tagGroup SexOur Anniversary Night Out Ch. 01

Our Anniversary Night Out Ch. 01


It had been a long week of anticipation, waiting for tonight. It was our 18th wedding anniversary and if tradition held true, I was in for a wild night. It seems that starting with our 12th anniversary, our celebrations got wilder and wilder each year. It started with my wife, Jan, entering an amateur strip contest, which she won by the way, to her making love with another woman for the first time in her life. It seemed as if she used our celebration as an excuse to be totally free from any sexual inhibitions, and then once the night was over we would go back to our normal lives. I had been getting erections all day thinking about what my wife might have in store for us tonight.

We were both getting off work early so that we would beat the rush hour traffic leaving the city. I had left the house while Jan finished her shower. She was to get a ride from a co-worker, and I would pick her up in front of her office building at 1:00.

So here I was waiting at the curb when I see my wife running out the door of her office building. I was a bit surprised at what she was wearing as I had not been there to see her dress this morning. She was wearing this short black skirt with a see thru white top, and a black blazer. As she was running to the car the blazer was doing very little to hide the fact that she was not wearing a bra, as you could clearly see her hardened nipples through the thin blouse. As I looked around I saw quite a few men watching intently as she ran up to my car.

Her hands were full with some folders, books, and her briefcase, so I reached over and opened the door for her. Just as she was about to get into the car, the folders slid out of her arms and onto the sidewalk, scattering the papers all around her. Before I could even open my door to get out and help her, three men had surrounded her and were picking up the scattered papers. She coyly smiled and thanked them for their assistance then looked over at me and winked. I now knew that this was a set up but as to what she had in mind I didn’t have a clue.

As the men were bent over picking up papers their eyes never left Jan, and so I sat back to watch the show. Jan turned away from me and then squatted down to pick up some of the papers and started to put them back in their place in the different folders. From where I was sitting I couldn’t help but see three pairs of eyes suddenly drop to Jan’s fantastic legs. I had no idea of exactly how much they were seeing because Jan had her back to me, but when one of the younger men in a business suit had to suddenly adjust himself, I knew it had to be a great show.

The men weren’t exactly in a hurry, but soon there were no more papers to be found so Jan smiled sensuously and thanked the guys for all their help, then started to get into the car. It was at this point that I was able to see what had interested these guys so much. As Jan got into the car she sat down with her legs facing out of the door. She then pulled her left leg into the car which spread her legs apart pretty far, and caused her tight skirt to hike up to her ass cheeks. This is when I saw that she was wearing the pink see thru panties that I had given her as part of a Valentines Day gift. Now I knew what these guys had been looking at, my wife’s beautiful pussy. As she closed the door and I began to drive off, she waved good-by and I couldn’t help but chuckle a bit at the scene that I was looking at in my rear view mirror. Here were three grown men standing side by side waving good-by like they had just lost their best friend.

As I turned the corner Jan leaned over and kissed me on the cheek, and at the same time reached down to feel my cock, which was hard as a rock from her little exhibition.

“Ohh, I was hoping this is what I’d find”, Jan said as she slowly began to rub my cock through my pants. I looked over at her and could see that she was very aroused. Her cheeks were flushed with excitement and her nipples were trying to poke through the thin material of her blouse.

“Boy you must have given everyone at work quite a show with this outfit today”, and just for emphasis I toyed with one of her nipples.

“ Well yes and no. I didn’t wear this blouse today, I changed before leaving the office, but I did have this skirt on all day and its so hard to keep my panties from peeking out when I bend over or sit down”.

Just to prove her point she slid her left leg up on to the seat and turned so that she was now facing me. I could clearly see her pussy lips through the sheer pink material, and I could also see that the panties were wet from her excitement.

As I entered the on ramp for the freeway Jan slid her free hand in between her legs and began to rub her pussy while still rubbing my cock. It was only half an hour to the next city where we had reserved a hotel room and tickets to a dinner cruise on the bay, but it didn’t seem as if Jan wanted to wait. She was ready now.

