tagIncest/TabooOur Adventures with Vicky Ch. 03

Our Adventures with Vicky Ch. 03


Vicky told us one Sunday as we were all watching a Hugh Grant film on the box that she wouldn't be around much the following weekend as her Auntie from Birmingham was coming down. She was a primary school teacher in her mid forties, a bit plump and a spinster.

"Does that mean that we can't fuck for at least two weeks?" asked Tony.

"Probably," said Vicky.

"In that case" said Tony disappearing under Vicky's skirt, "I think we should make the most of our final moments together."

And with that rather over dramatic gesture I could hear his contented sighs as he reached the folds of her cunt, opened them and started to explore what was inside with his tongue. I leant over to Vicky and snogged her passionately. I pulled her jumper up, liberated her enormous tits and sucked voraciously on her hardened nipples. She started to get progressively more agitated as we made love to her and after about five minutes she came like an express train.

Vicky's powers of recovery are impressive and within a further five minutes the roles were reversed. She was between my legs eating my cunt while Tony put his cock in my mouth and played with my tits. I came hard and long. The only loser appeared to be my man as Vicky and I both sat back fully satisfied with a contented sigh. We decided not to make him suffer as judging by the size and stiffness of his cock he was bursting. We kissed each other sensuously and played with each others cunts while Tony masturbated.

"I hope you're going to cum on my face," I told him.

"And mine," added Vicky.

"Oh yes."

That was all he managed to get out before a stream of thick white sperm shot from the end of his impressive knob. It covered us and we continued to lick and kiss each other as Tony ejaculated. By the time he had finished we were both liberally covered in his gorgeous spunk. I took great delight in cleaning Vicky's face by licking all the spunk off her, holding it my mouth and then kissing her so that our tongues swallowed the white fluid both at the same time.

I forgot all about Sue until the following Saturday afternoon when we met by accident on the stairs. I introduced myself and we got chatting. She seemed very pleasant. As Vicky had told us she was in her early fifties, very smart, on the small size with her reddish hair held back by a butterfly clip. She was plumpish but not fat. Probably a fourteen. I thought she was only staying the weekend but she reminded me it was half term and that therefore she was around until midweek. I obviously had to do the decent thing and invite her round so she said she would talk to Vicky and the Sunday evening was a possibility.

Tony was unimpressed.

"What did you do that for? We could have spent all tomorrow night fucking and now we've got to spend it small talking with a spinster aunt. To make matters worse I will have to sit there with you two looking no doubt like a million dollars and I won't be able to so much as touch myself"

"I'll wear curlers if that will help," I joked. "And of course you can touch yourself, just don't cum in front of us. OK? Anyway they won't stay long. We can fuck the shit out of each other for the rest of the night."



He cheered up then. The way to a man's heart is obviously via his hard on.

Vicky and Sue came round early as I had made some excuse about us maybe going to see a flick. Vicky looked great but a bit more demure than usually in our company. Sue was in a pencil skirt and v neck sweater. We talked about her school and how she had progressed through to be a Head Teacher. We talked about where she lived. I was dying to find out why she had never married.

"Bloody dyke I expect" Tony had intoned when I first mentioned her status.

I was determined to find out a bit more as subtly as I could. However it was difficult to get the subject away from school, government curriculum policy and whether or not it was right to thump children. Finally it was Sue herself who changed the subject by asking how Tony and I had met and how long we had been together.

"He was the most attractive man I had ever seen" I confessed "and there was instant chemistry. I know that relationships built on sex are not always going to last but this one has."

"Yes, I can see what you mean" said Sue. "He's a very good looking man. Mind you, looks aren't everything. Doesn't follow that a good looking guy is a good lover."

"It does in this case" chipped in Vicky. She then realised what she had said and looked suitably horrified.

"How do you know?" asked Sue.

Vicky made a valiant attempt to dig herself out of a hole.

"Jo told me" she stammered.

"Really?" said Sue, then added "You know dealing with kids who tell porky pies all day does give me some instinct you know. I have an uncanny feeling that you might know Tony's prowess at first hand."

