tagBDSMOscar Bait Ch. 02: Aish Works Hard

Oscar Bait Ch. 02: Aish Works Hard


Next Thursday...

Aishwarya got up off her back and looked at her father-in-law who was picking up his clothes. Aishwarya picked up her own bra and cleared her throat.

"Sir? Papa?" She started softly.

"Haan ji beta?" Big B turned to look at her.


"You want to say something, honey? "

"Ji..yes, I had to ask you something."

"Yes, yes, of course." Big B stopped buttoning his shirt and sat down in a chair.

Aish sat down on his lap, still fully naked and continued slowly "Papa, there's an opportunity...a film. You know I don't do many nowadays but this one is very...um...promising."

Big B gently caressed his beauty queen daughter-in-law's bare back and listened intently.

"This director I know, he's making a film, it's an Oscar bait film. And he's offered me the main lead."

"Is it Romeo?" Big B asked directly.

"Yes, sir. You know already?" Aish said with a bit of surprise.

"I didn't know he had offered it to you but the movie is the centre of a big buzz in the industry. It will be huge for anyone he casts in it, even the smaller roles are going to be noticed."

"That's why I am so interested. Would you allow me to work in it?" Aish put it on the line thinking this was the moment.

"Have you asked Abhi?"

"I know how to get Abhi to say yes, papa. But I have been your property since we did Mohabbatein together. And I needed to ask you first."

"Well, it's a once in a lifetime chance and you would be stupid to miss it, but this is Romeo...so I guess..."

Aish said nothing just kept biting her lower lip.

"I know he used to own you before I did. You had become his property right after Miss World, hadn't you?"

"Yes, papa." There were no secrets between Big B and his daughter-in-law though his son Abhishek had no idea that his wife was actually his father's mistress.

"And I am guessing he would be expecting the same now?"

Aish looked down "Yes, I think so."

"Well, it's not unreasonable. Any director expects to own his leading lady, and star cast, at least during the production. You used to be his live-in property, so I guess he is not wrong in expecting your submission now in return for this great opportunity."

Aish stayed silent.

"Alright, it is too good an opportunity for you to pass it up. I think you should take it. And you have my blessing."

"Thank you, Papa." Aish kissed her father-in-law on the mouth.

"Will you be moving in with him soon?" He asked after their lips parted.

"Yes, sir. He plans to shoot mostly in US, so for location scouting, traveling etc. it'd make it convenient. And as you know..."

Big B nodded "I understand. He would like to have you in his possession where it's easy for him to use you without the media getting in the way."

"You are such a smart man, Sir. You are so insightful."

Big B smiled "You will handle your husband? Or will you need my help in that?"

"I think I can manage, Papa, but if I need to I will mention that you think it's too good an opportunity to miss."

Big B nodded.


"So the story is of a whore?" Aishwarya asked.

"No, darling. The story is of an Indian housewife." Romeo explained patiently.

"But..." Aish squirmed.

They were sitting on the couch in Romeo's study which also served as his office when he was working at home. Aishwarya, completely naked, was straddling Romeo's lap. He was dressed but his zip was open and his long, hard dick was stuffed deep in Aishwarya's cunt.

"Let me explain. The central character is a woman, beautiful, Indian girl, a good girl but very modern. She has gone through college and beauty contests and even done some modeling work. But she goes through an arranged marriage to an NRI boy that her father finds for her."

Aish moaned as Romeo moved his hips while talking about the story. She had arrived a few hours earlier with luggage enough to move in with Romeo for the duration of the movie. They had had dinner at home, along with Romeo's other live-in sluts.

Then Romeo had brought her to his study to tell her the story of his Oscar bait project. She had stripped naked on his command. He had sat down on the couch and told her to sit on his lap. Aish knew what was expected of her and she had straddled his lap, taking his erect cock in her pussy in the process. Now her bare ass cheeks were resting on his thighs and his cock was buried so deep in her cunt that the cockhead rubbed her cervix even if she took a deep breath and the pain made her moan.

"Yes, sir." She whispered softly while trying to keep her mind on his words while still very much turned on by his dick inside her.

"She moves to US with her husband where he is a marketing executive. As she gets embedded in that life, she begins to get really bored. That's where her new friend comes in, the role that Deepu is doing."

