tagBDSMOruale and the Saxons Ch. 05

Oruale and the Saxons Ch. 05


This multi-chapter story contains adult material, including rape and non-consensual sex; bondage, pain and humiliation; anal sex and ass-to mouth. If this offends you, do not read this story and do not rate it.

Chapter 05. Under the Birch Tree

The day after she had inspected the dungeon, Oruale had to report to Aelfrith as usual. She found it extremely difficult to tell him about what had happened and she couldn't stand the twinkle in his eye. Her devilish husband was amusing herself at her expense!

"You deceived me…!"

"You are an exceptional woman, you only have to learn the reality of your nature, my dear." Aelfrith said, kissing her hand.

Oruale warmed up to his words and then told him her story without holding anything back. She knew it would be futile to omit the gory details. Aelfrith would extract them from her anyway and she had enjoyed herself too much.

"There is nothing wrong having a submissive nature." Aelfrith said after she finished. She noticed the sincerity in his voice. "However, you made a serious mistake. Never ask for mercy! You may beg, kneel, crawl or cry, but never ask for mercy again. You have too much pride in you and you will always remain my wife. Promise me!"

Oruale always felt shivers when Aelfrith was speaking to her with that gravity. He used to look her straight in the eyes when he was in that kind of mood and his message never failed to reach her.

"I promise." She said earnestly.

In the following weeks the Saxon threat finally seemed to be averted. Aelfrith thought the situation was safe enough to send Oruale to Camelot to convey his regards to the King for making Lancelot available in his struggle against the Saxons. Accompanying her, Lancelot at the same time would make his return to Camelot. Away from home no decent dungeons were available, so the traveling couple had to limit themselves. During her stay in Camelot, Oruale continued to make her nightly visits to Lancelot's bedroom. The noble knight strenuously trained his companion in the use of the little opening he so conveniently breached earlier.

One of those nights, when their bedroom door accidentally fell ajar, Oruale heard a light rustle from the corner during their enthusiastic joust. Someone is watching us! Instead of reacting with fear and shamed, the awareness of being watched only added to her excitement. Driven by an awkward urge she deliberately performed the most lascivious actions with passion and abandon. Lancelot hadn't noticed the intruder and just enjoyed the effect to the fullest. What man, even a noble knight, would ask questions when a worthy Lady acted out like a lewd harlot in his bed…? Oruale cherished, sucked and licked his cock after its trip through her darkest tunnel with such affection it made his blood boil and he just repaid her by contributing his part to this mating with equal ardor.

Only after a shattering climax Oruale knew the intruder was gone. She wondered who it would have been. A maid maybe, or one of the ladies in waiting. It might generate gossip but Oruale didn't care. Her reputation in Camelot was already tarnished, anyhow. She noticed it in subtle questions and sniggers from several ladies of the Court. In some way they had noticed… Oruale smiled. She knew her behavior was unorthodox but she couldn't care less. It only deepened her smile. Undeniably, among the ladies Lancelot's bed was the most envied spot in the whole castle. And she kept it occupied, night after night…

When Oruale met the Queen during the afternoon tea, she couldn't help noticing how depressed she looked. It seemed she also was averting her eyes. Oh no… not the Queen… Suddenly everything was falling in place. The glances between Lancelot and the Queen, the way his voice seems to change when he mentioned her name. Lancelot and the Queen… they are in love! But the King, they both adore the King. This was a perilous subject of national importance, she shouldn't even let her thoughts dwell on this…! And instead, she had stumbled right into this vulnerable balanced triangle, intoxicated by her own pleasure. I am acting selfishly. I have to leave as soon as possible.

Oruale left Camelot the following day. She told the King and the Queen, Aelfrith would need her presence for his recovery. The long trip to the North took exactly two days. It provided her time to ponder over matters of her own heart. She loved Aelfrith; he was her husband and her mentor. Above all she felt he was her Master. Of course Lancelot was endowed with an extremely handsome body, a kind and noble spirit, and… he was a fabulous fuck! He had led her into pleasure and excitement beyond belief. Yet, her great love was Aelfrith and she always had the feeling it was him who had handled her like a puppet, pulling the strings at the right moment. It was he, letting her seek for balanced satisfaction in her dark dungeons of desire. She loved Aelfrith and now she was rushing back to him, to her place next to him, the pace where she belonged.

