tagNonConsent/ReluctanceOruale and the Saxons Ch. 06

Oruale and the Saxons Ch. 06


This multi-chapter story contains adult material, including rape and non-consensual sex; bondage, pain and humiliation; anal sex and ass-to mouth. If this offends you, do not read this story and do not rate it.

Chapter 06. The Saxon Sword

Standing on the crest of the hill, Egfrid the Saxon overlooked the rolling landscape before his eyes. The lush grass of the meadows showed the bright green of early spring. This was beautiful, rich fertile land, farmland his people desperately needed. Years ago, when he was only a boy of ten, he had made his first crossing to this island. As the youngest son of one of the Saxon chieftains he had the opportunity to make these crossings several times afterwards. Each outward crossing after some time was followed by a return trip to take more people and fresh forces to join the pioneers and the soldiers. As young as Egfrid had been, each time he returned to this island, he always felt deeply this land was his future, not only his future, but also the future of his people.

Of course there were the Britons. It was unbelievable; they were so busy fighting each other, they barely noticed their arrival. The Britons were weak, the Romans had easily overpowered them and when the Romans left, the Britons hadn't achieved anything. People like the Britons never really had experienced the ordeal fighting against barbarians like the Huns and the Vandals. They never endured the raw force and the brutality of these people. Fighting almost seemed like a game to the Britons. Under leadership of their "king" they invented some new pastime for themselves. They were so proud of their skills to fight on horseback, they were jousting each other in tournaments! Of course those arrogant bastards felt superior to the Saxons, who they considered merely rogues and villains.

Egfrid straightened his jaw. His thoughts drifted away to his father. Alric was a great Saxon Leader. He was one of the few Saxon Leaders who had established a bridgehead on the island. He was an incredibly courageous, powerful fighter and so was his eldest son. Egfrid felt always somewhat uncomfortable when he thought of his older brother. Sigbert was such a good fighter and with his blonde hair he was tall and good-looking. Compared to him the younger son almost looked like a wimp. Egfrid had the utmost respect for his big brother but he knew very well he could stand his own. He never eagerly tried to compete physically but in contrast to all the symbols of brute force around him, the younger son of the great Leader over the years learned to rely on his knowledge and intellect. Listening carefully to the stories of battles and adding his own observations, he acquired a natural insight in military tactics. It gave him great satisfaction that the last years he was often consulted in strategical and tactical matters. He also learned a lot about human character, just by observing others and listening to them. Egfrid liked to analyze and dissect a person. It often proved to be very useful.

Egfrid saw the silhouette of Bamburgh castle at the far end of the plain. He remembered his visit almost a year ago when he first met that Lady, the chatelaine of the castle. Egfrid wasn't as good looking as his brother, but he never experienced any trouble having a woman. Among his own people there were women enough to have a fling with a Chieftain's son. When the Saxon forces were on the move, his soldiers always offered him the best-looking British wench to be raped. The Lady of Bamburgh castle, however, was different. Unlike any woman he ever met. She seemed a typical British Lady, in disdain to look him, a Saxon, in the eyes. He remembered the way she had shown him the Saxon wounded when he came to fetch them. No, she didn't say anything, but in her green eyes he read the unspoken words "This is the way we treat our wounded enemies". He barely could hide his emotions but fortunately she didn't notice.

As always only his brother caught some of her attention. Her husband, however, had intensely watched him. Instinctively Egfrid felt that this knight would be his main strategic adversary, a man to be seriously reckoned with. Luckily this problem was solved when the arrow of the Jute sniper found its mark. Those Jutes sought after the respect of the Saxons and the Angles, always afraid they wouldn't take them seriously. They never crossed to this island in many numbers, but their marksman arches were among the best.

Now the Lady has to manage on her own. In a certain way he felt great respect for her. She seemed so well in control but Egfrid had learned to trust his instincts. Despite her coolness in some way he surmised she had a deep sensual core. Why did this woman excite him so much? Thinking of her, an awkward, strong mixture of urges was stirring his loins. Egfrid straightened his jaw. He didn't merely want to have her; he wanted to control and to humiliate her. It would be his retribution for the disdain she showed him. Unfortunately he didn't have a plan to achieve his craving. Suddenly his mood changed. Perhaps he did have a Plan to administer her pride a severe blow.

