tagSci-Fi & FantasyOther World Ch. 01

Other World Ch. 01


Shan had been on his normal patrol through the corridors of the penitentiary that he was currently working in, just trying to keep an eye on the inmates that were around him. It had been several years since Shan had fallen from the portal that had brought him here and he had yet to figure out why he had been sent here. He was normally brought in to different worlds because he was needed to help out with a certain crisis that would destroy the planet. The hardest part of being on this certain planet was that he was the only one that looked human in a world of anthromorphs. It was several months before anyone had gotten used to him and due to his combat skills and strength, he had taken a job as a correctional officer in an all female penitentiary, and it wasn't his choice either, was just where the job took him.

Being eye candy for the female inmates was generally an irritation for him but it never changed his attitude towards the inmates, he was kind most of the time but was strict or rough when he had to be. Most of the inmates, even some of the guards felt severally intimidated by him but rarely ever caused any trouble in his presence. He stood at about 5'9", long black hair, silver eyes, and a very toned torso. This caused some problem for the females as they always seemed to hit on him but he generally ignored all the passes.

As Shan had stepped at the end of the corridor, he looked out into the courtyard where some of the inmates were having free time. "Find one that tickles your fancy there fleshy?" came a female voice.

Turning his head slightly, he noticed another officer walking towards him. A female shark with deep black skin and teal colored stripes covered her body. She also had long flowing teal colored hair as well that reached just past her shoulders. She stood next to him and smirked as Shan shook his head. "You know better than that Serena, I've never had eyes for any female on this planet" he said with a huff. Serena had always been close to Shan, pretty much his only real friend that never judged who or what he was. She always did seem to pick on him though just for kicks. Shan never did mind this but it did get annoying at points, he just never let it show.

Serena let off a chuckle. "Your no fun Shan, lighten up a little. I actually came by to tell you that the Warden was looking for you. seems as though she has taken a real liking to you"

Shan raised an eyebrow and let off a sigh. "No different than any other female in this place seeing as I am the only male working here. Why they assigned me here is beyond me."

Serena nudged his arm "Hey, what's that supposed to mean? If you hadn't been sent here we never would have met. Secondly, do you blame them? Most of the women here haven't seen a cock in years, so of course they are going to want a piece of you. Hell you seem as though you could please a woman for hours if you really wanted to." she said with a wink and a smile

Shan eyed her for a moment. "Really Serena...really?" he said with a soft chuckle of his own. "Well I guess I had better go and see what the Warden wants before she ends up losing her temper" he said as he turned and walked down the corridor towards the Wardens Office. Upon entering the office, Shan peeked in before fully stepping through the door. "You wanted to see me?"

The chair that the Warden had been sitting in, spun around revealing a Tigress sitting there with her hands folded up and a devilish grin on her face, The clothing that she wore seemed slightly revealing. Her breasts, which were quite large, were popping out of her blouse revealing also a black lacy bra underneath. She was also wearing a skirt that seemed rather short for someone in such a high professional role. In the back of Shan's mind, he was rolling his eyes. "Yes...please sit down Shanaka" she said in a rather lusty voice.

"I would rather stand thanks" he said in a lower tone.

"As you wish. I called you in here because I wanted to personally congratulate you on what you have done for this facility. Since you have been here, compliance has risen by seventy percent and that has made all of our jobs that much easier. I just want to thank you for this" she said with a smile.

Shan let off a shrug, "You're welcome, I'm just here until I can figure out why I'm here. I do not intend on staying here forever." he said as he noticed she was looking him up and down, he only rolled his eyes at this.

The Warden let off what sounded like a soft purr and she slowly stood walking over towards him, pressing her chest up against his and wrapping her arms around his neck. Her breasts pressing into him hard as she did. "You sure that I can't change your min about staying, I would love for to" she said and then leaned in and whispered into his ear. "I can make it worth your while" she said in a sexy tone.

Shan raised an eyebrow and pushed away from her gently. "Look I am flattered but sorry, I really can't. Now if that will be all, I will head back to my duties." he said as he tuend and opened the door only to be met by the other female officers who were trying to listen in on what was going on. Shaking his head and rubbing the bridge of his nose, he let off a sigh as he walked past them. "Don't you all have something better to do?" he asked in an irritated tone before disappearing around the corner.

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Interesting start. Recommend you proof read or get someone to do it for you.

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