"Lancelot, I have to return. You know I love Aelfrith… I know you understand what that means…" Saying goodbye to Lancelot was not easy. He was such a good man and a good lover. She hesitated and than added "I hope you will find your Love too…" Yet, when Oruale left him, she felt very worried.

Arriving at Bamburgh Castle to her utter delight she found out Aelfrith miraculously was in a recovery process. His paralysis faded away and the functions of his lower body returned much quicker than expected. After some weeks he was able to ride a horse again and he furiously exercised to regain his martial skills. His speedy recovery even frightened Oruale a little but she became quite convinced when he, for the first time in her marriage, could show her his proud erection. She blushed as could be expected from a bride admiring her precious gift for the first time in the flesh. The same evening Aelfrith invited her for their first trip to the dungeon. Oruale enjoyed, fully enjoyed, the meticulous inspection of all appliances. The complete review took almost the whole night and proved to be very satisfying indeed.

It was the start of the happiest period of her life. Oruale fully blossomed into her role as chatelaine and devoted wife. Almost weekly they made their trips to the dungeon and for the rest they shared a bed and did it the way he preferred. She felt safe with Aelfrith and it was a perfect arrangement. Of course he had his campaigns when he would have his friends. Oruale didn't like it too much but Aelfrith provided her with so much else, she didn't worry.

Only the Saxons remained a nuisance. Early in his recovery they thought Aelfrith would be still too weak to lead and they tried to make a surprise attack from the North West. However, Agravain who had managed to gain access to their plans intercepted their forces. There were several wounded and Oruale was put in charge of their transport from the nearby battlefield. When a truce was called and the Saxons leadership came over for negotiations, Oruale for the first time met the Saxons eye to eye.

Their delegation was led by their Leader, Alric, assisted by his two sons, Sigbert and Egfrid. Alric probably would be called a King, if he had been British, but the Saxons called him Leader. He was an older aggressive looking man with a big scar over his left cheek, making him even more frightening. His eldest son, Sigbert, was a main Chieftain. He clearly was a warrior, a blonde giant measuring at least six feet two. Oruale silently admired his impressive muscular figure. She thought he definitely was handsome and his open face made him almost a blonde, Saxon version of Lancelot. As an enemy he certainly was drawing respect. His younger brother, Egfrid, was considerably smaller, a regular guy of five feet ten. He was blonde too and looking not unattractive. Alric clearly was the Leader, not only of the Saxons but also of the delegation, with Sigbert adding muscle to his arguments and clearly acting as his right hand. Egfrid was mostly silent, only observing the participants of the discussions with keen eyes, entering the discussions only now and then. Oruale soon shifted her attention to his older brother who was a sight for sore eyes, considering the appearance of the whole Saxon delegation. Their dresses really were rather… basic, but at least they didn't smell as was rumored.

King Lot, flanked by Aelfrith and Agravain, led the British delegation. Oruale was brought down to discuss matters of the Saxon wounded and could stay a little longer because she also was the hostess of the castle. She did her best to act with dignity and to suppress her curiosity.

"How did I do?" she asked Aelfrith when she rubbed herself against him in their bed.

"The negotiations were laborious" Aelfrith answered. "But you did well."

"What do you think of the Saxons?"

"Alric fosters a policy of expansion, we have to look out for him. Remind me to send a report to Arthur."

"What about his sons?"

"Sigbert is a strong soldier. It will be difficult to beat him, but I'm sure we can handle him ultimately."

"I noticed he gave me the eye." Oruale said. In some way she felt pleased being admired, even by an enemy and only for a second. The hulk was not so barbaric, that he couldn't appreciate a real lady when he saw one.

"I don't like the younger one."

"He didn't say too much."

"That's the problem… Mostly he is just observing, but when he speaks, he mostly hits the nail on the head. He is dangerous… he can manipulate people!"

Oruale had difficulty to suppress a smile inside.

"It means he is very similar to you, my dear…"

"I never manipulate people!"

"You could fool me." Oruale cooed, softly massaging his penis.

