O'Scouries Valentines Day Wife


"They'll be better off with you," I agreed.

"You love them...they're your life..."

"Leave a message for me with your new address with my secretary...your telephone number...I'll call you when I get back, say goodbye to the kids for me," I said coldly as I walked to the door and then out into the hall.

"Daddy will kill you," were the last words I heard as I walked away. She didn't see the tears that were streaming down my cheeks.

Early March

"We should discuss strategy...we shouldn't go into the meeting unprepared...I don't want you saying anything without checking with me," my lawyer, Melissa Park, ordered as we swept through the doors of the Chrysler Building on our way to the offices of 'Slade, Worthington, Bailey', Attorneys-at-Law, my ex-wife's divorce lawyers.

I'd found an e-mail and two registered letters from Charles H. Worthington (Vikki's forty-two year old second cousin) when I'd returned home from my two weeks in Jamaica. The first e-mail and letter were quite friendly missives that informed me that he'd been hired to represent Vikki and that he hoped we could meet and come to an amicable resolution of our marital difficulties. The second letter proposed a meeting to discuss a settlement while suggesting that the ex and my two daughters would be quite satisfied with two thirds of my net worth.

I'd always liked Charlie over the years; he'd been one of the few family members I could sit down and drink a beer with comfortably. He was a pretty good guy. Of course my opinion of him had changed somewhat when I'd got to page 33 of Volume 4 of the Sex Diaries and read Vikki's account of an afternoon she'd spent in her cousins arms. The prick had been given a rating of 63. They'd never repeated their tryst, it apparently was just a chance encounter that had led to sex and then left both slightly embarrassed when they'd finished. Still, it's pretty hard to think very highly of some guy who's fucked your wife...especially when he becomes your wife's divorce lawyer. Charlie was going to have to work hard to earn this fee I'd promised myself.

I'd called my business lawyer after I'd read his letters. He put me onto a Ms. Melissa Park who he described as a real ball breaker.

"She probably won't take your case," he advised, "she prefers taking the woman's side. But if you can get her she's the best."

Expecting a ferocious, mannish lesbian type, I was stunned when her secretary escorted me into her office the next day. Maybe twenty-eight years old, she turned out to be a spectacularly good looking woman, tall, full hipped and chested, and with a minuscule waist. Long, lustrous, silky black hair that you'd die for.

"I don't usually do men Mr. O'Scouries," were the first words out of her mouth as she stood and shook my hand.

"Well I guess we're pretty lucky this is an easy case then," I answered as I took a seat.

"An easy case? I thought this involved...I mean your lawyer said when he called me that millions were at stake."

"I just need an agreement written up and then I'd like you to accompany me to one meeting with my ex's lawyer," I answered with a smile.

"You've already agreed to terms with them?" she asked dubiously.

"No...it's going to be a take it or leave proposition for them. One chance...or off we go to court."

"What are you proposing to pay them Mr. O'Scouries?"

"What I'd like you to put in legalese Ms. Park is the following: I will make no claim on my wife's assets and she'll make none on mine. She gets the kids. And not a goddam cent!" I sat back when I finished.

"That's all?" I nodded. "No custody ...No visitation rights at all?" I shook my head no. "Any court in the land will award alimony sir...a share of the assets...support for you daughters...you can't expect to pay nothing," she stammered.

"We won't be going to court Ms. Park," I promised.

"But why would they ever agree?" she asked, clearly mystified.

"That you'll find out at the meeting," I answered enigmatically.

I think she only agreed to represent me due to curiosity and the fact that the famous Smyth-Worthington family was involved. She simply was dying to see what I could possibly have up my sleeve. And so, a week later, on a Friday afternoon, armed only with my offer, Ms. Park and I entered the Chrysler Building and entered the enemy's lair. Where, when we were escorted into the firm's conference room, we found ourselves facing across the table, my wife, her father, and her cousin Charlie.

I refused Charlie's offered palm. My father-in-law, his face already red and clearly agitated, had muttered 'asshole' as I'd entered the room.

"Speak up Reggie...stop mumbling," I ordered as I looked down at him.

"FUCKER," he growled.

My wife was as beautiful as ever. After Charley, always the diplomat, had tried to lead us through the pleasantries, he finally started to tell me Vikki's demands.

Holding up my hand I simply pulled out my one page agreement, already signed by me, and slipped it across the table. He read it quickly before Reggie grabbed it from his hand, then looked up questioningly at my lawyer. "You know this isn't serious Melissa," he implored just as my father-in-law tore the offer in half.

