tagBDSMOscar Bait Ch. 03: Aish & Stakeholders

Oscar Bait Ch. 03: Aish & Stakeholders


Aishwarya walked back through the same hotel lobby in the same tiny little dress. She felt like her pussy was peeking out from under the micromini dress as it felt so swollen. Even after hours of hard fucking, the leering glances of the watching men were turning Aishwarya on and she was running a serious risk of leaking her juices down her thighs before she reached the door.

Just for fun, Aishwarya looked at one or two men as they were staring at her. She saw them swallow hard at meeting her gaze.

Yes, I can make any of them lick my feet, she thought. For them I am like a goddess they would give their right arm to worship. That one...he looks like a businessman but I bet he would cum even if I ran my hand along his thigh. Or...that young executive, he's totally ignoring his boss, risking his job just to stare at my beautiful body.

She looked around and felt a surge of power and confidence like a rush of energy through her body. I am in control. I have the power to make these men bow before me, she thought, even the married ones would leave their wives for a chance to lick my heels. But none of them deserve me, there's only one man who can handle me.

Her pussy twitched as her thoughts turned to her boss. He knows how to treat me just right. One touch of his hand on my body and I become a cock-hungry whore begging for him to use me! I know He will use me again tonight, and I will drink his cum like his bitch. I am a lucky bitch!

The doorman looked at Aishwarya's barely-clad body as she walked through the lobby and opened the door as she got closer. She graced him with a smile. She knew she'd be in his mind as he banged Mrs. Doorman that night.

By now her pussy was actually leaking from thinking of Romeo. The street outside was not too brightly lit and she could jump into her taxi without attracting any more attention.

After giving the driver her destination address, Aish took out some tissues from her purse, opened her legs wide and started wiping her dripping pussy.

"You don't need to bother."

Aish looked up, the driver, a young, black guy, was looking at her in the rear-view mirror.

"You no need to be wiping" he repeated "Let it drip on the seat. I will lick it up later."

Aish laughed softly and carried on wiping her pussy, not caring that the driver could see everything.

"You need some help dealing with that?" The driver tried again.

Aish laughed again "Just drive!"


Two days later.

"Come in!"

Aishwarya pushed open Romeo's home office door and walked in. She was wearing a short strappy dress that fitted her tight body perfectly and accentuated each curve.

She found Romeo sitting in the conference area with a woman sitting next to him on the couch and two men facing them from the couch opposite.

Like a good girl she wished him good morning and stood waiting for his orders.

"Aishu, baby, this is Mr. Mehta he owns the Gujrat, Rajasthan and U.P. territories. The gentleman in the blue suit is Mr. A. K. Lalwani, he is president of a network of distributors who control many Indian territories plus Dubai, U.K and Australia. And this lovely girl, you might know, is Divya Khosla Kumar the talented director who wants to work on our movie as my AD."

"Yes, please, Sir" Divya said.

Romeo leaned towards her, she leaned forward and he kissed her on the lips.

Aish said hello to each with a lovely smile as Romeo introduced them.

"And you all know, Aishwarya is a great actress, very successful, talented and beautiful. I am considering her for the main role in this film."

His words reminded Aish that she had not yet signed a contract for this film. The role and in fact her career, depended on Romeo's whim. She knew very well that in order to seal the role in her favour she had to be a good whore to Romeo.

When Romeo took her hand, Aish went with it, completely pliable and eager to obey. He gently guided her to kneel on the carpet at his feet. She knelt and looked up at him. He looked at his crotch, then at her and nodded

Moving slowly but obediently, Aish unzipped Romeo's pants and slowly coaxed his big, thick cock out of his pants. She used her warm hands to gently rub it to full hardness.

Divya commented "Sir, you have a beautiful cock!"

"Thank you, darling" Romeo said and rubbed her bare thigh lightly. She was in a long dress but it was slitted and her leg was fully bare at the moment.

Aishwarya started licking his cock, first from base to the tip, then licking his precum and swallowing it.

Mehta said "Sir, what's the title of the movie, have you decided yet?"

Romeo replied "Well, we'll give to the panel for a final title but for a working title I am thinking Homemakers Club"

Divya said "Oh, I like it. Homemakers is nice and sweet housewives, and club makes it sound sexy and hot."

Lalwani chipped in "I agree. It's a good title. It might well be the final one."

