tagLoving WivesOur Adventure to St. Bart's Ch. 02

Our Adventure to St. Bart's Ch. 02


This story in an accurate accounting of one our most recent adventures.

If you would read some of our earlier stories you will have a better understanding of our life style and our real life experiences.


My wife Carla is a very beautiful, sexy woman in her early forties. She is 5 foot 7, with long legs, a narrow waist, flawless skin and firm breasts with large brown areola. Carla dresses very provocatively in short skirts and sheer blouses. She gets many compliments on her body and the way she dresses from both men and women.

We have two homes, one in Key West, FL. and the other in St. Martin in the Caribbean. I am in the healthcare software business and can travel from anywhere to see my clients. During the last several months we have spent most of our time in the Caribbean.

Our close friends Rob and Sally had invited us to cruise over to St. Barthelemy, a small French island near St. Martin, for the weekend. Carla and I were both excited and accepted the invitation. This is the continuation of our adventure on their new 70-foot Hatteras motor yacht. We had spent a fun day on the beaches and had come back to the boat to get cleaned up and go to dinner.

Rob and I got dressed to go out for dinner and went up top to have a cocktail, about 30 minutes later the girls came up all ready to go ashore. Rob handed them their drinks, we sat and enjoyed the sunset. Carla and Sally looked beautiful, Sally had on a blue dress that was low-cut all the way to her waist, the back nonexistent, with her tan she looked beautiful. Carla was wearing a short white skirt that really showed off her tanned slender legs, her blouse was a black sheer fabric that in the right light you could see her perfect nipples. Carla looked beautiful.

We went down to board the dinghy and head to the shore to get a taxi to take us to downtown St. Barth's. The girls were having a hard time getting onboard because they were both in very short dresses, they were attempting to be lady like and cover their private parts. When they bent over their tits were visible and when they tried to step into the dinghy their thong covered pussies were totally visible, we were all laughing so hard they nearly fell in the ocean. We got to the beach and caught a taxi to a great Italian restaurant named L'Isola.

We were seated at the restaurant, ordered cocktails and enjoyed discussing our exciting day. We all enjoyed our gourmet meal and a couple of bottles of fine wine. We paid our bill and walked out of the restaurant on to the street. We hailed a taxi and the girls told the driver we needed to go to a nightclub with dancing. The girls were getting quite happy from all of the alcohol. The taxi driver said he was taking us to a dance club called LeTi where we could dance until 4:00am.

We arrived at LeTi, it was packed and the dance floor was crowded. The hostess showed us to a table near the dance floor, the waitress came by and got our drink order. The girls immediately drug us onto the dance floor. We danced to several tunes, Rob and I told the girls we wanted to go rest for a few minutes and drink our cocktails. The four of us headed to our table, we were all perspiring a heavily. We hadn't been seated ten minutes when two guys came and asked the girls to dance; they both jumped up and headed back to the dance floor. After 3 songs the guys brought the girls back to our table. Carla was glowing with sheen of sweat; her blouse was damp and clinging to her tits.

Carla said, "I have to go to the restroom I will be back in a few minutes."

Sally said, " Me too." And off they went.

When the girls returned Carla had unbuttoned her blouse and had it tied at her waist, it provocatively exposed her perfect firmly toned stomach and was also showing her beautiful cleavage. The part she didn't know was that the lights on the dance floor were making her damp blouse completely see through. Her nipples were sticking straight out like an eraser on a pencil. As she walked back to our table everyman around was watching her tits bounce and her perfect nipples sticking straight out.

When she sat down I said, " I see you unbuttoned your blouse."

Carla said, " Yes, I was so hot I thought I would just tie it at my waist, I know how much you like me showing off my cleavage."

I replied, "Yes I do, did you know with the lights on the dance floor you can see right through your sheer blouse."

Carla said, " Yes, Sally just told me. Do you like it?"

I said, "Yes I love it, you look really sexy and beautiful."

The four of us were finishing our cocktails when the waitress brought us four more.

She said, " These are compliments of a man named Aaron."