"I have a couple of other copies Reggie," I said smiling.

"Melissa?" Charlie asked again.

"Its Mr. O'Scouries show Charlie...I'm just his lawyer."

"But," he started, then turned to me and asked, "Surely you don't want to go to court Patrick? The publicity?"

"It might be fun," I said softly. I saw a hint of amusement in Vikki's eyes as I spoke. I suddenly realized she was enjoying the show almost as much as I.

"We've tried to be reasonable," Charlie implored.

"Charlie you're asking for nearly thirty five fucking million dollars."

"But you'll still have millions left."

"Well, I think I'll take my chances in court then...see what the jury thinks."

"The judge will kick your black Irish ass," my father-in-law promised.

"He might," I agreed as I pushed my chair back from the table and started to stand. Melissa, clearly surprised at the outcome, also started to rise.

"Wait...wait...lets talk about this Patrick...no need to rush off ...I'm sure we can reach an agreement," the clearly nonplussed Charlie begged.

Turning to Melissa I asked, "Do we have to give our list of witnesses to them now?"

Knowing nothing of any list she still showed no surprise and quickly answered, "No sir...not yet...they'll get it later...when the trial date is set."

"What witnesses?" Charlie demanded.

"The adulterers Charlie...the adulterers."

"The who?"

"The men who fucked my wife...who've cuckolded me."

Charlie, his face now bright red, sputtered, "We don't need that kind of evidence...it's a no fault state...we've agreed to the divorce...we're just discussing the settlement terms now Patrick."

"Still...it can't hurt me in the court of public opinion can it? Although I'm not sure how it'll work if you have to cross examine yourself, I added. Reggie looked like he was ready to explode. Vikki's eyes were smiling.

"Me?" Charlie whimpered.

"If you drag my daughters name through the mud I'll fucking kill you," Reggie suddenly screamed, all control now gone. "We're Smyth-Worthingtons for god's sake," he added as his spittle sprayed angrily outwards from his open mouth.

"I just think that the judge might be interested in the diaries...maybe the New York Post too," I answered.

For seconds there wasn't a sound in the room until Charlie finally spat out, "What diaries?"

"Volumes Two, Three, Four and Five of My Sexual Life by Mrs. Victoria Penelope Smyth-Worthington O'Scouries...complete with illustrations... names of course, occupations, penile measurements and the rated sexual performance for each of the eighty-eight men who've slept with her since she married me."

"Eighty-eight?" Charlie asked.

"You've read my diaries?" Vikki whispered. Reggie looked like he'd suffered a heart attack.

I turned to leave the room.

Hardly recovered Charlie still was able to ask, "But what about the girls...your daughters?"

"Oh I guess we'll just have to call their real father to the stand won't we counselor. Shouldn't it be up to him to support them?"

"But you're their father," Charlie insisted.

"Not according to the DNA lab at Columbia," I answered.

"Then who is?" he asked as he turned to Vikki.

There was a profound sadness in her eyes as she looked up at me and said, "Paddy will always be their daddy."

"I'll leave you another copy of my offer," I said as I slipped another copy of the agreement from my briefcase and placed it on the table. "I think we're through here Ms. Park," I said as I took her arm to lead her out. Not able to look at my wife any longer, to face her sadness, I was suddenly in a rush to escape.

"COCKSUCKER," Reggie hissed at my retreating back.

I turned back slowly, pierced him with a stare for seconds before saying, "Reggie, if you touch either of those two girls I'll cut your prick off and shove it down your throat." Then I walked out of the room.

"Jesus H. Christ," my lawyer muttered as we left the offices. We went directly from Charlie's offices to a bar. I slept with a woman besides my wife for the first time that night. Melissa screamed out her pleasure when I emptied a months worth of cum inside her orgasming center. We were both sated when I finally stumbled from her apartment late into the morning. Heck, nothing to it. It's just sex...anyone woman will do I tried to convince myself as I drove home.

I didn't fool myself.

The next day we received the signed and notarized agreement back.

Epilogue April 1st 2008

I'd slowly settled into some semblance of living as the weeks had passed. I was busy at work getting the new bosses up to date while making sure the old employees were comfortable...

I'd gone on dates with three women...and slept again with Melissa.