Aishwarya took Romeo's cockhead in her mouth and pushed down letting it enter deep into her mouth. Romeo kept his hand on her head and combed her hair with his fingers, stroking her like an owner strokes a pet bitch.

"Do you want to release in all territories at the same time?" Mehta asked, he looked at the back of Aishwarya's head bobbing up and down between Romeo's legs and licked his lips.

Romeo said "No, I want the world premiere to be in the UK, then India and finally US. What do you think, babe?" He looked at Divya.

Divya nodded "Yes, the whole idea is for it to get an Oscar."

Mehta said "But then US should be the first territory.."

Divya interrupted him "No, we need to make them wait, until the film is already a success. U.K. is perfect for such a bold subject. India will get us the mass appeal and by the time it gets to US, they are eagerly waiting for it. That's what you are thinking, sir?"

Romeo smiled, put his hand on her upper thigh and kissed her lips "You are a smart girl, honey."

Aish was sucking on Romeo's hard, long cock with full attention even though she was listening to the business discussion. She was going up and down on his meaty shaft, ready to take it into her throat.

Grabbing her hair with one hand, Romeo jerked her head up and slapped her with his right hand "Slow down, whore, I am working here."

With a whimper like a kicked dog, Aish nodded while keeping his cock in her mouth and started sucking him slowly. She still took all of this big, meaty rod in her mouth but now instead of trying to make him cum she only focus on keeping him hard in her hot, wet mouth.

Both Mehta and Lalwani shifted in their seats when Romeo's hand connected with Aishwarya's soft cheek and the sound echoed in the room. Their dicks could be seen clearly outlined in their pants.

Even Divya pressed close to Romeo's side, grinding her tits into his arm and leaned into to whisper in his ear "I want to be your whore, Sir."

He simply smiled and patted her leg.

"Mehta, who will handle the details of the India release?" Romeo asked.

"I will personally do it, Sir. Don't worry about anything." Mehta replied.

Aishwarya was dripping on the carpet. There was a puddle right under her bare, pantyless pussy. Her body was on fire. She wanted to eat his cock ravenously but his order was making her keep it slow.

"Mehta, last time that girl who arranged the premiere in Bombay, the event management girl, Rupali Sood, was it? She was very good. Get her."

"She will be at your service. Consider it done."

Pressing on her head, Romeo indicated Aishwarya to suck harder and faster. She obeyed quickly. This is what she wanted.

Lalwani said "For UK, shall I get that same girl, Heather Locklear, you seemed to like her last time?"

"Yes, that suits me fine."

Using her hair like a leash, Romeo held Aishwarya's head in one place while his cock erupted in her mouth, pumping his huge, hot, creamy load onto his tongue. Aishwarya swallowed quickly.

Katrina walked into the room with a tray of tea.

Aish continued to drink Romeo's cum then started licking his cock clean. Katrina placed the tray on the table and looked at Romeo "Does she need any help, Sir?"

He stroked Aishwarya's head "No, she's a good whore. She's doing fine."

Aishwarya felt so proud to hear those words.

Katrina walked out and Romeo looked at his guests "Have some tea."

Once she had fully cleaned Romeo's cock, Aish tucked it back into his pants after getting his nod.

She stayed on her knees waiting for his next order. He looked down into her eyes, patted her cheek and said "Good whore. Now go and get ready, I will nail you after this meeting."

"Thank you, Sir. Yes, sir." She got up and walked out, trying to control the unbearable itch deep inside her cunt.

Lalwani and Mehta squirmed in their seats and reached for the tea to hide their erections that were getting outlined in their business trousers. Divya noticed it and smiled to herself.


The day was clear and sunny without being unbearably hot. Clouds were never far away from the Lonavala skies. The big bungalow standing away from the hustle of the main roads looked pretty and picturesque in the soft sunlight. An expensive car turned off the road and travelled along the semi-circular driveway to stop near the house.

A car door opened and a foot encased in 8" high black heels touched the ground followed by another just like it. Aishwarya's dress was so short that her bare pussy was clearly visible when she got out of the car. Fortunately, there was nobody there to see it except Romeo. And he had seen all of her and used all of her. Many times over.

Aish smiled as she took his proffered hand and stood up. She ran her hands down her dress to smooth it over her thighs. It went maybe half an inch below where her pussy slit ended. The dress was short and deep cut, showing Aishwarya's milky white cleavage in a mouth-watering display.