Deepika Paudkone, who was sitting close on the other side of Romeo, stopped kissing his neck and leaned forward. She kissed Aishwarya's cheek and smiled "It would be my pleasure to turn you into as much of a whore as I am!"

On his left side, Amrita Rao was sitting close to him and listening to everything while she cuddled against his side.

Aish smiled "So there I become a whore, sir?"

"Deepika's husband is older than yours but she's younger than you. She's his trophy wife. She doesn't get half as much sex as she wants. Unfortunately, you are in the same boat. After the honeymoon during which your husband consummates your marriage, he hardly ever takes the time to fuck you."

Aishwarya's smile grew sardonic "Hmm, who do I know that has that kind of life!"

Romeo and Deepika smiled at her self-deprecating wit. Amrita Rao who was pressing her boobs into Romeo's left arm commented "Oh, I can name someone."

Aish grinned, leaned down and kissed Amrita on the lips "Shut up, bitch! You are lucky you are single and belong to sir. Some of us are not so lucky."

Amrita replied "Well, for now at least you are also single and sir's whore!"

"Mmmmm yes!" Aish squeezed Romeo's cock inside her and then moaned "Oh my god! May I cum, sir? Please?"

Romeo nodded "You may cum, whore!"

He then grabbed her by the hair and kissed her hard while nailing her with expert thrusts. Aish squirmed hard on his lap and her screams filled the room as her whole body rocked around Romoe's cock.

Even after her orgasm subsided Romeo kept Aish skewered on his cock.

"Ready to continue?" He asked Aishwarya.

She nodded while trying to control her breathing.

"So, Deepika, who is a bored trophy wife, is part of an exclusive club of similar trophy wives. They work as whores in a very selective ring, not just making money but bringing fun into their dreary lives."

Aish arched her back and moved her hips like an expert dancer, fucking Romeo's thick, hard cock deep inside her cunt. She massaged his meaty rod with his pussy muscles.

"Yes, sir."

Romeo suddenly changed position and laid her on the couch without letting his dick slip out of her pussy. He then proceed to mount her. Keeping her beautiful, naked body under him he started fucking her with long, powerful strokes, nailing her bare ass to the couch with each hard, forceful thrust. Aishwarya's screams hit the walls of the big room like waves crashing on the rocks as she experienced his brutal fucking after a long time.

She asked permission and came on his cock just before he exploded inside her and pumped his hot, potent seed into her womb, once again marking her as his personal whore.

With hot, wanton whimpers Aish accepted her director's cum inside her and lay there breathing heavily dominated by his strong body. At this moment, she was not thinking of her husband or anything else except that she wanted more of this. She missed this kind of hard fucking. Being a Bollywood actress she had been a willing whore to many powerful men over the years but Romeo had been the only one who could make her so hungry for his cock.

Following his unspoken rules, Aish knelt down on the floor as soon as he pulled out of her. She licked his cum, aided by Deepika and Amrita Rao. Between them they sucked his cock and licked his balls until he was fully hard again. Then Aishwarya lowered herself on his lap again and once again took his throbbing dick inside her tight cunt. She stopped only when the meaty beast was buried fully deep in her wet, tight cunt to the hilt.

She moaned "Yes, Sir. Please continue."

He nailed her 3 more times before the whole story was told. The next morning Aishwarya only had a hazy recollection of the story but her pussy was sore and she knew it was only an indication of things to come.


Aishwarya could feel the people's eyes turning to her as soon as she entered the hotel lobby. The black granite tile was clean as a mirror and the sound of her 7" high stiletto heels was like jungle drums to the average male. Aishwarya was dressed in a skin-tight, orange minidress that was covered in sequins and hid very little of her body. The back was cut so low that it displayed an inch of her ass crack and confirmed to anyone looking that she had no panties on.

That was one of the reasons, in addition to the super-high heels, that she had to walk very carefully. The hem of the ultra-short dress was maybe inch below her pussy, if that. It was a halter dress with noodle-thin straps going from her neck to her full breasts and creating a mouth-watering display of her gorgeous, milky cleavage.

Yes, every eye in the busy hotel lobby was on her as she crossed from the hotel front door to the reception desk along the side wall. Aishwarya moved her matching, orange-sequined clutch from her left hand to the right and touched her carefully-made hairdo gently with her fingertips. It didn't need adjusting. Nothing did. She was the perfect example of a woman displayed as a work of art. A masterpiece.

