tagLoving WivesOur Best Cruise Ever! Ch. 02

Our Best Cruise Ever! Ch. 02


"Well, Sharon, are you up for it?"

It was Debby on the phone; I knew exactly what she was talking about, but I wasn't sure I wanted to admit it.

"Let's meet up on the deck and talk. I'll see you in 5 minutes."

I turned to my husband, Joe. He gave me a knowing smile.

"I know what you're thinking. You're starting to get cold feet. I just want to let know that whatever you want to do I stand behind completely. I had a phenomenal time last night, as I'm sure you did. If you want to go over to Debby and Robs' tonight, I want you to go and have a good time. Just give me all the details when you get back!" he said with a wink.

Last night, the second night of our week long cruise, Debby and I seduced my loving husband, using him as our personal fucktoy. I have never done anything like this before (although I've fantasized about it). I'm sure the champagne and my horniness had a lot to do with it, but now I was worried. Worried that if I went through with Debby's plan to do the same to her husband tonight, I would lose my husband, despite his reassuring words. It's not that I wouldn't like a roll in the hay with Rob; he was very good looking, and according to Debby, a real stud in the sack. I guess I just had cold feet.

I went up on the deck to talk to Debby, with the hope of talking her out of her plan. As we sipped our mai tais, it was apparent there would be no dissuading her. "Look," she said, "Lets admit it; we had a blast last night. We used Joe for what he was at the time. Just a cock for us to play with. He was no different than any other dildo to me. Today he is my friend and your husband again. Nothing has changed. I'm just saying why not do it again, but with a different dildo this time? Besides, this way we'll feel even. You'll have borrowed my fucktoy in return for my borrowing yours. I've already talked to Joe this morning; I know he's O.K. with it."

She had me there. Besides, when would I ever get the chance to fuck a stud like Rob with my husbands' permission again?

"What the hell, lets go for it!" I said. "How do we set it up?"

"You just let me take care of that. I'll talk to you at dinner".

About an hour before dinner, Joe called me from the casino; he had qualified for the blackjack tournament, and it would be going on for a few hours. He said he would catch up with me later.

"Oh, by the way, if you get delayed, I'll be waiting for you in our cabin" he said with a laugh.

I could see that Debby's plan was going into effect already; she obviously had talked Joe into disappearing, and he was willing. I guess it was up to me. I suppose I could have just not shown up, but I thought, that bastard, he's setting it up for me to fuck someone else! I might as well accommodate him!

I put on my sexiest black teddy set with sheer black thigh highs and low cut sheer silk blouse with a skirt just long enough to cover my stocking tops, and my favorite fuck me heels. We'll see who's afraid to go through with this, I thought!

When I arrived at the restaurant, Debby and Rob were already there; Debby was also looking hot in a tight fitting dress showing off her D – cups, as well as nice sheer stockings and heels.

When Rob saw me he said "Damn, is this a hot chick contest between you two? You both look sexy as hell!"

"You think this is hot, you should see what's underneath!" I said, trying to sound confident.

They both smiled at that, although Rob did look a little confused. I told them about Joe and the blackjack tournament, and although we would miss him at dinner (and afterwards, I thought!), we all drank a toast to his luck.

As dinner progressed, Debby and I both drove Rob to distraction with little touches and footsie games. I could tell he was loving it, although a few times I sensed that he was embarrassed when my stocking clad foot lightly brushed against his crotch. When we were walking out after dinner, I took his left arm as Debby took his right. As we walked out on the nearly empty deck, Debby reached up and kissed his right cheek. Not to be outdone, I kissed his left. Suddenly Rob stopped.

"What the hell is going on here! I can handle my wife trying to get me horny, but you too Sharon? I'm not so sure Joe would think this is O.K."

We took him over to the rail and Debby told him softly, "Darling, Sharon and I are going to use you as our sex slave tonight. There is nothing you can do about it; we've already decided. Sharon, hand him your walkie-talkie; Rob, call Joe; he will confirm it's alright."

While Debbie and I slowly traced our fingers around his manhood, he took the radio and called Joe. As I expected, Joe told him that everything was O.K., and to have a good time. We headed back to their cabin arm in arm. A million thoughts were racing through my mind.

"Do you really want to do this? You can still back out!"

But the dampness between my legs was slowly winning out. I wanted to see if this guy was as good as advertised.

When we got to the cabin, there was champagne on ice with three glasses. That little vixen thought of everything! This time Debby was the one in charge.

"Strip down to your underwear!" she told Rob.

He looked at her and slowly started to comply.

"We're in charge tonight; if you want to get anything from either of us, you'll do as I say to the letter, understand?"

