tagErotic HorrorOuija Nightmare Ch. 02

Ouija Nightmare Ch. 02


Paula trembled with fear as the creature forced her to her knees and made her start licking the blood and juices from Elaine off of its bigger cock. The smaller one that she'd just watched grow on him - not that it was small, just smaller than the monstrous one she was licking - bobbed next to her face. Out of the corner of her eye she could see Elaine started to moan with pleasure as her pussy was soothed and her body started to respond to the gentle licking that Fiona was giving her. Fiona on the other hand, was crying and screaming into Elaine's pussy as she licked; behind her their friend Sara had worked three fingers into her tight pussy and was now trying to press in the fourth.

Making a face as her mouth became coated with blood, pussy juices and some strange sweet substance, Paula continued to lick as it hardened under her tongue. Not that the cock had ever really gotten soft exactly, but now it was getting even harder. She felt like crying, and her fear of what was to come fed the creature, all the girls completely believed what was happening now and he was growing stronger and stronger with every passing moment. When its dick was mostly clean and completely rock hard, the creature lifted the girl at its feet up with his hands and tentacles. She sobbed as two of the tentacles spread her thighs, their ends caressing her legs.

"You are the one who wanted to learn sexual pleasures," the creature reminded her, "And so you will be the first to receive them from me." Yes, she had been the first to say that, the first to say anything about sexual pleasures, and now she regretted every word. In fact, she regretted ever having this idea at all.

Two of the tentacles with mouths rushed forward and latched onto her shaking breasts, sucking on the pert nipples and biting down painfully. Paula writhed in painful pleasure as two more tentacles wrapped their lengths around her breasts and squeezed, massaging and tightening on her heavy globes while her nipples were nibbled and sucked. Then the creature started to lower her onto its dicks. She groaned as her pussy started stretching open and yelped as the slick head of his lower dick pressed against her asshole. No virgin, the huge dick actually felt good in her pussy even though it was the biggest thing she'd ever taken inside of her; but the dick in her ass burned with cramping pains. Her ass had been virgin, and now it stretched agonizingly around the huge shaft which was burying more and more of itself inside her body with each thrust.

It was the fullest she'd ever felt, her ass and her pussy stuffed with demon cock and even as the pleasures rose in her pussy, her ass screamed with pain. Cramps rose in her belly from the depths of the cock in her asshole while her pussy spasmed with pleasure at its fullness. The creature enjoyed the conflicting sensations it was creating inside of her, watching as its tentacles toyed with her breasts and the girl started to enjoy it. When it began to thrust steadily in and out of her, she screamed as her ass was forced to open and close, her pussy quivering with delight at the steady pounding.

Everything was sexual sensation, just as she had asked, filling her and stroking the outside of her body. As she looked up, she could see the creature leering at her with its red eyes, taking in the sight of her forced pleasure and the expression of discomfort on her face as her ass tightened around the questing shaft.

On the floor, Fiona's screams increased as Sara's fingers curled inside her and began to fist her, moving her arm back and forth in the girl's pussy. Fortunately for Fiona, her friend was slim, although it didn't feel that way at the moment. Elaine was feeling much better, although still frightened, she couldn't ignore the mounting pleasure in her pussy. Of course she felt sorry for Fiona, but the screams into her cunt felt wonderful even if she felt guilty about where they were coming from.

The creature watched carefully as Fiona slowly started to adjust to her friend's fist, as soon as it seemed like it was no longer hurting her - and was starting to feel enjoyable even - it ordered Sara, "Now take it out of her pussy and start on her ass." The renewed screams were music to its ears.

As Sara started to fit her first two fingers into Fiona's tight asshole, the creature turned its attentions back to the girl on his cocks. Paula had finally adjusted to both the cocks and was writhing in pleasure. Glowing eyes watched as she opened her mouth to scream her climax, it grunted as it spilled its seed into both her holes. The hot fluid coated her insides as she came, and the creature continued pumping her as the climax became too long and painful. Her screams changed as her overstimulated holes fought against the cocks, everywhere that he was touching her felt overly sensitive.

Finally he allowed her to fall to the floor, his tentacles unwrapping from her tender breasts and the mouths leaving her nipples swollen and chafed. Ignoring her for the moment, he turned and watched Fiona scream as Sara fit a fourth finger into her ass. Elaine was now clutching at Fiona's head, on the brink of climax. Before she could reach her finale though, the creature reached out and grabbed her, pulling her away from Fiona's mouth. Whimpering at the loss of stimulation when she was so close to orgasming, Elaine didn't even try to struggle as the tentacles held her in place and the creature started caressing her breasts - even though it hurt horribly when he pinched her nipples and twisted them. Still, everything he did just kept her on the brink of her clilmax.

They watched as Fiona cried while Sara started to fit her fist into Fiona's gaping asshole. Now that the girl didn't have anything else to concentrate on since Elaine's pussy had been taken away, everything seemed to hurt ten times more. All of her attention was now drawn to the cramps in her ass as Sara's curled fist moved inside her body painfully, rasping against the tender walls.

Elaine moaned as the creature's tentacles mouths latched onto her nipples, more tentacles wrapping themselves around her breasts the same way they had Paula's. Tentacles lifted her up above the creatures head, and the painful pleasure was still bringing her closer and closer to orgasm, she didn't even protest when a slim tentacle started nudging its way into her ass. Painful though it was, and uncomfortable, the sensation only added to everything else. The creatures tentacles held Elaine above him as he pulled Sara away from Fiona, the girl's hand popping out of her ass painfully. Smiling, he pulled the sobbing Fiona to him.

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