"Don't be ridiculous" said Vicky and she sounded totally unconvincing.

"You know you kids of today really amaze me" said Sue " I think you must think that you invented sex, and I know what you three are thinking. What is she talking about? There she is, a middle aged spinster, probably never had a relationship let alone sex and she is trying to tell the likes of us. She should go back to her nursery rhymes and her sand pit."

"We weren't think that, were we Tony? I said.

"Not at all" said Tony just as unconvincing as Vicky had been moments earlier.

"Well it may amuse you to know that despite the fact that I nearly qualify for a bus pass that I have had sex and what's more, I still do. Just because I have never bothered to settle down doesn't mean that I don't get fucked regularly."

You could hear a small intake of breath around the room. Here was a primary school head saying "fuck." I don't know why, but it seemed shocking.

"I am, after all, a child of the late sixties and that was the era of free love. So, by the time I was 18, I had not only lost my virginity, I had also had oral sex, anal sex, group sex, wet sex and been to at least half a dozen orgies. How do you compare?"

We looked at each other, not quite knowing what to say

"Not very well by the look of your faces" continued Sue. "And I have continued my merry way ever since. I may teach very young kids but that doesn't mean I don't have adult tastes in other things. In fact I have rather an over developed sexual appetite. It needs to be satisfied very regularly and that is the main reason I have never settled down. Not because I am a lesbian in case that had crossed your mind. Don't try and deny it, I'm sure it did. I never found a man who was able to satisfy me often enough and regularly enough and so I have just kept looking. Like doctors, I keep practicing!"

She then looked Tony straight in the eye.

"Tell me Tony – do you fancy a bit of middle aged cunt?"

You could have knocked Tony over with a condom.

"I'm sure Jo won't mind. Will you Jo?" said Sue

"No....er... no" I muttered. Then I sort of got to grips with what was going on. "No. In fact Sue, I would be thrilled if you gave Tony the pleasure of fucking you, provided of course we can stay and watch."

"You can stay" replied Sue "but you'd better do more than watch."

With that she stood up and unzipped her skirt, let it fall to the floor and stood there in her knickers. Tony stood up to join her and she felt between his legs.

"That feels very interesting. Very interesting indeed" she smiled broadly and started to pull the fly down on his jeans. His cock, already almost fully erect shot out. She held it firmly with her right hand and rubbed the tip up the front of her bright red knickers. There was a visible dark damp spot on the crutch. I shuffled to kneel behind her and pulled the elastic down to expose Sue's arse.

"Nice bum" I said

"Its all yours" she replied "you can play with the back while this fantastically well hung man attends to the front"

Sue's cunt was not shaven but it was neat. She obviously tended to it.

Vicky not wanting to be completely out of contention, but slightly nervous at the implication of fucking her own relative decided that masturbating on the sofa was her best option. She pulled her knickers off. I followed suit.

"So you two girls like to have bare cunts do you? I hope the fact that I have a hairy one won't stop you giving me a good seeing to Tony dear? I promise I'll let the two girls shave me tomorrow, but until then you'll have to fuck me as I am."

At that precise moment I don't think Tony would have worried if she'd had a shag pile between her legs. Sue stood on a cushion in order to get to a height which presented no challenge. Tony was well into it and I didn't even need to guide his cock into her. He found the entrance to Sue's cunt all by himself and I watched from behind as his hard nine inches of rock hard cock disappeared into her like a hot knife through butter.

"Jesus Christ – that is one big cock" cried out Sue "oh boy, this is going to be a really good fuck.

"Fuck her cunt" I whispered in Tony's ear "Fuck it hard and fuck it good"

We were all standing. It was a slightly unusual position. I had never seen Tony fuck anyone standing up but it seemed to be effective. I put my arms round both of them and squeezed all of us together. I had my hands on their two arses so it seemed natural to take advantage. I slipped the index finger of both hands into the two anal crevices and searched around for their tight rosebuds. I found Tony's instantly, probably a result of years of practice, but Sue's took slightly longer.