Egfrid smiled when his mind brought him back to the present. Recently the British King Arthur experienced some marital problems but what happened then, stunned the Saxon camp. Led by "chivalry" the Britons shifted to internal fighting! Little tactical insight was required to let his father and other Saxon Leaders decide to march up southwards to lure the weakened British forces into combat. Of course his father and his brother, the great warriors, would lead the forces in the South while Egfrid, as so often was left to stay, fulfilling the harmless border duties.

Egfrid had patiently waited for a chance like this. He had ordered Oswald, his right hand, to spread the news that all the Saxons had left for the South. He hoped the knights at Bamburgh Castle would be tempted to leave for the South also to join their threatened countrymen. He actually let a substantial part of his forces leave the castle so their spies would confirm the rumors. However, under cover of the night, the men had backtracked, silently returning to their original positions. Only a minor part would march on to confirm the image the Saxons were definitively on their way south. The deception worked like a dream. The chivalrous knights of Bamburgh Castle couldn't be fast enough to join their brothers in arms, leaving only a minimal garrison in the castle. It was a perfect setting for a trap.

Two weeks later Oruale felt devastated. When she returned from Camelot she found the Saxons unexpectedly quiet for some time. May be it was because Gawain just won a clear victory against them, but even after defeat the Saxons continued to cause trouble. This time they were so quiet Oruale had the opportunity to make a visit to old King Lot to pay her respects and to visit her father Egan and her younger sister. It was some time ago when they last met and Oruale was delighted to see how Bronwyn had blossomed into a beautiful woman. Oruale had been almost a second mother to her sister during her youth and seeing her now made her immensely proud. To Oruale her sister represented the image of beauty she always had dreamed for herself: a svelte brunette with a perfect skin, unblemished by any freckles. The two women soon were engaged in sisterly chat and banter and Oruale was not at all surprised when she heard that Gaheris, one of King Lot's younger sons had taken interest in Bronwyn. Knowing her father, he must be delighted at the prospect of his youngest daughter becoming a real princess. Of course she asked Bronwyn about her feelings for her noble suitor.

"Gaheris is a nice man. He is really very sweet and tender in bed... But to be honest, I like men better when they are a little rough... you know what I mean." She giggled. "How was Aelfrith in bed...? And were the Knights in Camelot any good? I heard from Clarissa that you befriended Lancelot when you lived there. Did you... did you ever... fuck...?"

Oruale was aghast at her sister's frankness. She was quite accustomed to some saucy talk among ladies but Bronwyn's bawdy words were not becoming, even in an intimate talk between sisters. She certainly could not confide in her the secret intimacies she experienced. Instead Oruale was contemplating to formulate some suitable pointers, when her father who at that moment entered the room saved her.

"Did Bronwyn already tell you the great news?"

He didn't wait for her answer.

"Bronwyn is going to marry Gaheris!"

"Father, that's not for certain." Bronwyn tried to calm him down.

"Don't be silly, girl. He already approached me. You are practically engaged."

Yes, those were happy days and when Oruale returned to Bamburgh Castle even the troubles with the Saxons seemed much improved. However the situation changed rapidly. Terrible news came in that Arthur died in the battle at Camlann. Immediately reports were flowing in of Saxon troops moving to the South, probably gathering in Kent to form a big army. When several knights expressed their wishes to reinforce the British forces in the South, Oruale immediately complied. She always felt strongly engaged with the British interest. When it was confirmed most of the Saxons were moving to the South, even more forces left the castle. Supported by the wise old Narpus, the confident of her late husband, everyone was convinced Oruale would be able to manage the current affairs at the castle.

She didn't expect to be confronted with anything serious when she saw a dozen drunken Saxon youngsters harassing a couple of British farmers. It happened in the morning, just when Oruale did her regular walk on the castle ramparts. It was impertinent how this Saxon scum dared to badger British farmers right outside her castle. Indignant she sent out a patrol to deal with the Saxon youths. The cowards started to run for cover in the woods the moment they heard the gate coming down. After taking care of the shaken farmers, the men chased the Saxons into the forest. It must have taken a long time to find them because they had still not returned when the night fell. Although Narpus uttered a note of caution, Oruale sent out a second patrol to look out for them. The problem with Narpus was, that he always was calling for caution.

