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Other World Kingdom


Chapter 1 - A whole new world

I'm about to get in. This is what I've always dreamed for: a real life slave environment where female domination is the one and only rule and where all men are born inferior and enslaved. A world in which women have full control and power over the slaves' lives and are treated as a Queens, Goddess, Mistress.

Here, at Other World Kingdom, that's the way it works, apparently, men are owned, used and abused for the sole pleasure of women. I cannot wait to see their range of slaves and dominate one of them.

I arrive on the threshold: regular farm, lots of hidden grounds, it looks very fancy. More like a farm that has been rebuilt into a manor. I knock on the door and get in. I am greeted by a man wearing nothing but a piece of cloth to hide his genitals. He has no face ; a full head mask is covering his entire head. I can only distinguish two little holes allowing him to breathe using his nose. His mouth is zip locked. He bows at me as he opens the door. He does not look straight in my direction and keeps looking down. In front of me I see a big stack of stairs swirling onto the second floor. Then, I notice a man getting down the stairs, elegantly dressed. Yes, a man. I am in chock; I thought every man in this place was supposed to be a slave. This one is walking down the stairs with a divine grace. He is wearing a black suit, tight and a black shirt, revealing an inch of tattoos on his hands and neck. He has a couple of piercings in his lower lip and is staring at me as he is getting down. He passes the door holder slave, who does not bend as he passes but looks straight into his eyes and greets me.

- You must be Lauren. The Queen is waiting for you in the Main Hall. He says in a charming and soft English accent voice. Please, follow me.

He extends a hand to me, signalling me to take the direction is he pointing at. We cross several rooms, all containing several forms of SM art, from paintings to calligraphy, the walls are covered by female domination over the ages. We walk by several 'furniture slaves' as they are called, that is to say men acting like they are actual pieces of furniture, like chairs, tables of even coat holders. I say this because the elegant man grabs the coat off me and hangs it to a slave's shoulder.

We eventually reach the Main Hall, which, to my surprise, has nothing too exiting. It is a big empty hall with an upper floor at the end, and a massive red velvet throne. On the throne sits the Queen, her legs crossed, dressed with impeccable leather from head to toes. She has those thigh high leather boots that every girl dreams of, a black leather body and long gloves covering her hands. She also wears a leather crown symbol of which, I assume, shows she is the Queen. On each side of the throne kneel two slaves, bound and gagged staring at the floor. As we get into the room, I see the look of this man getting down. Even him is not allowed to look at her. Perhaps he is a slave after all.

- That will be all. She says, looking at him, him still looking down.

He bows gently and steps back to the door that he closes slowly upon his exit.

- Lauren, I am glad you've found your way to us. Welcome to Other World Kingdom, welcome to My Kingdom. This place is designed only for female pleasure; no man is allowed any enjoyment here. You will see this is the place where they are best suited. The first thing I will ask you to do is pledge allegiance to our Constitution. Once this is done, I will, myself, give you a tour of the domain, and will get you to your quarters. Now, this Kingdom lives by the following rules:

Rule #1: Every man is born a slave, and remains a slave until his death.

Rule #2: There is no other purpose for males than to please women. In the event of a woman asking a man to pleasure a man, it must be for the woman's pleasure initially.

Rule #3: Each Mistress has her own personal slave. You can decide to keep him for yourself or to share him with other Mistress; that is entirely up to you. But you cannot touch a slave that isn't yours without the consent of the slave's Mistress first.

Rule #4: Women have power over men but the Queen has ultimate power. If she decides that a slave ought to be punished, she can punish him without the consent of the Mistress. She can use and abuse anyone without prior consent.

Rule #5: The slaves are here for women's sexual pleasure. If there is any romance or love between the slave and the Mistress, the slave and/or the Mistress will be banished from the Domain.

Are those rules clear?

- Yes they are.

- Will you behave according to these rules?

- Yes I will.

- You have to address me as 'Madam'

- Yes, Madam, I will.

- Very well then, I welcome you into the OWK Family. Come with me now so I can show you were you will stay.