Aaron walked over to the table and greeted us all. Aaron is according to Sally and Carla the extremely good looking tall and buff black gentleman that put on the style show yesterday that Carla and Sally enjoyed participating in. We thanked him for our drinks and we visited for a while.

Aaron said, "He was hoping he would run into us."

He said, " Two good friends by the names of Tristan & Riley are on the Island doing photos of yachts in St. Barth's for a yachting magazine out of Paris. Carla said, "I know Tristan and Riley real well, when I was modeling swim wear in Key West we worked for the same modeling agency, they are both really nice guys." They had seen Rob and Sally's yacht anchored off the beach by Eden Rock Hotel. They wanted to know if you would allow them to come by tomorrow morning for a tour and to take some photos of your boat.

Rob said, "Sure I love showing off the boat. Tell them to come by tomorrow but not to early."

Aaron said, "Great, I will tell them."

Aaron then looked at Carla and said, "You look beautiful tonight would like to dance?"

She said, "Sure but I don't want leave Sally setting here."

Aaron grabbed Carla's hand and turned to his table and motioned for his friend John to come over. John introduced himself to Sally and the four of them headed to the dance floor.

Aaron and Carla are both very good dancers and really enjoy dancing together. They were dancing to some loud really fast song. Aaron spun Carla around and was dancing behind her and grabbed her waist. Carla's eyes widened as Aaron planted his crotch against her ass, she made no effort to stop him instead Carla looked over at me and smiled and winked. Then her eyes closed and she started pushing back into him rubbing her ass against his cock. Aaron whispered in her ear, "Look around you Carla, every man in the room has been looking at you! They want to see you! They want to see your beautiful Body." Aaron then moved his hands around to the loosely tied knot in her blouse untied it, pulled the sides back exposing her hard nipples to a room full of complete strangers who were hungrily staring. Carla bit her lip, looked at me, smiled and winked as she savored the attention being cast upon her. Her eyes closed: she was smiling and enjoying fully exposing her perfect breast to everyone in the room. The song ended about that time and they separated; Carla pulled her blouse closed and loosely retied it.

Sally stayed on the dance floor, Carla returned to the table and sat down just as another guy came to ask her to dance but she declined. Carla told us that Aaron was rubbing his huge cock up and down her ass making her really horny.

Carla looked over at me and said, "I love showing off my tits because I know how horny it makes you."

I said, "Yes I am. Lets get back to the boat. I want to fuck you!"

Sally came back to the table and said she was ready to go too. We went outside and got a taxi to take us back to the dingy.

When we got to the boat the girls said lets go swimming. They got their clothes off and jumped in, Rob and I followed them. When we were done cooling down we got out and rinsed off with fresh water grabbed some towels and went upstairs to look at the stars. The four us laid on the mats on the sun deck and watched the beautiful sky. Carla rolled over next to me and said, "Did you see that good looking Aaron rubbing his hard cock against my ass? He told me he needed to fuck me." We started cuddling and kissing and rubbing against each other, Carla was nibbling on my earlobe. I looked over at Rob and Sally and they were both watching us.

Carla looked up at the starry sky and said, "I want to make love just like we did last night."

I said, "Maybe we should go down to our cabin."

Carla said, "No I want to fuck right here under the stars."

With that she threw my towel off me and started stroking my already hard cock.

She said, "I want Sally and Rob to watch us fuck like we did last night. That was so hot, it makes me wet just thinking about it."

I slid down her body and sucked one of her nipples deep into my mouth as she moaned with pleasure. She ran her nails lightly down my chest making my entire body tense sending tingles to my very hard cock. I kissed her passionately; she was using her hand to guide my cock to her pussy, rubbing it along the length of her of her wet pussy. As we kissed our tongues moved in and out of each other's mouths, Carla began to push my cock into her slick pussy, stretching it open to accept my hardness. Her hips pushed up to swallow my hard cock into her body, making both of us moan as I slid into her to the hilt.

