tagMatureOur College Student Learns

Our College Student Learns


My wife Jan and I have raised our family, traveled, have a good inner circle of friends and in a nutshell are living the good life. Our sex life has been officially monogamous although I admit an occasional sex only straying for some "variety".

We own a two story home with three empty bedrooms up stairs. Recently the local university was advertising needing rooms for students. We could use some extra money and would be glad to help students. The first student interviewed was a gorgeous drop dead red head that I could not help visually undressing her as we talked and Jan did notice.... Then came three more whom we eliminated for one reason or another. Finally there was Chad.

Chad was 18, tall, lanky, wavy, sandy hair, quiet, and obviously attractive to women. I noticed a little swallow, then blushing from my wife as she checked him out. We discussed the particulars. He'd have the up stairs, a key, and no lady friends at night. We finalized with a handshake, then he unexpectedly kissed Jan on the cheek and made a kidding comment, "I always have had a weakness for older women." Jan was obviously pleased but hid it well.

Everything seemed to be going smoothly for the first few weeks. Then I began noticing subtle changes in Jan. First she began wearing lower cut, more revealing open blouses which I sure approved of and from the way Chad would steal glances, he also welcomed the increased exposure. Then there were times Jan did something she had never done before- occasionally went braless under bulky blouses and sweaters. She also always seemed "made up"- never just letting herself go and that slight hint of Passion perfume was also obvious. Finally, before Chad arrived she never went up stairs where my study, his bedroom, and shower was. Now she was up there daily.

"Here are some clean towels, could I collect your soiled laundry, I need to clean and vacuum, etc."

One Saturday afternoon, Chad and I had a couple of beers while watching a game on TV. The conversation eventually got around to women. In response to my question about his love life he said he was a serious student without much time for social life, was also uncomfortable around girls his age, felt inadequate and inexperienced and would be embarrassed not knowing what to do. I reassured him we all go through that at one time but at 18, he should be peaking sexually.

"I'm busy but will admit, ladies do turn me on. I just don't have the time to invest in a younger women."

"I know you like the ladies. I see the way you "check out" my wife. Now come on, she must turn you on."

After getting over my embarrassing statement Chad explained, "Please, I like boarding here and I certainly hope you don't think I would make any moves on Jan. I do think she is very attractive but respect her a lot and I need live here so I can continue my education."

"Rest assured your obvious feelings towards my wife are totally ok with me. I am getting older and slowing down sexually. Jan seems to be more and more turned on by sex and I just can't satisfy her as much as she'd like. Are you getting my drift?

"I believe I am but I really don't want to jeopardize our current arrangement I would be too inexperienced for her also."

"Believe me Chad, women her age love that youthful inexperience. They want to teach you everything. They also love your stamina and staying power. Chad, this is a win-win-win situation. You need the experience and are turned on by Jan. She is getting frustrated with me and wants more sex but not the illicit or secret affair kind. I want to please her when I can but also will get equally turned on knowing she is getting "it" from a young stud we know and trust. I start getting hard just thinking of you two together."

Chad looked stunned then excited.

"One small problem. I haven't run this by Jan but observing her recent behavior I think she'll approve. Maybe not at first, but soon."

One Saturday evening while Chad was out, we were relaxing in the living room in our pajamas. Jan's was blue silk. The top was buttoned but there still was a hint of her large, now slightly sagging breasts. She was a beautiful woman, even at 51 with her long blonde wavy hair, and that protruding belly I so love.

"Chad won't be back for awhile so how about a little wine and a lot of you?"

" Oh, Dennis, maybe a little but I am afraid Chad could show up early."

"So what, maybe he could learn something," I chuckled.

"In fact he has confided his total inexperience- he's a virgin because he's too embarrassed around his age women."

Jan listened intently. "That's a shame. I'm sure young women find him very desirable. Some sweet young thing should seduce him!"

"Or some older more experienced "Mrs. Robinson" type. That's what he needs to get started."

"Who would you have in mind my devious husband?"

"Jan, he is really turned on by you and I know he would love for you to give him some Sex 101 lessons especially with my consent. Besides you know your interested in him too. I see things between you two." She just smiled sheepishly..

"Of course I have certain feelings for Chad. What woman wouldn't, but I can't believe you would go along with this. You would let another man have his way with me? He is more than a boy, he's really 'developed'."

"How do you know that?"

"Well one morning I took some fresh towels upstairs. He was in the shower and you know that clear shower door you had installed. I couldn't help peaking and checking him out. His soft but still large cock was swaying to and fro. So big and tantalizing. Now he cupped it in his soapy hand, massaged thoroughly, then rinsed. It was all I could do not to jump in there with him but I did restrain myself and left before being discovered."

"Well my sensuous wife. I do believe you are ready."

Explaining how I could no longer physically satisfy her as often as she desired, Chad would fill in nicely with what she needs and it would be a big turn on for me.

"Well maybe since you put it that way my understanding husband, how do we get started? Will he approach me? Should I make the first move? Should the three of us have a discussion?"

Jan was obviously all hot just talking about it.

"You should take the lead, Jan. Your the 'teacher'. I should stay out of it. You would both be more at ease without my presence. Now that doesn't mean I don't want a full descriptive report of each encounter. I may also listen in at times. I get really hot just thinking about his cock buried in your pussy or you enjoying him orally. When you finish a session with him I will be so hot for your body."