"You are impertinent. It's too late now, but tomorrow I will take you to the dungeon to be seriously punished!"

"I can't wait." Oruale whispered, moving down to take his growing erection in her mouth.

Her efforts only resulted in a generous, liquid advance of her punishment. Aelfrith would firmly fulfill his promise the following night. Only after shaking through three orgasms and shedding numerous tears, was Oruale allowed to leave the interrogation room. All through the night she lay prostrate to rest her abused back and buttocks. She did with a happy smile on her face. The following morning Aelfrith left for one of his tours along the border to see if the Saxons were keeping the agreements of their last talk. One of these agreements implied the Saxons would pick up their wounded. Aelfrith being away, Egfrid was announced to Oruale when he arrived to fetch them. As usual he was rather silent when they made the rounds along the Saxon wounded. Even then from his scarce questions Oruale could infer the Saxon warriors probably received better care under her supervision than they would have received from their own people. Inwardly quite satisfied with herself, she tried to maintain a worthy demeanor. After this episode the Saxons remained quite for about six months and the happy couple fully enjoyed this quiet spell.

In the rhythm of life, periods of prosperity and happiness are often followed by periods of disappointments and setbacks. Suddenly a wave of unrest washed over the country, starting from the South. The Northeast didn't escape from this increasing tension and abruptly fate stabbed like a treacherous knife when Aelfrith was hit by an arrow from a sniper. He was still conscious when he was brought to the castle but after a couple of hours the fever came in and he passed away one day later.

For Oruale this loss brought more than sorrow, her whole world seemed to crumble. With her usual resilience, she tried to contribute to the castle defense against the Saxons who took this opportunity to start an advance but the picture of her raving husband kept hunting her.

"Milady, you have to seek refuge somewhere else. It is much too dangerous, here."

Despite her protests, Narpus made arrangements for her to leave for Camelot. Although she objected first, Oruale ultimately had to submit she was in no condition to take charge of her regular responsibilities.

Apart of her own loss, the return to Camelot was not a happy one. The grand days of chivalry were past and the ideal of the Round Table shattered. Because of her own situation Oruale barely had kept up with the dramatic events that took place recently. Lancelot and the Queen were found guilty of treason. Brokenhearted King Arthur was forced to condemn his Queen to burn at the stake. However, on the eve of the execution Lancelot rode to the Queen's salvation. Now the King was deserted by his Queen and his First Knight, urged by their enemies to form an army to seek justice in battle.

The ever-changing political situation, the come and go of knights and soldiers preparing for battle, almost let Oruale forget her loss. Aelfrith died because of his love for his country, but now the country itself was in dire despair. Strangely enough Oruale quieted down amidst the turmoil around her. She liked to take a walk through the castle garden near the North gate each afternoon, far from the hustle and bustle at the main gate. She was plunged deep in thoughts when she heard a familiar voice.

"Lady Oruale, finally I meet you. How inconsiderate of me not having an audience with you much earlier."

It was King Arthur. He looked awful. It seemed the last months he had aged several years. She saw the deep grooves in his face, permeated by a sad gravity. It shocked her and she barely found the words for a formal reply.

"Sire, I am so grateful enjoying your hospitality and protection. With the current state of affairs I never could have expected more."

Arthur suddenly remembered Aelfrith had been one of his strongest supporters.

"At least allow me to make good for my negligence." He said remorsefully. "Please sit down and tell me whether you have some friends to help you to get over with your loss. I assume you don't have to walk alone on the grounds all day."

"The Ladies have been very supportive of me." Oruale reassured him. In reality the Ladies were not overanxious to comfort the woman who, not a long time ago, deprived them of the enjoyment of Lancelot's attentions before he became the Queen's champion. "But I admit sometimes I feel lonely."

"I know the feeling. Please tell me if I could be of any help."

Oruale looked at him and suddenly felt a deep sympathy for him. From the way he looked, the King must have felt forlorn. It was abundantly clear to her that he much more needed to be comforted than she.

"Sometimes I have trouble handling my natural urges." Oruale replied with her eyes down. Then she raised her eyes to him, looking him straight in the eye. "If you would allow me an audience in your bedroom tonight, it might fulfill my needs." Oruale had matured that much she didn't even blush when she spoke the words.

