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Our Black Baby


Let me introduce myself. I'm Jenna and I've been married for five years to a wonderful man named Fred. Fred adores me in everyway. He calls me his little trophy wife among other sweet things.

Fred had a few of those boyish habits when we started dating. You know the typical things a man loves to do. Watch sports, among others. I think his worse habit was having me dressed up like a slut for him and parade around the house like a wanton whore.

Oh my gosh, I can feel him moving again. Oh, he's really learning how to kick and he hasn't even been born yet. You guessed it! I'm nine months pregnant and typing this story about this unusual open relationship I have with my husband. I might also mention the babies father, Lee.

That's right, you read what I just wrote. I know what your thinking right now. Your probably calling me a slut or a tramp or whore or whatever! Don't judge me until I've told you the whole story.

Getting knocked up by another man wasn't exactly my idea let alone being pregnant with a black child! That's right, I'm gong to have a little boy soon. We're going to call him Lee after his Daddy. Fred wouldn't have it any other way.

Fred has been a great husband during my pregnancy. He's been recording my pregnancy almost everyday taking pictures as my belly grew into what it is today. My belly is huge! I have a great figure and I haven't gained all those ugly pounds like some women do during their pregnancy's.

My belly resembles a bowling ball hidden under my skin. Oh gosh, there he goes again. He's going to be a football player like his Daddy. I just know it! He's been kicking me all afternoon.

It all started about a year ago. Like I said, my husband Fred loves to see me dress in those cheap looking dresses that resemble something a street walking whore would wear. I didn't mind picking out a few things to wear around the house for my husband.

I was dressed in this shear black dress one evening when Fred suggested we drive into town and have me walk into a night club dressed like I was. I said no at first but Fred kept insisting by teasing me and calling me chicken among other things. He was doing it in a playful way.

I had this dainty looking thing on when Fred went into my closet and retrieved a pair of my black sandals. The pair with the four inch heels. I helped me put them on and waited while I applied makeup in the bathroom. I remember walking out into the front room that night. My boobs bounced with every step I took. I wasn't wearing a bra and you could see my nipples through the thin material of the dress.

Fred drove us into town kind of in the sleazy area we don't normally drive into. I worried about being safe but Fred assured me we'd be fine. He actually worked with a guy that lived in the neighborhood which was mostly black.

Fred pulled into the parking lot and stopped the car. He turned off the lights and leaned over and gave me a deep passionate kiss as he fondled my boobs through my dress. He looked at me and smiled saying, "Good luck!"

He wanted me to walk into the club alone and said he would be inside in a few minutes. I agreed but I was scared to death. I got out of the car and looked toward the front door of the club which was facing the parking lot. There was a group of young black men standing around the door smoking and laughing as I approached. They all starred at me as one of them was gentleman enough to open the door for me.

I walked in. The music was loud. People were dancing. I made my way toward the bar and barely got within ten feet of it when a black guy tapped me on the shoulder. I turned around and saw this hunk of a guy checking me out. He was like six-five or taller and built tuff. He introduced himself. He's name was Lee. He offered to buy me a drink so we sat down at the bar together.

I crossed my legs after sitting on the stool. I thought Lee was going to cum right there on his seat as he checked out my legs. I knew I was showing plenty of thigh to his eyes at that moment. The bar tender passed me my drink and I started sipping as I glanced toward the front door.

I wondered where Fred was. Lee and I started talking. He asked me all the typical questions. I wasn't wearing my wedding rings at the time. I knew Lee checked that out as soon as he laid eyes on me. I told him I was single. I figured I might as well have a little fun while I was out. It couldn't hurt to act single anyway. Look at all the free drinks I was getting.

Lee asked me to dance. He took my hand and led me to the dance floor. I was having fun dancing to the beat shaking my ass around as my boobs swayed to the music. I soon forgot about Fred as we returned to our seats at the bar. Lee kept me laughing with his jokes as he ordered us another round.

We talked. I got to know a lot about Lee. He was divorced. He'd been married to a white woman. He was telling me about their relationship and how they made love the very first time. His ex had never made love to a black man and either had I so I was intrigued as I listened to Lee tell me his story.

He took me back out onto the dance floor only this time they were playing slow songs. Lee held me in his arms as we danced. It felt strange being held by a black man. I had little bumps everywhere on my body looking at the way our skin contrasted against each other. I felt excited and perhaps dirty thoughts were going through my head as Lee held me tight against his huge chest.

