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I met Dennis online a couple weeks ago; I'm really not sure how one went about all this before the internet. We quickly progressed to texting and dirty pictures, knowing that we wanted to fuck each other. Dennis has a very extensive spanking fetish, which I was very excited about as I've recently rediscovered my love of being spanked. We set a date and time and I waited eagerly, clean inside and out.

I answered the door wearing jeans and a button down shirt. Dennis had mentioned that he liked his warm up spankings to be with clothing on, so I'd picked something with a lot of protection. We sat on the couch and chatted for a while. Being comfortable and feeling safe is someone is essential if you're going to let them beat you.

Before too long, the conversation and demonstration of various spanking implements had left me quite excited and I could feel that my panties were soaked. I leaned over his lap and settled myself so he could begin.

The thing some people dont realize about spanking, is that for prolonged play, a warmup is required. Being spanked is actually fairly similar to distance running in my opinion. He began spanking firmly but not roughly. My jeans prevented any stinging and so I just got the force of the blows. Dennis could definitely be a drummer in a successful rock band, he gets into a rhythm that is phenomenal. Over and over the blows fell, the pressure remaining pretty constant. I was moaning softly, enjoying every swat.

After about 10-15 minutes, I was informed that my warm-up was over and I was to strip. I complied willingly and repositioned myself naked across his lap. As soon as the first blow hit, I knew I was in for a ride. I was now getting the stinging along with the force. He spanked for a minute or two, one cheek then the other. Painful, stinging swats that made me scream and squirm. He spread my legs slightly and ran his fingers along my very wet slit. He slid two inside me and worked just long enough to coat his fingers. Then the spanking resumed. My cunt juices on his fingers added a little extra sting that I had only myself to blame for. I could feel my ass reddening and heating up. He would stop intermittently to snap a photo. I was grateful for these respites and sad when they were over. Ever hit was causing me to cry out, the sound of skin on skin was music to his ears. He spanked, and fingered and spanked some more. He never gave me quite what I needed to cum even though I needed to desperately. After 10 min or so with his hand, he switched to a round leather paddle which I very quickly discovered I did not like. The edge of it had a nasty habit of catching my skin in a fashion that his hand had not.

By now I was reaching that high point where I could feel every blow, but the pain was secondary. Even so, each blow was intense and excruciating. But my body didn't seem to agree and my pussy grew wetter and wetter to his delight. There's nothing quite like having your own arousal used against you. I'd been put over someone's knee before, but not like this. This was intimate, yet firm. The pictures he took showed a lovely progression of my ass from pink to a deep red. I knew I was going to be sore later.

After a couple minutes of particularly intense spanking, he stopped and told me he was ready for the next step. He led me into the bedroom and stacked up my pillows. I leaned over, my pussy on the pillows, my feet on the floor, exposing my ass at the perfect angle for him to swing at. The brief break had taken me out of my mental high and so I felt the blows more acutely. Each smack made me cry out and squirm a little, but I held my position. He pushed my legs apart roughly and set in on my soft pussy. Hard, precise blows rained down on my most sensitive area. Every so often he would stop to finger me long enough to enjoy the pleasure, but not achieve a release, then he would continue spanking.

Finally he decided I'd had enough and ordered to me turn over. This exposed my large, round breasts to his sadistic touch. He had an unusually good aim and could hit exactly where he wanted to. My nipples suffered dreadfully as a result. He was hitting hard enough to make me scream, but not hard enough to bruise. I was quivering, trying to not squirm away as I so wanted to. I desperately needed to please him. My cunt was still very exposed and he took advantage of that. He slid two fingers into my wetness easily and started pumping them. This was what I had been waiting for, I needed this. I was moaning, grinding, aching for more. Another finger went in, dare I hope for them all? It's pretty easy to make me squirt if you figure out my little tells. He did and I rewarded him by making a hot mess. My cunt, my bed and his hand were drenched.

I was in heaven. He kept going. He made me squirt more times than I could count. I honestly didn't know any one person could possess that much fluid. Then he reached for the lube and I knew what was coming. My pussy was quite relaxed from its exertions and four fingers went in relatively easily. He twisted them around, working them in deeper and deeper. I came again without even meaning to. Then I felt him move his thumb down to the edge of my hole and start pushing. He rocked his hand against me, gaining the momentum and the force necessary to accomplish his goal. I came again, and again. I never actually realized when he got all the way inside me, I was too far gone in the throws of ecstasy.

He pulled his hand out, but gave me no rest. This man was twice my age and I was the one feeling worn out. He slid his hard cock into me and began thrusting. I clenched my pussy, not wanting him to feel it all stretched out. His hand found my neck and he began choking me, depriving me of oxygen until I felt light-headed. Harder and harder he thrust, the intensity of his cock matching the intensity of his fingers around my throat. I came again, my pussy squeezing his cock as he squeezed my neck. The contractions did it for him and he shot cum deep inside me. After he pulled out, I could feel it draining out and down my asshole. There are few events that can make you feel as used as cum just oozing out of you.

I was finally getting the rest I needed and so was he. We sat and chatted for a little bit and then decided to shower. We were both a mess of sweat, cum and lube. I got in and got myself all hot and wet, he started washing my back and down my ass. Then inevitably, his fingers found both my holes and I was soon bent over. He loosened my ass just enough to stick his cock in. I was grabbing my ankles as he held my hips and slammed my tight asshole. The downside to shower sex however is the cramped space. My legs were hurting and I'm guessing his were too, so he pulled out with the promise to continue later. He swatted me a few times and I realized it didn't hurt. The water cascading down my ass shifted his momentum just enough that I got the force of the blow but none of the sting. I took advantage of this momentary handicap and asked him to hit me harder. He obliged enthusiastically and began hitting me harder than he had all night. But it was pure bliss, I could have let him spank me like this all night long. Eventually the awkward positioning caught up with us once again and I had to stand up. His cock was still hard and he pushed me down to my knees. I sucked him hungrily, well aware that tastes of my ass still coated him.

I really do enjoy sucking cock and I simply love sucking and licking balls. His were even nice and shaved, which is really one of the most courteous things a man can do. I took him deep and he held my head until I gagged. I swirled his head with my tongue as my mouth slid down the shaft. I stroked his cock and took my mouth to his balls, sucking them ever so gently. Once more, the shower got the best of us, so we got out and dried off.

I assumed we were done for the night, but not quite. He laid me down on the bed on my stomach, my back arched a bit so as to present my ass. He spread my cheeks apart and pushed his tongue into my hole. Anilingus may be the closest thing to heaven on earth for me. I greedily took every lick and tongue thrust he gave me. Soon the tongue was followed by two fingers. They penetrated and stretched. The shower had warmed and relaxed my body so that there was no discomfort, only pleasure. He moved up onto the bed and straddled my legs. I knew what I wanted and I pushed my ass up to give him access. He spread my cheeks again and pushed his cock in. It slid easily and he wasted no time being gentle.

All i could do was lay there and moan, I was pinned down and being fucked up the ass. I knew from the positioning that I wouldn't cum, but I didn't care. It just felt too good. I squeezed on his cock, trying to elicit the response that I wanted. And after a while, I was rewarded. Ropes of hot cum shot into my freshly stretched ass. He pulled out and we both collapsed, thoroughly exhausted from the night's session.

A bit more chit chat and he was out the door, leaving me sore, but wanting so much more. And it seems I will get it, Dennis is definitely someone I'd like to have on my regular roster.

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