"O.K." he said. Men were so easy!

Debby poured us some champagne, then turned to me and said "Let's slip out of these confining things, O.K.?"

As we removed our clothes, Rob's eyes nearly jumped out of his head! We were quite a contrast; me in my black teddy and stocking outfit and Debby in a sheer white slip and crotchless panties. Rob and I could both see her pussy clearly through the sheer dampened crotch of Debbys little garment. I felt myself dampening down below just looking at Debby in her excited state. She noticed Rob staring, and slowly moved her hand down to her sex, parting her pussy lips and teasing herself.

"I told you he was a sucker for lingerie, didn't I? Now Rob, don't be rude to our guest; she's obviously uncomfortable. You know what to do to make her more comfortable, don't you?"

This must have been some code phrase between them, as he walked over to me and began to lightly caress me all over through my silk teddy. He slowly slid down one of the shoulder straps and gently massaged my nipple; he then bent down and slid it into his mouth, causing me to gasp involuntarily. He gently laid me down onto the bed, then began working on the other nipple. My pussy was on fire from this stimulation. Sensing that I needed relief, he slowly worked his way down my body, lightly sliding his hands up and down my stocking covered legs. When his mouth came near my mound, he gently unsnapped the teddy and blew warm air over my now sopping pussy.

"Lick me you bastard!" I growled.

Did I say that? What was coming over me? I don't know, but I did know that I wanted his tongue on my throbbing clit. He wasted no time in obliging me.

Debbie was right; this guy really knew his way around a pussy! As I raced to my climax, I ground his head against my sex. I came with a shudder.

As I released his head, I heard Debby say, "Excellent! Now it's my turn! On your back, slave!"

Rob did as he was told and laid back next to me on the bed. Debby straddled his face and he serviced her as he did me.

I watched in fascination as he caressed her breasts and expertly licked her as he had done to me. She then leaned forward as he slid his hand down her back and slipped two fingers into her dripping pussy from behind. What really got me hot was when he slid a third finger into her ass! She must have loved it too, as she began bouncing up and down on his fingers as he kept up his assault on her clit!

It was then that I noticed the cock sticking out of his boxers. It was beautiful! It was about the same size as Joe's, but had a wonderful curve at the end. I immediately fantasized about this dick touching parts of me that Joes cock could not reach.

My pussy started dripping with the thought of riding that cock while Rob licked his wife's clit and fingered her pussy and ass.

Remembering what Debby had said last night, I whispered in her ear "May I borrow a cup of cock? I'll put it back when I'm finished!"

"Knock yourself out!" she said between gasps of pleasure.

I decided I wanted to see how it would fit in my mouth first, so I bent over and gave it a few tentative licks. I then took the head in and rolled it around my tongue. As I took more of it in, I noticed that because of the shape, I couldn't fit more than half of it. It didn't seem to bother Rob by the way he was moaning and bucking.

After a few minutes, I let his cock slide out of my mouth and mounted him, slowly sliding his dick into my throbbing pussy. As I got his cock about halfway in, I gasped as I felt a thunderbolt of pleasure!

Debby noticed my reaction and said "I guess he found your G – spot, huh? You can't get that with a straight cock!"

She was right! I found with his cock about halfway in, I was able to cum almost instantly! Rather than slamming on his cock as Debby did with my husband the night before, I found if I made small motions with the head of his cock against my G – spot, I could maintain an almost constant orgasm!

After several minutes of slowly rotating my G – spot against the head of his cock (and several orgasms), I collapsed in exhaustion, rolling off Robs cock.

"Thanks for loaning me the cock!" I panted.

"Your… welcome! She panted in the midst of her own climax.

After regaining my composure, I got up and began to dress. I heard Debby squeal in delight and looked over in time to see her riding Rob's cock the way I just had.

Just as I was about to leave, Debby, still not breaking stride on Rob's cock, panted "Wait! I need your help! Go to the bedstand and get my vibe and lube!"

Was this girl crazy? What the hell was she up to? I nervously walked over to the bedstand and pulled out a small vibe, about 4 inches long, and a bottle of lube.

"O.K., lube it up and slide it in my ass!" she begged.

In a daze, I slowly complied, sliding the vibe in her beautiful ass as she leaned over on Rob's chest. As I switched it on, she started moaning and bouncing on Robs cock all over again. I watched in fascination as she slid her hand back and held it in place as she violently orgasmed, shaking and grinding on top of her husband.

That only served to make me horny all over again! As I slipped out, I decided it was time to look up my own fucktoy (oops, husband) and see if he needed my help!

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