tagExhibitionist & VoyeurOur Day Out in Menorca

Our Day Out in Menorca


We take great pleasure in the foreplay we experience before making love, many events have been very memorable, again the content is quite mild when compared to other stories, but nevertheless this is a true account.

I will be very interested in any feedback you may like to offer

We had slept well and had a quick shower before hurrying down to breakfast. Again we were amongst the last to arrive for what was left of the buffet; nevertheless we discussed our plans for the day and decided to head for a place called Fornells, a supposedly pretty little natural harbour to the north east of the island, about half an hours drive from our hotel.

We returned to our room to dress for the day. As always the weather was perfect, the early morning sun shone into our bedroom as Mandy decided what to wear. Typically, I tried to persuade her to wear some skimpy clothes as allowing others glimpses of her soft breasts always turn me on. She finally decided to wear her snakeskin bikini underneath a button over loose short skirt with short white cotton buttoned up tank top, which showed off her bare midriff to the lower curves of her breasts.

As we headed for our destination we admired the Mediterranean scenery and I did my best to keep my eyes on the road, even though about two miles from the hotel she had unbuttoned her tank top because it was "too warm".

We arrived at Fornells around mid morning and had some sexy fun before she buttoned her top feeling that her bikini top was a little inadequate for walking around the tourist shops. We settled for a light lunch and a glass of wine and Mandy was looking really good, I'm sure her breasts were just begging for me to touch them but I was on good behaviour, even though my passions had been well aroused.

Following our lunch we headed to a boat hire cabin, where I booked a small boat to take out on the inlet where we could sunbathe. We climbed aboard and headed out, dropping the anchor in a quiet spot across the bay. I couldn't wait to cool off in the heat of the day and whipped off my trunks before jumping into the crystal water.

I coaxed Mandy to follow me in and was delighted when she stood up and jumped in with me. It was fabulous swimming and cuddling in the water like a couple of teenagers. It wasn't long before I had teased her out of her bikini and had her naked in the water with me. I was so hard and could not resist pulling her against me and attempting to fuck her in the water. It was the first time that we had ever done this, the feeling was indescribable I was amazed how easily my hard cock slipped into her juicy tunnel. I slowly slid my cock in and out of her as she lay back, holding the side of the boat and thrusted against me. I had to use every ounce of self-control to stop myself coming.

We started laughing and stopped short of climaxing and giggled as we struggled to clamber back on the boat. We continued to sunbathe and swim and play for the next hour or so. I enjoyed just sitting and watching my wife, as she teased me by sexily rubbing tan cream all over her naked body and driving me wild as she paid special attention to her freshly shaved pubic mound and pussy lips. Fuck she was hot!

As the day wore on we headed back along the coast and decided to dress before we got ashore. Her bikini was still wet, so she just put on the skirt and her tank top. We called back at the bar for a cool glass of Chardonnay and for Mandy to put on some make up.

I deliberately chose to sit at a sea-front table on the side of the walkway and then, holding her gaze for a moment, dared to unbutton all but the bottom button holding her top, as I watched her breasts rise and fall with her excited breathing. She must have been in a very sexy mood, as she didn't even attempt to stop me. On reflection I think she may have let me take the last button loose had I attempted to do so.

I started tossing bread to the fish near the sea wall and encouraged her to do the same. The thin cotton fabric of the top barely covering her breasts you could clearly see the lower curves of her breasts below her top when the breeze blew and her nipples were just covered as her tits jiggled about.

A middle aged couple were seated next to us; the wife deeply engrossed in a thick book, the guy who looked quite athletic, was really bored, but could not peel his eyes away from my gorgeous wife's exposed flesh. He started to talk to us about our holiday and what we thought of the place, then getting up and coming over, eventually positioning himself to get a better view of Mandy's almost exposed breasts.