As she gets up the two slaves next to her throne get up and help her get down the stairs. She does not even look at them. She is hardcore. She rules everything and everyone, I even feel owned by her. And I have not met any other Mistress so far, I am quite nervous about starting the whole process. As we get by the double doors we previously used, they burst open, and the elegant man is behind, waiting for us to get out, still not looking at the Queen. So that must be his story, he must be the Queen's personal slave. She said it herself: every man is born a slave. So that must be it! Unless he is not a man but I doubt this. I see Mistresses now, 5 of them, standing in the room with their own slaves staying behind them. Some are naked, some are dressed, some are clean some are dirty, some are damaged and some are healthy.

- This is Mistress Dorothy ; she has been with us for more than two years now. She points at a thirty something lady brown hair, dressed entirely in latex. This is Mistress Sarah, she's quite recent here ...

But I am not really listening to what she says; I am looking at the window, right outside. There is a man, in the middle of the garden, getting beaten by another man. He is on the ground, trying to get up but cannot even get to his knees because of the beating. He is lying there, completely naked.

The Queen snaps her finger in front of my face.

- This is our latest arrival, Lauren. Please give her a warm welcome and make her feel comfortable among you.

They all greet me one by one before we carry on the tour.

- So you have met all the Mistresses of this house, but you have not met their slaves. Most of them have two or three because of their seniority. You start with one and if you are good enough you can have multiple ones. They can include furniture slaves and transport slaves, everything you want.

She must have heard the question in my head.

- You have met my slave already. His name is Ben. He is my exclusive property. No one can touch him but me.

There it is. Ben, that's his name. And, of course, he belongs to the Queen, who else. We approach the stables. That's where they keep all the slaves locked in cages. As we do so, we pass by that man on the ground. He seems young, perhaps a couple of years older than me, only. He is quite thin, his black hair falling on his face. He has got several tattoos, mainly on his arms and chest. His face is bleeding; he must have taken quite a beating.

- This is a new recruit, still needs to be tamed a little. This is the slaves' tamer. He is the oldest slave of the Kingdom and has earned the position of tamer and trainer for the new slaves.

- So he has the right to beat up any slave without the Mistress' consent?

- As part of the slave's training, yes. Once a slave is owned, his authority is not valued any more than another slave's.

I cannot help but look at this man on the ground. He seems out of breath and exhausted.

- In fact, let's see what he's been up to. Come on, Hawk, demonstrate!

- Yes my Queen.

He turns around to the man on the ground.

- Get up and kneel in front of your Queen and the Mistress.

The man stumbles on his feet and kneels. He is immediately hit by the cane of the tamer right on the bottom of his legs. He falls down to the ground.

- Is this how you kneel in front of a Queen. Get up! Start again!

He gets up and does it again, more gently this time. He gets to his knees, and bows down, putting his arms and hands far in front of him.

- That's enough, for now.

- Yes, my Queen.

The tamer bows at the Queen and then knocks the man on the ground. He puts his face up and looks straight at the Queen and myself, sticking his tongue out in defiance.

The Queen does not say anything. The tamer is furious and awaits instructions but gets none. Ben, the Queen's personal slave arrives at this very moment.

- My Queen, someone is here to see you.

She turns to him and looks at me.

- Lauren, why don't you take this one as your personal slave? He seems like a piece of work, I'm sure you can handle him.

I look at the man on the floor, his face half bled out by the beating.

- Yes Madam. I will take him.

Chapter 2 - The slave

The man has been cleaned and changed. I have not seen what exactly happened but something is telling me that even this has been painful to him. We are now in the same room, one of the 'salons' as they call it.

- What's your name slave?

He looks at me but does not respond.

- I said, what is your name slave?

- A slave has no name, Madam. What use is a name for a slave if he is interchangeable?

- I know you're new here and so am I. But I don't have the feeling that you chose to be here. Why are you behaving so badly? You like beatings so much?

- I'm here because the Queen stole my friend away from me and I want him back. And if I have to endure pain and torture to get him back I will.

- Ben? You know him?

- Yeah, he was my best friend before she brainwashed him. She perverted him and corrupted him. Now he would do anything for her. He won't even acknowledge my presence here. Didn't you see what happened back there? He did not lift a finger to take me out. But I'll get him back.

- Ok, I'll go request someone else then...