In the back it covered her shoulders and her ass but left a big gap in the middle where her bra-less back could be seen and admired. The pink fabric was a mix of cotton and polyester, so smooth and thin that it clung to each and every curve of her body and wrinkled with the movement of even a single muscle.

Her perfectly rounded firm ass was hugged tightly by the form-fitting dress and her buttocks were parted and squeezed visibly. The front of the dress was covered with multicoloured flowers embroidered on it and it accented the femininity of her body. Basically, she looked more fuckable and ready for use than she would have if she had walked in stark naked.

Romeo placed his right hand on her bare back like an owner gathers his pet in and she responded by coming closer and looking at him like a bitch looks at her owner when she wants to be patted.

"You look delicious, darling!" He said.

"Thank you, my Owner!" Aish said with her world-famous smile.

He escorted her to the main door of the bungalow and rang the bell.

The door was opened quickly by a mature woman possessing an average height but a slim and shapely body that many women of her age would envy.

She was wearing a long gown that reached her ankles but was slitted high up to her left hip. The pose she was now standing in caused the slit to open and bare her leg all the way to her thigh joint. The long gown was held on her body with two thin straps going behind her back and it was deep enough to invite long, enquiring glances into her bosom. The light was behind her and it was easy to see that the gown itself was thin and she was wearing nothing under it. Not a stitch!

Not only were her heels an inch higher than Aishwarya's they were sparkly and eye-catching. The black heels worked excellently well with the red gown.

She turned to lead them inside and one could see that the thin straps of her gown were crossing once on her back and there was nothing else to cover her bare back.

"Please come."

They entered and walked behind her, the door closed automatically behind them. She led them to a tastefully, and expensively, decorated sitting room. There she turned.

"Welcome, Sir." She said and walked into Romeo's arms.

While the woman kissed Romeo wholeheartedly, Aish looked around and noticed that the windows had thick curtains on them which were closed. The room was artificially lit but you could not see the source of the light.

"Aish, meet Krishika Lulla, Bollywood producer and financer. Krish, this is Aishwarya Rai."

"Who doesn't know the world famous beauty queen?" Krishika said and stepped closer to Aish. She took both her hands in hers.

"And I know you, ma'am. It's an honour to meet you." Aish replied with a graceful smile on her Miss World lips.

Krish leaned forward and Aish responded quickly. They kissed, fully on the lips, with half open mouths. Romeo looked on approvingly.

"I love your gown, Krish" Romeo said when they parted, his hand moved down her bare back and smoothly to her ass. He squeezed and she giggled.

"Thank you, kind sir. Please take a seat."

Romeo took a seat on the long couch, Aish sat next to him on his left. She kept her legs open as always in Romeo's presence. Krishika herself brought a tray of tea things with snacks. She sat at right angles from Romeo on the couch chair and started making tea.

Krishika could obviously see right between Aishwarya's legs but she made no comment on it, nor did she avoid looking at the beauty queen's bare pussy.

During tea they talked about general things and the conversation turned to the current project.

"Aish, you are looking forward to doing this role? I understand it's quite a challenging role." Krishika asked.

"Yes, ma'am. If sir thinks I am good enough for it, I will give it my best."

"First of all, I am Krish or Krishika, it is silly to be formal here as you will see. And yes, Sir is a good judge of character. I have no doubt he has chosen you because he thinks you are perfect for it."

"Thank you, Krish."

Romeo put his cup down "Aish, stand up, doll."

Aish obeyed quickly and stood with her legs open shoulder width and her hands behind her back.

"Nangi ho jao."

Without a second's hesitation Aish undid her dress strap, took the dress off, stepped out of it and dropped it on the couch where she had been sitting. She then assumed her position again.

"She is breathtaking!" Krishika exhaled slowly.

Romeo stood up and walked behind Aish. Standing very close behind her, he ran his hands gently up and down on her bare thighs. Aish bit her lower lip but not before a soft moan escaped between those rosy lips.

"Yes, she is stunning. And my whore. Aren't you, Aishu?"

Aish moaned louder as his lips touched her neck "Yes, Sir. I am your whore, your bitch, completely your property!"

Romeo looked over Aishwarya's shoulder at Krishika "Are you ready, Krish?"

Krishika stood up quickly "I am ready when my Master says I am ready."

The words made Aishwarya's thoughts race. She knew Krishika was married to a super-rich producer and it was rumoured that at any given time about half the money running Bollywood projects came from their family. But...was she...what did she say...Master? Was one of the most influential women in the film industry her director's whore?

