tagSci-Fi & FantasyOtherworldly Pt. 02

Otherworldly Pt. 02


Saturday morning came and I caught myself looking out the back window for Holly's car. Constantly. Make a pot of coffee and glance out the window. Sit at the table to eat breakfast and watch out the sliding door. All the time, that constant buzzing in my head. And the voices. Or rather, the voice. It was Holly's voice. Layered over layer. All of them barely audible. It was mostly just moans and sighs, but occasionally, I could hear words but could rarely discern them. I could make out an occasional "cock" or "pussy" or "cum". "Fuck me now" was a part of the theme as well.

The visions in my head had become much more focused. I was seeing one thing. Holly's lips. Holly's lips with the tip of my cock slowly shooting a load into her parted lips. Over and over, in my mind I saw myself shooting a load into her waiting lips. Lying on the bed. On her knees.

I tried to carry on conversations with Cheri. I worked and tried to care for patients with a vision of Holly's lips accepting load after load from my cock. I constantly had a huge erection.

She was constantly changing, as well. I saw her lips, at the end of my cock, taking load after load of my cum. But those visions were like a shadow off in my periphery, always there but always a mirage. The vision in front of me, however, was constantly changing.

Holly on her knees in front of me in the kitchen as I cooked breakfast. Holly on her knees in front of me as I tried to watch a baseball game. Holly giving me road head as I drove to work. Holly swallowing my piss as she sucked my when I went to the bathroom at work.

But always, her lips were taking my cum. And the hum was always there. Sometimes it was an undulating tone that seemed to be drawing my focus. Then, the voices would come, unintelligible and haunting but as they became more discernible the hum would decrease in tone and ramp up the volume.

It seemed to fill me like a huge subwoofer from within, shaking my entire being. The whirring also slowed just as her voice returned. Holly's voice. It was always Holly's voice.

"Your cum. I want your cum. Give me your cum. Suck your cock. Eat your cum. Lick your balls clean. Suck your cock. Make you cum. Deepthroat. Taste your cum."

And as the words gained intensity and volume, the tone began to climb in pitch and the whirring increases in intensity. And my cock increased in size and hardness.

I could never remember my cock being this hard for this long. I was so horny I was ready to fuck Cheri. But, I had tried and when I started to touch her, the voices and the whirring just got louder.

Whereas the rest of the time, I was able to function with all of this right below the surface, when I tried to touch Cheri, it took over. I couldn't focus on anything Cheri said or did. She looked at me and I could sense her asking if I was OK. I told her I just didn't feel well and rolled over to feign sleep.

I fell asleep Saturday night with my cum shooting into Holly's mouth and my cock going deep down her throat, over and over and over again.

But my dreams Saturday night didn't stop there. I must have been in REM sleep all night, for there was no way that the amount of content in my dreams could have been contained in the little bit of deep sleep experts say we actually get. And, that was just what I remembered. I felt as if there was so much more that I didn't remember.

My dreams were all Holly.

Then, Sunday morning came.

When I woke up, Cheri was gone to church and the house was quiet. It was quiet, that is, except for the buzzing and whispering in my head. But, it was different than it had been. It was more subdued. Less piercing.

"Come to me. Cock. Pussy. Lick your cum. Come to me. To me. Me. Pussy. Come to me."

Frankly, whatever was causing it, I enjoyed the sexual excitement. My wife and I had not had a sex life in years, and since I had met Holly and had her voice in my head, I was constantly horny. I had been masturbating incessantly. Everything turned me on.

I went to the kitchen in my pajamas to put on coffee, and out the back window, I saw Holly getting out of her car. Same loose sweats, but something was different. I couldn't quite put my finger on it, so I just stood there and stared for a moment as she went to the back of her Honda Prelude.

As if she knew I was watching, she looked up and waved to me. I waved back as she started to grab groceries.

"Hold on and I will help you unload. Just let me get on some clothes." I said as I slid the door open.

A few moments later, wearing jeans and a T shirt, I met her at the back of her car and grabbed two bags as she grabbed the last one.

"Thanks" she said. Her voice was sweet and clean and as she spoke, the voices were gone.

"Don't worry about it" she said.

