tagExhibitionist & VoyeurOur Eighth Encounter: The Park

Our Eighth Encounter: The Park


For Jo, my inspiration

I am in my office preparing for my next class when the phone rings. I answer as I shuffle through my notes, but as soon as you speak you have my full attention. I instantly recognize your gentle voice. You want to meet again. I tell you I have a class to teach in ten minutes, but I can meet you soon after. We agree on a time and place, exchange a few endearments, and then you are gone.

I teach my class, but only with difficulty. I am unable to focus on my typed lecture notes. I stutter and stammer my way along as if I am reading someone else’s words. I am forced to stand directly behind the podium, because thinking of you has made my cock hard. Finally, the class ends, but one of the more attractive female students comes up to ask me a question. I am able to answer her question, but with some difficulty, and she had to have seen the tent projecting from the front of my pants. Finally she was gone. I departed immediately for our meeting place.

As I drove I rubbed my cock in anticipation. Seeing you is always such an adventure. Your boldness and spirit of adventure make each encounter more stimulating that the previous one. I wonder what is in store for us today.

As I approach the meeting place, I see you standing at the curb waiting for me. The first thing I notice is your usual bright smile beaming from your beautiful face. I note your stylish skirt and blouse in colors that complement your skin and hair. As usual, you look irresistible. I stop and you climb in, and as you do you lean over to give me a quick kiss of greeting. You notice my erect cock and chuckle as you give it a gentle pat.

You tell me to drive to the state park located about 30 minutes outside of town. I drive and we exchange pleasantries for the first couple of minutes. I describe the anguish of my last class and what the student may or may not have noticed. You assure me that she must have noticed—women always notice such things, you say.

As you are talking, you lean back against the car door. You lift your ass so that you can remove your panties and pantyhose. You slowly slide them down your legs glancing in my direction to see if I am watching, and of course you have my full attention. Once they are off, you pull up your skirt exposing your shaved pussy with its heart-shaped patch of pubic hair above it. I have only a moment to look, because your hand in there in an instant manipulating your clit.

We come to a busy intersection and I have to focus on my driving. I am able to glance over occasionally to see what you are doing. You begin by sliding your fingers up and down the length of your slit, spreading the juices that are already seeping from inside you. You must have been excited about our meeting too, because you are already aroused. When your finger reaches the top of its path, I see that you massage your clit from side to side for a moment before slide your fingers back down toward your ass. After several minutes of this, I see that you are using two fingers of your other hand to caress your now engorged pussy lips which are spreading apart to expose the ruby redness of your inner reaches. Your fingers slip inside effortlessly, disappearing up to the knuckles in a single gliding movement. When your fingers reemerge they shimmer with a coating of your succulent juices. You notice I am watching, and you move your fingers upward to my mouth allowing me to lick your nectar off of each finger. Then you return them to your cunt and use them to fuck yourself vigorously.

I notice that we are about to be passed by a van with two young men in the front seat, and as they pull alongside I speed up, matching my speed to theirs. At first the passenger does not notice you, but I watch as his eyes grow big when he sees what you are doing. By this time your eyes are closed and you are thrusting against your fingers, raising your ass off of the seat with each stroke. Your eyes are closed as you focus all of your attention and energy on your throbbing pussy. Your moans fill the car and mingle with the scent of your sexual essence.

As we drive alongside the van carrying your audience of one, your actions become more active. Both our observer and I know that it will not be long before you cum . As I watch, I see your cunt spreading open, its inner lining protruding around your sparkling fingers as you near orgasm. As you rise up hard against your fingers in a climatic thrust, I hear your pussy squeeze out a gasp of air as you cum against your hand. Your ass is bouncing on the seat, and you emit a shriek of ecstasy followed by a series of moans. Your climax goes on for nearly a minute with your body raked by a series of tremors as your fingers move slowly in and out of your now glistening pussy. The scent of your cum diffuses throughout the interior of the car, and I breathe deeply to take in as much of your musk as possible.

It is at this point that you open your eyes, and as you do you glance past me and right into the eyes of our anonymous observer. I see a look of uncertainty cross your lovely face, but then, deciding it is okay, you slowly remove your finger from your now distended and seeping cunt. You are fully exposed, but you make no effort to close your spread legs. Instead, you calmly raise your fingers to your mouth and sensually slide them between your lips while looking directly at the nearby stranger. You suck off every morsel of your cum, pulling your fingers nearly out, then pushing them slowly back in as if your are fucking your own mouth. I can tell that the observer is enjoying the show, and I can imagine his hand grasping his hard cock in response to your show.

I glance ahead and see the exit to the park, and, with a quick wave to the observer, I veer off of the highway onto the access road. You remain in the same position, completely exposed, as I find a parking place near the lake. You are smiling at me as I look at you, and I smile back, pleased that you are so comfortable with your body that you can share it so freely with me and with others.

You slowly massage your slippery pussy as I watch, and I can tell you are quite aroused. You must have liked showing off your lovely body to that stranger. As I prepare to get out of the car, you pull me back into my seat and move closer to me. You unzip my pants and pull out my cock which is already erect as a result of my watching you. You immediately lower your head to my lap and begin to lick me with long, sensuous strokes. Your tongue glides around my glans and caresses my smooth shaft. You take my erection into your mouth, and I feel your lips slide down its length until I feel its tip entering your throat. The warmth that surrounds my cock sends shivers of delight through me, and I thrust up against you. You pull back to keep me from intruding any further into your throat, and then you resume your determined sucking of my fully aroused prick.