Carla rolled me over on my back so she was on top. This is her favorite position and when she wants to be on top you don't want to try and stop her. As she got herself situated to her satisfaction her tits were bouncing so I bent forward and sucked one of her nipples in, at the same time driving my cock even deeper into the pussy. Moaning she began pushing up and down on my body. She was grinding her clit into my pubic bone as she played with my nipples. I love to watch her work her body against mine, her eyes were half closed while her big breasts were bouncing as she kept grinding against me. It always makes me even harder to watch her pleasure herself on my cock.

Her tits were still bouncing as I grabbed her ass and pulled myself up to her huge rock hard nipples and sucked first one than the other as hard as I could. Her moaning got louder and louder as I used my hands to help her rise and fall on my cock. I looked over at Rob and Sally and they were setting watching Carla and I intently, Sally was stroking Rob's hard cock.

Carla's head fell back as she moaned as her pleasure increased, the pace of her movements picking up as she gets closer to orgasm.



Carla's orgasm caused me to push my hips hard against her heaving body. I was pumping cum into her tight pussy as she worked her pussy muscles to prolong both our orgasms.

We both went completely limp as Rob and Sally started clapping and cheering.

Carla rose up looked at Rob and Sally and said, "That was fucking amazing."

Rob said, "I think everyone on the beach knows it was good too."

Carla said, "I suppose your right, when I start cuming I get loud and my mouth gets kind of trashy." We all laughed.

Carla looked down at me and said, "Joe help me to bed before I pass out!"

The next morning we all slept until about 10:30. When I woke up Carla had just gotten up to go to the bathroom.

She came back to our cabin and said I think Rob and Sally are up I am going to get my coffee and go up top. I got up to go pee and then put on my swim trunks grabbed some coffee and went up top. When I got up top Rob was cleaning the deck, Sally and Carla were lying naked in the sun drinking coffee and discussing last night.

Rob said, "I thought I had better do some straitening up before the two photographers get here."

I said, "Tell me what I can do to help."

Rob said, "You could go below and work on your cabin and the galley. That shouldn't take long at all."

I said, "I am on it."

When I had finished my cleaning choirs I made a fresh pot of coffee and headed upstairs to give everybody a fresh cup.

When I got upstairs Carla wanted to know what I thought she and Sally should wear for the photo shoot of the boat. I told them I thought they looked great and that the two photographers would like what they had on or not on!!

It was 12:30 when Tristan and Riley came along side in a dingy and asked to come aboard. Rob and I went down and helped them secure the dingy and bring their photography equipment on board.

We introduced ourselves to them. Tristan was a young guy about 30 years old and Riley was about 35 years old. Both were nice looking guys, very well spoken but obviously gay. They were explaining to Rob that they would like to get some photos of the yacht for a French yachting magazine. They told us they had gotten some shots last night with the lights from shore and some shots today in the daylight. Rob said that they could have the run of the boat and take whatever photos they wanted. Both gentlemen kept telling Rob how beautiful his boat was and how much they appreciated his being willing to open his boat to them. They told him not everybody was so welcoming. About that time here come the girls down from sunning. They had wrapped towels around their waist and their tits especially Carla's were bouncing as they came down the steps. Both men just stopped speaking and watched. Rob introduced Sally and Carla to the two speechless photographers. Tristan said, "Riley and I know Carla from Key West, we used to live there and we have worked for the same modeling agency." Carla hugged both guys and they talked about Key West for a few minutes, then the girls asked a few questions about the photo shoot. Riley explained what they wanted and told the girls they were welcome to model in any of the photos that they wanted. I think even though they were gay they enjoyed the sexy, relaxed way the two girls felt about their bodies.

Carla said, "Excuse us we are going to put on something a little more appropriate."

Rob and I helped Tristan and Riley set up their equipment in the main salon. Tristan started taking photos while Riley took videos of the galley, main salon, engine compartment and the staterooms. When they went to the captains quarters Sally was at her makeup table combing her hair. She had on a sheer yellow WW bikini.

Riley said, "Excuse us," and steeped out of the cabin.

Sally said, " Come on in and take all the pictures you want, I will get out of the way."

Tristan said, " We would like you in some of the photos and videos, we are going to send them to the magazine and they will choose the ones they want for the article." Just about that time Carla comes walking into the stateroom in her sheer white WW thong bikini. Riley had the girls do several poses in the bath and by the bed. When Tristan snapped photos with a flash the sheer fabric of their bikinis became totally transparent. Tristan told the girls what the flash was doing on the fabric they both said no problem.