We agreed on this approach. Now being totally hard, I quickly removed my luscious wife's clothes and attacked her like 20 years ago. In too short a time I was shooting my wad deep into her inviting hot cunt.

Later one night we were watching TV and enjoying some wine. Jan normally loses her inhibitions after a couple of glasses. Sure enough it worked again.

Suddenly we heard the key in the door and in walked Chad. I was massaging Jan's head which she so loves. He said how sorry he was for walking in on us, but did steal a quick but penetrating look at Jan, said goodnight, then turned to go up stairs.

"Wait, I have had a long day and should really retire. I hate leaving this beautiful wife of mine without finishing her head rub. Chad, would you mind?"

They both knew what I was doing and agreed with shy smiles.

Upon leaving, Chad took my place on the couch and immediately began a head massage. Janice was the picture of a satisfied, alluring woman in her silky, royal blue pajamas. As I did a little peaking they both seemed very happy. Jan's head was back enjoying his sensual rubbing and Chad was enjoying the view of her now more exposed tits. Seems the top button had mysteriously unhooked.

Chad also loosened up on some wine. He was reacting to this stimulating situation.

"Oh, this is so heavenly. I don't ever want you to stop. Ohh you feel so good," my wife purred.

Jan now leaned forward giving her young lover a different angle to massage and an even better view of her ample, luscious breasts as her pajama top that fell further away from her body. Her small but hardening nipples were now in view.

This head massaging continued for maybe 15 minutes. It was obvious they were both getting worked up.

"What's say we continue this rub down in a better position like upstairs in your bedroom?"

"Sounds great," Chad said in an obviously excited, shrill voice.

At that point they both stood up. Jan looked into his eyes then provocatively, slowly unbuttoned her PJs. Chad was spellbound by her action. He visually devoured her beautiful, large tits gently swaying to and fro.

She took his head in her hands and very slowly kissed him passionately. He responded hesitantly, then suddenly crushed his mouth against hers and cupping her full melons.

They separated, looked into each other's eyes again then headed hand in hand upstairs.

I followed quietly as Jan immediately was on her stomach on his bed. He began massaging her back, then slid his hand under her PJ top. She raised up to then allow him to remove the top. The silence was deafening.

Jan suggestively wiggled her ass and raised it up. He caught on pretty fast, and with his fingers in the PJ bottoms waist band, pulled them down and off.

Now Janice, still on her stomach, was totally nude. Chad began rubbing and kneading her thighs as he viewed an engorged moistening pussy probably for the first time.

Jan was in a state of euphoria. Chad's hand brushed against her cunt lips but then suddenly retreated.

"You are a beautiful woman. I am sorry I am so inexperienced."

"Chad, you are doing fine my sweet young boy."

With that she slowly turned over on her back exposing her full, voluptuous body.

Chad took a deep breathe and just stood there as he admired those full tits, protruding belly and her downy bush.

"You really are a virgin and probably never saw a woman like this before. Am I beautiful? What you expected? Are you ready to continue?"

"Oh yes, I have never felt this way before. You are really turning me on."

Jan held out her arms, opened her legs and said "make made passionate love to me my young lover."

Chad needed no further encouragement. Immediately he stripped off his clothes and positioned himself between her legs, holding his enlarging manhood.

"Now rub your big shaft against my pussy. Oh yes, just like that. Oh your cock is getting so big."

"I do believe your ready, now come to mama."

Chad guided his cock into her pussy tunnel as their bodies became one. Jan, thrust her tongue into his mouth. He then suddenly speared her pussy and began humping her faster and faster. Her legs were wrapped around his back as she rose to meet his demanding thrusts. The sounds of fucking filled the room.

"Oh Chad, you learn so quickly and feel sooo good my sexy Adonis."

"Yes, I don't know how much more I can take Jan," he mumbled, "Your so hot and I am losing control."

Suddenly Chad stiffened and shuttered as his cum flooded her cunt. At this point I would quickly deflate but Chad continued on fucking as she raised up against him, moaning loudly, and had a very intense orgasm of her own.

Finally after exchanging kisses, he rolled over on his back. His cum covered cock was deflating but still semi hard and Jan was right. He was really built.

Chad, you just passed SEX 101 with an A+! Soon I want you to enroll in 102.

"Oh yes, you know I want that. Never knew making love could feel so good."

I tip toed down stairs ahead of Jan and waited for her return.

She was wearing only her unbuttoned PJ tops. Her boobs were barely hiding and her pussy was puffy and still covered with Chad's cum. My God I wanted her so bad but waited as she gave a complete "report" while standing in front of me.

Suddenly I 'lost it' and was on my knees enjoying that luscious, creamy cunt with my mouth and tongue, Sooo Goood.

"Baby you couldn't be any more desirable than you are now, umm."

Now I pushed her aggressively onto the bed and fucked her hard and long with my older but still pulsing cock.

"Oh husband, you certainly are aroused! It's been a while...."

With one final deep thrust we both climaxed. There was cum everywhere as I finally slipped out of her glistening womanhood.

"I told you we would all benefit from our little arrangement. Can't wait for the next time."

"Yes, Chad and I are already thinking of our next more advanced class...

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