Only when the second patrol too didn't return, fear was trickling in that both patrols might have been drawn into a diabolic ambush. The situation worsened when the first farmers arrived, fleeing from Saxon troops who were ravishing the countryside. Fires in the distance, lightening the darkness of the night, bore further witness of the Saxon rampage. Throughout the night farmers kept arriving indicating the Saxons were less interested in killing then they were in burning and damaging their farms. At the meeting with Narpus the following morning it became clear to Oruale how desperate the situation had developed. Overnight over two hundred people, including many women and children had sought refuge in the castle. Saxon troops were closing in for a siege.

"Where are all these troops coming from? I thought they had left for the South" Oruale said.

Narpus shrugged his shoulders.

"They have deceived us, milady. The troops we thought were leaving for the south, obviously recanted. Now they have a great superiority in forces and, even worse, our food supplies are not adequate to accommodate so many people for a long siege. I think they purposefully let all those people take refuge."

Oruale pondered who would have devised such an ingenious plan. Suddenly she remembered the words of her late husband of the young Saxon chief: he is dangerous... he can manipulate people. He certainly manipulated her into a dead end.

"What can we do?" She knew his answer already.

"We could negotiate the terms of surrender to save lives."

They didn't have to wait long. After another day a delegation of the Saxons presented themselves to negotiate the term of surrender.

"We don't have the intention of surrender. We can hold out for several months until the forces of King Loth will come to our relief." Oruale said coolly, pretending she was in complete control of the situation. Yes, now she recognized the youngest son of the Saxon Leader but she still failed to retrieve his name.

"Unfortunately I know that you are low in supplies and men. My men cautiously kept all the fields intact, so your farmers can starve to death while our farmers will harvest their crops. If I want, I can order a full force attack and your troops will be massacred. King Loth will not be able to send troops he doesn't have and if he would decide to make a heroic attempt, my men will be waiting for him and this episode will cost even more lives. My men will be anxious to attack. I restrained them the other day but when the castle falls they finally have the possibility to entertain themselves with the women and their daughters you are keeping within these walls."

Oruale shivered. The Saxons were infamous for the way they treated their female prisoners.

"There is no need to harm innocent civilians, Sir Egfrid" Narpus said. "Allow the civilians a safe free guard. There is no need for bloodshed of the innocent." Oruale knew that Bamburgh Castle had long since lost its strategic importance of former days. It would be a great personal loss for her, but not for the British cause. Now she also remembered the name of her Saxon opponent. She noticed how presumptuous he was. Annoyed she realized she was completely unable to read his thoughts.

"Those are truly noble words, worthy of a British gentleman." Egfrid said to Narpus. "I'm not a knight, just a Saxon chieftain. But I was taught that in negotiations, to realize a concession, it is customary to offer a concession in return. Unfortunately you don't have anything to offer me."

"We will consider surrendering the castle." Oruale said bravely.

"This castle, despite it serving as your home, is of no importance to us, milady" Egfrid said affably. "However, surrendering your castle would increase in appreciation if it would be linked to your personal surrender and you would accept our Saxon hospitality indefinitely."

Oruale didn't immediately realize the hidden meaning of his words.

"Out of the question!" Narpus answered for her. "This is an outrageous demand...!"

The moment Oruale realized the significance of Egfrid's words, the hidden threat almost choked her. The two men kept discussing but she didn't hear their words, plunged in her own thoughts.

"Leave us, Narpus!"

"But milady, his demand doesn't have any precedent..."

Oruale suddenly felt sure of herself.

"Leave us, I have to discuss this matter with chieftain Egfrid between the two of us."

Reluctantly Narpus left, taking Oswald, the other Saxon, with him. When the two men had left an awkward silence fell until Oruale confronted him and quietly asked.

"What do you really want from me?"

Oruale was not prepared for the change in his behavior.

"I want you to respect me! I want you on you knees!"

As his voice rose, his face changed into a savage grimace. It lasted only a second, but then he was his in control of himself again. It didn't make his following words less threatening.