I noticed that although she was still wearing loose fitting sweatpants, she had on a tight white top with spaghetti straps. It was not see through, but...maybe it was...just a little. There seemed to be a definite change of skin color showing through around her very prominent erect nipples. Her tits were so firm and erect they looked fake but had just the right amount of bounce as she walked to let you know they were real. Her arms and shoulders were very toned and muscular while also very feminine.

Her upper half, finally visible, was a work of art.

I followed her in, admiring her from the rear. She turned around to speak to me, and caught me staring.

"Like the view?" she said with twinkle in her eyes.

"It's marvelous" I said without thinking. I was immediately apologetic. I had already crossed a line with her.

She saw my embarrassment and smiled. Her ass started to sway more as she went up the two steps to her deck.

We went in and I sat the two bags I had on the table beside the one she had carried in. She went and slid the patio door shut and pulled the blinds to as well.

"Keep the sunlight out and keep it cool in here" she said as she walked across the kitchen. "Want a cup of coffee?" she asked.

I had really had enough, but I wouldn't turn down any opportunity to hand around with her. Her voice in my head and the constant visions of her had been driving me crazy, but now, being with her was even more exciting.


"Grab two cups out of the top cabinet over there" she said in the sexiest voice I had ever heard.

I went to the cabinet and opened the door and as I reached for the cups, I suddenly felt her pressing against my back putting pressure against my ass as I saw her hand reach by me to get the coffee off the second shelf.

I acted as if I didn't notice, and she started to grind it against me for a mere second. Just long enough for me to know it was not accidental, but no longer.

I could feel my cock pressing against my pants, wanting to escape

"MMMM" she moaned under her breath as if she could sense how hard I was. "Here. Put the coffee on to brew. I'll be back as soon as I get these sweats off and get on something more comfortable."

She turned and left the room, and I obediently put the coffee on.

Momentarily, she returned.

OH MY GOD! She was wearing nothing but a super sheer, see through button up top that was not buttoned and hung perfectly across the front of her large, erect tits with nipples protruding at least an inch, and a pair of tight panties.

Nonchalantly, she walked past me to the coffee pot. I don't know if it was the fastest coffee pot in the world or if I had stood there transfixed for several minute but she noticed the coffee was done as she walked by me.

She got half and half from her fridge, never asking me how I took my coffee, and added just the right amount before adding coffee to the cup. Exactly the way I make my own coffee.

I gazed at her hypnotic ass. Tight, not wide but very round and a very small waist. It seemed to wiggle slightly as she stirred her coffee. She turned and handed me my coffee and walked towards the living room.

"Come on" she said, beckoning me. "Let's sit in here."

I followed, never quite able to stop watching her ass until she sat down and I could see those tits again.

"Touch them" her voice said in my head. Her lips never moved so she had not spoken. But, it was clear as if she had. "You know you want to."

I pretended to ignore it and maintain normal conversation.

"So, are you getting moved in OK?" I asked her.

"Yeah", she said. I couldn't stop watching her perfect lips as she spoke, remembering how many times I had cum in them and on the over the past few days in my mind. "A few groceries was the last thing today. I think I am going to relax for the next few days." She said.

I never stopped watching her lips, and that was the only reason I knew she said that because what I was hearing in my head was her voice saying "Go ahead, you know you want to touch them. You want to suck my nipples. You want me to suck your cock. You want to find out all about me. I am for you."

It was like a whispered loop barely audible in the back of my mind. And I couldn't stop staring at those perfect tis, even when I realized she had caught me.

I tried to look away, to lift my gaze to her eyes, anywhere but her tits. But now, I was seeing her tits and I was seeing her lips accepting my cum again and again. It wouldn't stop.

I don't know how long I stood there that way, but she finally got up and as she walked toward me said "Well, I am going to take a shower. Things to do." She said with a wink as she pressed against me and reached around me to put her cup on the counter. I felt those firm, perfect breasts press against me as she set it down. Then, she pressed them even more firmly against me and her hand reached down and squeezed my raging erection.

"Unless you want to wash my back" she said as she turned and walked away, dropping the top from her shoulders. As she reached the bottom of the stairs, her hips wiggled as she dropped her panties to the floor and with one more quick sway of her ass, she was gone up the stairs.

I stood there, mouth agape, not knowing what to do.

Suddenly, the humming sound was back, as was her voice.