- No, you don't have to. I'll be a slave. I'll be your slave and I will behave just like you tell me. If you help me get him back. Please, help me get him back and I'll serve you anyway you want!

I hesitate and after a minute or two nod in his direction.

- Ok then, I will be your slave and together we will get Ben out of this place. I'm Denis.

Chapter 3 - Introducing slavery

It's day 1 of training.

I have kept to myself for the biggest part of the night. My slave Denis is not yet allowed to sleep in my room for he lacks experience and practice. I don't really want to wake up in the morning to see him getting beaten up; perhaps I'm not made for this after all. The fact that he is only here to rescue his friend makes me think about hurting him, and having him not really enjoying it fully.

I am taken out of my reverie by a knock on the door. I get up and see a public transportation slave, which is the one who carries your stuff when you have to get somewhere. Yesterday I have seen the Queen cruising though the gardens on a chair held and carried by 6 slaves around her. It doesn't take me long to reach the stable, where the slaves sleep, at least all the transportation slaves and the slaves who have no Master yet. They are just waiting there to be owned and taught good manners and how to behave. Most of the furniture slaves sleep in the basement in the manor. I enter the room and see Denis, lying in his cage. He is sleeping in a foetus position, his head resting on both his arms. He smiles and gets up as he sees me. I slowly open the door to his cage to let him out. Today is the initializations ritual; the Queen will walk us both through it. It's going to be something.

Denis follows the transportation slave while I am leading the way to the main hall. We pass the fancy rooms and eventually get to the Queen's headquarters. She sits there, on her throne, Ben by her side, dressed up in his fancy suit. He is now wearing an open white shirt, which reveals his slave collar. It is a fancy leather collar, thick enough to display a boucle for a leash to be strapped on. He does not even blink as we get in, and now he has clearly identified Denis. While the other two furniture slaves are kneeling on each side of the throne, he is just standing here, next to the Queen. As I get in I pull a slight reverence to the throne. Denis walks in to the Queen and kneels, bowing down to salute her at the same time. She extends a foot to his face and tilts it to make him understand that he has to lick it clean. I believe that he despises her for enslaving his friend, but he has to fit in if he wants to rescue him. No one can know why he is really here for. He leans forward and start licking her shoe, going up and down, on top and bellow and eventually sucking the heel in. When it is clean she takes off her foot from his face and leans forward, making a sign for him to get back. She extends a hand for me to come and Ben comes to the front, bringing a big black leather suitcase. He opens it only to find dozens of different collars and cuffs, different fabrics, colours, shapes, etc.

- Mistress Lauren, pick your slave's apparel.

I quickly browse through the case and take out a regular leather collar and matching cuffs, all in black even the boucle. I take them out of the case and put them next to it. The Queen gesture to Ben, who comes to Denis and drags his head up. Now he is looking straight down at him, with no expression, or only a little supremacy. He grabs him by his hair and buckles the collar around his neck. Denis is looking straight into Ben's eyes but none of them react. When it is done, he grabs Denis's wrists, one by one and gears them up with the cuffs too, then pulls back to stand behind the Queen.

- Very well, slave, you now belong to Mistress Lauren. You have no name, no identity. You are here to serve her and pleasure her whenever she pleases; however she pleases. You have no right, no authority and no legacy. You belong to her entirely. Do you understand?

- Yes, I understand.

- I'm sorry, I haven't heard this correctly.

He knows exactly what she wants to hear but he is not giving in.

- I said yes, I understand.

- Mistress Lauren, I suggest you teach your slave how to talk to a Queen properly! I will show you.

She gets up and grabs the nearest cane on her cane stand.

- Now get down you animal! And put your hand behind your back!

She pushes Denis onto the floor, face first. He puts his hand behind his back and she starts beating his ass up, until he is red enough to almost bleed.

- I want you to say 'thank you my Queen' every time I hit you, is that clear?

- Yes my Queen -- there, he said it.

She starts he beating.

- I can't hear you!

- Thank you my Queen.

She strikes again.

- Thank you my Queen.

- Louder!


The power in his voice when he screams is phenomenal and transports me. This high peach scream sounds like a melody to my ears. I want him to scream. I will have to make him scream. After a dozen of lashes she is finally done, his butt is red as two tomatoes, I fear blood would come out of any more beating he could take.

