tagErotic HorrorOuija Nightmare Ch. 04

Ouija Nightmare Ch. 04


Elaine was the first to be brought closer to him, and her screams caused the others to shiver with fear because they couldn't see what was happening to her. The smell of burning flesh wafted throughout the room as he pulled the iron away from her burned butt cheek and put it back into the brazier for a moment. Admiring the way his sigil looked on her ass he put her back to the original distance with her back turned. The other girls could see her sobbing out of the corner of their eyes, but they couldn't see what was causing her the pain; their fear increased as their imaginations were allowed to run free.

The creature drank in their fear as he pulled Paula closer, pressing the hot iron into her ass cheek and listening to her scream and sob. His tongue licked up her thigh as he looked over the new marking, toying idly with her body as the iron was replaced in the brazier. As he put her back into position, some tentacles casually started to toy with her and Elaine's bodies, rubbing along their pussies and tits, little mouths sucking and nibbling over their flesh. Both girls moan with painful pleasure through their sobs as tentacles slid into their pussies and asses, not nearly as painful as his huge dicks had been, but bad enough with the burning portion of their butts.

For Fiona he decided to put hers in a different place, turning her towards him he allowed her to watch and struggle fruitlessly as the branding iron approached the inside of her upper thigh. Tentacles held her firmly in place as she watched it touch her skin and her screams became frantic with pain, she sobbed as he pulled the iron away and she could see the sigil that was now burned into her flesh. Tentacles slithered into her considerably stretched holes as she was put back into the line.

Finally it was time for Sara, the only girl who was yet really untouched. Fear pulsed in her as she was saved for last yet again. Like Fiona she got to struggle and watch as her upper thigh was branded with his sigil, and then he brought her to him and held her with her back against him as they watched his tentacles fucking the other three girls.

The tentacles wrapped around them now with sexual frenzy, feeding on the pain from their brandings as they sucked on nipples and clits, sliding in and out of their pussies, asses and mouths. None of them could help it as pleasure started coursing through their body from the passionate and slightly uncomfortable assault; none of it was actually painful (although when something slid against their newly burned skin they would shriek and twist to get away from it) and so it their passions were easily motivated. For Elaine, this new use of her holes came with some mental anguish, especially to be taken so forcefully and painfully her first time, but the creature was as good at creating lust as he was at creating pain. And so all of them became wrapped up in their own sensations as Sara watched.

She was frightened, mostly for herself because the others had all already been taken by him; she was held against his body with his dicks pressing into her ass and back, wondering what he had in store for her. As she watched her friends get fucked and submitted to the caresses of his hands, she trembled at what fate might be hers. Everything that he had done to her friends had been well beyond the realm of her imagination and so she didn't have the slightest clue about what might befall her. What frightened her most of all was that she didn't know why he was waiting to rape her. And she hated that his hands inspired her pussy to get wet, even as she winced while he twisted her nipples roughly she was still getting wet, partly from his touch and (even more disgusting) partly from watching her friends getting fucked by his various tentacles.

All of them began cumming around the same time, their pussies and asses clenching around the invaders, their cries muffled by the stalks in their mouths. One by one, as they completed their orgasms, the tentacles released them and they fell to the ground. Paula and Elaine yelped with pain as they landed on their tender asses, the burned marks jolting them with unexpected agony. Scrambling, they got onto hands and knees to face the creature as he held Sara, his hands traveling over the frightened girl's body. Fiona curled into a little ball as she stared at him, he was grinning at them malevolently.

"For now I go," he told them, "But each night one of you will join me, you are all mine now." And with a raucous laugh and a scream from Sara, he disappeared into a burst of black smoke.

All three girls on the floor choked and screamed, tumbling backwards. When the smoke cleared Sara was gone, although they could still hear her scream ringing faintly in their ears.

"What happened to her?" cried Paula, rushing forward to the Ouija board in her concern, but nothing could be seen of their friend.

"Do you hear that?" whispered Elaine. The scream ringing in their ears wasn't ending... in fact it was renewed. As they sat their on the floor they could hear their friend's voice pleading, begging, and then screaming again... all of them held each other and cried as they listened to the faint voice in their ears, until it was suddenly muffled. A cold chill washed over all of them... they didn't know why it had stopped.

All of them did their best to comfort each other, although they were all completely unsure of what to do. Fiona suggested burning the Ouija board, but they weren't sure that it would actually get rid of the creature, and what if it did but Sara was stuck with him? Wherever they were...

Eventually the screams started ringing in their ears again. They all decided to sleep together - although they were all sure that they wouldn't sleep at all. But they were wrong; as soon as their heads touched the pillow they were all fast asleep, and in their dreams they watched as Sara was tortured in a dungeon by the creature and his minions. Stretched, fucked, strange objects were shoved into her holes, she was whipped and caned, spanked, weights were hung on her pussy and her tits and she was made to run while they bounced and pulled at her flesh. None of them could do anything to help her, they couldn't even wake up.

The dream held them there until dawn, when Sara's brutalized body appeared back beside them, shivering and moaning and all of them awoke to see their friend and tend to her wounds. They comforted her as best they could, soothing her and holding her as she wept. None of them knew what to do or what would happen next.

Well, one of them knew. She was too frightened to tell them, but just before Elaine had woken up from the dream, her vision had been filled with his face and his glowing red eyes as he whispered to her, "I'll see you tomorrow night."

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Another Chapter

I think you should write more chapters for this series. I think you could do so much more.

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