Very much aware that between her and complete nudity there was only this little dress that used less fabric than a man's handkerchief, Aishwarya tried to walk confidently and with poise. She knew that it would take just a gentle pull on a small loop behind her neck to drop the glamourous dress right off her body and around her ankles. The thought, the risk excited her.

For the last few years she had been a married woman, then a mother. And even though she had worked in one or two films it had just not been the same. She was not the idolised glamdoll she used to be. She was not the fancy of the men like she was in the early part of her career. During sex she used to visualise about how many men were masturbating thinking about her. It used to get her juices flowing.

Not that she was regretting getting married or anything but she did miss those times. She missed those times when her sex life was exciting and full. She used to turn up to film sets with a sore pussy and her legs aching. And she used to look forward to finishing that day's shoot and going back to get pounded again. She used to live on cum....but no more.

She was enjoying this opportunity to show off. This tableau where she was the sex symbol and men wanted to do dirty things to her. She could see it in their eyes, their stares that told the tale of the lust in their hearts as they devoured her with their eyes. Even the men who were with wives and girlfriends were lusting after her and ignoring their companions. Aishwarya could feel the thrill right between her legs.

But she was still thankful that this was a small town in Wales and not India where everybody would recognise her instantly in this whore get-up.

"Can I help you, ma'am?" The young hotel clerk straightened his tie as Aishwarya reached the reception counter. It was his good fortune to be talking to her and he expressed that pleasure with all his being.

She smiled and he was bathed in pleasure.

"I am here to see Mr. Sorca. Could you tell me which room he is in?"

"Certainly. Let me just confirm that he's in his room." It's not just the hotel protocol but also an opportunity for the red-blooded young man to keep this vision of beauty in front of him for a few more moments. His eyes never left her body.

"Of course." Aish smiled at the young man as he picked up the desk phone.

She stood there and let him enjoy the sights of her beautiful body while he talked on the phone.

"Please take the lift to 17th floor, ma'am. He is expecting you in room 1769." The clerk conveyed as he put the phone down.

"Thank you very much." She gave him another one of her golden jubilee smiles before turning away gracefully toward the lifts.

In the few metres between the reception and the lifts, Aishwarya was kidnapped, raped, ass fucked, bathed in cum and used and abused in many other depraved ways...in the minds of the men in the lobby.

When she got off on the 17th floor, once again she was the target of many eyes in her walk to 1769.

Outside the door, she straightened her dress and put a smile on her face. Then she rang the bell.

"Good evening, Mr. Sorca? I am Angel, I am here for your use as you ordered." She said with a smile to the man who opened the door.

The man who was actually Romeo, stood aside and said "Come in, whore."

His last word sent a chill down her spine. She smiled and stepped in. After Romeo closed the door, she followed him to the bedroom.

He wrapped an arm around her waist and pulled her to him. She trembled and clung to his tall, manly body with both arms. Aish put her face up and Romeo kissed her full on the lips. After being exposed to so many hungry men, she felt very safe and protected in his arms.

"How do you feel?" He asked her after they parted.

"I feel like I am buzzing all through my body, sir. I am totally wet and hungry for cock. Please fuck me, sir!"

Romeo took a minute to turn on the camera that was set up on a tripod and pointed at the bed. He then bent Aish over the bed and jammed his cock in her soaking wet cunt. Her dress was so short that he didn't even need to pull it up. He only needed to open his pants zip and his cock was there, ready to nail her.

Aish spread her legs and took his pounding like a hungry little whore. His cock was thick for her tight pussy but she welcomed the sweet pain it caused with each thrust. She grabbed on the bed sheet and accepted his thrusting shots into her cunt with deep, wanton moans. It wasn't long before she asked for and got the permission to cum. Her wet, buzzing pussy exploded hard and she came for a long time.

Then he pulled down the zip of her dress, picked her up and laid her naked on the bed. He took off his own pants and mounted her. Then he nailed her into the mattress with powerful, hard strokes that she took in her pussy with constant moans and yelps. When Romeo was ready to cum he pulled out and sprayed his cum all over Aishwarya's face, tits and rest of her body. She squirmed erotically as the hot creamy fluid landed on her bare skin.