I think it may have been the drinks. I don't know but I found myself being held by this muscular black man and he was about to kiss my lips. I let it happen. His lips pressed onto mine. I felt his tongue probing as my lips parted. I sucked his tongue into my mouth. We remained kissing for a few minutes. Lee finally stopped and led me back to our seats at the bar.

My eyes widened as I saw Fred standing on the other side of Lee holding a bottle of beer in his hand. He glanced my way. I knew he's seen us kissing on the dance floor. He wondered why he wasn't angry with me. Why wasn't he coming over to my rescue and confront Lee?

Instead, he just stood leaning against the bar as Lee put his hand on my knee. Fred looked like he was getting thrills at seeing another man touch me so I let it happen. I sipped on my drip as Lee started to move his hand up my thigh and leaned over and gave me a wet kiss with my husband standing right behind him.

Lee was whispering sweet things into my ear making me laugh as he kissed me again. I reached out and stroked his thigh with my hand. I though I'd melt right there as I looked over Lee's shoulder and saw my husband wink at me.

That little shit was getting off watching the way Lee was touching me! I was getting mad just thinking about it. OK, lets see how much further he'll let me go.

I took a long drink of my mixed drink and stood up and leaned over and put my arms around Lee's shoulders and clamped my lips down onto his. I drove my tongue deep inside his mouth as his hands cupped my ass. I was only wearing a thong but Lee decided to pull my dress up anyway revealing my bare ass to the other men seated behind me.

Lee squeezed my ass as we kissed. I kept my eyes closed but snuck a peek to see what Fred was doing. I couldn't believe him! His hand was playing with his crotch. The other hand gripped that bottle of beer.

I was getting turned on as Lee squeezed my ass and whispered into my ear. "Let's go to my place."

I somehow got my hand under Lee's shirt and tickled his chest as he kissed me again. I whispered into his ear that I was ready to go. He took my hand and led me out the door. I turned back to see Fred following close behind us.

I got into Lee's sports car. He turned on the engine and started to back out of the parking space. I saw Fred getting into our car. I quickly blurted out. "Let's go back to my place."

Lee took directions and we were soon parked in my driveway. Lee opened the door for me and gave me a kiss once I got to my feet. I wondered if any of the neighbors were watching! It was dark and late and hoped than they were tucked into bed. I searched for my keys as I opened the front door and turned on the light.

I glanced out toward the street and saw Fred drive and park our car across the street as I shut the front door. Lee took me into his arms and pressed his lips to mine. We kissed passionately as Lee started to pull my thin black dress over my head.

The dress was gone replaced by Lee's thick black lips on my breasts. He sucked each nipple into his mouth as I pressed his head against my chest. Lee swiftly picked me up off my feet and carried me toward the bedrooms. I pointed toward the guest room but he apparently didn't see me or perhaps ignored me as he kicked open the master bedroom door.

He placed me on the bed. I started helping him with his shirt taking it off his huge shoulders. He was built! I kissed his chest as he unbuckled his belt and quickly stood up dropping his pants to the floor. He kicked off his shoes and took off his socks. He stood at the edge of the bed and waited for me to slip down his shorts.

His huge thick black cock sprung free almost poking me in the face. I'd never seen one this big I thought to myself. How was I going to take that thing inside me? I started thinking about Fred.

Lee ripped off my tiny thong next. He leaned down and started licking my knees than working his way up my thighs leaving a wet trail toward my pussy mound. I was neatly shaven. He kissed my mound several tips before opening my thighs than pressing my legs up and back until my thighs were touching my breasts.

I felt his hot wet tongue touching my pussy lips. His tongue parted the lips than poked inside. He started licking me expertly making my body stiffen up from the pleasure he was giving me.

I turned my head and saw Fred standing in the doorway. Lee was licking my pussy too intensely too care about Fred at the moment. I just hoped he didn't get caught. I reached down and dug my nails into Lee's shoulders as he sucked and licked my pussy. He knew exactly what he was doing. He started to bring me to my first orgasm. I could feel it. My body tensed up........Than he stopped licking.

He started planting tiny kisses on the inside of my thighs. My legs were quivering, in fact my whole body was shaking as I tried to cum. Lee was teasing me. He wouldn't allow me to cum. He went back licking my pussy gently until he knew I was ready to cum again and stopped short of allowing the pleasure to cum.