Knowing how much his interest was turning us on, Mandy responded by throwing more bread at the fish to allow him to see her 'accidentally revealed" excited nipples more often. He asked us if we wanted him to take our photo which pleased us, Mandy looked very sexy as we happily posed for him. He then asked if he could take some for himself, which he did, angling himself to get the best 'exposure'. The atmosphere was undeniably stimulating and Mandy certainly enjoyed being the centre of our attentions. I'm sure he enjoyed because he was with us for maybe ten minutes before finally returning to his wife who was still engrossed in her book.

I knew now that Mandy was so turned on she would keep playing our little game so as to increase our arousal to its limits.

I really wanted to see what she looked like, as if not with me, so I asked her to check out the price of a model boat in the shop across the road. Knowing our little game she nonchalantly walked across the road into the shop without adjusting her top to ask the price. Wow! The visual stimulation was incredible; especially when the breeze lifted her short hem to reveal her perfect pussy on the way back, then she just walked past me seemingly oblivious to the way the breeze was blowing her clothes. The butterflies in my stomach were going wild as she returned a few moments later, very aroused.

Our Jeep was parked some way along the sea front we walked along and stopped to kiss on several occasions confirming our obsession for each other. The slight sea breeze would occasionally catch her skirt and I was sure others must have caught glimpses of her nakedness as we walked.

On the drive back I was struggling to contain my ardour as I looked at her. She was seated in the passenger seat, turned on like I've not seen her before, touching herself between her legs and teasing me with the tastes of love on her fingers.

Approaching a lay-by with good views of the sea, she pulled out the camera and asked me to stop so that she could take some photographs. I stayed in the car and just enjoyed myself, watching her, taking time to line up the shots and letting the breeze take care of everything else. Even when the occasional car passed it didn't seem to concern her.

One car drove past then returned a couple of minutes later this time he was travelling a lot slower, I think he must have seen Mandy and came back for another look, he came past a third time and probably feeling bolder decided to stop.

As he pulled over by her and wound down the passenger window he asked for some directions saying he was a bit lost. Mandy decided to take this opportunity to brazenly allow him to look at her unfettered breasts and intensify our arousal even more. She leaned one elbow on the car roof as she bent to speak to him through the passenger window giving him an uninterrupted view inside her top. She told him that we were also tourists and did not know the area well. Feeling even bolder he pulled out a map to refer to. Mandy could see that I was enjoying this exposure of her full breasts to a complete stranger and acted as though she didn't care what was showing as she called me over to look at his map, after a little deliberation over where we were, and he had had plenty of opportunity to take in unobstructed views of her perfect form, she suggested he go back to the main road.

This unexpected bonus to our day made us even hornier. We were now so aroused that anything could happen. Mandy then walked along the road pretending to hitch hike. I drove very slowly towards her as she unbuttoned the button holding her top and hiked her skirt up allowing me to watch the light breeze blow though her cotton top and caressing her erect nipples. I stopped beside her and she asked me where I was going to take her. I would have taken her to the top of the world and back such was my excitement.

My mind was racing ahead. I was getting really desperate to make love to her as she continued to tease me. When she sat back in the car I could not resist fondling her breasts and her swollen nipples were now totally exposed for our pleasure as many cars passed us slowly as we I started to drive further along, and turned on to a deserted track that seemed to lead to the top of an exposed hill with views for miles in all directions. We got out of the car we were so turned on that everything seemed to happen in slow motion, we kissed and I slid the elasticised waist of her skirt over her hips letting it fall to the ground before sliding my hand between her legs. I lifted her on to the bonnet of the jeep and ran my tongue along her glistening lips, prodding and sucking. I feasted of the taste of the love juices that earlier I had tasted on her fingers. She lay back on the bonnet and I slid inside her. It was good. I entered her slowly, and buried myself deep inside her, then gently fucking her. Such was the excitement we climaxed together after a very short while, then, just stayed there, savouring the moment before dressing and heading back to the hotel, for some more fun.

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