Jamming two fingers into her soppy wet cunt he stimulated her g-spot until she came explosively and squirted her cum on the bed. After Aishwarya caught her breath she scooped up Romeo's cum from her body and ate it like a good whore.

Giving her some time to shower and recover, he ordered room service. They ate together and had some wine with the food.

Afterwards Romeo made her go on all fours on the bed and tied her wrists to the foot of the bed. The footboard was not very high and he guided her with his hands and slaps to position just right so her naked body could be seen clearly by the camera including her full, well-rounded breasts. She was dripping on the bed by the time he finished positioning her in that helpless, vulnerable state.

Fully naked, Romeo got behind Aish and slowly pushed his fat, hard dick into her soppy wet cunt. She lifted her head and moaned loudly. He pumped her cunt in and out a few times. Each stroke was slow but fully deep. Aishwarya's moans were long and sensuous as she felt the meaty beast spear into her depths so thoroughly.

Romeo slowly pulled it out and started rubbing his cockhead on her puckered ass hole. Aishwarya gasped and held her breath. Romeo had nailed her ass many times before but it had never stopped hurting. His cock was quite thick for a small hole like that and even though he had opened her ass hole quite a lot with regular fucking, she knew it was going to make her cry today. She had not had even a finger in her ass for the last few years and Romeo's pounding would rip her apart. She trembled but did nothing to stop him from claiming her ass.

When Aish was Romeo's whore before he had used every inch of her body. She had become used to taking his dick in all her holes. Aishwarya had gotten used to having his dick in her ass to the point that it would give her pleasure after a little while. But her heart always skipped a beat and her breathing became heavy whenever he told her to bend over and open her ass cheeks.

Right now he didn't even tell her. He had positioned her for it and now he started to take her ass. Grabbing her hips he pushed hard once and Aishwarya screamed as his bulbous cockhead popped into her tight little ass. The tears were starting. She could feel the pain starting from her ass and radiating all over her body.

Since the first time when Aishwarya had started and built her career under Romeo's guidance and control, her life had changed a lot. She had now been married for a few years. Her husband preferred the company of his friends over her but her father-in-law had filled that gap. He had taken her on her marital bed on the night of her marriage to his son. Aish had been his property since then. Not that she had not known it. This had been part of the marriage proposal. She knew that she would belong to the senior Bachchan more than her own husband.

It wasn't surprising. During the shooting of her film Mohabbatein she had spent three months in the charismatic superstar's company. AB had nailed her pretty much every night during those three months. It was after the second day of the shoot that he had called her to his room and claimed her. After that she was his bitch for the rest of the shoot. Not even the young superstar SRK had the guts to contest that. Aish knew that SRK wanted to fuck her but AB's claim on her was undisputable.

But neither her husband nor her father-in-law had ever gone near her ass. The only time her father-in-law touched her ass was when he had spanked her for a mistake in etiquette. So, feeling Romeo's massive dick in her ass was panicking Aishwarya like a gazelle facing the lion. There was no question of choice though. He wanted to fuck her ass, that means he was going to fuck her ass. Pain or no pain, Aishwarya will have to submit to his will and take it.

Slowly with patient movements Romeo started to screw his big muscular cock into Aishwarya's tight ass hole while she bit her lip and moaned. And as she had expected, she soon started to enjoy it. The pain became less acute and she found pleasure in his strokes. She moved her ass back and even with some pain she started to like how his big cock felt in her ass.

Not only the physical but the mental side of it started to excite Aishwarya a lot. Right this moment she was his whore! A total whore, on her knees, getting her ass fucked on camera, by the director. For a role!

"Aaaaah!" As Romeo's massive dick slammed into her ass with a forceful thrust, she lost all control over her body and collapsed. But she was held in Romeo's strong arms. The next two strokes pushed her over and edge and she came hard. Her pussy squirted large amounts of hot juices on the bed while she took her director's cock up her ass like a submissive little whore.

Romeo didn't stop. He drilled her ass hard. While she was in the grips of the powerful orgasm she could not even feel that pain. Her body was pure pleasure and she was being tossed around in a sea of warm, wonderful sensations. She felt the pain again when her orgasm started to ebb but the pleasure was much more intense and she bucked her hips to help him fuck her ass harder and deeper.

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