Lee did this several times knowing he was bringing me to a new level. I could hardly stand it any longer and yelled out for him to please fuck me! He climbed up on top of me forcibly and said. "That's what I was waiting to hear from you bitch!"

What happened to the sweet guy I had met at the club? It didn't matter at this point! All I wanted him to do right now was fuck me! Lee climbed right up on top of me and leaned down and planted another kiss on my lips.

He wanted to hear me beg so that's what I did next! I begged him to fuck me with his big black cock. Lee teased me but not for long. He positioned himself above me and allowed me to reach down and take hold of his massive black tool with my dainty white hands.

My legs were pulled up and back now leaving my pussy wide open for Lee. I held onto his thick cock guiding him toward the entrance of my pussy. I reached down with my fingers and spread my pussy lips for the large black head. Lee pressed forward firmly enough to keep his cock poised at the entrance of my fertile white married pussy.

Oh my God! I wasn't on the pill! Was it too late to ask Lee to put on a condom? I felt Lee push forward. I felt pressure than all of a sudden he popped inside. Shit.....Fuck! He was huge!

Lee was gentle in a way not to hurt me but kept pushing into me until I felt his balls against my ass. He was in! I was filled with black cock. This man could make me pregnant I thought!

Lee started to pull out slowly than lunged forward making his balls slap against my upturned ass cheeks. He started fucking me in a steady rhythm. He brought me to a long intense orgasm than another followed by two shots ones. I belonged to Lee at the moment.

My head was moving from side to side now as Lee fucked the shit out of me. I faintly saw Fred standing near the doorway. I thought I saw him with a camera in his hand but wasn't sure. Lee kept fucking me until he let out a loud deep groan. I felt his cock expanding as he shot his thick hot load of potent seed deep inside my belly.

I felt every jet of the hot cum filling my womb until he was spent and soon rolled off of me leaving my pussy gaped open, full of seed! I looked over at Lee and glanced down at his cock. He was half limp at the moment and still looked twice the size of my husband!

He was still all wet and slimy but I wanted to suck and clean him off after he gave me so much please with that wonderful tool. I held it in my had and started to lick it clean. He was getting hard while AI licked it and grew larger by the second. It wasn't long before he was fully erect and I licked and sucked on the head until finally lowered my face down taking him down into my throat.

I almost gagged on his cock but kept going moving my head up and down as I squeezed and played with his large ball sack. My pussy still felt hot and I think he knew it and soon pulled me up until my legs straddled his legs. I moved into position than arched up just enough to grab hold of him again and slowly lowered my body taking his huge cock deep inside my belly.

I felt wet and dirty knowing his first load of seed was planted deep inside my belly. I knew his cock was shoving that seed deep inside me again as I slowly moved up and down his huge thick shaft. It didn't take Lee very long before he shoot another hot load deep inside my womb.

Lee and I lay on the bed cuddling for most of the night. I wondered where Fred was when we got up early the next morning and showered together. Lee told me he had a wonderful time and said he'd call me during the week.

As soon as Lee was out the front door, my husband came out of hiding and greeted me in the front room. I was wearing my robe. Fred started kissing me and opened the robe and started kissing and licking my nipples. We were soon back in our bed together where Lee had just fucked me twice that night. There were cum stains on the sheets which happen to drive Fred insane.

Fred told me how excited and turned on he was watching a strange black man fuck me in our own bedroom. We had wild sex that morning and afternoon. Lee did call me that week but I told him the truth. I told him I was married but he still insisted on seeing me again.

We made arrangements and Lee came over the following weekend. He met my husband. They hit it off really good. Fred watched us fuck from the foot of the bed. He even got to eat cream pie a couple times that night. Lee and I kept seeing each other for the next several months.

I missed my period the following month. I was pregnant! Here I' am today writing you this story about how I met Lee. Lee recently moved away for his job and started to send money for the baby. Fred can't wait. He says he's looking forward to seeing me pushing the stroller around at the mall and letting everyone see our baby.

I guess we'll be the talk of the town now! Fred says he has all kinds of ideas. He came up with this idea that someone in his family was black and it was about to happen in the next generation that our baby might be mixed! Oh.....There he goes again! Just like his Father!

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