Simultaneously Aish felt a surge of pride and a hot thrill rush through her body.

On Romeo's command Krishika started to lead them to the bedroom. As she passed Romeo though, he reached out and grabbed her by the hair, arresting her progress.

With the other hand he reached under her hair and pulled a string. Krishika's elegant gown dropped in a heap around her heels. She gasped.

"Now go." He commanded.

"Yes, Master." She moved on without stopping to pick up her dress.

The bedroom was also sumptuously decorated and well-furnished. Krishika opened a closet, took out a box and brought it to Romeo. He opened it.

Aish peered inside. It had something that looked...well, she had seen dildoes before but this one was way too long...and then she noticed, it had two heads, one on each end! Aish shivered.

Romeo picked up the dildo, dropped the box on a chair and grabbed Krishika's neck with his left hand. He pushed her backwards, causing her to step back until her bare back was pressing on the wall behind her. She didn't struggle. Instead she opened her legs. Romeo placed one head of the dildo on her shaved pussy and pushed it in.

Krishika gasped as several inches of the massively thick dildo entered her tight pussy. But she stayed in her place, in full control of Romeo. He moved his hand up and down, fucking her wet pussy with the thick artificial cock. With each stroke Krishika moaned and gasped.

"Aaaaargh, Sir!" Krishika whimpered in response to Romeo's hard thrust in her cunt with the huge, thick dildo.

He stopped and turned to look at Aish "On the bed, whore!"

Quickly, Aishwarya climbed on the bed and got on her back. Romeo pushed Krishika on to the bed and commanded "Ride her!"

Without any hesitation Krishika climbed between Aishwarya's legs and carefully inserted the other head of the dildo into Aishwarya's pussy. It was thick and made Aish squirm.

Once it was halfway inside Aish, Krishika started moving her hips back and forth. Each movement pushed the huge dildo deeper into Aishwarya's cunt.

But each movement was also causing the first head of the dildo to dig deeper into Krishika's pussy and she was finding it hard to thrust deeper into Aishwarya's cunt.

Romeo stepped close, grabbed Krishika's hair and slapped her face. The sound echoed in the large room. Tears leaked out of Krishika's eyes.

"Fuck her hard, you little bitch! Thrust deeper!" He commanded her.

"Yes, Master!" Krishika moaned and increased her thrusts.

Each thrust was still fucking her cunt as well and both Aish and Krishika moaned and screamed with each stroke.

Leaning close to Aishwarya's ear, Romeo whispered "Spread those legs and take it like a whore, girl. You are a whore, you were born to be used. Show me that you know that!"

The dirty, degrading words were making Aish even hotter. Her screams were now mixed with crying.

Using his left hand, Romeo grabbed and crushed Aishwarya's firm, shapely tits roughly. With his right hand he jerked her hair and whispered in her ear "Tu meri randi hai, jaanti hai na? Kya hai tu?" (You are my whore, do you know that? What are you?)

"Main randi hoon!" Aishwarya cried (I am a whore!)

"Kiski randi hai tu?" Romeo slapped her tits, hard. (Whose whore are you?)

"Aapki! Main aapki randi hoon! Aap mere maalik ho!" Tears flowed out of her eyes as squirmed on the big bed. (Yours. I am your whore. You are my owner!)

Quickly Romeo took off his clothes and climbed on the bed. Grabbing Krishika's ass cheeks he opened them and rubbed his precum-wet cockhead on her tight, puckered ass hole.

Krishika froze for a moment as she realized what he intended to do. The next moment he had buried several inches of his massive, meaty shaft deep into Krishika's tight ass.

She screamed. Loudly. Her face turned red with the intensity of the unbearable sensations.

The hard thrust made her body jerk forward which made the double headed dildo slam hard into Aishwarya's cunt as well as her own. Both screamed again. Two heartfelt, deep-throated screams by two abused whores.

And that was just the beginning. Romeo grabbed Krishika's shoulders and started drilling her tight ass like a heartless beast. Each thrust of his hips made her fuck Aishwarya's cunt with the double-headed dildo.

Not more than 15 seconds later both women were thrashing about on the bed under the grips of strong orgasms. The double dildo was buried in their cunts and the irregular, wild thrashing made it fuck their cunts hard, opening their cervix and skewering them incredibly deep. They spurred on each other's orgasms for a long time until they both simply collapsed with deep sighs.

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