Just as I was changing lanes to move around a truck, Jan stopped playing with herself so that she could reach over and unzip my pants. As I pulled up along side of the truck, she had my cock in her hands and was getting to her knees on the seat. With her pretty pink ass facing the trucker she began to swallow my cock. It felt so good that it took every bit of concentration that I had to keep the car on a straight line. Jan had now returned to playing with her pussy while sucking and stroking my cock. As I began to pull ahead of the truck, we both heard his motor rev to catch up and we knew that he was watching everything that was going on.

Jan pulled up from my cock.

“Don’t go too fast honey, we don’t want to get a ticket”.

She wanted this trucker to see everything. I slowed down a bit and Jan went back to my cock. I looked up and could see the trucker through the glass of the sunroof. He was a young guy maybe mid 20s, and boy was he enjoying the show.

Jan stopped sucking me again and reached for her purse in the back seat. She quickly pulled something out then returned to her position of mouth on cock, hand in pussy. I wasn’t sure what it was that Jan had retrieved from her purse until I heard the familiar buzz of her vibrator. It was a black plastic cock with the vibrator inside. We had bought it in a porn shop on one of our previous anniversaries. Now this trucker was really in for a show.

I looked over at Jan and noticed that I could see the reflection of what she was doing in the window. She was lightly rubbing the black cock over her clit. The cock was already glistening from all her juices. She then pulled her panties aside and slid the cock deep into her pussy and I felt her moan around my cock.

I looked up at the trucker again to see his reaction, and was totally surprised at now seeing two grinning faces instead of one. This trucker had a buddy with him, I guessed so that they could take turns driving. The other guy was about the same age as the driver and was leaning over his friend trying to watch my wife fucking herself with the black cock.

At this point I was getting a bit worried that we might be the cause of an accident, but I really needed to cum, as did my wife. I suddenly saw a turn off for a rest area and quickly pulled ahead and then off the freeway. The trucker immediately put on his signal and pulled off right behind us. The rest area was fairly empty this time of day. There was a couple of trucks parked in the truck parking so I pulled up alongside of one, turned the motor off, and sat back to enjoy the blow job I was getting. The truck that had been following us now pulled up on Jan’s side of the car and parked to enjoy the show. We were sheltered from view by having a truck on either side of us except for the two young bucks looking down on my wife who was really starting to get turned on by the whole scene.

I had been looking at the driver’s reaction to Jan when the passenger’s head disappeared, and I could hear a door open. I warned Jan that I thought we might be getting a visitor but she didn’t seem to mind because she just kept on with what she was doing. Sure enough, I saw the kid come from around the back of the truck and slowly walk up to Jan’s side of the car. Her door was locked and the window was up so all he could do was get a close up look at my wife’s beautiful ass and pussy. Soon after, the driver got out of the truck and came in for a closer look. I whispered to Jan that there were now two young studs outside her window, which brought another moan from her lips as she was going down on me. My cock was so hard I felt as if I would explode any minute. Jan seemed to be very aware of what she was doing, because she kept backing off every time that she felt I was getting too close to cumming and it was driving me crazy.

I had closed my eyes for a minute to enjoy my wife’s sucking mouth, but when I opened them I saw that one of the guys had pulled out his cock and was jerking off while looking at the black dildo moving in and out of Jan’s pussy.

Again I whispered to Jan what was going on and again I received another moan around my cock. She was really getting into this and I began to wonder how far she really wanted to go.

I turned the key to the on position and pushed down on the electric window button. When Jan heard the window start to go down she looked up from my cock and I could see her smiling, giving me her approval. When the window hit bottom Jan pulled the dildo from between her lips and pushed her ass up a little higher so that it was level with the open window. The guy standing outside needed no further encouragement as he moved up to the open window and slid his hard cock into my wife’s pussy.

She immediately stopped working on my cock as she concentrated on the one that was now pumping her to an orgasm. The guy fucking her must have been very excited because it wasn’t long before he groaned that he was going to cum and began to pound hard and fast into my wife. As soon as he began to shoot into my wife I felt her mouth tighten up on my dick and then she began shake and moan as she started to orgasm on this guys cock. She was still cumming when he pulled out and the other guy stepped up to slam his dick into my cumming wife. This guy’s cock must have been bigger and better, because Jan let out a little shriek of joy as he slammed his dick home.