- Good, now Mistress Lauren, your turn. Show him how to behave.

This is it. She hands me the cane. This is the first time I will really let my instincts take over. I will have to beat him up. There is a man, kneeling before me on the floor, his but completely ravaged by the beating he just took, willing to suffer and be tortured to get his best friend back from the tentacles of an evil Queen. This sounds like a bad porn version of a Disney classic. I grab the cane and stare at him. I see him glancing at Ben every so often, probably thinking "I'm doing this for you". And I hit, once.

- Say it!

- Thank you Mistress.


- Louder!

- Thank you Mistress.

Three times.

- Louder!

- Thank you Mistress


- Scream it!

- Thank you Mistress!!

- Screaaaam it!


And I'm done. The butterflies in my stomach are so strong and powerful they make me dizzy. But I have this violence impulse in me. Even if he is here for his friend, he is still my slave, he agreed to that, and I will show him what I can be capable of.

- Now I want you to get up and lick my butt clean! That's right; stick your tongue in there, clean like it's the only thing that'll feed you today! You dog!

I grab his hair and drag his face in my butt hole. Ben and the Queen are watching quietly, enjoying the scene. When Denis is done, I turn around and expose him my pussy to lick clean. I then put him back onto the floor and grab the nearest leash that I tie to his collar and drag him out of the room, walking fine on top of my platform heels. I will tame him my way. And he will love me for that.

Chapter 4 - The Queen's king

The day has been exhausting, but the feeling, the feeling of dominating someone like this has no comparison whatsoever. And he listens; he listens to me at least. He's had been assigned some other duties, I know the Queen wants him to be stronger so he is currently working as a transportation slave but he remains at my disposal whenever I need him there. I still have no right to take him to my bedroom, he still has to sleep in his cage, that is not going to change before a while, he is not tamed enough to be allowed that.

I am here, in my room, all alone, naked, thinking about the interactions that the other Mistresses have with their slaves. What are they doing to them? How are they behaving? Do they like it or are they here because they have other plans? I do not get along with the other Mistresses, I cannot say why, perhaps it is just that little game, that little plan we have with Denis that makes me really want to spend time with him. And let's not be blind, he is damn cute, with his eyes blocking a little in and his nose piercing. He has a story; he is not like everyone else. Ben too has a story, at least from what Denis was saying. I know what I'm going to do, I want to see how the Queen behaves with Ben, how she treats him. For all I have seen she does not really consider him as a slave per say. I mean, yes he has a collar but that is pretty much the extent of his slavery. He is allowed to speak, he is allowed to dress and he is allowed to stand. But he never looks straight to her either. And now that I think about it, Ben has no cage in the stable. Every slave has his own designated cage in the stable, some are bigger than others, and some are a bit more fancy and actually have a ground so you don't rest on bars, but he has none. Which means there must be a space where he sleeps. I am going to enquire.

I walk down to the stable to get Denis. On my way, I pass by a little room that is used to keep all the outside plays and furniture. I know it is late so Denis will probably be asleep already but I still want to talk to him. I pass this little room and I see a ray of light. I glimpse in to see an open door. No one is there, I enter. All sort of furniture and tools are hanging from the ceiling. I get down the stairs and star hearing a familiar voice.

- Baby, you're so good when you're angry! I know this voice, this is Ben Bruce!

- That's why you love me hun, fuck I can't imagine a day without you, fuck me, and fuck me proper now!

- As I glimpse in I see the Queen lying on a summer bed. Ben is naked, coming right at her. They have two bottles of wine and champaign open and he is not wearing his collar, absolutely no sign of his servitude. He lays down on her, they kiss intensely and he caresses her hair.

- I love you baby!

- I love you too babes.

'I love you too babes'! Fuck, the Queen is in love with her slave! All these rules, they all go to shit! They are actually in love! That explains why Ben is not eager to get out of this place. He not only belongs to her, but he loves her. He gently and passionately fucks her, the way all ladies would like to be fucked, damn he is so classy and smart, no wonder she fell in love with him in the first place. He is not her slave, he is her lover. Something has to be done about that, I have to expose her!

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