"Your girlfriend has put her finger in my arsehole" Sue told Tony as we three kissed in a mass of tongues.

"That's funny, she got her finger in my arsehole too."

"Bastards" moaned Vicky from the settee "that means I shall have to finger my own arsehole" and as we turned in her direction she lifted up her legs so that her brown ringpiece came into view and we saw her longest and thickest finger instantly disappear.

"I'm the only one with nothing in my arsehole" I declared. That was an open invitation to the two in the clinch with me and without asking each other – or me for that matter - they both inserted one of their fingers deep into my arse.

"Now you can stop moaning" said Sue "you've got two up there."

I did start moaning again, but this time in the other meaning of the word. The feeling between the three of us was electric. I wrapped my leg round Tony's athletic thigh and rubbed my clit up and down his leg in harmony with the rhythm of his fuck with Sue. The two fingers went deeper and deeper into my arsehole and the pain was exquisite. I had the weirdest orgasm I have ever had probably because I was not really being penetrated. I broke away and let the other two take the stage unhindered. I went over to Vicky who was still wanking herself off with her fingers. I knelt down and ran my tongue over her clit. She clenched both fists with the pleasure of it. Tony and Sue had fallen back onto the floor and were fucking in a more orthodox way. Sue was really wound up. I saw her smell the finger that she had until only a moment ago wedged into my arse.

"Jo's arse smells good" she said to Tony and smeared the finger all over her lips. He did likewise with the finger with which he had been massaging my rectum and then they kissed and tasted me in a passionate embrace. His fucking became more urgent. She was screaming:

"Fuck me. Fuck me harder. Get that big cock right up me. Shit - this is good. Shit! Shit! Shit!"

It was hard to imagine the same woman in front of an assembly of small children singing All things bright and beautiful.

She sounded a bit like a banshee as she came. Vicky not to be outdone clamped her thighs round the side of my head as my tongue penetrated her inner labia. She also came with huge intensity and her head rolled from side to side as did her massive jugs.

We lay back exhausted. It was then for the first time that I got an inkling of how sex craved Sue was. She grabbed a bottle of Bacardi Breezer that we had emptied earlier from the table and I watched as she stuck it up her cunt in order that she could bring herself off again. She got the neck really slimy with her cunt cream, then took it out and Vicky, Tony and I were in awe as she reached underneath herself and this time inserted the bottle up her arsehole.

"Yes, yes, yes" she screamed as she arsefucked herself with the bottle and very near fisted herself with her other hand.

" I just love something in my arse" she muttered through clenched teeth as another orgasm neared. I could see Tony's eyes widen. An invitation if ever I heard one! I think if he hadn't been so shagged out by the first fuck he would have buggered her there and then. He contented himself with watching while stroking his cock

She came again. That was twice in five minutes and she was in her fifties. My God! That is some going – or should I say – some cumming!

"Thanks guys, that was great" she said after we had all had a cold drink.

"Thank you" said Tony. "Christ. You have some drive. Next time I'm going to take a pill first."

"Do what you like as long as it doesn't affect your hard on" said Sue "By the way are you guys into anal at all?" She asked the question as if she was asking the time of day.

"Is the Pope a catholic?" I replied. Not perhaps the most appropriate piece of rhetoric in the circumstances!

"That's great" said Sue "So am I"

"We noticed" said Vicky "That bottle very nearly disappeared up your arsehole. I was about to volunteer to try and get it back"

"Get to the end of the queue!" quipped Tony.

Sue crawled over to my man and twirled her finger round her hair like a naughty schoolgirl.

"If I am a good girl Tony darling will you fuck me up the arse?"

"Is it clean and tidy?" he replied

"Not a chance" she replied.

"Then definitely" said Tony "but you'll have to give me a few minutes to get hard again"

"We can help" I said and all three of us attended to Tony's nine inch prick. We sucked on it, licked his balls and Vicky disappeared underneath to give his anus some oral stimulation. Within ninety seconds it was back to its full potential. Sue had disappeared to the bathroom, presumably to have a piss.

