence. Annie squirmed in her seat as there was now no way of escaping her pussy tingles. She dug her nails into the palms of her hands, but to no avail. When daddy opened the door she headed for the stairs.

"Hang on there, little girl," daddy took her hand. "Come into the living room with me."

She silently cursed and walked with daddy. He kicked off his shoes and sat down on the big and comfortable couch. She stepped out of her shoes as well and was about to sit down when daddy stopped her.

"You won't be able to sit comfortably in that dress. Take it off."

As if to demonstrate how comfortable he was making himself daddy took off his suit jacket and threw it on the floor next to them. Then he reached into his trouser pocket and took out what looked like a little box. More presents? Annie let her dress fall down and then sat next to daddy. He looked at her while playing with his little box. Annie's pussy reacted to his glances. She was on fire.

"You look beautiful in that teddy. More beautiful than I ever imagined. It brings out the size and fullness of your tits. And it shows me how beautifully trimmed you're keeping your pussy. I'm so proud of you, Annie."

Annie couldn't believe what she was hearing. Her daddy talking about her tits and pussy, using those words. "Thank you, daddy."

"What do you think of your old man? Am I still OK looking for an old guy?"

"You're not old, daddy," she protested truthfully. "And you're the most handsome man I know. I'll be a lucky girl if I find a man who's half as good looking as you."

"How about if you got to try the real thing?"

Annie looked at him quizzically. What was he saying?

"How would you know what to compare with if you've never had the real article?"

"Uhm… I don't know…" Was her dad, the man of her dreams, coming on to her?

"By the way," he smiled and flicked with the little box in his hand. "How's your pussy feeling? I imagine that I can smell your sweet juices, but that might just be wishful thinking."

Annie looked into her dad's serious face. He wasn't joking. "I'm dripping wet."

"Then this thing works," daddy laughed and showed her the little box. It was a remote control.

"What is it?"

"It's a remote control for your teddy. That's why I had to ask you which underwear you were wearing. They all have built-in vibrators to torture your pleasure centre. It's been on almost all night. I've slowly built up the strength. That's why you couldn't sit still in the car, isn't it? You were getting too horny."

"Wow…" Annie was lost for words. She didn't know that sort of thing existed and now her daddy had used it on her.

"Baby," daddy continued. "Why don't you take that teddy off and let daddy have a closer look at the effect of his new toy."

Annie stood up before her dad and wormed her way out of the tight fitting garment. She heard her dad gasp when her tits bounced free and she smiled in satisfaction. He wasn't as cool as he made out to be. She bent over, giving him a full view of her ass as she stepped out of the teddy. Daddy stood up, placed his lips on hers and kissed her deep, his tongue almost going down her throat, while squeezing her buttocks in his hands. Then he slowly undressed until he stood naked before her. Her eyes moved down to his crotch. His cock was huge, but judging by how loosely it was hanging it was not fully erect yet. She wanted to touch it, but didn't dare.

"Sit down, baby," he ordered her and she sat on the couch. He kneeled before her and pushed her upper body back and parted her legs wide. She was almost lying down, but was upright enough to see her daddy's lips come to rest against her pussy lips. His tongue slowly escaped his mouth and entered her wet slit. She gasped as she felt the rough texture against her sensitised clit.

"Mmmmmmmmm, yummy wet baby," daddy whispered from down there before burying his tongue deeper inside her, penetrating her virgin hole.

Annie moaned out loud and kneaded her tits as daddy's tongue performed miracles with her virgin pussy. He lapped up her juices and moved his tongue between her swollen clit and her hungry hole. She had masturbated before, but that came nowhere near the feelings she was experiencing with her daddy's tongue. Then when she thought it couldn't get any better daddy closed his lips around her clit, sucking it into his mouth and flicking it with his tongue. She cried out from the pain the exquisite pleasure was giving her. She'd never felt like this before and she didn't know what to do with herself. Then he slid one finger inside her and started finger fucking her. Soon he squeezed in a second finger and then a third.

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