After about a half hour Aaron arrives and says, "I am here to help."

Rob says to Aaron, " Lets go make some Margaritas!"

When they returned with the drinks everyone had moved up to the forward sundeck. The girls were lying in the sun and Tristan and Riley were taking pictures of the girls. Carla and Sally seemed to be enjoying the attention, as they both were showing camel toes and their nipples were sticking straight out.

I looked over at Rob and said, " I am surprised they aren't naked or at least topless."

Tristan said to Rob, "I would like to get some shots of the electronics on the fly bridge."

Rob said, "Lets go up top!"

Tristan and Riley got a lot of photos and videos while Rob explained all of the latest electronics this boat had on board. When we finished Rob took us back down stairs to where the girls were and then he went to make more Margaritas.

When Rob returned Tristan and Riley were telling the girls that they were moving to Los Angeles. Riley had a job offer from a movie studio to be a makeup artist and that Tristan was looking to get into some type of photography business. We congratulated Riley and asked Tristan what area of photography he thought he would like best. Tristan explained that he had done a lot of work with both female and male models in the States, Caribbean and in France. Carla told him that she and Joe used to live in Los Angeles after we were first married. Carla explained that she had worked as a photographer's assistant for a studio that did a lot of entry-level photo shoots for a major men's magazine. She told him she would be happy to try and contact her old boss to see if he still had some contacts that could be helpful to him.

Tristan was very excited by this information and wanted to know how soon she could contact her old boss Charlie. Carla told him she would call him first thing Monday afternoon.

Rob said, "Sorry to break up the party but we have to get started back to St. Martin."

Tristan, Riley and Aaron gathered their equipment and loaded the dinghy and said their goodbyes and thank you's and headed for shore.

Tristan hollered, "Carla please don't forget to call Charlie."

Rob and I prepared the boat, lifted anchor and headed for home. The girls made another batch of margaritas and went to lie in the sun. Rob and I looked over the rail at two beautiful naked women having a cocktail. We discussed how fortunate we were. When we pulled into the dock we gathered our gear, we told Rob and Sally how much we enjoyed the weekend and headed to our villa.

Carla and I were both worn-out; we showered and went to bed early.

That Monday afternoon Carla made a call to California trying to find a phone number for Charlie. She got his cell number from the company they had worked for. She called his cell and he answered immediately. They had a great time visiting about the old days. He told her he still had the before and after photos of her breast augmentation surgery on his bulletin board. He said that is still the beast boob job I have ever seen. They both had a good laugh.

She explained the reason for the call. Charlie told her it was changing times in the industry do to the Internet, and especially men's magazines that they were going by the wayside. He told her for the most part he was working for himself doing adult glamour photo shoots for private individuals and movie actors. He said the movie actor segment of the business was for the most part doing portfolios for women and some men in the adult movie business. Just like the old days this provides a nice income. The more lucrative part of my work comes from the private adult glamour sessions. Husbands, boyfriends want their wives and girlfriends to do adult and sometime porn photos and videos for their own pleasure. Some women want to have these made as a gift for the men in their lives. I don't know about elsewhere but in California it is big dollars.

Charlie told Carla because she was a good friend he would try to help Tristan but that it was a tough business to break into. His best opportunity would be to start working as a cameraman in the adult video business then branch out into what he wants to do. If you will have him send me his résumé and a portfolio of his work I will talk to some people. It will help him a lot that he has a friend already with a job lined up so they will have some income. Charlie told Carla to give Tristan his cell number and he will be happy to talk with him. Carla thanked Charlie and told him if he is ever in Florida or the Caribbean be sure and call. Charlie told her to do the same if you are in my area.

Carla emailed Tristan and explained what Charlie had said and gave him the cell number. Tristan replied that he would call right away and that he would keep her informed.

Two weeks later Carla got an email from Tristan stating that he had sent the résumé and his portfolio to Charlie. Charlie told him he needed more photos and videos along the adult line for here in California.

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