"As our prisoner you will serve me and my people"

Oruale had instinctively recoiled at his outburst, but she too recovered fast.

"What did I do wrong?"

"You were too noble, milady. Didn't you think yourself to be superior nursing our wounded soldiers, exceedingly far superior to us, merely barbarians? Didn't you enjoy feeling so superior?"

"I did not!" Oruale said indignantly, but her light blush belied her and she realized he had read her all the way. Egfrid just smiled knowingly.

"I have seen it in your eyes, milady. And your eyes don't lie... Anyway, you must be grateful I am offering you another opportunity for nobility. Accept our hospitality and serve us... and your people will have a free passage to safety."

Oruale shuddered, apprehensive at the downward spiral to an inescapable vortex she wouldn't be able to escape.

"What will you want from me?" she repeated hoarsely.

"If I let your people exit freely through the gates of your castle of bricks and stone, wouldn't it be reasonable you would allow me free entrance through the gates of your sanctum of flesh...?"

Oruale was stunned. This man was a manipulator of the worse kind and he had a morbid way to put his obvious intentions into words. It was unthinkable to put her fate in his hands... on the other hand, he showed a kind of cruelty Oruale was sure he wouldn't hesitate to put his threat into action and many of her people would die. Suddenly Oruale was overcome with guilt. It is entirely my fault; I made that hasty decision to send out those patrols. I cannot allow my people to suffer.

"I will be available to you only, for one day and not one hour more!"

Oruale was surprised at her own courage. For a second he looked even more surprised but he regained his composure immediately.

"Tsk, tsk... the reputation of our traditional Saxon hospitality wouldn't stand for a stay less than one year, milady, not even by one day!"

At his last words she heard such a steel determination in his voice that Oruale knew any more negotiations on this point would be futile.

"How do I know I can trust you? How do I know you won't pursue my people when they have left and kill them anyway?"

Only for a second she saw his anger again but his reply, although razor-sharp, was soft-spoken.

"You will have my word as a Saxon! Look at the scar in my face."

He showed her a white scar in his neck, just below his ear.

"When a Saxon youth becomes an adult, his honor is carved in blood. We don't need any documents and papers to keep our word"

"Because most of you cannot write or read" Oruale thought silently.

"Saxon warriors have their own code of honor." Egfrid continued. "We don't need to chatter at a round table to know what we are and what we want!"

He paused intently to allow his sneer to sink in.

"How do I know you will deliver? How do I know you will pay your respects? Are you up to that challenge?"

"I am." Oruale said bravely.

"I will be blunt, milady. I will enter your body through each of your three orifices. I am giving you fair warning. You can still recant and choose to remain at your defenseless castle, watching your people being massacred from the ramparts. I will make sure you will not be harmed so you will have ample opportunity to enjoy the spectacle while your virtue remains untouched."

Oruale felt an urge to slap at his smiling face. Instead, she walked calmly to the door and called the other negotiators in. She had already made her decision.

"Chieftain Egfrid and I have come to an agreement." Oruale said, giving her opponent a nod to proceed.

"Lady Oruale agreed to surrender the castle. All the people will be allowed to leave unharmed. There will not be a Saxon pursuit. Lady Oruale expressed her appreciation for our gesture and agreed to stay and be our guest for one year exactly."

Both the British and the Saxon co-negotiators were aghast.

"They will harm you, milady!" Narpus blurted out.

Egfrid had to answer both Narpus and his own friend. He first spoke some incomprehensible words in his own language to Oswald and then turned to Narpus.

"I guarantee you. When Lady Oruale returns, her skin will be as unblemished as it is now..."

"It is all right, Narpus." Oruale said. "Make the preparations to abandon the castle."

The relinquishment of the castle started in the morning of the next day, exactly as the negotiators had agreed. The moment the Britons started to leave through the front gate, the first Saxons entered through the hind gate. The military quarters emptied as the Saxons took over. A Saxon woman in her fifties arrived at Oriole's quarters and immediately took over control. Hilda was firm but correct and seemed competent and efficient in a quiet way. She had served at the court of King Aese of Kent and systematically went through Oriole's wardrobe.

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