"Come to me. Suck your cock. Fuck me. Taste your cum. Drink your piss. Tits. Suck them. Eat pussy." An endless litany in my head. I could picture and feel them all as her voice became more and more insistent.

Looking back, I should have thought I was going crazy. There was no way a girl this hot was interested in me. My mind was somehow creating all this. But, she was all I could think about.

I turned and went out the patio door just in time to see Cheri's car coming home from church. But, everything was drowned out by the "NOOOOO, COME BACK" in my head.

I hoped Cheri couldn't see my raging hard on.

Another evening of complete inability to focus on anything around me was followed by another night of vivid dreams.

Lying in bed, Holly was above me. Her long blonde hair hanging down and touching my chest, as her perfectly upright tits were poised just above with the ever more prominent nipples, a full inch at least, reaching for me it seemed. Her lips reached for mine. It felt as if her whole body was drawing me in.

As she spoke, she lowered herself onto my throbbing cock. It was as if I were being massaged by ten hands, applying wave after wave of lubricated pressure down the length of my shaft, each only slightly behind the last. As this was happening, Holly lowered herself slowly and then raised herself equally slowly until just the tip of my cock was inside her. Invisible hands rubbing me down, a throat performing peristalsis on me. It felt as if she were drawing my cum out of me, and I couldn't wait to give it to her.

When I was ready to cum, she clamped down on my cock like I was in a vise, but it was not necessary. I had no thought to pulling out. I couldn't stop. I had been working toward this for a week. I had never shot a bigger load. And my cock had never looked bigger, either.

Then she lifted my legs, exposing my ass, and suddenlt, where there had been a pussy I was fucking a moment ago, there was now a giant cock. It was so large...It had not been hidden. That thing could not be hidden. It simply was there when it had not been previously. But, I didn't care.

Holly was perfect. Her cock reached for my ass, and as it touched my asshole, I felt it ooze something and suddenly, I felt no pain as her giant cock entered my anus.

Slowly she thrust it in, and she thrust slowly but firmly, until her entire cock was buried deep within my ass.

I wanted more. I wanted her more. I pushed my ass into her cock, thrying to gain every inch of it. She pumped me in return. Then I pushed harder. She pumped harder until she was slamming me with that giant cock and whatever the numbing effect of that original compound had been, it was wearing off.

The pain was excruciating and extraordinary. I couldn't get enough. Until, I felt her swell, and even though I had never experienced someone else's cock cum before, I knew that was what was happening.

She tensed, and her cock grew. Noticeable. I felt it stretch out my ass as it shot load after load of hot cum into my waiting ass. I pressed into her to accept it. I moaned my approval at it. I watched her tits sway as she was fucking me and I saw those long, beautiful nipples begin to leak.

After I had accepted all she had to give, I immediately dove to her nipples. I sucked the fluid out of them, and it immediately made me feel high. The room spun, echo was everywhere, and I couldn't concentrate on anything except the whirring in my head and the throbbing in my cock.

She was already sucking my, her mouth felt like twenty fighting for the right to swallow my sperm and I was so horny it was coming fast. When I came, she clamped her mouth on my cock, much as her pussy had done.

Then her huge cock was in my mouth. I couldn't take that huge thing, but when it paused at the back of my throat, it released the same compound it had released at the entrance to my ass.

It had the same effect.

Her cock started down my throat. I felt pressure, but mostly I felt desire. Whoever or whatever she was, I wanted all of her. And I got it.

I felt her go past my throat and I felt her start to fuck my throat. I could feel my throat stretch up and down. It felt as if it were going all the way to my stomach.

Then, it started to grow. It increased its girth by at least half before it started to send rivers of cum down my waiting throat. Minutes without air, and a huge cock being thrust into me had done nothing but make me want more.

Her limp cock pulled out from me. It hung like a long snake as she pulled away from me.

She leaned forward to kiss me, but could not because her gorgeous tits had grown to more than double their size, and her nipples were 5 inches. She finally worked her way to my ears and after a kiss on the lips said "We have seeded each other now."

And suddenly, I was awake. I had no sense of time. It took me a minute to realize where I was. I was in my own bed. What a dream. I wanted to go to the bathroom and jerk off. But, I noticed as my feet came out from under the blankets, they were dirty. As if I had taken a walk outside barefooted. And I had a sore throat and my ass hurt.

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