You reach below the front edge of my seat and lift the adjustment bar, causing my seat back to recline. In a single motion, you climb over me and lower your pussy directly onto my cock. I glide into you effortlessly lubricated by the slick juices that flow from your inflamed pussy. I feel your warmth engulf my cock as you take me deep inside you. Your shaved cunt lips are soon pressed against my pubic hair as you consume me with your silken slit. Once I am buried inside you, you stop moving, and we together savor the feeling of once again being connected, cock in cunt, our essences flowing together through our linked organs. I feel your juices seeping around my cock and flowing along the crack of my ass as we remain motionless. I smell the musky scent of your aroused cunt. We kiss, a deep, passionate kiss, as you begin moving over me.

You raise yourself up, nearly breaking our bond, and then you drop suddenly back down, driving me fully within you. You do this over and over again, in rapid succession, and each time you emit a prolonged gasp. At the same time my hands are moving over your body, now caressing your back, then massaging your neck and shoulders. My hands squeeze your breasts and my fingers pinch your nipples with increasing firmness. You pound against me, harder and harder, pistoning my cock up inside you with every stroke, fucking me, hard and deep, relentlessly. You pussy squishes against me, wetting me with your flowing nectar.

And then you are cumming. But this is not your usual orgasm accompanied by a few subdued moans. This is a climax worthy of a she wolf, an orgasm accompanied by howls and growls and screams and yelps as your pussy pulses and constricts around my cock. Your hands grip my shoulders and your nails dig into my flesh. The clenching of your cunt around my cock sucks the cum from my balls and I explode deep inside you, slathering your engorged pussy with gobs of creamy cum. I feel tremors wracking your body as your orgasm suffuses itself through your body, relaxing every muscle, exorcising every tension, dispersing every concern. You fall against me, gasping, trying to catch your breath.

I feel your heart pounding against my chest. I feel your breath against my ear. With my tongue I taste the salty beads of sweat flowing down the side of your face. I smell the scent of animal sex that has filled the entire car. We have fucked, united our hearts, mingled our juices, and joined together our bodies. It has indeed been a wonderful afternoon, my love.

We remain connected as we slowly recover from the intensity of our lovemaking. As we sit, cock in cunt, a car occupied by a young couple parks beside us. They look over at us, and we look at them. At first they look puzzled, but then realization begins to spread across their faces. As if to confirm their suspicions, I feel you rouse yourself, raise your ass, and then glide back down along my now shriveling cock. You do this several more times, and our neighbors soon get the message that we desire privacy. They leave, and we are again alone.

We remain locked together for several more minutes, but gradually my prick shrinks and oozes out of you in a flood of cum and juices. You kiss my lips softly, and then you move over to your seat. As you do, you lower it back to the reclining position so that you can relax and continue to enjoy the tingling sensations produced by our lovemaking.

It is time for us to go. As we leave the park, I notice we need gas, so I tell you I need to stop. You ask me to buy you a soft drink as I pull into the station. I see a full service sign and I pull up to that pump. You notice the full service sign, but you make no effort to adjust your skirt which is still bunched around your waist.

As I leave to get your drink, I greet our attendant coming out of the station. He is tall, mid-twenties, handsome. I tell him to fill it as I continue on my way. I watch from inside as he sets the pump on automatic fill, and then he moves forward to wash the windshield. I can tell the precise moment when he first notices you. He stops moving and stares into the front seat. He takes a quick glance around to see who might be watching him. Realizing he is alone, he focuses his full attention on you while going through the motions of washing our windshield.

Although I cannot see you, I try to image what you are doing to entertain the attendant. I know that you like rubbing your pussy, so I am sure that you are manipulating you clit and rubbing your still engorged pussy lips. Perhaps you are gently pinching them, or maybe you are sliding your fingers in and out of your cunt, fucking yourself, with his face peering at you from only a few feet away. I hope that later you will tell me about your actions.

I pay for the gas and drinks, and emerge from the station. The attendant sees me coming and hastily moves away from the windshield. I pass near him as he replaces the hose on the pump. I see that his cock is hard, straining against his work pants. He moves his legs to try to conceal his erection, but I have already noted his reaction to your show.

As I enter the car, you smile up at me. One hand is still on your cunt, and the other is on one of your now exposed breasts. I see that your nipples are erect and the area around them is bright red from being pinched and caressed. Your legs are spread wide apart, your cunt gaping open with cum trickling from it. Your pussy is smeared with our juices, its lips and clit gleaming with our cum. You are a beautiful sight, relaxed and satisfied.

We head for town. On the way we barely speak. As we approach your drop-off point, you raise your seat and adjust your clothes. You tuck your pantyhose into your purse. You wipe the juices off of your pussy with your panties and then tuck them into my jacket pocket. When I stop, you lean over and kiss me, quickly thrusting your tongue inside, and just as quickly withdrawing it. As you climb out, you say you can hardly wait until our next adventure. I assure you it will not be long before we get together again, and then you are gone.

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