Arthur saw no cuteness in her eyes and, not unaccustomed to ladies sharing his tent during a campaign, reacted as might be expected from a King trying to be help a lonely widow.

"It will be an honor, milady."

That night they made love in the majestic, royal bed. He was eager and hungry, she was eager to please and console him. There was no lust in her loins, but they provided him sweet comfort and relief. Oruale felt like she was nursing a wounded soul like she had nursed wounded warriors before. For the first time she felt good about herself again, being in charge and serving her country. The mating didn't arouse her too much, but Arthur had a massive, thick cock which pained her a little, giving her a nice warm feeling.

They made love the next night again and this time Arthur felt so relaxed after his orgasm he, unbidden, started sharing his thoughts with her.

"You know how much Guinevere meant to me. Lancelot is my best friend, my confidant and my First Knight. I both love them dearly but I noticed Ginny becoming attracted to him. Then I discovered they were meeting each other in secret. I felt desperate. What could I do? Should I have banned Lancelot? Should I have talked to Guinevere? I decided to ignore the issue, trusting on their discretion."

Oruale just listened to him. Although she had a definite opinion, she was supposed just to listen. But apparently Arthur noticed a flicker in her eyes.

"Tell me, what would you have done?"

Oruale was startled by his unexpected question. It was thin ice, where she was drawn.

"Milord, it would be presumptuous to comment on the choices you made."

Arthur was not so easily put off.

"No, speak! They told me you are a sensible and practical woman."

"Well, milord…" Oruale hesitated but then saw his encouraging eyes. "I would give her a good spanking, milord…"

Arthur couldn't believe his ears.

"I beg you pardon…"

"You heard me well, milord… A good spanking!"

"I've never spanked anybody my whole life…! I mean… Did your late husband (bless his soul)… did he ever spank you?"

"Oh, of course!" Oruale said cheerfully. "It can be quite exc… it often can resolve differences quite satisfactorily."

When she saw his dumbstruck face, she continued in a light-hearted tone to raise his spirits.

"I would recommend the manual approach over the knee. The intimate skin contact makes it perfect for married couples. Through this intimacy spanking quite often results in f… other recreational activities."

Arthur still showed a look of dismay. There he was: the King of Britain, struggling with his problem for ages, analyzing and re-analyzing his options during sleepless nights. And this unconventional lady just came with a 'solution' in minutes. Funnily enough, this 'solution' might have worked out quite well. It at least would have added some pleasantry to working out their problems. Oruale interpreted his long silence the wrong way.

"If you don't have any experience, you could have a try out on me."

With these words Oruale rolled over till she laid invitingly bent forward over his knees with her bottom up. Fascinated Arthur looked down at the opulent twin mounds displayed before his eyes. Inadvertently his right hand closed to a fist and then opened again in preparation of the first blow. Before he made the first move, Oruale had reached for her undergarment and pulled it over her bottom, looking over her shoulders expectantly. This time there was cuteness in her eyes.

"I… I thought there would be skin contact…"

"You are supposed to rip off the clothing from my bottom, call me names and than start the spanking." Oruale explained patiently. "Sometimes it's even nice to have some introductory wrestling."

"I see I have a lot to learn." Arthur said timidly.

"Then I will make it easy for you." She removed her garment and offered him her naked bottom again.

Reluctantly Arthur brought his hand down for the first smack. He waited for some seconds, and then realized he had to continue. Then he hit her another time, and again…

"You can hit me harder, milord. It is supposed to be a punishment…"

Until now his hits felt like some playful stimulation to her.

"But… how do I know I am not hitting you to hard?"

There was some serious tutoring to do. Oruale let herself slide away and set up to her knees.

"Milord, there are only two situations you might consider to stop. If I would say something like 'by Camelot' it will be a sign for you to stop. On the other side, if you observe my sweet honey you can let events have its natural course…"

Arthur was overwhelmed by all the new information that was poured over him. By Camelot… sweet honey… Slowly he was starting to understand… By the time he did, he watched the redheaded lady in front of him taking a full swing. Before he knew her hand slapped him right in the face…

"Don't ever think of seducing me again… luring me into your bed…!"

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