"What about pissing?" she shouted down the hall

"What about pissing?" replied Tony

"Well, do you like giving a golden shower?"

"Giving and receiving" I assured her while trying to get Tony's full length down my throat.

"Me too" added Vicky

She reappeared in all her naked glory clearly pleased with the answer she got. As you can imagine, the fact that she was into pissing came as no surprise. We put two cushions on the floor and she knelt down with her arse in the air. I went one side of her and Vicky the other and between us we pulled her buttocks open to reveal her tight back entrance. There was a light covering of reddish pubic hair round the crinkled rosebud. It looked good enough to eat so that is precisely what I did. I leant forward and ran my tongue all the way down her crack until I reached her hole. I stopped and started slowly to screw my tongue inside. I have a very long proboscis as the doctors call it, which is no use at all except for licking my nose and chin and annilingus.

"Tony you dog" said Sue

"Nothing to do with me" he protested and Sue turned her head to discover that it was a woman's tongue up her arse.

"God Jo, you are good, bloody good"

"I wondered why her nose was so brown" joked Vicky "It must have been years of practice! Now move over, it's my turn"

She muscled her way in and joined me in my work. Together we made Sue's arsehole very wet and very slimy. To add further lubrication I reached over and put two fingers into Vicky's cunt as deep as they would go, and deposited the cream I had collected straight into Sue. Vicky returned the gesture and by that time Sue's arse was gleaming with slime. Tony had been kneeling behind her all this time admiring our handiwork, but I decided it was time for him to take over. The two of us moved slightly to one side still holding the arse cheeks open and Tony moved in to start some serious buggery. I was determined to watch and I was getting really excited at the thought of my man's prick deep inside this apparently demure middle aged woman's rectum. He inched forward and rested his helmet against the brown crinkled skin. Slowly her hole opened and Tony's knob entered. Vicky was kissing Auntie's back and generally petting her. I watched as Sue's arse opened to accommodate Tony.

"Fucking hell, you're big" she moaned

"Are you okay?" I asked

"Okay? This is fucking exquisite. I haven't had a cock in my bowels for months and I can't ever remember one as good as this. Don't you dare stop. Don't you dare."

Tony wouldn't have stopped anyway. He was now fully plugged in and starting serious fucking.

"Oh Christ! Fuck my arse!"

"You heard the woman Tony" urged Vicky "Fuck her arse"

For once Tony did as he was told. He fucked like he had never fucked before. He was brilliant. Sue was on a different planet. Even by her standards she went off on one

"Fuck my shit! Go on – fuck my shit!" she cried

"Say that again" said Tony. She had obviously pressed the right button. I helped him out.

"Fuck her shit my lover. Fuck Sue's shit and fuck it good. Pack it right up her arse"

"Oh God I'm going to cum"

"Don't" cried Sue "Not yet"

Tony slowed down to keep himself in check.

"Bend over Jo" he said. I willingly obliged. Quickly he pulled out of Sue and drove his shitty prick straight up my cunt. God it felt so exciting to be filled up. He only fucked me for about thirty seconds before I came.

"Now you Vicky" he said. Vicky did likewise and again he filled her cunt full of his hard meat. She didn't take much longer. Sue was still on all fours moaning for him to finish her off. The three of us turned her round so we could see her full frontal and Tony pushed his cock back up her arsehole while Vicky and I took a tit each and sucked like babies while she came. This was her third orgasm in under an hour and it easily the strongest. I thought she was going to do herself an injury as the veins in her neck swelled up with such concentration. She grabbed the carpet and dug her nails into the floor, and finally let out a searing cry.

"Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes – yeeeeeeeeeessssssss"

"Do we pass our exams, miss?" I asked as she got her strength back

"Not quite" said Sue trying to get her bearings back, " I think you might have to re-take some of them"

"I thought you might say that."

We all laughed and went to bed. Tony and I had a hell of a session. Not rampant sex but very passionate loving sex; the sort only two people deeply in love like us can have. It tool me ages to cum but when I did it was like a summers day, full of sun and warmth.

We fell asleep both looking forward to the extra tuition we had arranged for the following night.

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