tagLoving WivesOur Anniversary

Our Anniversary


It was Friday, March 9. Jamie and I were celebrating our anniversary today. 5 years, wow, what a ride. We shared so much together. A son, a move to Atlanta and a great relationship. But something or someone that Jamie really liked to have for this anniversary was her lover. Rob, is a young stud, who Jamie had met during her last job. He was 5’10 and 170 pounds with a huge cock. She wanted him so much, she seduced him during a lunch and wound up making love to him several times since.

What she loved most about Rob, was his passion for being with her. She often tells me about his fantasy to spend the weekend with her and fuck her on a balcony in a romantic hotel. She thinks about his body and his huge cock fucking her all the time. She has told me that he is larger than me, and thus stretches her cunt so much as he fucks her. I have seen her mount him and have watched her lips stretch wide as his head penetrates past her labia and into the depths of her cunt. What she wants the most however, has not happened. Jamie wants Rob to fill her cunt with jism, not once, but twice in an afternoon. She fantasizes about his cum dripping from her and thick white streams of cum running out of her pussy. This hasn’t happened yet.

The last time she had Rob, she saved his cum from the condom and had me drip it into her. It was amazing how her cunt actually opened up to take it in. She then asked me to Lick her and taste how much he loved being with her, then she made me fuck her with his cum as out lube. It was so wild…..

Earlier this week, Jamie told me that she called Rob when she was driving home from work over a week ago. She told him to put his hand to his pants and fantasize about licking her and then entering her hole from behind. She also told him that she wanted his cum deep inside her. She wants to feel the heat of his cock as he unloads stream after stream of his hot cum into her body. All this makes me so horney and excited that my wife has a lover. I often fantasize about Rob taking her out after we get pregnant and making love to my wife even as she carries my child. I think about her coming home with his cum soaked deep into her panties and dried cum on her pubic hair.

Today is that day…. I have invited Rob over this afternoon to surprise my wife on our anniversary. He is going to be waiting for her ready to taste her sweet cunt and suck her juices from her just before he fulfills her deepest darkest desire. She will have his cock deep inside her without any barrier to unload jism into my wife’s cunt. I will watch as she mounts him and when the jism starts dripping down the side of her walls as he continues to stroke deep into her body. I will taste it as she spreads her legs and asks me to lick his love from her cunt. I will feel it as I mount my wife with Rob’s cum running down her inside labia and throughout her cunt. I will see it as my wife dips her fingers into it and looks at me and tell me that she wants Rob as her lover and wants to be his cum filled fantasy for a long time. Rob and Jamie have great sex. The passion is unreal. The cum dripping from my wife’s body will make every fantasy come true for her. The day has just begun...

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