He began to pump fast and furious and just as Jan was coming down from her first orgasm, she began to have another. I could count on one hand the times that Jan had had a multiple orgasm so this was a special moment. Again she began to shake as she reached her peak, then she suddenly went still as she was getting pounded from behind. It was like a calm before the storm as she arched her back closed her eyes and then she released. I had never heard her vocalize her orgasms before except for some moaning but now she was actually speaking. In the sexiest voice I had ever heard she was moaning, “fuck me, fuck me”.

Jan never usually used this kind of language but at this moment it was exciting. She was the sexiest slut I had ever seen.

The trucker outside suddenly moaned and almost pulled Jan’s ass out of the window as he came deep in her pussy. He must have unloaded a huge load because I could see it running down the inside of Jan’s legs. He slowed down until he had given her every last drop, and then he pulled out. The second his cock withdrew Jan collapsed onto the seat to catch her breath.

She knew I was in need myself so she raised up to put her mouth on my cock, but I had other plans. I pushed her around so that she was facing the open window and buried my cock into her used pussy. Even though she had just been fucked twice, I felt her pussy tighten around my cock as she began to get aroused. As I started to push harder and harder into her I was moving her closer to the open window. The truckers were still standing outside with their cocks out watching what was now going on. Again I wondered if Jan was ready to be even more of a slut.

The trucker who had taken Jan first was now stroking his semi hard cock as I pushed her far enough so that her head was now hanging out the window. He knew what I was doing so he walked up to the window and began to rub his cock in Jan’s hair. As he did this, his cock grew harder. Next he moved it down so that it was rubbing against her cheek, then under her chin, and then finally across her lips.

At this point I slammed hard up against Jan’s butt driving my cock deep into her pussy and pushing her mouth even further into the trucker’s hard cock. She immediately opened her mouth and allowed him to shove his cock home.

While I was pounding her from behind the trucker had put his hands on the back of her head and was starting to fuck her mouth with the same rhythm that I was fucking her pussy. This was by far the sluttiest thing that Jan had ever done and I was so excited that I knew I would cum any minute.

I began to pump harder and faster as I was starting to reach that peak, when I heard Jan begin to moan around the truckers cock. She was actually building up to her third orgasm today which let me know just how excited she was.

I looked over and saw that the other trucker was now hard as a rock and masturbating while watching my beautiful wife. All of a sudden I heard the first trucker groan as he began to shoot a load of cum into my wife’s mouth. Jan never once took her mouth off that spurting cock as it shot load after load into her waiting mouth.

Before the first trucker could even finish, the second trucker suddenly groaned that he was cumming, and my greedy wife pulled her mouth from the first cock so that she could take another load of cum down her throat. When she pulled off, the first trucker had to finish himself off by hand, all the time aiming his cum onto my wife’s hair and face.

The second trucker nearly screamed as he shot his load into Jan’s hungrily sucking mouth. I could take no more as I pulled Jan deep onto my cock and began to have one of the most intense orgasms of my life. I pulled her back so hard that the trucker’s spurting cock slipped out of her mouth and began shooting cum up and over her head landing on her back and then on her hair before Jan could get her lips back around the blasting cock.

After shooting my cum into Jan’s hot pussy I pulled out and sat back down on the seat to catch my breath. I also wanted to watch my wife finish sucking all the remaining cum from the second trucker’s cock. As soon as she pulled her mouth off the second cock, the first trucker stepped up to get his cum dripping cock cleaned by my slutty wife. She immediately stuck her tongue under the piss slit to catch the string of cum that was now oozing from the softening cock.

She had taken my cum in her mouth many a time in the past but this was the first time that I had ever seen her craving and searching for more cum. She was now going from one cock to the other, getting every drop of juice that was left between these two guys.

I closed up my pants and started the car, thinking that I didn’t want us to get caught by some highway patrol that might be cruising through. Jan took the signal and pulled away from the two softening cocks that were now clean as a whistle. I put the car in gear and pulled away as Jan waved goodbye to her two new trucker friends. Even though I had just had one of the best orgasms of my life, I was still very excited, wondering what we could possibly do tonight that would top what had just taken place.

As we pulled back onto the highway Jan scooted over next to me and gave me a hug and kiss, thanking me for being such a great husband and lover. She also let me know that she had fallen just short of having her third orgasm, but that it was all right because she was sure that she would finish it tonight...

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