tagNon-EroticOur Cat's First Christmas

Our Cat's First Christmas


Everyone thinks Christmas is just for people but let me tell you the first Christmas with our cat Jack was a blast for him too. At first he was a little shy when we put up all the decorations and the beautiful tree but being a cat it wasn't long our Jack he needed full investigation on this bigbefore curiosity got the best of him.

Once the shock of a totally new layout in the living room wore down he was soon going up to each and every piece lightly sniffing them and rubbing his scent on them. I think he was saying to us these decorations are mine too! Then he went over to the tree, a site to behold for a year old cat. I can just see him thinking "How the heck did that get in here?"

See Jack is an indoor cat and has never been outside, the only trees he sees are from his different vantage points when he stares out the different windows. And all the shiny balls and trinkets that hung gloriously in their spots glittering in the shiny Christmas lights were a bit of a sensory overload for him. At first he couldn't decide on which ornament he wanted to investigate and kept running around the tree in utter excitement. Soon he picked a shiny gold bulb to test.

Taking his paw he gently tapped the shiny plastic piece and watched it swing back and forth. This action caused obvious joy in our cat as the room was filled with a hearty MMMEEEEOOOOW! He kept this up for awhile then moved to the next ornament. When he finally finished with all the ornaments within paw distance his attention was drawn to the glittery strands of tinsel that hung all over the tree.

It was so funny when he pushed his tiny little nose up to take a sniff and inhaled the aluminum string. Watching him trying to pull out the long string from his nose had us all laughing it up. When he finally got it out it was apparent that the tinsel was now his enemy. Jack backed up and took his all familiar pre-pounce pose; he looked so cool like a black panther stalking his prey. Then he went for it and pounced on the helpless piece of tinsel, slapping at it with both paws sending it across the floor. Again and again Jack attacked the string. He kept his little game of cat and "tinsel mouse" up for over an hour.

It was cute to see him all worn out from his epic battle with the tinsel then curl up to our Christmas stockings and make himself a little cat bed.

As the days passed he became accustomed to the tree and the ornaments and other decorations we had out and the stockings remained his favorite resting place for the whole half of the month. But soon the big day came and we couldn't wait to see him in action then.

We got him a couple of his own presents, some catnip a couple of jiggle balls and his favorite treats. He was going absolutely crazy when we were all tearing the wrapping off the presents as they were handed out. Each ball of wrapping paper became his own personal target for attack and attack he did. Pouncing from the couch, pouncing from under the table, pouncing from the television stand, he did it all and was soon panting heavy from the strenuous work out he had.

He left the living room and got himself a well deserved drink of water getting ready for the next round of battles. During this time my son opened his box for the new television we had bought him. It didn't take him long to take it out of the box and directly up to his room. When the cat saw the open box his eyes got huge and he started to turn in little circles, he just had to investigate this new item. He went up beside the cardboard box, four times his size and rubbed his body all over it. But that was not good enough for thing.

He reared back and jumped full into the air landing on the lip of the open flap. With nothing to hold him up Jack came crashing down to the floor. The action scared him and he tore out of the room for a minute or two. He was determined though and was soon meowing at the box and rearing back once again. This time his aim was better and with his big jump he landed right in the box.

We could hear him scratching and meowing in the makeshift cage. Soon the meowing stopped though so I went to check out why Jack was so quiet. That is when I saw him curled up in a cute little ball in one of the corners sound asleep and perfectly comfortable.

Animals really do love Christmas too!

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