tagErotic HorrorOuija Nightmare

Ouija Nightmare


"Oh Phantoms of the Dark," intoned Fiona, her slim fingers on the Ouija guide along with her friends, "Oh Demons of the Night, We call upon Thee..."

"Guide us Dark Ones," continued Paula, her blue eyes sparkling with mirth - at 23 she was the oldest of the four girls and thought that this was hysterical, "Give us your... sexual pleasures." All the girls laughed.

"Tell us Your secrets," implored Elaine, she was the youngest of the group at 18 and somewhat hesitant. A little superstitious, she'd had to be convinced into this. Too many horror movies, "Help our knowledge to grow."

"Come to us, greatest of the Dark Ones," finished Sara, "We call you to us."

All the girls screamed as thunder suddenly pealed across the sky, and then they fell into a mass fit of giggling.

"Well, the weather did say thunderstorms tonight!" laughed Paula, "Now come on, let's see if we got anything." her tone was mocking, and all the girls giggled and rolled their eyes at each other as they reached for the Ouija guide again.

"Is anyone theeeere?" asked Fiona, drawing out the last word. The girls all giggled as the guide moved to "Yes".

"Are you the Greatest of the Dark Ones?" Sara asked, and of course the guide returned to "Yes".

Paula's tone was salacious and flirty as she asked, "Will you teach us your sexual pleasures?" The girls all laughed as the guide moved to "Yes" once again.

"Oh my," said Paula, in mock surprise, then turning to Elaine, "Come on darling, ask the greatest of the Dark Ones if he'll show himself to us." Elaine looked nervous as the thunder pealed again, the lightening outside flickering across her scared face.

"I don't know..." she said, and all the girls immediately started to badger her, mocking her nerves and reminding her that it was just a silly child's game, making her blush and feel stupid until finally, "FINE!!!!!!! Dark One, will you show yourself to us?"

Suddenly it seemed as though their fingers were locked onto the Ouija guide and the next peal of thunder sounded disturbingly like deep laughter; Elaine screamed as smoke started to pour out of the clear plastic at the center of the guide. Slowly it formed the shape of a man above their hands, a large floating man whose skin was an unnatural shade of grey. The girls stared up in horrified awe at the huge penis that jutted out of his groin, writhing on his back was a mass of long tentacles.

Elaine was mouthing, over and over, "Oh no oh no oh no oh no oh no oh no..."

The three other girls just stared in total disbelief at this apparition with its glowing red eyes and the evil looking grin. Suddenly, all of them screamed and tried to run.

"FREEZE!" The deep voice commanded them, calmly, and their bodies froze even while their brains tried to make them move again. It was as if their legs and their minds were no longer attached, "Come here."

Unwillingly, they turned and walked towards him. The tentacles whipped out, tearing the clothes from their bodies; Elaine started to cry. Out of all of them, she was the most believing and her belief and her terror fed the creature's strength, although she didn't know it. Without her initial frightened superstition, he might not have had the strength to materialize, but her belief fed his powers; and so his eyes locked on her.

Grinning, he reached out and took her in his arms as she screamed and struggled uselessly against those bulging muscles. The other girls could only watch in horror as their youngest, the only virgin, was molested by this supernatural creature. Their growing belief and fear fed him even more as they watched. Tentacles caressed Elaine's hair and her body as he lifted her up, her hands beat frantically at his shoulders as he poised her over his monstrous dick, two tentacles holding her thighs spread apart. She was the only virgin in the group and he could sense her innocence, the spilling of her purity would increase his strength tenfold. A forked tongue slid from between his lips and licked a tear from her cheek as she sobbed.

Her screams renewed as he started to push into her, it hurt horribly as his thickness stretched her unused pussy open and a brutal thrust broke through her virginity. Jerking with pain, her tight pussy was molten pleasure to him as her maiden's blood coated his dick. The other girls began to cry in their frozen stances as their friend was raped, her innocence gone. All of them felt that it was their own fault for having pushed Elaine into doing this in the first place, all of them were terrified that they would be next.

Elaine was in tremendous pain, her deflowered pussy felt like it was going to explode it was stretched so much. The creature drank in her pain, licking the tears from her cheeks as tentacles slapped and played with her breasts. All the girl's were feeding it with their fear and it knew that as soon as it was done with Elaine, its powers would be greatly heightened by her defloration. Pumping vigorously, he held her to him, his dick tightly clasped in that tight vise and he threw back his head and screeched as he exploded within her. The fluid that spilled from his dick into her pussy was hot, it made her itch and wriggle inside and her screams renewed at the strange feeling.

The creature let her drop to the floor, naked and huddling. Drinking in everything that the girls were giving him, he stretched, becoming taller and broader. Below his monstrous cock another one jutted out of his body, the mass on tentacles on his back increased and some of them had mouths full of tiny teeth. Feeling his powers grow, he grinned as his new form only increased the flow of their fear.

Looking at Fiona, he pointed at Elaine, "Clean her with your mouth." Fiona wanted to resist but she couldn't stop herself from moving, sobbing her apologies, she knelt between her friend's legs and spread her thighs, lowering her mouth to the ravaged pussy. Elaine moaned painfully as Fiona started to lick her softly, it was soothing to the sore hole.

The creature examined Fiona's upturned ass and then ordered Sara, "Get behind her and put your fingers into her pussy, add to them until you've got your fist in her pussy." Fiona screamed as she heard the orders, making Elaine's pussy vibrate, and she wanted to run... but all she could do was keep licking at Elaine's slit as the remorseful Sara got into position.

Smiling, the creature watched as Sara pressed two fingers into Fiona's pussy and started pumping, stretching her out. Then it turned to Paula with its glowing red eyes, "Now your turn."

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