...And spent endless hours thinking of my two daughters...finally coming to realize my love for them was stronger than anything else. But I didn't act! Simply let the days pass wondering what they were thinking and doing. Finally knew that you can't love a person for every single second of their life and than suddenly stop loving them. It doesn't work that way.


The front door of my rented condo rang at a couple of minutes before eight in the morning on April Fools Day. I'd just been about to leave for the office and had my suit jacket over my arm when I opened the door and found her. Neither of us said as word as we stared silently at each other.

Then I pulled Victoria into the apartment and threw her to the floor. Seconds later, with her skirt now pushed above her waist and her torn panties hanging from one leg, I pushed my cock deep inside her. We fucked like animals, angry, hungry, needy, on the hard marble tiles on my vestibule floor, the door of my condo gaping open.

Neither of us cared -- it was a fast, hard fuck. Then we did it again, slower but still with a fierceness, an intensity that I knew I'd never find with anyone else.

"I was horny...I still am," she said as her hand reached for my still throbbing cock. "I've missed you." She didn't have to ask if I'd missed her. We made love the third time.


"The girls miss you," she whispered much later. As we lay entwined on the bed, sticky and sweaty from our lovemaking.

"How are they?"

"They need you Paddy...they need you so much."

"They must hate me."

"Three quarters of their friends parents are divorced...I told them you loved them, that you just needed a little time. That it was me you were mad at, not them."


"I know we'll never get back together...but they love you. So much. Let me send them to spend next weekend with you...maybe at the beach house? I'll call them, now," she said as she reached for her purse and her cell phone. I stayed silent as she dialed the number. When it started ringing she held it to my ear.

"Mommy?" I heard my daughter ask.

"No... its daddy," I said softly.

"DAAAAAAAAAADY," my thirteen year old daughter Abigail squealed, then I heard her yell, "Bernadette, hurry, come here, it's daddy on the line." Tears coursed down my lips as I talked to my two girls. Vikki, watching me as she dressed, sported a sad smile on her lips.

Later, after I'd hung up the phone, a weekend with my daughters agreed to, I walked Vikki to the door.

"Do you want to do this again?" she asked. We both knew the answer.

"Am I going to be in the diary?"

She reached into her purse and pulled out a familiar red book and then handed it to me. I opened the cover and read:





"You don't have to...it's none of my business...it's your life," I protested as I tried to give it back.

"Don't you want to know the whole story?" There was a new vulnerability in her eyes as she talked, a look I'd never seen in all our years together. "Why? Who?"

"No," I denied even though I knew I wanted to.

"I'll always love you," she said as she backed away towards the elevator, leaving the book in my hand.

"You should...heck, I'm the only hundred you've ever met," I teased.

I saw the light reignite in her eyes, saw the smile suddenly blossom on her lips. "Hah, you mean you were!" she said, then turned as the doors of the elevator opened.

"Hey," I yelled, "So how often can I expect these visits of yours?"

"We'll see," she said as the elevator door closed.


Thanks for reading my story. I write for my enjoyment AND for the enjoyment of you the reader. Please take the few extra seconds required and let me know how you liked the story by voting below.

This is an official LITEROTICA Valentines Day Contest Story Entry and so your vote is doubly important -- it sends feedback to me and also helps decide the winner of the contest.

I appreciate all votes, from 1 STAR to 5 STARS. However, under this new voting system (where the stars light up after you make your vote), I must say that you'll find it much more exciting to see all 5 STARS lit up all at once. It really looks neat. Promise!

I'd also love to hear back from you -- please comment below or e-mail me. Thank you, Jim Scouries

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I'm sick too

I liked it.



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The author is a demented, cuckolded, cum-guzzling, premature-ejaculating fucknozzle dressed in a gimp outfit with a huge dildo super-glued into his asshole. What the bastard hell was that epilogue allmore...

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Of all the stories you penned

This one needs another chapter. After all this time, I would love to know what was in the first diaries, if Paddy finally destroyed his father in law or others that cucked him, and if Paddy and Vikki reconciledmore...

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A generous 2 only...

Dear Anonymous,

I have a feeling you might be related to the "anonymous" who commented on my "Oh Sarah" story. He also voted me a 2 (although he didn't regret not voting 1 as you did). I am glad thoughmore...

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A generous 2 only.

Whenever a story has a shit ending, it deserves a 1 but it was fairly good or at least interesting until the insane reversal of actually having sex with her again so it got a 2 star vote generously. Clearlymore...

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